20 Concerning Things Babies Really Do

Babies find a way of freaking out their parents on a daily basis. First of all, it should be noted that the vast majority of parents, especially first-time parents, are really worried about their children. This is the first time they have felt a huge degree of responsibility. Additionally, they have an immediate connection with their child and are on guard all the time making sure that their child is happy, healthy, and far from harm's way.

Some parents are really good at making sure their home is totally baby-proofed and keep their baby far away from any potential risks. But, the truth is, babies still find ways of making their parents feel real concern.

This list will delve into some of the most concerning things that babies do. Most of the entries on this list are nothing to worry about, even though they present themselves in ways that may feel a little off. However, we have included entries that if unchecked and prolonged could be something to talk to a physician about. Of course, all of the entries on this list are based on information from the legitimate sources found below. These links are a great resource for parents wanting to learn a little bit more and feel more at ease. But, for now, here are 20 concerning things that babies actually do.

20 Head Banging Like A Metallica Fan

Your baby may not be able to pronounce the word "Metallica" but sometimes it may seem like they're big fans of the rock band. This tends to be the issue that concerns parents the most when it comes to their baby's behavior. When you see a baby banging their heads on things the immediate thought is that they are going to get a concussion. It's also a really bizarre image to see your baby knocking their head on things. But this pretty typical baby behavior. Older babies do this the most, usually right before they turn one. It happens for a multitude of reasons. But they may be doing it out of frustration and not know how to express themselves in another way. They may also be teething and be trying to manage the discomfort. But don't worry, chances are they won't hurt themselves. Just keep an eye on it.

19 Turning Into A Werewolf Before The Full Moon

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Oh, yes, some babies look like they are little werewolves. Together with having a full head of hair at a particularly young age, your little baby may just sprout quite a few hairs over their body. These hairs can appear on their shoulders, arms, backs, and even their feet. So, yeah, they may look like that neighbor of yours who gives unwanted hugs when you bump into each other. But, don't worry, this hair will shed off soon enough. It's known as lanugo and is the first type of body hair. It plays a pivotal role in regulating your baby's temperature. But, for cosmetic reasons, it can look a bit concerning. Luckily, this is a short-term thing.

18 Teeth Grinding That Would Give Anyone The Heebie Jeebies

When a baby grinds their teeth, most parents feel pretty uncomfortable. After all, the sound can be reminiscent of nails on a chock board or the sound of a fork on a plate. It can be downright unnerving. Additionally, it may appear as if something is not right with the baby or that they are uncomfortable in some way. But, the vast majority of the time, the baby is absolutely fine. They are just in the middle of teething and are trying to figure out what these new objects do and how they feel. In short, the sensation is cool to them. At the very least, you can bring it up at their dentist appointment, and if they do it for a prolonged period, mentioning it to a physician isn't a bad idea. But, they are likely to outgrow it.

17 Some Random Red In The Diaper

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The red stuff that flows through our bodies and keeps us alive and healthy is something that makes people uncomfortable. The sight of it is enough to give anyone the heebie-jeebies. Sometimes a baby can spot in their diapers and that can really concern parents. But you don't need to rush to the hospital when you see it. It's actually really normal. If the baby is a girl, it's totally typical for them to have a mini time-of-the-month. This is due to hormone changes after leaving your body. It's a direct result of estrogen withdrawal and is nothing to concern yourselves with. As for boys, it's a little less typical unless they had a rough bowel movement and a cut was formed or if they had a circumcision and are still healing.

16 Their Face Seems Itchier Than We Could Possibly Imagine

It's typical to see babies with a bunch of little scratches on their faces as they tend to deal with a bit of itchiness. Actually, it's even more common for babies to accidentally scratch themselves as they don't really know what they're doing yet. This isn't something to concern yourself with unless they are going for their eyes; A scratched cornea is anything but fun. But even then, eyes tend to react when something gets close enough to them. Babies like to explore their bodies and one of the ways they do this is by touching themselves. SO, although their skin may still be adjusting to the new climate and therefore feel itchy, most of the time they are learning about themselves through touch... they just do it too hard.

15 Thinking Their Crib Is Worth Gnawing On

Walking into your child's room and seeing them feeding off of their crib is a sight to make any parent concerned. Even seeing those teeth-marks on the wood is a little unnerving. But this is pretty normal as a baby's mouth is one of their best learning tools. They essentially like deep space probes, exploring things that they've never seen, felt, smelt, and, most importantly, tasted. Additionally, gnawing on things like their cribs is a rooting reflex. Essentially, anything that brushes against their cheek or lower lip gets explored with their gums and developing teeth. Of course, putting everything in their mouths does open the door to some issues.

14 Irregular Breathing Is Enough To Cause Any Parent To Freak

When it comes to concerning things that babies do, there may not a more worrisome thing than when they are breathing abnormally. SIDS is a very big deal to concern yourself with and therefore making sure babies are safely placed on their backs in a crib that's free of toys, blankets, and pillows is a must. But when a baby is breathing faster and than slower, you may not need to worry so much. Although you definitely need to be on top of things, a baby's lungs are constantly growing and adapting to the world around them. This means that they have to adjust to the drier world around them. Therefore it's common for them to breath irregularly. Eventually, this will normal out.

13 When They Act Like They're On An Airplane During Turbulence

No, we're not talking about a baby who is constantly crying. We all know that's what most people think about when they pair the words "baby" and "plane" in the same sentence. We're actually talking about the constant jerky motions that babies sometimes ake. This usually makes parents pretty concerned as they think their kids have some sort of issue with their nerves. But this is actually called the Moro reflex and is something that every baby is born with. They are so used to being inside their mother's womb that the big world around them feels a bit daunting. Therefore, they make these movements that feel similar to when you fall onto your bed. The best way to deal with this is to swaddle the baby. After that, they're likely to stop.

12 Being A Cross-Eyed Little Wonder

Kids love crossing their eyes to weird-out their friends or show off their odd skills. But babies aren't really supposed to do this... Or, at least, some parents think that their babies should go cross-eyed. Many babies do this before the 6-mon threshold and parents shouldn't worry unless it continues on after this. Babies are really just testing out their eyes as they continue to develop their sight. After all, babies are very near-sighted right after their birth. Going cross-eyed may seem a little concerning, but it's really just the baby playing around and exploring their new-found power. However, if a baby's eyes are chronically wandering off in a different direction, you should check in with a doctor.

11 Endless Groaning Makes Us Feel Like We're Living In A Haunted House

It's true, the groaning sounds that babies make do feel a little unnerving and very similar to what we assume life at a haunted house would be like. These grunts and groans also make parents think that their child is constipated or uncomfortable for some reason. This causes parents to rush to their side and try to figure out what's going on. But these sounds are perfectly normal and don't mean that your baby is distressed in any way. These noises happen because a baby's nasal passages are still pretty narrow. They also have leftover amniotic fluid in their system which can make them a tad congested. So, don't worry about this at all. However, if a baby grunts with every breathe, you may need to take them to see a doctor.

10 They're Able To Breastfeed Themselves

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As odd as it may seem, and even concerning to some parents, babies can leave the womb with pretty pronounced or puffy-looking "girls". Female babies especially have even been seen to have a milk-like liquid coming out of them. Hormones are the reasons for this strange feature that may cause parents to call their doctor immediately. But these things will eventually go away and are just signs of the baby developing. Estrogen is a very powerful hormone and can impact the baby while it's still inside of their mother. This is the reason why you may see some "girls" on both female and male babies. If there's any redness, however, you may need to see a doctor.

9 Getting Handsy Far Before It Makes Sense For Them To Be

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Babies explore themselves. This shouldn't take any of us back since it's literally the first time they are able to do so. They have these wonderful little bodies that they don't know anything about yet. They want to see how they move, how they feel, what happens when certain things are tugged, squeeze, or tickled. They want to discover. This is the reason why parents shouldn't be concerned if they see their baby getting handsy with themselves in ways that don't seem right for their age. Just know that there's nothing negative, unnatural, or bad about it. It's just them trying to figure out what's what. Although, there may be some deep seeded psychological theory that explains these actions as well. But it's best not to think about it right now.

8 Their Assortment of Very Odd Faces


Alongside how natural it is for a baby to go cross-eyed, they have a strong tendency to make an assortment of funny faces. But these funny faces aren't always in response to events like seeing something odd, funny, or filling their diapers, many of these faces seemingly happen randomly. It's important to note that babies are fully capable of feeling a wide range of emotions in their facial expressions. But since these babies can only communicate non-verbally, these emotions come out in their faces. But they are also trying to figure out how their muscles word and that does mean that they are likely to make a lot of pretty photo-worthy faces that aren't anything to concern yourself with.

7 Hiccuping Like An Intoxicated Hippo

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Here's a helpful tip: when trying to rid yourself of hiccups, empty your diaphragm before holding your breath. As soon as you do, take a large drink of water. Keep repeating this step until you get rid of them. This is far more helpful than taking in a big helping of air like most people do when they hold their breath. Unfortunately, babies aren't capable of learning this trick in order to get rid of their constant hiccups. Many parents are worried when they hear their kid hiccuping. But, most of the time it's just a gastro-intestinal issue like the rest of us. This could also be caused by eating too fast or not being in-sync with their breathing. Once too much air has been taken in, it must find it's way out. So let it happen. However, if they NEVER stop hiccuping, take them to a doctor.

6 Crying Hard Without A Tear

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It can definitely be concerning when you see someone crying without shedding even one tear. Well, babies actually do this all the time and therefore it's nothing to worry about. When babies are born, they are very accomplished at crying. They even got practice while they were still in the womb. However, no matter how much they cry, they don't tend to release tears. This is because their tear ducts take some time to develop. In fact, it's not usually until after the first month of a baby's life that they even get this ability. So, it may seem like some sort of demonic trait, but it's actually totally typical and therefore nothing to be concerned with whatsoever. Just make sure to clean your baby's eyes so that any blockage in their tear ducts can be removed.

5 Poop That Belongs In An Action Film

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One thing that many parents, especially ones who have little to no experience in the matter, don't know is that a baby's movements can be pretty full-on. In fact, a baby can be releasing some bowel movements that look, feel, and even sound like they belong in an action movie. Seriously, they're like dragon fire reigning down upon innocent people due to the commands of Daenerys Targaryen. During their first couple of days, a baby is still passing meconium, the black/green tar-like stroll from chugging amniotic fluid in the womb. After this, their poop changes to a yellowish brown that's a bit seedy. Yes, this is pretty icky. But the "poop-splosions" are far more unnerving as they tend to soil their clothes and the clothes of everyone around them. Oh, boy, this is pretty full-on but, again, nothing to worry about unless there's excess red in their stools.

4 It's Not Hayfever, But It Is Constant Sneezing

Newborns have not yet developed the allergies that we all have to contend with every spring, when we're around a cat or dog, or eat shellfish and peanut butter. Eventually, some of these allergies will kick in but not yet. Still, babies tend to sneeze... a lot. And this can concern some parents as they think they are keeping their babies around something that's not healthy for them. But the truth is, they are simply trying to get rid of the little particles that float in and around their nasal passages. However, if a baby is wheezing at the same time as sneezing, you should definitely take them to see their doctor. Sneezing that's accompanied by coughing is also something that should be looked at by an expert.

3 Yes, They Have Bulging Soft Spots

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Everyone knows that they need to be very careful with their baby's head. After all, it's still developing and needs time to be able to form the protective layers that will shield it from any manner of thing. So, why are parents so concerned when they see and feel a few soft spots on their child's head. Sure, it's a tad unnerving, but it's all natural. Babies are born with have extremely bendy skulls at birth. This is how they are able to come out of their mamas during delivery. As the baby's brain pulses in their head, they will show you those soft spots that haven't fully developed yet. But, give it time. The feeling, the look, all of it, is highly likely to go away.

2 Spitting Up Like The Alien

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Remember in the Alien movies how the xenomorphs constantly dribbled saliva? Or how they released fluid that made holes in the floor below? Well, babies aren't THAT dissimilar. Many parents are very taken aback to see that their baby's spit up looks like small egg yolks. Not to mention the fact that they spit up a lot. This is particularly normal during the first 48 hours after birth. The reason they do this is that they are still clearing out the mucus and amniotic fluid that they took in during their stay inside of their mother's womb. Later on, they may spit up these odd colors due to the milk they are drinking. None of this is anything to worry about unless there's a lot of red coming out with it. Once you see that, take the baby to the doctor.

1 Pulling A Gandalf And Sleeping With Thier Eyes Open

In The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, we found out that wizards, like Gandalf, can actually sleep with their eyes open, which is a pretty unnerving thought. Well, it's not nearly are unnerving as seeing a baby fast asleep but still staring at you. This often concerns moms and dads immediately. This strange phenomenon is known as nocturnal lagophthalmos and is actually pretty normal. Luckily for concerned parents, babies outgrow this around reaching their twelfth to the eighteenth month. It's a very odd thing, we know, but it's merely unsightly to some. For those who just can't bear to look at a sleeping baby who is staring right back at them, gently shutting their eyelids will solve the problem. otherwise, just leave it alone. It's nothing to be too concerned about.

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