20 Celebs Who Rocked Their Maternity Style (And 5 Who Failed Miserably)

Formulating a pregnancy style can be a rather daunting task. It can seem insignificant when you compare it to all of the other things pregnant women need to decide. What kind of birth to have, what kind of stroller to buy, to breastfeed or bottle feed and what about co-sleeping? And sure I guess it is…but I think feeling great and looking great during those 40 weeks of uncomfortable, expanding waistlines and swollen feet can do wonders for our mood. When we look good we feel good, ya’ feel me?

We often turn to celebrities’ style both on the red carpet and off the red carpet to guide us in determining what our own personal style might be. Sure you’d be hard pressed to find us in a Saks buying up the latest collection from The Row or Maison Margiela but celebrities give us a good place to start when we hit Target or Old Navy.

If we trust a celebrity (and their stylist essentially) to dress us when we aren’t pregnant, why not pull a page from their look books when we are expecting.

I’ve pulled 15 of the most stylish pregnant celebrities. Kourtney, Chrissy, Tia, and even Ivanka Trump. And I also pulled 5 of the worse dressed celebrities that you definitely want to stay far away from copying!

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20 Best: Kourtney Kardashian


Kourtney Kardashian all ready has a non-maternity style that I adore, but her pregnancy style game is even more on point. She’s the pregnant girl that makes you want to get pregnant just so you can re-create some of her looks. I always imagine that there is like a secret sister competition between the Kar-Jenner girls. And although Kim may win hands down for the best body ever there is no completion when it comes to maternity looks.

During her last and third pregnancy with her son Reign Kourtney K favored tank dresses  with flannels tied around her waist or denim jackets and trench coats. She paired that with boots or gladiator sandals and finished the look with a black wool fedora. The look is something that is easily re-created for Mamas on a budget.

19 Best: Chrissy Teigen

BEST: Chrissy Teigen

How much do I love Chrissy Teigen? Let me count the ways. Chrissy is like the celebrity that we all want to be. She's so funny, witty and clever. Plus her style game is on point.

Unlike other pregnant mothers, Chrissy doesn't use this time to slack off when it comes to style at all. In 2015 Chrissy and her husband John Legend announced they were expecting their first child. Daughter Luna was born in April of 2016.

When she was pregnant with her she borrowed from a page from Kim Kardashian and donned a similar maternity uniform and did a lot of bodycon dresses and skirts with beautiful silk robes. Plus she rocked jeans, a crop top, and a belly.

18 Worst: Blac Chyna

WORST: Blac Chyna

I would cringe whenever I would see pictures of Blac Chyna pregnant with baby Dream. Blac has a pre-pregnancy look that probably isn’t for everyone. She favors bright and bold colored wigs and tight dresses, sheer patterns, and barely-there clothing. But her pregnancy style also seems to follow the same style rules.

Even though I think a woman should totally embrace her bump and not hide behind oversized muumuus (looking at you Janet Jackson) you still want to be comfortable. And everything I saw Chyna wearing just looks like it’s cutting into her body. Like the fabric is just yelling out to be freed from her ever-expanding body.

Take for example this velvet mock turtleneck dress. It’s probably a cute choice for a pregnant mom but Chyna should have picked this up in a size or two larger than what she had. She has Rob Kardashian as a baby daddy so I’m sure she could afford to.

17 Best: Whitney Port

BEST: Whitney Port

Millennials will remember Whitney Port as one of the "It" girls from MTV's The Hills. The show followed her and Lauren Conrad as they lived their lives in LA and tried to make in the world of fashion. After a 6 season run MTV gave Whitney her own spinoff called The City after Whitney moved to New York for a job with Diane von Fürstenberg.

In November 2015 Whitney married Tim Rosenman and they two welcomed their first child Sonny Sanford in July 2017.

During her pregnancy Whitney chronicled her 9 months in a YouTube series and also rocked some great maternity wear. Whitney stuck with the same style aesthetic she had pre-pregnancy. She favored flowy dresses and 70's style jeans and tops. Whitney definitely had a pregnancy style to be envied!

16 Best: Blake Lively

BEST: Blake Lively

We all envied Blake Lively and her wardrobe as Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl. I pretty much tuned in every week to see what she was wearing.

But if you thought that Blake's style stopped at the wardrobe department. It didn't. Gossip Girl has been done for awhile and still Blake has been killing. Blake is definitely known for her Hollywood style. Blake routinely kills it on the red carpet and her maternity style is definitely the definition of hashtag goals.

Blake Lively mom to two girls loves making bold fashion statements. Whether it's a sexy black dress with cutouts or thigh high boots and a sweater. Blake definitely proves that just because you've got a baby bump doesn't mean you need to give up your style.

15 Worst: Janet Jackson


We all let out a collective gasp when 50-year-old Janet Jackson announced she was pregnant in fall of 2016. After her shocking pregnancy announcement Janet kept a pretty low profile in London with her then husband Wissam Al Mana. But on the rare occasions she was seen around time during her pregnancy her maternity style left little to desired.

We all love the oversized t-shirt and sweater look every once in awhile. It’s a great solution to hide a burrito tummy or pretzel saddled thighs. But Janet really took the whole oversized and comfortable look to extremes. It’s possible that the worst outfit she was seen wearing could possibly be because her husband is Muslim and maybe that’s something he felt comfortable with her wearing, but it’s all a little Kylo Ren to me.

14 Best: Lauren Conrad

BEST: Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is another celebrity mom that you might remember from your teenage days. Lauren got her start as a reality star in Laguna Beach: The Real OC which followed rich kids living in Orange County California. Laguna Beach was also where Kristin Cavallari got her start. But Lauren was the true star of that show. After Laguna ended Lauren moved on to The Hills with Whitney Port.

Lauren has a background in fashion and has built a successful lifestyle brand and fashion line. It's should be no surprise that once Lauren got pregnant she wouldn't give up some key elements of her signature style.

Lauren favored drapey type dresses with sweet and feminine touches that stayed true to her classic style. Lauren nailed pregnancy style so well she decided to expand her own clothing line to include maternity wear.

13 Best: Jessica Alba

BEST: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba recently announced that she was expecting her third child a boy. And we've been treated to some cute styles from her ever since. Jessica Alba is the founder of every Mom's favorite organic baby line The Honest Co.

Jessica Alba was another expectant celeb mom that has found her maternity uniform and has stuck with it. It's kind of a great ideal if you think about it. Getting dressed while pregnant can be such a daunting task at times. Being able to pull from a group of staples completely takes out the guessing game. Now whether that stuff fits week after week...

Jessica adopted a similar style as Chrissy Teigen did. Opting for mid-length dresses and kimonos or jackets thrown on top. Adding a long jacket or robe to her outfit also helps to camouflage maybe some of those areas that aren't expanding as nicely as the belly.

12 Worst: CoCo Austin

WORST: CoCo Austin

I can’t think of one time that I have seen Coco wear anything that makes me want to figure out how to do the “look for less”. Coco who is married to Ice-T (you know the cop from the very long running Law and Order SVU) wears some tacky and outrageous outfits. But I guess I can say one thing about her pregnancy style…at least she stayed true to herself.

I’m all about embracing your belly and your emerging curves when pregnant. In fact, that is the only time you will find wearing anything body-hugging. But Coco took this to an entirely different level.

Boobs oozing out of cheap blinged out dresses, ugly patterns and color combinations. Over the top makeup and orange colored skin. What wouldn’t she wear?

11 Best: Beyoncé

BEST: Beyoncé

Does Beyoncé even really need anymore of an introduction other then "all hail the Queen"? Beyoncé literally had the whole world speechless when she announced that she and Jay-Z were expecting twins. And in true Beyonce form she announced it while rocking a fierce outfit and an even better photoshoot.

During her pregnancy with twins Rumi and Sir Beyoncé treated the Beyhive with looks we only dream of being able to pull off and also bring able to pay for.

Beyoncé wowed everyone by performing at the Grammys in a beautiful Peter Dundas dress that featured HER OWN FACE. Come on it doesn't get anymore Beyoncé than that!  And she slayed in a sexy red sequin dress with a plunging neckline.

But her street style was just as enviable as her Grammy night looks and proved that sexy and baby bump totally go together.

10 Best: Daphne OZ

10. BEST: Daphne OZ

If you were to ask me which celebrity closets I would want to raid Daphne Oz would definitely make the list. The former Chew host is always impeccably dressed and is able to wear a lot of different looks. Not to mention she's gorgeous so everything looks great on her.

Daphne and her husband just welcomed their third child, daughter Domenica just a few days ago. But before her daughter made her debut Daphne was killing it on Instagram with beautiful ensembles and bikinis that accentuated her baby bump.

Daphne kept her pregnancy style similar to what her regular style is. Classic, sexy, trendy. Daphne did an article for a parenting magazine where she talked about picking up key pieces from maternity stores and just grabbing a size or two bigger of regular things for her wardrobe.

9 Worst: Kelly Clarkson

I don’t understand what went wrong with Kelly Clarkson. She won our heart on American Idol as the cute downhome country girl that could sang. But somewhere along the line things went tragically wrong with Kelly in the style department.

When she was pregnant with her second child she was seen in Disneyland in a pair of horrible black overalls. That ok, maybe if they had been styled differently could have worked. And underneath was a yellow t-shirt. She completed this ensemble with a pair of cheap looking ballerina flats and a black fedora hopefully so fans couldn’t recognize her in this train wreck.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t Kelly’s ugliest outfit. That honor goes to the hot pink shirt with the enormous black blingy bow she wore in another outing. The whole thing looks like something you’d gift your great Aunt Susan.

8 Best: Tia Mowry

BEST: Tia Mowry

Tia Mowry that second half to the Sister Sister duo has definitely had a come a wardrobe upgrade in the last several years. Gone are the matching sister sister denim looks with the hats with the sunflowers stuck in them (which I secretly been hunting down for my daughter) and in it’s place is a grown girl style that makes Tia Mowry a style force to be reckoned with in Hollywood.

Tia recently announced that she was expecting her second child with her husband of nine years (basically two decades in Hollywood) Corey Hardrict. The two actors are already parents to 6-year old son Cree.

Since Tia made her announcement Instagram official we have seen Tia serve up some great pregnancy looks. She has rocked everything from a beautiful white and embroidered shift dress from Dolce and Gabbana to a laid back look of black leggings and cool kicks. I’m really looking forward to seeing what else Tia and her stylist have up their Alexander Wang sleeves.

7 Best: Ciara

BEST: Ciara

Was just two-stepping it all the way in her second pregnancy. Ciara welcomed a baby girl Sienna with her husband football player Russell Wilson in April of this year. And before that she rocked some pretty sexy, cute and versatile maternity looks.

Ciara has really amped up her look over the last few years. Do you remember her lace bell sleeved wedding gown she wore when she married Russell? It was everything a girl could want in a gown.

After Ciara announced her pregnancy she treated us to fantastic looks. Ciara donned a beautiful sexy cranberry red velvet dress with a plunging neckline at the Grammys. But she was also spotted out just running errands in simple black leggings and a baseball cap. She wore cute white baby doll dress which looked great with her long legs.

6 Best: Nicky Hilton

BEST: Nicky Hilton

Yes, Nicky Hilton made our list. Why? Because gone are the days of the Juicy Couture track suits and tiny dogs as fashion statements. Entering stage left is a very sophisticated, stylish and not at all blinding us with sparkles Nicky Hilton.

Nicky Hilton is expecting her 2nd child and has stepped out in several maternity looks that are classic but still very glamorous. For Nicky’s everyday or “street style” looks Nicky tends to favor a most casual look of tunics, jeans and oversized sweaters paired with cute sandals, boots or tennis shoes. She has done a lot of looks that can be easily mimicked by Mom on a Target budget.

Her red carpet looks however are totally glammed up Hollywood looks. Sexy little black dresses bold red dress from Oscar de la Renta and jewels fit for a Rothschild.

5 Worst: Kim Kardashian

WORST: Kim Kardashian

I write this with a little bit of trepidation because I sort of love all things Kim Kardashian and Kim served up some serious fashion game when she was pregnant with her son Saint. But her looks from her first pregnancy left such a bad taste in my mouth that I’m having trouble keeping her off this list.

We all remember that literally neck to toe and gloved floral dress she wore the Met Gala. And then there was that cream colored off the should Rachel Pally dress she wore to get ice-cream. The dress fit her terribly and the bra was even worse. But who can forget that black and white dress that was unflattering from every single angle? It really did make her like Shamu. And the shoes...

4 Best: Eniko Hart

BEST: Eniko Hart

Eniko Hart is a name you may not readily know so let me give you a quick snapshot of who she is. Eniko is the wife of your favorite comedian Kevin Hart. Poor Eniko found herself caught up in marriage scandal the last weeks of her pregnancy. News broke in the summer that Kevin was having an affair and that everything was caught on tape. The last weeks of pregnancy are full of uncomfortableness, stress, pain, and major emotions and I don’t think anyone would have blamed Eniko for throwing in the towel. But Niko stood by her man all while sporting impeccable maternity fashions.

The whole idea behind Eniko’s maternity looks had to be sexy. She looked so great during her pregnancy with baby Kenzo. Sexy skintight mini dresses, strappy stilettos, mini-dresses, bikinis and even a sheer piece that put her belly bump on full display.

3 Best: Jessie James Decker

BEST: Jessie James Decker

Jessie James Decker is a country singer married to Eric Decker who plays for the Tennessee Titans. Together the couple have two children and just announced that they expecting their 3rd.

Not only is Jessie gorgeous she has a great girl-next door style that any pregnant Momma can copy.

Jessie did an interview in 2015 when she was pregnant with her 2nd child where she shared that comfort is the most important thing when she is dressing her bump. And that as long as her face is “beat” and her hair looks good anything will look good.

Jessie prefers to wear tight t-shirts, jersey dressers and comfy sweaters. One piece of advice that Jessie shares is that during her first pregnancy she realized trying to squeeze in to non-maternity clothes made her really uncomfortable. For staples like leggings and jeans she said it’s key to buy maternity if you don’t want an uncomfortable waist band digging in to your already tight belly!

2 Best: Ashlee Simpson Ross

BEST: Ashlee Simpson Ross

Ashlee Simpson Ross is another haute mommy on our list that has a major style makeover the last several years. When Ashlee was pregnant with her first child, Bronx she was married to rocker Pete Wentz and her style was very much rocker chic. But now that she has matured and is married to stylish Evan Ross (son of Diana Ross) her style has evolved to a chic boho goddess.

Ashlee Simpson’s style is kind of perfect for pregnant ladies. It’s easy, comfortable and often your options coming in a wide range of comfortable and body forgiving fabrics. Ashlee wore an easy breezy white cotton dress for an outing with her husband. It’s a stylish look, but it’s simple enough and comfortable enough to make you feel like you are still home in your pg.’s which is really what all pregnant women want to be doing anyway!

1 Best: Ivanka Trump

BEST: Ivanka Trump

I know, I know. Ivanka Trump isn’t one of the most popular people in the world right now unlike her father is truly the most popular person ever (did you read that in his voice? Because you totally need to). But putting aside her politics and allegiance to her father Ivanka is a fashion forward powerhouse.

If you a pregnant mother who is still heading in to work everyday you probably already know leggings and an oversized tee are only going to go so far. But Ivanka is a business woman and didn’t slow down one bit when she was pregnant so she has great style inspiration.

During her third pregnancy Ivanka favored A-line dresses to dress her bump. She paired these dresses with trench coats, understated jewelry and sensible but stylish heels and even ballerina flats!

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