20 Common Things That Get Confused With Pregnancy Symptoms

Any time a woman all of a sudden starts feeling unwell, especially if she's in an active romantic relationship, there's a good chance she might be pregnant. And, as a result of that, she will likely become excited about the prospect of bringing a new life into her family and into the world. Yet, at the same time, she may be nervous about all of the preparations that need to be made before the baby arrives.

However, what if the truth is that she is not pregnant and is feeling unwell for unrelated reasons? That happens quite often, and for couples that have been working on achieving pregnancy for a while, and as it turned out, the woman was feeling unwell for unrelated reasons. That can be difficult to handle.

The fact of the matter is that many symptoms that are associated with pregnancy can easily be the result of other conditions whether they are temporary or not. Additionally, not all of these symptoms that are tied to pregnancy are also a result of Aunt Flo coming to town. So, it is time to take a look and learn about the common symptoms of pregnancy can easily be something else.

20 Interruption Of That Time Of The Month


The one tell-tale sign of pregnancy is when Aunt Flo has taken a long vacation, which means that time of the month is not happening. And, the first thing that any woman would assume that has this interruption of the cycle is that she is pregnant.

However, according to Healthline, the absence of Aunt Flo does not necessarily mean pregnancy. Conditions such as thyroid disorders, stress, significant fluctuations of those pounds, and hormonal fluctuations (such as early peri-menopause) are also causes. That said, as soon as Aunt Flo takes a hike, the first thing to do is obviously to take a pregnancy test. If it is negative, then it is time to take a trip to the doctor to have the cause looked into it further.

19 Bloating And Abdominal Discomfort


One of many early pregnancy symptoms that are quite unpleasant is the bloating and gas. And it can be quite uncomfortable. However, according to Healthline, pregnancy is not the only cause for sudden abdominal bloating.

In fact, the bloating may just be simply the result of eating something that did not agree with you, but it also can be a sign of IBS, celiac issues or the sudden inability to tolerate gluten, a stomach virus, among so many others around. However, it does not take much to cause anyone indigestion. And, if the bloating is happening with other symptoms that are associated with pregnancy, then you very well might have a bun in the oven.

In the meantime, wait and see if the condition improves, and if not, then it’s time to make that doctor's appointment.

18 The Figure Expanding


The figure expanding can certainly point to pregnancy. Water retention due to having that bun in the oven in addition to the constant hormonal fluctuations would certainly explain it. However, according to Healthline, there are most definitely other causes for that to happen if it's not related to eating too much.

If you develop a thyroid condition that is causing it to be under active, that in itself will slow your metabolism down and cause this common-pregnancy symptom to occur. Additionally, over time some people develop insulin resistance which causes the insulin levels to become elevated and as a result, the energy gets trapped in stores instead of being of use! This can be a sign of pre-diabetes as well, so you would want to get this checked out if it applies to you.

17 Nausea And Tummy Troubles 


That sudden urge to become ill out of nowhere will make any brand new mom be suspicious that she is just that - a mom to be! However, there are plenty of other causes for you to have that urge to stick your head in the toilet. According to WebMD, causes of nausea and vomiting are quite endless.

And, aside from pregnancy and the stomach virus, common causes of gastric sickness can be a sudden development of intolerance to a type of food, liver and kidney conditions, or any general infection. Sometimes drastic changes in glucose levels can lead to nausea. The bottom line is if you are suddenly getting sick out of nowhere and it is happening frequently, it needs to be looked into right away.

16 Low On Energy And Fatigue


Pregnancy definitely gives any mom-to-be the urge to lay down and close her eyes, and not get up for a while. In other words, fatigue and exhaustion are symptoms that can definitely indicate that there is a baby on the way.

However, according to Healthline, other conditions, such as an under/overactive thyroid can cause fatigue as well. The same goes for arthritis, poor nutrition, anemia, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, as well as a number of autoimmune conditions. Either way, if you are suddenly having an urge to go to bed and sleep all day, then you may very well be pregnant- or you may have one of those conditions causing this to happen.

15 Swollen Or Tender Up Top 


Oh they hurt, that is the first thing that a brand new mom to be is thinking. Those girls are swollen and they hurt. And, this is where the fine line between PMS and pregnancy lies. Both definitely cause those girls to hurt and to swell up due to hormonal levels surging and changing.

And, according to Mayo Clinic, other cause for this unpleasant symptom can be just general hormonal upheavals which can happen at any time and can be caused by anything. Those changes in hormonal levels don't always mean that menopause is on the way at all. However, sometimes fatty acid imbalances can be a cause as well which can make the tissue even more sensitive to hormones circulating. If the pain does not let up after a week, and pregnancy is not the cause, then it needs to be addressed.

14 Mood Swings


A new mom-to-be will likely be finding herself happy one moment and then wanting to scream the other, and then becoming sulky the next moment. That said, sudden mood swings can be a definite sign of pregnancy, but not always.

According to Very Well Mind, many conditions and situations can be a cause for those fluctuating mood swings. Hormones that are also flying suddenly for a variety of reasons are a common cause, as well as changes in brain chemistry. And, certain medications can cause the moods to swing from one end to the next, and if you have not slept for a while, then insomnia is a reason for it as well. If these mood swings are worsening or not improving, then the root of it must be found.

13 Can’t Do #2

cant do 2

That feeling of being plugged up is far from fun, and it is a common pregnancy symptom due to the rising levels of progesterone. And, if you are in a position where you have been trying to do number two and have not been successful, but you are not pregnant, then there are most definitely other possible factors coming into play.

According to WebMD, if you are not getting enough fiber or water in your diet, or you have become sedentary, then that is a cause for that plugged up feeling. Additionally, stress can be a cause, as well as eating too many dairy products, in addition to taking some prescription medications. Those are causes of the inability to do number two. Try increasing your water and fiber intake and hopefully that alone will solve the issue.

12 Excessively Doing #1

doing number 1

You just did number one 15 minutes ago and now you have the urge to go again! That is most definitely a symptom of pregnancy that is quite annoying. That is due to the hormonal levels constantly changing as well as the uterus growing which puts pressure on the bladder.

However, according to WebMD, the cause for having to go do number one too often are not just caused by pregnancy. If you are drinking too much water, coffee, tea, or beverages, then that will cause this to happen. Or, if you are taking diuretics, then this is certainly going to happen as well. And, those alone are not to be a cause for concern but the frequent need to do number one can also be caused by UTIs, bladder stones, or the onset of diabetes, and that shouldn't be ignored.

11 Forgetfulness


You may be wondering when the last time you paid your water bill was, and then it just dawned on you that you paid it yesterday. And, to make things even better, you had just remembered that you had an appointment that you were supposed to be at 20 minutes ago. You may think that you could be pregnant due to having pregnancy brain which is synonymous with forgetfulness.

However, according to Harvard Health, there are many causes for young individuals to become frequently forgetful. It may be due to an underactive thyroid, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, if you are taking prescription medications, those can do a number on your short-term memory as well.

10 Crying At The Drop Of A Hat


You are sitting in your den watching television, and a commercial comes on about a new refreshing plugin scent, and for no reason this caused you to cry uncontrollably. And right then and there, you believe you could be pregnant.

However, according to Healthline, the sudden need to cry can be caused by other conditions as well. If you have depression or anxiety, that alone can cause you to cry out of nowhere. Or, if you have a neurological condition called pseudobulbar affect which can be the result of an accident or other changes in your brain chemistry, that will also cause you to shed plenty of those tears. If this issue is getting worse and you know you are not pregnant, then it is time to have it medically examined.

9 Feeling Crampy Down There


Those cramps can be painful, and they stick around even after the stick turns pink because the womb is expanding to make room for the growing baby, and the hormones are causing it to happen too.

However, according to WebMD, those cramps can also be the result of extra gas which could be caused by eating too much fiber or developing a food sensitivity. They can also be caused by conditions such as endometriosis, and fibroids of the uterus. Fibroids are benign growths that can appear in the womb for a variety of reasons. Either way, those cramps are very unpleasant and need to be looked into if they don't disappear after a few days.

8 Sudden Food Cravings

food cravings

You have this sudden urge to eat pickles or a burger, and this can most definitely be a sign of pregnancy since cravings are a part of the journey. However, sudden cravings are not necessarily due to pregnancy.

According to Medical News Today, chemical imbalances in the brain can cause a need to eat a lot of any particular food. The imbalances specifically happen in the regions of the brain that controls pleasure, reward, and memory. Additionally, sometimes there are imbalances with the energy-expenditure hormone, leptin. When there are imbalances with leptin, that can increase hunger because proper leptin production is the reason that you get full after eating. Leptin tells your body that it has the energy it needs, and that is why you get full after a meal - as long as there are no imbalances coming into play.

7 Sudden Food Aversions


If you always loved eating shrimp but all of a sudden the idea of it turns you off, then you could very well be pregnant, or you may not be at all. According to Healthline, food aversions can be caused by a number of factors.

The most common cause for any kind of food aversion or a general decrease in appetite is depression and anxiety. Also, if you are coming down with a virus, that will also cause your appetite to go south, even if there is no nausea involved. Liver, kidney, and heart conditions can easily cause this to happen. And, some prescription medications can also be the cause for you not wanting to eat. However, regardless of the cause, you can't let this go on for more than a few days! Because we all need to eat to function and to live!

6 Onset Of Headaches


One pregnancy symptom that is quite common is headaches. That is due to all of the surging hormones and body changes due to being pregnant. However, according to WebMD, other conditions and situations can cause headaches to happen as well. These include depression and anxiety, and other changes in brain chemistry.

Also, if you have not slept well for a while or you have been sitting in a position that is uncomfortable such as having poor posture can also cause for you to end up with headaches.

Sometimes, people just become prone to headaches for unknown reasons. But they also should be looked into by a medical professional if it is happening often and is sudden.

5 Unexpected Spotting


When you see unexpected spotting, that can be a reason for concern and sometimes when pregnancy has a thing to do with, the spotting is the result of the embryo implanting. That is why this is called implantation spotting. However, according to Healthline, spotting can also happen for other reasons when it is not that time of the month.

If you have growths in the uterus, such as fibroids, or on the cervix, that can be a cause for this to happen. The same applies to changes in hormonal levels that have nothing to do with pregnancy. And, anytime there is spotting at unexpected times, then you need to call the doctor just to be sure everything is fine!

4 Congestion


Oh, that need to constantly blow your nose and having to put up with those never-ending sniffles can most definitely be a sign of pregnancy. Congestion happens due to the changes in hormones, especially estrogen levels in pregnancy and that can cause there to be mucus build up.

However, according to Healthline, as you already know, the first sign of coming down with a cold or a sinus bug is being congested. Not to mention, allergies most definitely play a role in that. But if you have a cold and you have been sick for a while with it, and the congestion is not letting up, then you may need antibiotics.

3 Back Pain

back pain

Back pain is always associated with pregnancy due to the shifts in gravity because of the growing bump, as well as the hormonal changes. And, back pain can start quite early on. However, according to Mayo Clinic, pregnancy is not the only cause for back pain.

If you have been sitting or sleeping in an uncomfortable position, or you have been lifting heavy objects, that will certainly cause back pain to happen. That will certainly strain our muscles and ligaments. However, if the back pain is lasting for more than a few days and you are unsure of the cause, then it is time to have that examined.

2 Feeling Under The Weather 


When you are pregnant, you are just going to be generally feeling malaise with or without nausea. That is how your body is reacting to all of the constant changes. However, according to WebMD, many other conditions can cause you to feel that way such as coming down with the flu, a cold, or any type of bacterial infection.

And once those issues are addressed whether you need antibiotics to help heal an infection or you need time to overcome a cold or flu, then the malaise feeling will end. However, if it is still continuing, then that needs to be looked at thoroughly.

1 Night Sweats

night sweats

Oh, those night sweats, and those are not a fun pregnancy symptom. But they happen due to the hormones surging and changing frequently. And, according to WebMD, night sweats can also be caused by hormonal changes that have nothing to do with pregnancy.

You hear of this happening to women that are in perimenopause or who are clearly in menopause. Also, some medications can cause that as well, in addition to low glucose levels or hypoglycemia. Occasionally, infections and neurological issues can also cause night sweats to happen. If it's happening on a frequent basis, you can wipe yourself with a damp cloth but be sure to have the issue addressed.

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