20 Cheap Baby Products These Celeb Moms Can't Live Without

Every mom will say that having babies is expensive! There are so many things a new mom needs that it's sometimes hard to keep up! Sure there's diapers and wipes and onesies and blankets, but there are so many other products you don't even think of!

New moms especially have a lot to buy. Between pregnancy products and new baby products, it seems like we never stop making trips to the store. And with each trip comes more and more money we have to spend.

That's why it's always so great when a mom finds a really great product at a really great price. It's easy to be overwhelmed in the baby aisle, so recommendations are awesome.

Celebrity moms are known for having super expensive baby products. Kylie Jenner can't stop Instagramming pictures of her uber expensive custom Fendi stroller. Nonfamous moms really can't relate to that, but they can relate when celebs recommend those cheap baby products that they love.

If you're a new mom or about to be one, check out these 20 cheap baby products that even the celebs can't stop raving about.

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20 Kim Kardashian Loves Mustela!

Finding that one product line that you love for your baby is amazing, but finding one that you love and is affordable is another story! Let's face it, baby products can be super expensive and they often don't even last very long. New moms will often break the bank just buying all the 'must haves' for baby.

Mustela offers a full ranging line of skincare products for babies, children and moms. It also happens to be a favorite product of none other than Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian can afford any line of skincare products she wants, but Mustela is the one she really loves. As the mother of three young children, Kim definitely knows a thing or two about baby products. In a post on her Instagram page, the queen of the selfie shared a picture of a variety of Mustela products including baby shampoo, wipes, moisturising cream and a nourishing stick. Captioning the post 'My fave baby products' the reality star endorsed the affordable brand.

Mustela offers a variety of products from the ones listed above as well as cradle cap cream, diaper rash cream and even foam shampoo for newborns. The products also start at as low as $3.49 making it affordable for every new parent.

19 And Her Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

If you are a new mom, a nursing pillow is a must have! Even if you don't breastfeed, nursing pillows are literally one of the most used baby products. They provide comfort for both mom and baby and are so versatile that they can be used even when you're not feeding your baby. They are just a comfortable pillow to have around and nice to rest your sleeping baby on so you can cuddle them between feeding. If you are nursing, they keep your baby at the perfect height so you don't have to always hold them up to your breast.

My Brest Friend is another affordable baby product that Kim Kardashian just can't live without. The mom of three posted about the nursing pillow on her Instagram and couldn't rave enough about it.

"Another mom hack that I'm obsessed with and I get literally multiples of these because I feed, you know, you don't know which room you're going to feed in and you need them all over the house. This feeding pillow by My Brest Friend is everything," she said.

Even better is My Brest Friend costs only about $35 and is available on Amazon and at other larger retailers like Target. At that price you can afford to buy more than one if you need to.

18 Jenna Dewan's Wake Up Buddy

Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum are parents of 4 year old daughter Everly. Parents of toddlers know that it isn't always easy to get them to wake up in the morning, but Dewan swears by cute product called the SleepHero Wake Up Buddy.

"Channing and I have this thing called a SleepHero, and when it turns green that means it's time for Everly to wake up," the dancer told the website Best. "I'll go in when it's still red and let her know that I'm about to take a shower and I'll be coming back in her room in a little bit. She can relax in bed until the little light turns green. After that, I honestly have no clue what I'll come back to. She goes right into her closet. When I come back, I always find her outfit to be the cutest thing ever. I love it."

This sounds like the perfect solution for any parent who has ever struggled to get their child out of bed in the morning. It's like a toddler version of the snooze button!

The toy nightlight that comes with a storybook is available for $49.99 from Amazon and I can only assume it's worth every penny!

17 Chrissy Teigen Loves Sophie The Giraffe!

There are just some baby products that are recognizable even if you have never had a child. Chances are if you've had a child anytime in the last 16 years or so, or even if you haven't, you know who Sophie the Giraffe is. If you have kids chances are you've had more than one. While Sophie has been around for almost 60 years, it really became the 'must have' teether toy for kids in the last 20 years.

Made from 100% natural rubber, Sophie La Giraffe has become the favorite of celebrities across Hollywood. Not only has Chrissy praised the adorable toy, but stars like Sandra Bullock, Isla Fisher, Amy Adams, Busy Phillips, Pink and Kim and Kourtney Kardashian have all been spotted out and about with their Sophie in tow.

There are now over 250 Sophie products available but the tried and true rubber giraffe is still the most popular. And at just $25 on Amazon, it has quickly become the best baby shower present a new mom can get. While it may seem a bit pricey for a teether, most new moms will tell you it's well worth the price tag.

When one woman asked about what teethers were the best on Twitter, Chrissy was quick to point out the magic that is Sophie the Giraffe.

"You don’t need anything but Sophie the giraffe. I was given one by 20 different moms. They were all correct," Chrissy tweeted. We have to agree.

16 Khloe Kardashian Uses Butter To Take Care of The Girls

Sadly too many women don't really discuss the effects breastfeeding can have on a new mom. Some women experience redness and chafing and have a really hard time because they can experience a lot of pain. Fortunately, there are some really great products on the market to help alleviate that pain and redness.

Khloe Kardashian may have just welcomed her first child, but her older sisters are pros at this whole mom thing. Thankfully she has them to help her decide what products she needs to have in her nursery. Just before daughter True was born the Revenge Body host took to her website to showcase some of the products she registered for on Amazon.

“For my baby shower, I had a gift registry with Amazon and, with the help of [sister Kourtney Kardashian], we picked out everyyything I’ll need once my little girl arrives,” Khloe wrote.

One of those products was nipple cream and nipple butter. “Everyone says that nipple cream is going to be my new BFF,” she wrote. And they're definitely right! Khloe selected this Earth Mama nipple butter that runs for only $9 on Amazon. That is definitely affordable enough for every new mom to have in their diaper bag.

15 Molly Sims Stays Connected With Her Baby App

We all are totally attached to our smartphones so it's no surprise that there are now apps that help us be better parents. And it's no surprise those apps are total game changers for busy parents.

Baby Connect is an app that lets you track literally everything about your child, and sync it with other important people in your life.

You can chart feedings and soiled diapers and sleep schedules. Molly Sims absolutely loves this app and swears by using it.

"SUPERMOMMA ALERT! Being away from your baby if necessary during the first year is especially hard," Sims wrote on her website. "This app is everything when it comes to tracking daily information about your baby’s accomplishments and activities even when you’re not there. Your baby’s caretaker or nanny can effectively and easily communicate with you through the app! My baby nurse, Grace Leverenz, turned me onto it. I have been using this everyday since my Scarlett was born! I can track everything from feeding, diapers, sleep, mood, activities, and photos all from the app even when I need to be away for work. It’s completely changed my life."

The best part is the app is available for download for under $5.

14 Tori Spelling Loves Her Storksak Bag

The diaper bag is a staple for new moms and dads alike. After all, where else are you supposed to stash diapers, wipes, bottles, teethers, soothers, a change of clothes and snacks while out and about with your little one? Sure, after you have one child you may opt for a large purse instead of the standard diaper bag, but you still need something to cart all your supplies around. Why not look good while you're doing it?

Storksak has been a fan favourite amongst celebrity parents for years. Perhaps it's because they make diaper bags that are suitable for both mom and dads to carry. In fact, celeb dads like Pete Wentz and Brad Pitt are said to be fans of the label.

Of course, Storksak makes a variety of bags for a variety of budgets. You can order a variety of bags from the product line ranging in more simple offerings for under $100.00 to more lavish bags made of leather for over $200.

Celeb moms who have been spotted with their own Storksak bags include Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie and Tori Spelling.

A good diaper bag is invaluable when you're a parent. Having something that suits your style and can be used by both mom and dad is important.

13 Jessica Alba And The Mabel's Labels

If you're a mom, you know how hard it is to keep track of your kids' stuff. If you have a baby you have to bring to daycare, you know how important it is to label every single thing for that baby to ensure that the daycare provider knows it's yours. Mabel's Labels aren't just great for keeping track of all of your school-age child's belongings but awesome for labelling everything of your baby's as well.

Celebrities like Mila Kunis, Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon and Alyssa Milano are all fans of the durable labels. Even Jessica Alba uses them to stop people from stealing her coffee! I have to admit, I have had these labels for all my kids and myself as well, and I just love them. It makes keeping track of things so much easier.

The company offers labels for anyone and anything and they won't come off in the wash or the dishwasher. They even offer a birthday party loot bag pack for just $5 a child that offers one bag tag and 5 personalized labels. That sure beats spending $5 at the dollar store.

Mabels Labels offers a variety of sizes, designs and combo packs perfect for any new mom.

12 Angelina Jolie's Stretch Mark Oil

Celebrities have flawless skin. Naturally when you can afford the best of the best skin care products and facialists that isn't too hard. But pregnancy treats us all the same and even celebrities get stretch marks. Any woman who has ever had stretch marks during pregnancy can tell you that it doesn't matter if you gain a lot of weight or a little, stretch marks can happen to anyone! Of course there are lots of products on the market that can help expectant mothers try to minimize those marks.

Angelina Jolie is one of Hollywood's most beautiful women but she's also a mom which means that she too is prone to stretch marks.

Just like every other mom, Jolie also reportedly used a very affordable product to try to prevent stretch marks during her pregnancies. The mom of 6 is reportedly a huge fan Shea Terra Organics Mama’s Gold Stretch Mark Prevention and Treatment Oil. She reportedly used the oil during her pregnancies. The product contains shea butter and essential oils which are said to fully hydrate that pregnant belly.

Even better is you can pick up the same stretch mark prevention oil as Angelina Jolie for just $21 a bottle. And if it works, it's well worth it!

11 Pink Goes HandFree

If you follow singer Pink on Instagram you know that she's very much a proponent of normalizing breastfeeding. She's often posted pictures of herself breastfeeding her children Willow and Jameson when they were infants and so many mothers can relate.

The singer is however a very busy woman. Like most working moms, she often had to pump her breastmilk for her kids during breaks from working. Just because her work happened to be performing in front of thousands of people didn't make her job any easier!

What did seem to make her job easier is her handsfree nursing bra. Let's face it, being able to actually multitask and use both your hands while pumping is pretty amazing. Pink posted this picture above and eagle eyed fans were quick to note she was wearing the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump.

While the pump will run you just under $300 on Amazon, that's a bargain given how much freedom it can give you. And breast pumps can be used for all your pregnancies, and then even handed off to your best friends if you're a sharing type of person.

This product might not be 'cheap' but it's definitely invaluable.

10 Prince William And Kate's Royal Swaddler

Swaddling blankets are used by literally every new parent. The soft blankets are what surrounds our babies from the moment their born for months, if not years in to toddlerhood. Aden & Anais swaddling blankets are the swaddling blankets to the stars. When Kate Middleton left the hospital with her brand new son Prince George swaddling in an Aden & Anais blanket, the affordable product quickly sold out.

Celebrities from Kate Middleton to Jessica Alba to Nicole Kidman, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Garner and Channing Tatum have all been spotted using the super soft blankets.

The muslin blankets are known for not only their breathability, but their softness too. Which is why so many celebrities love them. At just $16 for a blanket or a 3 pack for around $45, the blankets are sure to last through all of your kids. They make a sweet and affordable shower gift as well.

The blankets come in a variety of patterns and can be purchased at baby stores, online through Amazon, or from their very own product website. In addition to the swaddles the product line also offers pajamas, bibs, clothing and even bath products.

9 Kim Kardashian's Serenity Star

Kim Kardashian knows a thing or two about baby products given she has three children under the age of 5. One of her must-have products is the Aden & Anais Serenity Star. The company, which brings parents those must have swaddling blankets, also creates this product that many celeb parents can't live without.

"Lala got this for me when I had North," Kardashian wrote on her app. "It's a night light, sound machine, and clock that also takes the temperature of the room and can log your feeding diary with the push of a button. It's a lifesaver when I'm up in the middle of the night, feeding the baby."

This handy product not only ensures there's a bit of light in your child's room, but it performs so many tasks that parents love. Sound machines work great for helping your child sleep and it's also nice to ensure the temperature in their room is just right. It can also run on batteries or plug in to the wall, making it easy to use anywhere.

You can currently get your own Aden & Anais Serenity Star on sale from the site's websire right now for $48.99. Not bad for an all in one night light, feeding diary, clock and noise machine.

8 Chris Hemsworth Loves His Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are one of those baby products that every parent should have. I didn't get a carrier until I had my third child and I can't believe it took me so long! There is nothing better than being able to cuddle your baby and keep them close while still having your hands free to do things like help your toddler wash their hands. Or eat your own lunch. Or make dinner. Or any of the million things new parents have to do while tending to their baby. Even better is anyone can wear the baby carrier. That means that moms can sometimes get a break when dad or grandma or even an aunt or uncle decide to help out.

Celebrity moms and dads alike love baby carriers! Chris Hemsworth, who we can all agree is the BEST Chris, uses a Lillebaby Carrier with wife Elsa Pataky when their twin sons were infants. And at the reasonable price of around $120 families who need more than one can afford them. The bonus is they're also available at Target.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend also love the baby carrier. John has been spotted using the Ergo Baby Carrier with daughter Luna and he clearly loves it. It's also reasonably priced at just under $120.

7 Tiffani Thiessen Swears By Camilia

Any parent who has ever had to endure watching their child suffer through teething pain knows that you will try just about anything. From teethers to numbing gels to frozen fruit, any parent who has to watch their child be miserable as they're cutting teeth will happily accept any pain remedy ideas you have.

Camilia is a natural homeopathic teething solution that celebrities like Tiffani Thiessen love. “My family and I are big fans of Boiron’s Camilia teething relief. We have used this product on both of our kids and Camilia helped with their painful gums and irritability,” the actress has stated.

Camilia, which is said to temporarily get rid of teething pain, is available online for around $8.99. The best part is that since the product is all natural you don't feel like you're giving your infant too much medicine. I used Camilia with all four of my kids and I do like to think it worked. At the point of teething I was willing to try anything so I was so happy when I heard about the product.

According to Boiron's website, Camilia "temporarily relieves symptoms of teething, including painful gums and irritability, as well as minor digestive disorders sometimes associated with teething.* Camilia has no known interaction with other medications, it is not contraindicated with pre-existing conditions, and there is no risk of overdose or numbing your baby’s gag reflex."

And for such a low price you don't feel like you've wasted money if it doesn't happen to work.

6 Mayim Bialik's Maya Wrap

While many celebrities love their baby carriers, slings are also a super hugely popular product that many are loving.

Slings give the parent the option to carry their baby while still being hands free. Who doesn't want to the ability to hold on to your child while still being able to multitask?

The nice thing about slings as well is how versatile they are. Many can be used from the newborn stage right up in to toddlerhood, which isn't something that some baby carriers can do.

Mayim Bialik is a huge fan of her Maya Wrap. The attachment parenting advocate spoke to PEOPLE and raved about the baby sling she used when her sons were small.

“If I had to have one thing on a desert island, it would be my Maya Wrap ring sling. I can use it with my 32-pound three-year-old and my newborn and my husband can use it too (and he’s 6′ tall and I’m not). It’s the most versatile thing. I take it everywhere I go.”

Maya Wrap ring slings start at about $75, but for a product that can be used for years it's well worth the cost.

5 Jill Hennessy Loves Her Bumbo Baby Seats

Credit: Instagram

I'm a little jealous that Bumbo baby seats were introduced just after I was basically done having kids. I never got to own one of these and trust me, I definitely could have used one! Not only are these products super helpful for any new parent who just wants to help their little one sit on their own, they're super affordable.

Actress Jill Hennessy is one of the many celeb parents who swear by the $40 Bumbo Baby Seats. When asked by PEOPLE what her 'can't live without' baby product was, she didn't hesitate. “A Bumbo seat, so you can start feeding them upright and they feel like they are part of the dinner table.”

Other celebrities like Pink and Carey Hart and Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are big fans of the product. Pataky even snapped a picture for her own Instagram showing how she managed to feed her twin boys at the same time using the Bumbos.

Bumbo baby seats can be bought at a variety of stores and online and you can even purchase a tray to make it easier when your child starts feeding themselves. Even celebrities love the affordable products that make our lives easier.

4 Ellen Pompeo - All Natural Products Only

Ellen Pompeo loves the all natural products offered by Young Living Essential Oils that she partnered with them as a spokesperson on their infant and baby line of products called Seedlings.

The actress told New York Family why she loved the product line so much.

“I started using the Seedlings line on my babies and using the other products for myself… I love essential oils and I love plant-based natural products—I think it’s the direction we should all be moving in,” Pompeo said.

When asked by BEST what one of her favourite baby products was, she raved about the Seedlings baby wipes.

"It's so truly important to me to incorporate natural products into my routine for my family and for myself. Following a vegan diet is important to me, but I also pay attention to what's in our beauty products, because there just aren't enough ingredient regulations right now. I'm so thrilled that I can use these all-natural Seedlings baby wipes on my child's delicate skin. They're perfect for removing makeup, too."

You can get a 72 count package of these all natural wipes for under $25 on Amazon.

3 Catherine Low's Loulou Teether

The Loulou lollipop cookie teether is a favourite of reality star and mom of two Catherine Lowe. According to The Tot, "the Loulou Lollipop silicone Cookie teether is a super cute and effective way for your tot to get teething relief. It’s strategically textured on both sides to massage top and bottom sore gums. The teether can be used by itself or attached to the pacifier clip to keep it close to your baby."

Catherine Lowe, who rose to fame on the reality show The Bachelor where she met husband Sean Lowe, lists the Loulou Lollipop Teether as one of her 'must have' products for new moms.

The super cute teether comes in either pink or blue and looks like an adorable cookie attached to teething beads. The teether is 100% food grade silicone, free of BPA, phthalates, lead, cadmium and PVC and can be put in the freezer or fridge to make it even more soothing for your teething child. Now that Catherine has just welcomed her second child I'm sure she'll be using this a lot.

The Loulou Teether is available online for just $22.

2 Jessica Alba Gets Honest

Jessica Alba loves affordable and eco-friendly baby products so much she created her own company! "I founded The Honest Company because I wanted safe, effective products that perform. After all, you shouldn't have to choose between what works and what's good for you," the actress writes of why she founded her now signature baby product company.

As a mom of three Alba knows that life can get messy. That's why one of her signature products that she just loves is Honest Company's Hand Sanitizer spray.

“Like many moms, I’m always on the go, and these hand-sanitizer sprays are absolute must-haves," Alba told PEOPLE. "I spray these on my hands all day long, and thanks to the soothing botanicals, it leaves my hands feeling soft. I keep a couple of bottles in my purse. They’re also great to toss in your diaper bag or keep next to the changing table.”

The best part of these awesome hand sanitizers are the price. At only $6 a bottle you can always have one wherever you are. And moms with babies know that hand sanitizer is definitely a must have!

1 The Wubbanub Pacifiers

Many new parents don't want to use a pacifier — that is until their child is inconsolable and nothing short of using one will calm them down! The Wubbanub pacifier is a fan favourite among celebrity parents and is definitely a favourite among regular parents too.

Alyssa Milano told US Weekly the cute pacifiers are a must have for her. “I’ve been using these since [my baby] was two weeks old. No nipple confusion, and the stuffed animals attached keep the pacifier in place and gives the baby something cozy to hold on to,” she said. There's nothing more frustrating than your child constantly not being able to negotiate holding those smaller pacifiers. The Wubbanubs make it easier for babies to hold on to.

Other celebs spotted using the cute baby products are Chrissy Teigen, Hailey Duff,  Zoe Saldana, Molly Sims, Drew Barrymore and Kelly Clarkson just to name a few. Celebs love them because they're not only available in a variety of designs but they're easy for babies to hold on to, making them hard to lose.

The super adorable pacifiers can be purchased on Amazon for around $14.95 meaning you can have one in your diaper bag, at home in the crib, in the bouncy seat and anywhere else you might need it at a moment's notice.

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