20 Celebs Who Kept Their Pregnancy On The DL

It is common for celebrities to desire to keep their personal lives away from the spotlight and this means keeping everything about their families and especially children, away from the media. As a result, many celebrities go to great lengths to hide their pregnancies in an attempt to give their soon to be born children a normal life.

Media houses are always very eager to get the first photos of these little ones and make money from revealing the images. The moment they catch wind that a certain celebrity is pregnant, they will be on her like a hawk until they get the photos of the baby.

Since all women's bodies change in many ways when they get pregnant, many of these celebrities prefer to stay away from public places and the media. Therefore, many celebrities do not like the attention they get during this time especially when they know just how much they have changed. These women are in a very vulnerable position.

Regardless of when the baby is due or how much a woman goes through, these 20 celebs knew one thing: they wanted privacy during those nine months. Here are 20 celeb moms who tried their best to keep their pregnancies on the DL.

20 Kylie Jenner

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Makeup mogul Kylie Jenner, together with her boyfriend Travis Scott, was able to keep Kylie’s pregnancy on the DL until their daughter Stormi Webster was born. There were many speculations about her pregnancy, but the couple refrained from confirming the rumors. Kylie who was previously active online vanished from social media for the months she was expecting.

According to Cosmopolitan, Kylie wore oversized clothes when in public and the few times she appeared on her online platforms, the videos and photos were very calculated, hiding her lower torso. She remained focused on promoting her Kylie cosmetics products and mostly posted throwback photos.

19 Leighton Meester

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Gossip Girl star, Leighton Meester and husband, O.C star Adam Brody not only managed to keep their relationship private but also the pregnancy of their daughter, Arlo Day Brody. The couple carefully dodged the press during that period and never confirmed any baby news as stated by Parents, although in the past, the two had hinted about starting a family.

The world got to see images of Leighton’s bump when some paparazzi took images of the couple while they were out and about. While in an interview with Nylon Magazine, Leighton revealed that most people she knew were getting hitched and the only next thing for them was to have kids. Funny enough, Adam also shared that he wants 12 kids.

18 Kerry Washington

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Kerry Washington—who is married to ex-NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha—has kept all her three pregnancies on the DL. Kerry managed to keep the pregnancy of her two sons and daughter away from the spotlight by mainly staying under the radar.

According to Diply, while filming Scandal, the star was able to play the master of cover-ups by hiding the bump behind desks, standing in front of lamps, wearing loose-fitting designer clothes and carrying big handbags. The world never even knew of her third pregnancy until he was born. The couple is also yet to show their children to the world.

17 Adele

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Most soon-to-be moms cannot wait to announce their pregnancy after getting clearance from their doctors; however, this was not the case for songstress Adele. Adele kept her pregnancy on the DL until the final months. She also managed to attend red carpets until she was five months pregnant without people suspecting, as stated by People.

Adele and husband Simon Konecki simply stayed out of the spotlight for months and when she had to step out, she wore many black loose-fitting dresses. The songstress' approach compared to other celebrities was different. She announced her pregnancy on her website when she was just about to give birth; she then requested the public to respect their privacy during that time.

16 Isla Fisher

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Many stars have kept their bumps under the wraps and actress Isla Fisher and spouse Sacha Baron Cohen were no exception. The couple who already had two children kept their third pregnancy with son Montgomery on the DL. People started suspecting she was pregnant when she bailed out of her Now You See Me 2 role.

According to Celebs Now, the two also kept their second daughter’s pregnancy on the DL as well. They did not even reveal her name until months after she was born. Isla who was then filming the comedy Burke and Hare managed to hide her bump even from co-star Simon Pegg until the end of the series.

15 Blake Lively

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There were many speculations when Hollywood stars Blake Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds were pregnant with their first child. The couple decided never to comment on the subject and kept the pregnancy on the DL. They welcomed their daughter James without people knowing and hid her from close friends, including Amber Tamblyn. As stated by Parents, their baby’s name and gender remained under wraps for months later.

As for the second baby, Blake could not keep her baby bump hush-hush for too long because she had to promote her film The Shallows, and by then her pregnancy was already showing. Just like her first-born, most fans never heard of the child’s name until much later. To date, there are very few photos of the kids.

14 Zoe Saldana

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Actress Zoe Saldana and husband Marco Perego managed to keep their pregnancy on the DL. Two years after having their twin sons, Bowie and Cy, the couple welcomed their third son Zen and no one knew about him until Zoe shared a photo with the news on her IG.

Zoe, who was previously open about the premature birth of her twins, decided to keep the third baby on the down low. According to Parents, the actress said that she kept her pregnancy on the DL to give herself time to nest and adapt. Zoe also told Enews, “When one is nesting, it is important to maintain some kind of anonymity.”

13 Rachel McAdams

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Actress Rachel McAdams and boyfriend screenwriter Jamie Linden never mentioned that they were expecting a child the entire time Rachel was pregnant. There were many rumors out there but the two chose to ignore them and keep Rachel’s situation on the DL until their son was born. Rachel who was 39 at the time had revealed she had waited to have kids only when the time was right for her.

According to CafeMom, Rachel never appeared in public when she had her bump; she even skipped all press appearances. Even though the couple had been dating for over a year prior to having a baby, they were able to keep the pregnancy completely on the DL. Only after giving birth, did the new mom start talking happily about motherhood.

12 Rashida Jones

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Actress Rashida Jones and her boyfriend Ezra Koenig kept their new bundle of joy, Isaiah Jones Koenig, out of the public eye until months after his birth. The couple has a reputation of keeping everything about them on the down low anyway, and the pregnancy was no exception. Fans found out about the pregnancy via Isaiah’s birth certificate.

Rashida managed to hide her bump by wearing loose fitting flowy dresses. According to People, she is not a regular on social media, Rashida only posted selfies and close up shots. The people in the couples close circle were also good at keeping the news away from the media.

11 Alexis Bledel


Gilmore Girl’s star Alexis Bledel and husband Vincent Kartheiser are hands down one of the most low-key celebrity couples. The two have a reputation for keeping everything about their lives private. For starters, they secretly got married in 2014; therefore, fans were not surprised when news of their son remained on the DL for months.

According to Bustle, the news of the baby would probably still be a kept on the low if it were not for Alexi’s co-star Scott Patterson, who slipped and mentioned the boy while in an interview with Glamour magazine. The family rep had to confirm later that the couple had indeed gotten a son a few months back.

10 Anna Paquin

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Actress Anna Paquin who was expecting twins was able to keep her pregnancy on the DL even while filming True Blood. The news came as a surprise to many because people hardly ever saw Anna with a bump, on screen or on social media. According to Diply, she managed this by using a stunt double to hide her pregnancy while filming the show.

During her pregnancy, she only surrounded herself with close friends and family. Even after people found out about her pregnancy, Anna and husband Stephen Moyer, who met on the set of a series, were not quick to reveal their babies’ names and gender until months later.

9 Anna Kournikova

Via: people.com

Former professional tennis player Anna Kournikova who comes from Russia started her long-term relationship with Spanish singer Enrique Inglesias back in 2001. The two who have never confirmed their marital status, managed to keep their pregnancy on the DL until TMZ revealed that the couple had welcomed twins, Nicholas and Lucy, while in Miami.

According to Cheatsheet, Anna began hiding her bump when she stopped posting photos of her full body months before giving birth, except for one time when she posted a video of herself exercising in oversized work out gear; no one suspected. She also kept herself out of the spotlight for more than a year.

8 Laura Linney

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Singer and actress, Laura Linney together with her husband Marc Schauer are yet another couple who went silent about their pregnancy. According to CBS News, while on the Kelly Ripa Show, Laura explained that she had to keep her pregnancy quiet because it had taken her a long time to have a child. Given her age of 49 years, Laura wanted the baby to arrive safely and healthy before sharing any news.

Her pregnancy was also high risk and that is why she preferred keeping it on the DL especially from the paparazzi and online followers. She avoided public appearances and instead opted for telephone interviews. A family representative revealed the news of her baby’s birth.

7 Karla Souza

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Actress, Karla Souza, who is married to Marshall J. Trenkmann, also kept their pregnancy a surprise to fans. Her bump was right in front of her fan’s faces but no one suspected. The How To Get Away With Murder star was both pregnant in the show as well as in real life as stated by Meaww.

Karla who revealed a photo of her daughter Gianna on IG surprised many fans because no one had suspected she was pregnant in real life. She did a good job of hiding her pregnancy and the idea of playing a character who was also pregnant helped cover-up the news.

6 Hilarie Burton

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Actress Hilarie Burton and husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan are also another celebrity couple who kept their relationship and pregnancy on the DL. Many fans did not know that the two were even dating. The couple managed to keep their unborn baby a surprise until the pregnancy had well advanced. Jeffrey was the one who revealed the news by placing his hand on Hilarie’s stomach during one of Emmy’s red carpet awards.

However, after the reveal, the couple refused to confirm the news and kept the birth and name of their son a surprise. According to US magazine, Hilarie also stayed away from the limelight for almost a year. The couple later decided that their second baby would not be a top a sneaky surprise.

5 Pink

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Alecia Moore, who most people know as Pink, and husband Carey Hart kept their pregnancy on the DL because a previous pregnancy never made it to term. She officially revealed news of her pregnancy on The Ellen DeGeneres Show although it was after another talk show host had accidentally mentioned the pregnancy on Twitter, as stated by Mom.me.

Carey supposedly shared the information of their pregnancy with the said host. The host then innocently tweeted her congratulatory message to the singer not knowing that fans were not aware of the pregnancy. She later tried to contain the situation but it was too late. Pink also kept her second pregnancy under wraps; she announced it on IG when her bump was already bigger than big.

4 Eva Mendes

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Hollywood stars, Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, have kept all their pregnancies on the DL. The two managed to keep their first pregnancy under wraps until its news spilled around the seventh month. During the second pregnancy, people saw Eva just two weeks before giving birth, as stated by Grazia.

The couple is a paparazzi magnet and fans were surprised that no one knew about both pregnancies until much later. Eva had to wear maxi dresses, big coats and carry oversized purses in order to hide the bumps. However, when her pregnancy started to show, she never stepped out into the spotlight unless it was necessary.

3 Megan Fox

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Megan Fox and husband Brian Austin Green have three sons. Megan makes it to this list largely because of her third pregnancy, which she kept on the DL. One of the main reasons she chose to keep it under wraps was because she had just announced her separation from Brian before her pregnancy started showing. However, the two backtracked and are still happily married.

As eonline points out, the news remained hush-hush despite people taking photos of her when she was out and about. She surprised fans when she revealed an obvious bump on the red carpet after filing for divorce from her husband. A paternity test later revealed that the father of her third child was still her husband. The couple made a decision to get back together, have their son, and work on their marriage.

2 Ali Larter

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Actress Ali Larter and husband Hayes MacArthur got married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony. The couple soon got pregnant with their first child but kept the pregnancy on the DL by leaving the country and relocating to Europe for a while. Like many couples who want to enjoy that time privately, Ali and Hayes decided not to share the news.

When the couple got pregnant again this time with a girl, they also kept the bump hush-hush and away from the prying paparazzi. According to Bustle, Ali only announced her pregnancy much later while on The Today Show. She chose to do it this way only because the last time she was on the show she was also pregnant, with her first son.

1 Perrey Reeves

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Actress Perrey Reeves and husband Aaron Fox met when a mutual friend accidentally doubled booked himself with both of them one evening. The two were married in no time. Two years later the couple got pregnant with their first-born and the two were exceptional at keeping their pregnancy on the down low.

According to US Magazine, the couple managed to keep the pregnancy as well as the birth on the DL. Fans found out about their daughter when she was five months old. A family rep confirmed the news to the press. Perrey also announced that she would keep her little girl away from the limelight and not share her photos.

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