20 Celebs’ Kids Making Headlines Today

There's no escaping it; celebrity children are everywhere. They're on our social media pages, our magazine covers, and on the homepage of every blog, rag, or major news publication we look at. Whether they're the babies, toddlers, or preteens living under the loving wing of their famous parents or they're fully-grown teenagers who've begun to make a name for themselves, the offspring of mega-celebrities pervade the news.

With each passing day, we're treated to story after story involving these individuals. Some stories are light, fluffy, and downright feel-good. They make us smile and believe we're receiving an exclusive inside look into the lives of an actor, model, or musician through the eyes of their child. Then there are the slightly salacious stories involving teen romance or clashing worthy of Jersey Shore. Other stories, however, are slightly more challenging, as they can involve major issues, often saddening. But, hey, having variety is key, right? It's certainly a value we've taken to heart when constructing this list.

Although some of the celebrity children in the news right now may be predictable, chances are readers will be taken aback two or three times when they see all of the faces by the end of this list. Without further ado, here are 20 celebrity children making headlines today.

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20 Story Paul Is Film Festival Trendy

Via: Mashable

Just recently movie and television star Aaron Paul showed off his wonderful wife, Lauren, and their one-year-old daughter Story at the Sun Valley Film Festival presented by Ford. This happened on Friday, March 14th, in Sun Valley, Idaho. It was one of the very first times that Jesse Pinkman himself showed off his baby daughter. He had really only done this once previously, at a Comic-Con anniversary panel for the show that made him famous. At the panel, he dressed Story up as his character, which made every person in the audience swoon. But Paul's appearance with his wife and daughter recently was far more natural, as Story was allowed to play with her parents and not be held up like a hilarious prop.

19 Katherine Kailing Swati Enters The World Of Social Media

Office star and writer-comedian Mindy Kaling has been notably quiet and private about her life with her daughter, Katherine Swati. Ever since Katherine was born in December 2017, Kailing has made sure that paparazzi don't get a glimpse at her daughter's face. Although the images she posts of her daughter are rare, to say the least, the ones she does post always conceal her daughter's face, giving her a sense of privacy. This has always felt like a bit of tease as we've never seen any detail into the real relationship between the comedian and her daughter. But her two recently posted images finally shows off a bit of personality. They depict her daughter in a lion outfit and a onesie during play and bedtime. With the images, Kailing has written captions that expresses her deep love for her daughter.

18 Olivia Jade Giannulli Is All Over The News

Olivia Jade Giannulli may be wishing her name was out of the press, but that's just not going to happen with her mother, Full House's Lori Loughlin, and her designer father, Mossimo Giannulli, pleading innocent in the whole college admissions debacle. You'd have to be living under a rock to not have heard of the serious issues leveled against the parents of this overindulged young woman. According to the Washington Post and CNN (which are reputable sources for this debacle), Olivia Jade has never wanted to go to college, nor appreciated the fact that her parents did so much to get her in. Unfortunately for all involved, the things that happened were not only morally wrong but also downright unlawful. With the case continuing to unfold, there's little chance that the unlikable celebrity daughter and ex-social media influencer will leave the front page.

17 Stormi Webster Won't Leave Her Mama's Side

Via: Pinterest

Most of us have had more than enough of the Kardashians, Jenners, and the rest of their family members. But the truth is, they are in the news all the time and therefore we must mention that. Just recently, Kylie Jenner posted a short and sweet video of her look-a-like daughter, Stormi Webster, who was perched on her lap as she did her make-up -- which is presumably a very long time to be sitting. The 21-year-old billionaire put a puppy filter over her face as she professed her love for her daughter who she claimed was 'inseparable' from her. This is clearly consistent with the vast majority of her other images which show her daughter lovingly looking at her while perched at her side.

16 Rani Rose Hudson Is Doted Upon

Via: W

Kate Hudson's new daughter, daughter Rani Rose, has been in the tabloids quite a lot in the past six months. After the announcement of her birth, Kate Hudson made sure to talk about the fact that she was raising her daughter without gender stereotypes. This garnered a lot of negative feedback, causing Hudson to clarify what she meant by that. But not everything involving Hudon's third child has stirred things up. Hudson has also posted a few new photos that show off her baby in a loving and kind way, telling us that she is the light of this actor's life. Hudson had Rani Rose with her boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa, her third baby-daddy.

15 Santiago Longoria Baston Is Ready For Direction

Via: Reality TV

Eva Longoria expects big things from her son, Santiago Bastón, who is still under a year old. She claims that her son is destined to become a future director. On March 25th, Longoria posted an image of her baby on set with her while they were filming a drama pilot for CW, the network behind Riverdale and Arrow. The show, Glamorous, focuses on a gender-nonconforming high school grad who lands a major gig interning at a cosmetics company that he once panned on Youtube. This show is something near to Longoria's heart and she's been making sure her son is around to witness it. But, of course, she made sure to snap a few pics with her son around the monitors to help him towards his future life as a film and television director.

14 Blue Ivy Challenges Her Mom

Via: Time

There's no doubt that Blue Ivy is destined for greatness. After all, she is the celebrity daughter of Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z, two of the most talented and powerful individuals in the music, fashion, and even film industries. Basically, she is Hollywood royalty. So, it shouldn't be too odd that fans recently made a big deal about Blue Ivy leading a bunch of back-up dancers in the background of the teaser for Beyoncé’s upcoming Beychella Netflix documentary, Homecoming: A Film By Beyonce. In the clip, Blue Ivy seems to be challenging her mom in talent and persistence, especially given her young age. Perhaps she will one day fully surpass the effortless talent of Queen-B.

13 Jaden Smith Wants Us Hydrated

I Am Legend's Will Smith and The Matrix's Jada Pinkett-Smith rarely escape a news-cycle, but their son is there even more than they are. Whether it's his very odd tweets, images of his sculpted abs, or his business endeavors, we always see something to do with Jaden Smith. Very recently, Jaden traveled to Australia where he partnered with Woolworths to promote his sustainable water brand, Just Water. He spoke about the importance of staying hydrated and keeping water on hand -- especially if it's his product. He's been involved in the product since 2012 and spoke about the importance of the bottle, which is paper and plant-product based, which reduces its carbon footprint by 78 percent. This is all very cool.

12 Ava Phillippe Pulls An Ariana Grande

It's truly amazing just how similar Ava Phillippe looks to her famous mother, Reese Witherspoon. Although, ahead of Coachella, Ava made a pretty notable change to her hair that made her look more like Ariana Grande than the star of HBO's Big Little Lies and Legally Blonde. On social media, the 19-year-old debuted a major change to her hair that consisted of brand new-highlights and all-over color. She showed off new red, orange, yellow, green, and blue highlights that swirl from her roots to her ends. This is a very bold attempt and definitely feels like something that Coachella headliner, Ariana Grande, would approve of. Let's see how it goes over with everyone else.

11 Shiloh Pitt-Jolie Is Just Like Dad

Via: Wetpaint

Everyone has been talking about how much Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's daughter, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, looks like the spitting image of her father. If there was any question about the child's true parentage, the red carpet photos from the March premiere of Dumbo have settled the debate. Jolie took four of her kids, Knox, Zahara, Vivienne, and Shiloh to the premiere where she wore a stunning Versace gown. But the press and fans alike were far more interested to see the similarities between her daughter and their father who, of course, wasn't there due to the strained relationship he has with his baby-mamma.

10 Isabella Cruise Follows In Her Father's Footsteps, Upsets Mother

Via: TV Guide

Tom Cruise's adopted children with his ex, Nicole Kidman, are rarely in the news. This is because both of them are completely wrapped up in Scientology. Of course, Tom Cruise is a loyal Scientologist and calls it a "beautiful religion", though many whistle-blowers and critics claim the opposite. Recently, Cruise's daughter, Isabella, came into the press to announce that she had become an intern at the church and an auditor. Although Tom Cruise expressed his support, Nicole Kidman remained silent. Back in November 2018, she commented on the fact that her adopted children have made their own choices in life and she will only love them, even if it has to be from afar. This is because both kids have little to do with their mother as the church only wants supporters of the religion in their lives.

9 Luca Cruz Comrie Is Ready For 7

Via: Zimbio

Hilary Duff and her family have been all over the news after a man attempted to get into her Beverly Hills home. But the former Disney star didn't let this event get in the way of celebrating her son's 7th birthday. She took to social media to post a picture of Luca Cruz, who she had with her first husband, and wish him a very happy birthday. This was posted mere hours after what went down at her home. Alongside the image she wrote, “Luca Cruz...the star of my heart. Makes me proud every day." Luca is clearly a very lucky guy to have a mom who is as dedicated to his happiness as Hilary Duff is, no matter what obstacles get in the way.

8 Coco Cox Arquette Has The Voice Of An Angel

Via: E!

Coco Cox Arquette is another celebrity child who isn't often in the news. This is because her father, David Arquette, and her mother, Friends star Courtney Cox, like to keep her life as private as possible, even though the family is no longer together. But during a time where many celebrity children are making the headlines for the wrong reasons, Coco made it for the right ones. This is because fans were thrilled when the Friends star shared this clip of the teen's very impressive vocals. In the video, Coco performed a classic Snow Patrol song alongside the band's lead singer, Gary Lightbody, at a Chords 2 Cure Benefit. So, not only was Coco displaying real talent (which can't be said for people like Olivia Jade), but she was also supporting an important charity. Bravo, Coco!

7  Ryder Hudson Robinson Is Nearly Ready For Clubbing With Mom

Although Kate Hudson's newest child, Rani, has been making headlines, her eldest son, Ryder, is also in the news. Once again, it has to do with comments from Kate Hudson herself. The 39-year-old Bride Wars star recently filmed an interview for The Rachel Ray Show, which airs on April 22, and made a few comments about her 15-year-old son. She mentioned that she couldn't wait for him to be old enough for him to party with her and is more than ready to go out on the town with him. But aside from these hilarious comments, Hudson added something far more touching. She said, “He’s almost 6 feet [tall]. I used to dream about that day, like, ‘One day, honey, I’m going to be looking up to you.’ And the other day, he gave me a hug and I almost burst into tears."

6 Matilda Ledger Remembers Her Father

Heath Ledger's passing is still one of the saddest events in Hollywood history. Many of us still wish he could have reprised his role as The Joker in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, as well as seen him in a variety of other dramas and comedians. He was a true screen legend. However, his passing impacted far more important people, his daughter, Matilda, and his ex-partner, actor Michelle Williams. On April 4th, the pair celebrated what would have been Heath's 40th birthday. Of course, the press caught wind of this anniversary and questioned Williams about Matilda's reaction. Apparently, Matilda remembers her father fondly but still bears the sadness that his departure has left her.

5 Luna Stephens' Big Bed

Via: Popsugar

March 14th proved to be an important day for Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, and their daughter, Luna Stephens. This is because the two-year-old got her very first big-girl bed. Of course, the pair of celebrities were quick to post images and videos of her with her new bed onto social media. Luna's reaction was sweet and hilarious. She climbed straight up onto the bed but made sure to question why her parents moved her toys to make room for the bed. Celebrities sharing stuff like this allows us to acknowledge similar moments in our lives and gets us to consider just how special they are.

4 Benjamin Cohen's Brand New Nursery

Via: People 

For the past few months, Andy Cohen has been in the news a ton. Although he's been talked about for his recent antics on The Howard Stern Show, he has also been in the news because of his recent adoption. His baby, Benjamin Cohen, was born to a surrogate on February 4th. Since then, we've seen images and videos of the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen host preparing his son's nursery. One of the most special moments he shared that quickly received press has to do with his son's new blanket. Apparently, a teacher's aide in Maine knitted and sent baby Benjamin a blue blanket which Andy has happily given to his son.

3 Max Peck Hasn't Met His Father's Famous Co-Star

Via: People

It's so strange to see that the star of All That, The Amanda Show, and Drake & Josh now has a kid. But Josh Peck has been more than happy to show images of his two-month-old son, Max. Peck's new bundle of joy even made headlines because he has apparently not yet met his father' former co-star, Drake Bell. But Bell told US Weekly that he doesn't find this all that odd. He said, "Whenever we’re together, he doesn’t have the baby. And I’m never in L.A. I’m always on the road! You know, I’m here for a couple of days and then I’m back on the road … But it’s only been about a month. So I’m still alright.” Here's hoping that baby Max gets to meet the man that helped propel his father into stardom.

2 Emma Roberts Has Switched Her Men

Whenever someone thinks about Emma Robert's lineage, they tend to leap to her aunt Julia. But Emma's estranged father, Eric, is also a big star. None-the-less, Emma is one of those celebrities who has made a name for herself regardless of her connections to other famous people. After all, it seems like she works more than both her aunt and father combined. But recently Emma made news for things that don't have to do with her lineage or filmography. She has confirmed her romance with Tron actor Garrett Hedlund. For so long, Emma was tied to X-Men star Evan Peters. But that whole situation got a bit delicate. Here's hoping that she and Garrett Hedlund find peace and happiness with one another.

1 Sofia And Georgia Grace Macy Face The Consequences Of Their Parents' Actions

Via: People

Although Olivia Jade has been the most focused-on celebrity kid in this whole college admissions debacle, she isn't the only one. According to the Washington Post and CNN, the daughters of Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy, Sophia Grace and Georgia Grace Macy are not out of the woods yet. Although it's their mother who is responsible for the predicament they're currently in, these two women will continue to feel the repercussions. This includes not being accepted to other colleges and being shut out socially and online. For those who don't know about the very recent and talked about debacle, Huffman is said to have paid $15,000 to William "Rick" Singer, the ringmaster who created a false charity that acted as a facade so he and his people could change the results of kids' SAT tests and get them into college of their parents' dreams.

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