20 Celebs Who Let Their Kids Wear Makeup

Celebrities are of course in the public eye. The majority of the time, they’re seen on-screen or in glossy magazines looking like the superstars everyone knows and loves them as (and looking incredibly glamorous). There’ve been massive debates about this in recent years. Many argue that it’s false imagery; it’s making kids and young adults think they have to grow up and look like that. That’s why an increasing number of celebs have been posting makeup-free pics. But a lot of these images are airbrushed and touched up. Celebs also have makeup crews who work their magic on them.

When these celebs have kids, it’s understandable that they’re going to grow up aspiring to look a certain way, just like mommy. They see mom getting out the makeup, looking all glamorous, and they want to be just like that, want to look like mom does, do what she’s doing. So, many of these celebs have taken to letting their kids wear makeup. Understandably people have differing opinions on this.

A lot of celebs have come under scathing criticism for letting their kids wear makeup. They’ve come under fire because many deem their kid’s makeup routines to either be excessive, or just not age appropriate. Kids don’t need makeup, just shouldn’t be wearing it, is a common argument. But it’s ultimately the parent’s decision. If a kid wants to wear makeup because mommy is doing so, it’s going to be hard to say no. It’s tricky to judge. These kids have grown up in a celebrity household, and have a different way of life. Whatever fans' opinions are, they’re not going to affect these celebs' decision. These are 20 celebs who let their kids wear makeup.


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Kim Zolciak-Biermann is an American TV personality who rose to prominence in 2008 when she starred in The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Since then she’s also pursued a music career and has various business ventures. Last year Kim went on a family beach getaway. She took to social media to share some of her snaps. Some of the pics drew a lot of attention, such as the one of her four-year-old daughter, Kaia decked out in a ton of makeup. It was an adorable snap, showing that Kim does allow her kids to wear makeup. It also resulted in many people on the webosphere taking to social media to have their say.


Model, actress and TV star Shanna Moakler, first burst into the limelight when she was crowned Miss USA. Throughout her time in the public eye her private life has always been under scrutiny. She’s had relationships with Bill Idol and boxer Oscar De La Hoya. Shanna is a mom of three kids. She does let her daughter wear makeup. On one occasion she experimented with makeup and posted a picture of her girl on social media. The backlash she faced was surprising. But Shanna’s not going to give in. She lets her daughter wear makeup, and she’s regularly seen out and about stealing the show and looking glamorous at events she attends with her mom.


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Tori Spelling is a tough cookie. She’s shown time and time again that she dances life to her own tune. Tori’s been through a lot over the years. But she’s not about to give in and the change the way she is or parents just because of some online criticism. Tori posted some pics of her family during Thanksgiving 2017. The family came dressed up to dinner, including her nine-year-old daughter at the time, Stella. Stella arrived at the dinner wearing makeup. She’d evidently raided her mom’s makeup cabinet because the lipstick was the same as her mom’s. Tori’s been allowing Stella to wear makeup for some time. She was spotted wearing makeup and high heels at the age of six.


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It’s amazing to think that Leah Messer is only 26. The TV star rose to fame on Teen Mom 2. We’ve therefore seen her kids grow up on camera. She’s got three kids, three daughters, the oldest of which is nine. Leah regularly posts pictures of her kids on social media. It’s fair to say that they’re just as much celebs as Leah is. In many of her photos, she’s twinning with daughters. They look alike, often dress alike, and from the looks of things, go through the same makeup routine too. In early 2018, Leah began letting her kids wear makeup and posted pics of her eldest kids, her twins, trying out different shades of lipstick.


Despite being increasingly absent from the movie scene, Jessica Alba is still a Hollywood A-lister if ever there was one. She’s a doting mom too, has just had her third child. Jessica has two daughters with hubby Cash Warren. Her oldest daughter, Honor Marie, is ten. Today, Jessica’s putting a lot of emphasis into her Honest Beauty brand. It’s become a billion-dollar success and includes a cosmetic collection. To promote the brand, the duo have been seen putting makeup on each other. Jessica’s done makeup video tutorials for kids. Honor no doubt pays attention to her mom’s advice. Honor is also regularly seen out and about by her mom’s side wearing makeup.


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Ok, so you probably all anticipated that Kim Kardashian was going to feature on this list. The queen of reality TV is also something of a glamor queen. She’s passed these glamorous traits onto her daughters. So, Kim’s youngest daughter is only 11 months old. But it still might not be too long before she starts wearing makeup. Kim has said that her eldest daughter, North, was really getting into wearing makeup at the young age of 21 months! When she was just three, North was spotted out and about with black lipstick, courtesy of aunty Kylie Jenner.


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Superstar singer Christina Milian is proud mom to Violet Madison Nash. Violet is eight years old and she’s already become a pretty popular figure. She’s spent most of her life in the limelight, has gotten used to the cameras. She’s also taken a leaf out of mom’s book when it comes to preparing for pictures. Violet is a big fan of makeup. Christina lets her wear makeup. In fact, she encourages is. Christina was the one who taught her how to apply makeup. She gave Violet makeup tutorials. Violet was five years old when she was videoed putting on eyeliner, blending and doing her eyebrows, just like a pro.


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British TV personality, Katie Price, shot to fame as a model. She’s now got many strings to her bow, is a television personality, model, author, singer, designer and businesswoman. She’s certainly got her hands full, because in addition to juggling all of these endeavors, she’s a mom to five kids. Katie is very open about letting her eldest daughter, Princess, wear makeup. Pics have been taken of princess which show her wearing false nails and makeup. Since those pics have been posted, Katie’s even revealed Princess’ day to day makeup routine. Princess has plans to be a vlogger and is going to begin posting her own makeup tutorials.


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Actress Jennifer Garner had three kids with former hubby Ben Affleck. Post their breakup, Jennifer was determined not to get too down about things. She allowed herself to be pictured out and about and was unapologetic about the way she looked. She began posting makeup-free selfies. But that didn’t mean she was going to deny her daughters the opportunity of putting on makeup. Her eldest daughter, Violet, is really taking after her mom. Jennifer has said that she allows her to wear makeup. But they’re both sensible with it. They don’t go overboard. Jennifer has said Violet likes to play around with makeup sometimes, but nothing major.


I couldn’t put one Kardashian mommy on this list without including the other. We know from the family’s reality TV show that Kourtney Kardashian is all about her kids. She’s a doting mom if ever there was one. Her life revolves around her brood. Her daughter, Penelope, is six years old and is growing up fast. We’ve seen her as a baby and she’s essentially spent her entire life in front of the cameras. She’s been seen with her cousin, North, wearing makeup. If rumors are to be believed, she wants to look just like aunty Kim! Growing up in that lifestyle it was only a question of when she’s going to adopt a love for makeup.


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American-German model Heidi Klum knows how to strut her stuff. She’s made a name for herself by being glamorous and a style icon. It’s fair to say that millions around the globe follow her, style themselves based on her latest look. Her two daughters are admirers of her too, although they’re now experimenting with their own looks. We know from pictures that Heidi lets her daughter wear makeup. Helene has been spotted wearing eyeshadow, the odd bit of lipstick here and there. She hasn’t been decked out in anything people would deem to be too over the top. But Heidi’s certainly given her the green light to try.


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The 43-year-old actress has two kids. She has two daughters with now ex hubby, Will Kopelman. Drew isn’t someone who gets out the makeup every time she goes out and steps in front of the cameras. She’s happy with that fresh-faced look. Drew did once say that happiness is the best makeup. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love makeup. It’s a love she’s passed down to her eldest daughter, Olive. She’s said that Olive could play with makeup all day. Drew wants this interest to continue to develop. She wants her to get involved with their cruelty-free cosmetics line, Flower Beauty.


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It’s amazing to think that Courtney Cox is in her mid-50s. She’s still going strong, mainly on TV. When she was with David Arquette, they had a daughter, Coco. Coco is now 14. She’s following in her parent’s footsteps and wants to get into musical theatre. Even before she was a teenager Coco’s been into makeup. There are videos of her partaking in makeup tutorials. When she was 12, she said in a video, sitting beside her mom: ““Makeup makes me feel very alive and happy and creative, and I like to express myself in ways I sometimes can’t do with clothing … I can use colors, plus I’m just starting out with makeup and I’m just young. Makeup is great because you can really show who you are.”


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Farrah Abraham is used to living life in front of the cameras. She’s also no stranger to a bit of controversy. The TV personality rose to fame on Teen Mom. Her daughter, Sophia, is currently nine years old. When Sophia was just seven, we learnt that Farrah was actually encouraging her daughter to wear makeup. She said as much and there are many pictures to prove it. Farrah regularly posts pics of Sophia on social media. Very often she’s got a full face of makeup, for example, in Sophia’s photoshoot in 2016. Reportedly, Farrah even had to pay a visit to Sophia’s elementary school because the little girl was wearing too much makeup and the principal wasn’t happy.


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It’s got to be pretty tempting if you’re Beyoncé’s daughter t to want to take a little look in mommy’s makeup cabinet. Well, Beyoncé’s eldest daughter, Blue Ivy, has given into temptation a number of times, and Beyoncé is all for it. Under mommy’s supervision of course, Blue Ivy is allowed to try out makeup, and from the looks of things, she’s become quite a pro at it already, even at the tender age of seven. Well, she should be, because she’s been into makeup from the age of five. As a five-year-old, Blue Ivy already had a beauty and clothing line to her name!


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The Katie Holmes – Tom Cruise saga was absolutely massive. The marriage and then fallout got plenty of attention around the world. Media scrutiny was intense. In the middle of this was their daughter, Suri. Katie developed into a very protective parent. There are very few pics of Suri Cruise out there. Katie doesn’t talk about her much. But occasionally she posts cute little snaps on social media. One such pic showed Katie, Suri – who had her back to the camera and her face hidden – and a friend, going through their makeup routines, applying their makeup in front of a massive mirror.


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Now 38-year-old Jessica Simpson shot to fame when she was a teenager. She signed a recording contract and has since branched out into acting and has various business ventures on the go. Jessica is also a mom to two young kids. Maxwell Drew Johnson is her six-year-old daughter. Even at such a tender age, Maxwell has already become something of a beauty influencer. Jessica has said that she steals makeup from her, and that she’s already developed a love for makeup artistry. Jessica lets Maxwell use her makeup, saying that it’s normal to let kids experiment and find their own look.


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Former Spice Girl and now highly successful fashion designer and businesswoman, Victoria Beckham, certainly knows a thing or two about makeup. She’s got her hands in various different pies so to speak in the business world, and that includes having come out with her own cosmetics line. Her only daughter, Harper, who’s seven, is already following in her mom’s footsteps and is becoming quite the little fashionista. Victoria has said that she lets Harper dress up in fancy clothes, wear things like heels, and wear makeup which she’s become a big fan of. Victoria lets Harper wear makeup, but only in the privacy of their own home.


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Angelina Jolie’s brood consists of three sons and three daughters. Her daughters are 14, 12 and 10 – it’s at that age when kids start to experiment with their looks, begin to develop a love for things like makeup. Having Angelina as mom means they don’t exactly have to look far for inspiration. Actually, having said that, Angelina doesn’t exactly have the type of beauty routine and love for makeup that you’d expect from someone of her status. She has said she keeps a little makeup bag at home and allows her daughters to raid it once in a while. She lets them, but otherwise they stay pretty natural.


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It’s staggering to think that Nicole Kidman is in her 50s. She’s been around in the limelight for decades and is still a major Hollywood A-lister. She’s known for her down-to-earth attitude, in addition to her prowess as an actress, and for looking beautiful and glamorous. Nicole has three daughters. Her eldest, Isabella, has flown the nest. Sunday and Faith live with their mom. They’re looking more and more like Nicole every day, have certainly inherited her looks. They’ve got their mom’s love for makeup too. Nicole lets them use makeup, but ensures they don’t go wild. She lets them put on makeup within reason.

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