20 Celebs Who Didn't Take Any Mommy Time After Giving Birth

Having a baby can take a toll on a woman. Between the side effects, the hormones, and packing on the pounds, it isn’t a pleasant experience for most women. After the child is born, some women find it hard when it comes to shedding the pounds, getting their hormones back to normal, and just getting back to a pre-pregnancy state.

For some celebrities, though, it seems almost magical how they can slim down within just a few weeks and get back to where they were before getting pregnant. Is it because they are more gifted? Or maybe it is because they have the money and resources to help them hire personal trainers and get on a specific diet tailored to what they need? Whatever the case, their results are always noticed and usually sought after.

After a baby is born, it can take a while for a mother to find her groove and get back to her regular schedule; a lot of women like to take a few months, or even the first year, to just be a stay-at-home mom and care for their child. While others prefer to get right back on that work train. Celebrities are no different. There are a few female celebs who went right back to work as soon as their baby was born.

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20 Kerry Washington


When a female celeb is on a television show, it is a tricky situation when they get pregnant for many reasons.

One reason is that the character is now obviously pregnant. Some shows, such as The Nanny, chose to have Lauren Lane, who played the character C.C Babcock, hide her pregnancy with big coats or just have her stand behind objects, while other shows such as Big Bang Theory, had Bernadette become pregnant when Melissa Rauch, the actress who plays her, became pregnant in real life.

Another being that some women like to take a break after giving birth to get on a schedule and spend time with their newborn, meaning filming must be put off until they are ready to come back, particularly if they are the main character.

According to therichest.com, Kerry Washington, star of the show Scandal, took no time at all to jump right back in front of the cameras after giving birth to her first daughter and she looked amazing. She even admitted that she was not obsessing with working out, but was just trying to be the best person she can be.

19 Alesandra Ambrosio


Alessandra Ambrosio is known for having an amazing trim figure and her gorgeous looks, two things that never changed even after having children.

Unfortunately, she faced a difficult challenge after giving birth to her first child when she was tasked with losing all the baby pounds within three months in order to be able to walk in the 2008 Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show.

According to therichest.com, Alessandra had to embark on a rigorous workout plan and a strict diet to accomplish this goal. Though she did admit that her body would never be the same after giving birth, she does believe that her post-baby body is better than ever.

18 Milla Jovovich


After Milla Jovovich gave birth to her daughter in April 2016 she only received a few months off before jumping right back into acting.

A few months after giving birth, Milla started filming for the movie Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and she was so eager to get right back into her role as Alice that she took no time off and even she brought her newborn to the set with her.

According to therichest.com, when Milla welcomed her second daughter Dashiel Edan with her husband Paul W.S. Anderson, she brought her to the set and admitted that it made the whole process a more memorable experience and made a fitting end to the franchise.

17 Niki Taylor


When Niki Taylor first gave birth to her first child, it was such a scary and harrowing experience that she wasn’t sure if she would ever be able to get pregnant again.

Luckily, after she switched up her diet and worked on becoming healthier, Niki was surprised when she discovered that she was once again pregnant with baby number two. Niki, along with her husband Burney Lamar, were beyond thrilled when the test came back positive.

According to therichest.com, though Niki was thrilled that she was having another baby, she was worried about the pressure she was under to get her body back in time to get back to work. Having a career as a model meant that she must lose all her baby pounds quickly, so she could continue her career.

Thankfully for Niki, she had already gone through the tough process once before and knew what to do this time around to lose it quickly.

16 Ciara


When Ciara gave birth to her son Future, no one could tell the difference because she looked just as she had before getting pregnant.

According to therichest.com, when fans asked Ciara how she had lost all the baby pounds so quickly, Ciara revealed that after working out and a healthy diet, she was proud to step out in public four months after giving birth- 60 pounds lighter. In fact, the gorgeous singer is 20 pounds lighter now after having kids thanks to diet and exercise.

Ciara found getting back into shape an empowering experience and based on how she looks post-baby, it is no wonder.

15 Mariah Carey


It is already known that having a baby changes everything and become hard on a family for a bit as they get into a groove. Now, add another baby into that mix, and it becomes double the trouble and even harder when trying to lose the pounds.

According to therichest.com, when Mariah Carey gave birth to her twins Monroe and Moroccan, Maria was so excited to get back to work that she put her self on a strict exercise program, along with switching up her diet. She was able to lose around 70 pounds.

She even became the spokeswoman for the company she was using to diet and believes that changing one’s eating habits is the most important factor in losing the baby pounds.

14 Victoria Beckham


When Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice from the girl band Spice Girls, gave birth to her fourth child, she busted her butt to try and get back into shape.

According to therichest.com, the model first debuted her post-baby body at the New York Fashion Week after only just giving birth around eight weeks prior. Everyone was amazed at how amazing she looked.

Victoria later opened and told fans that she shed the pounds so fast by running up to six times a week after giving birth. She also hired a personal trainer to help her tone up once she got the OK from her doctor that her cesarean section had healed so she could start some intense workouts.

13 Bethenny Frankel


When it comes to losing the baby pounds, Bethenny Frankel is probably at the top of the list for women who snapped right back.

According to therichest.com, Bethenny, the star of Real Housewives of New York, took only three weeks to lose all her baby pounds. When she was pregnant, the reality star only gained around 35 pounds, meaning she lost 29 pounds within three weeks after giving birth. Some people became concerned that there might be some health issues due to how fast she lost it.

Bethenny later put fans concerns to rest though and assured everyone that she was healthy and that her loss was due to eating healthy and exercising normally, something that she did her entire pregnancy. It's the one reason she didn’t gain so many pounds and why it was so easy to lose it.

12 Kelly Rowland


Kelly Rowland is another woman who is on the top of the list for post-baby pounds loss.

According to therichest.com, the talented singer lost an amazing 70 pounds after giving birth to her son Titan. The pound loss took place within four months of her giving birth, that’s around 4 pounds a week. How did she lose it?

Well, like so many other celebrities who have children, Kelly hired a personal trainer who put her on an intense workout program, while sticking to a diet that only consisted of her eating organic based foods that were hormone and antibiotic free.

Within seven weeks she was back in skinny jeans and feeling fit as a fiddle.

11 Jennifer Garner


There is nothing more in the world that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck love more than their three kids, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. Sadly. But when it came to the birth of their third child, it was obvious that both Jennifer and Ben were having a hard time.

According to therichest.com, at one point after Jen gave birth, fans saw a glimpse of both Jen and Ben and both were looking quite exhausted. Jen was running errands with her children and it was obvious she was tired and stressed, while Ben was having a much-needed smoke break.

As tired as she may have been though, that didn’t stop her from jumping right back in front of cameras. It took only a few months after giving birth before she has a few projects lined up and she has been a working mother ever since.

10 Pink


Many celebrity mothers tend to wait till after they have lost at least most of the baby pounds before appearing in public again. For Pink, that did not happen.

According to therichest.com, Pink didn’t start hitting the gym until six weeks after giving birth to her son Jameson. The first day back to the gym she made sure to share a pic to her social media accounts documenting her journey and reassuring fans that she hadn’t lost any of her extra pounds yet.

By the sounds of it, she was proud of her post-baby figure and had no problem rocking it. Once she started hitting the gym though, it did not take her long to lose it and to get back to her post-baby body.

9 Gwyneth Paltrow


Being a first-time mom, Gwyneth Paltrow learned fast how much of a struggle it can be to get back one’s post-baby body. Luckily, after having her second child though, she wasn’t as stressed about getting her post-baby body back.

According to therichiest.com, Gwyneth started a strict workout program that would help her to lose around 40 pounds. To make things easier, she even got a head start in losing pounds by losing 20 before she even left the hospital, which is a big motivational boost.

When it came to her diet though, she admitted that she has eased up after having kids and just tries to keep things simple and healthy.

8 Teyana Taylor


When Teyanna Taylor gave birth to her baby, it happened a month early and in her own home. Luckily, her husband, NBA star Iman Shumpert, was there at the time and was able to assist in the delivery of their baby.

According to therichest.com, Teyanna shared a photo of her belly six days after the amazing at-home birth and fans were shocked to see how much she has already lost. Only a few months after the birth of her baby, Teyanna appeared in one of Kanye West’s music videos and she looked beyond amazing.

Teyanna later opened up and told the world that when it came to her losing the baby pounds, she relied on dancing alone. See, she isn’t a fan of dieting and exercising, but would rather just do a steady of routine to get her daily dose of cardio in.

7 Miranda Kerr


When a female celebrity gives birth, they normally resort to a strict diet and extreme workout schedule to help lose the pounds fast and get back to their post-baby body.  This was not the case for Miranda Kerr, though.

According to therichest.com, when it came to losing her baby pounds, Miranda Kerr relied purely on yoga and a strict diet to help her get her body back to post-baby and to get her back on the runway. Luckily, Miranda did not overwhelm herself and was able to whip her body back into shape easily and without strain.

Some might think that yoga is the easier route to go instead of intense workouts, it is obvious that Miranda’s yoga routines were anything but easy seeing how fast she lost the pounds.

6 Halle Berry


Halle Berry is another celeb mamma who made the list for the quickest loss after birth when she gave birth to her son in the summer of 2013.

According to therichest.com, Halle made her debut four months after giving birth at the Acapulco Film Festival and she looked stunning as ever and it didn’t even look like she had just given birth a few months ago.

Before she even had her son, Halle opened up about how she planned to return to work right away and even planned to take her baby boy with her over the road if the job required it.  What a hard-working mama!

5 Jessica Alba


Even after giving birth to three children with her husband Cash Warren, Jessica Alba looks amazing and is in incredible shape.

According to therichest.com, the secret to keeping fit is that she continued to exercise even after getting pregnant. By making sure to keep up with her workout schedule, Jessica was able to lose the pounds quickly and easily.

To rub it in all her fans faces, Jessica even posted a picture of herself at the gym with her personal trainer six weeks after giving birth. She sounded happy and excited about working up a sweat and getting back into shape.

4 Jessica Simpson


When Jessica Simpson became pregnant, it was almost as if she was pregnant for two years straight due to, given that she had her two kids back-to-back.

According to therichest.com, Jessica admitted that while she was pregnant, she just about anything she wanted to eat during her first pregnancy. Once she gave birth to her first child, she joined a program and lost almost 50 pounds.

Soon after she got pregnant again, though. This time around, Jessica did not reveal how many pounds she gained, but thanks to learning so much about her first pregnancy, she made sure to keep a healthy diet and a scheduled workout plan. After the baby was born, she was able to shed the pounds faster than her first child and get right back to work.

3 Zoe Saldana


When Zoe Saldana gave birth to her twin boys, Cy and Bowie, she thought she was never going to be able to shed the baby pounds and get her post-baby body back.

According to therichest.com, Zoe made sure to dig deep though and posted to her social media followers how important it was to not give up when it comes to personal health. It is thanks to that message that she was motivated enough to keep going and not give up.

Zoe followed a steady exercise and diet routine and was back to work within six months to film Star Trek Beyond with a body some would love to have.

2 Beyoncé


We all know that losing the pounds after having a baby is a huge struggle for some. When it comes to losing the pounds, though, Beyoncé seems to be a pro at it.

After giving birth to her daughter Blue Ivy Carter in 2012 and then to her twins Rumi and Sir a few years later, Beyoncé seemed to have not missed a beat and snapped right back to her normal shape after giving birth. That doesn’t mean she had it easy, though.

When asked to do an interview for the documentary, Life Is But A Dream, Beyoncé opened up and told the world that to lose the baby pounds she had to undergo a strenuous workout routine and even change her diet dramatically to get back into shape. On top of that, Beyoncé wanted to be an inspiration to women around the world and show them that anyone can get their post-baby body back after having kids.

“I wanted to show that you can have a child and you can work hard, and you can get your body back,” she explained.

1 Kandi Burruss


When Kandi Burruss, the star of Real Housewives of Atlanta, first gave birth to her son in January 2016 with her husband Todd Tucker, she had help losing some of the baby pounds thanks to breastfeeding.

According to therichest.com, thanks to breastfeeding, religious fasting, and exercising, Kandi was able to lose so much that her number on the scale was less after giving birth than it was before she was pregnant.

“I give up my things that I really love, so sweets, desserts. I did not eat any desserts in the month of January,” she explained. “And I did not drink anything but water the whole month.

References: therichest.com

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