20 Creative Ways To Put Off Announcing Pregnancy

For many women, being pregnant is one of the most thrilling and exciting times in their lives. There are a lot of us who pretty much want to shout from the rooftop when we find out we are expecting a new baby boy or girl. I am certainly one of those people, and that is because bringing a person into this world is one of the coolest things our bodies are capable of doing. Furthermore, raising one or more little ones is a wonderful thing to do, and it is very fulfilling.

In fact, there are a lot of expecting mothers and fathers who consider a pregnancy announcement such a big deal that they put a lot of planning into how and when they want to tell their friends and family members about the new baby. However, finding the perfect time to tell everyone is a pretty big deal, as there are a lot of factors that have to be taken into consideration. Sometimes moms want to wait until they have reached the second trimester, which is usually because women who reach that point are much less likely to lose their babies.

Additionally, others like to take the time to let this news sink in before they share it with others. However, hiding a pregnancy can be very difficult, but there are some tips for women who wish to put the announcement off a bit.

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20 Wear Accessories

Fashion is fun, and many women love to wear some very cool accessories with their outfits. Additionally, there is no shortage of cool things to use as accessories, so picking some out is a very fun thing to do.

Furthermore, accessories can be very useful, and therefore many women enjoy having them for multiple reasons. One of the things that outfit accessories are great for is hiding a baby bump. Scarves are awesome for this, and that is because they are typically long enough to hang over a persons’ stomach, and usually, everyone’s eyes will be on the accessories instead of the mom’s growing stomach.

19 Be Sure To Wear Layers

Sometimes wearing multiple layers of clothing is a very smart thing to do, and that is especially true for moms who wish to hide their growing baby bumps. Furthermore, expecting women can name multiple reasons for doing this, in case any of their friends, family members, or co-workers begin wondering why she is piling on the clothes.

A great example is the weather. If it is cold outside (or in a building), women can always just pretend that they are cold if they are asked about their clothing. An example of wearing multiple layers is when we choose to wear jackets over shirts or dresses.

18 Avoid The Maternity Section

There are a lot of very cute and stylish clothing items out there, and that seems to be even truer when it comes to the clothes that are designed to be worn by an expecting mother.

Furthermore, purchasing some of those things can be very fun. There are many pregnant women who look forward to the day when they are showing enough to buy something from the maternity section.

However, this is something that should definitely be put off until the mother is ready to announce her pregnancy to friends and family members. After all, maternity clothing is designed to show off the baby bump.

17 Don’t Skip On Going Out

It is important to have people that we consider to be close friends and family members. There are certain times when many of us just want to spend time hanging out with one another and doing things we enjoy.

Furthermore, many women like to go out with their girlfriends a lot, and this is actually quite beneficial to them. Typically, ladies who go out with their friends a couple of times a week are happier because of it.

However, expecting ladies often feel that they have to give up going out with their friends, at least until after they announce their pregnancy. But, that is not true, as they can simply volunteer to be the designated driver if there will be any drinking involved.

16 Pretend To Be On A Special Diet

When a woman becomes pregnant, especially for the first time, she might be surprised to find out that there are a lot of common foods she must limit or completely avoid. This is hard enough to do as it is, but it can be even more difficult for pregnant women who want to wait a bit to tell others about their baby.

A sudden and drastic change in eating habits might raise some suspicion. However, moms can just say that they are on a special diet, or a juice cleanse. A lot of people do juice cleanses, so that is a very believable thing.

15 Come Up With Fake Appointments

Being pregnant is a big deal, and therefore it brings a lot of changes along with it. Many people who are not pregnant might have one or two appointments each year with their healthcare providers.

However, even the healthiest pregnant women have very frequent prenatal appointments to attend. Some people might find it suspicious when a woman suddenly has to go see her doctor a lot, so those who want to hide their big news for a while might have to make up some fake events.

Something expecting moms, in this case, can do is tell others that they are visiting their dentist for various reasons. This might work for a little while.

14 Bring Your Own Mug

When expecting women receive the news that they are pregnant, they typically have a lot of cleaning up to do when it comes to their diets. Additionally, that is not only true where food is concerned because they also have to keep an eye on what they drink as well.

Pregnant women have to make sure not to consume more than 200 milligrams of caffeine each day. But if the woman is a big fan of coffee, this might seem suspicious to others around her.

However, one solution is to bring your own mug to work and pour something like water in it. No one will know, and there is no harm being done to the unborn baby.

13 Don’t Touch The Belly

Many women are fascinated by what is happening inside of their bodies when they are carrying a new little addition to the family. This is usually the case for first-time moms, as well as those who have given birth before.

So, something a lot of expecting mothers enjoy doing is rubbing, touching, or talking to the unborn child they are carrying. That is a very nice thing to do, as it seems to be very soothing, and it is a way for moms to feel close to their child before he or she is even born.

However, doing this is not always beneficial. If anyone sees a woman doing things like that, they pretty much already know she is pregnant before she decides to announce it.

12 Moms Can Fake A Stomach Bug

There are a lot of very cool parts of being pregnant. However, there are also some parts of it that are not that great, and this is where morning sickness comes in.

Firstly, this stuff is no fun at all. Secondly, it is very hard to hide simply because of all the bathroom trips moms usually have to make. Those who are spending time with an expecting mother in this situation might have some suspicions.

However, there is a pretty good solution to this. Women who are trying to wait a bit to announce their pregnancy can tell others that they have a stomach bug.

11 Take Care Of Cravings While Others Are Not Around

There are a lot of famous pregnancy symptoms out there. One of them is morning sickness, and another one is intense cravings for various kinds of food or beverages.

Pregnancy cravings are not usually like regular cravings. Not even a little bit. It seems that these cravings simply do not stop or become any easier until the expecting mom gives in and satisfies them.

Strong pregnancy cravings can make hiding a pregnancy pretty hard to do. So, women who are not ready to tell the world about their little one yet should indulge in their cravings when they are alone, and they should also probably do it right before going out.

10 Suggest Alternate Activities

There are a lot of times when friends enjoy going out with each other, and some of those moments usually involve alcohol. Pregnant mamas should not have alcohol, but that does not mean that they have to stop visiting their best friends.

Expecting ladies who are waiting a bit before they tell their loved ones about their pregnancy can suggest getting together to do things that will not involve alcohol. Furthermore, there are plenty of fun activities that are easy on the wallet, which is important for expecting moms because pregnancy and babies can get expensive. Some fun things that are great to do with friends are having a movie marathon or a potluck dinner.

9 Wear Patterns

There are a lot of expecting moms out there who choose to wait a little while to announce their pregnancy, which is totally fine. However, there are some parts of being pregnant that can make it very hard to hide.

One of the most obvious signs that woman is pregnant is her growing baby bump. But, there are a few ways expecting women can hide their stomachs for a while.

For example, clothing that has only one or two solid colours and nothing more can make a growing belly more obvious. However, fabrics that have patterns are great for making the bump less obvious.

8 Buy A Big Bag

Being pregnant is very exciting. In fact, many moms out there are very eager to spread the news, but sometimes it is a better idea to wait a little bit. However, that can be incredibly hard.

Fortunately, there are some very fun things a woman can do with her clothes and accessories that is beneficial in this case. One way to hide a growing belly is by purchasing a big purse and making sure to hold it at an angle where it can cover up the baby bump without being very obvious.

This is not only a useful thing to do, but it is also fun. There are so many different colours and styles of purses to choose from.

7 Loose Clothes Are Awesome

Hiding a pregnancy is hard to do for a lot of reasons, and one of them is that sometimes our old clothes do not fit anymore when we reach the second or third trimester. That means that moms have to go out and find some articles of clothing that will fit, as well as help hide a growing baby bump.

This is when oversized, loose clothing becomes a woman’s best friend. Wearing things like this can actually be very helpful in hiding a pregnancy, and that is because clothes that are slightly too big usually are not designed to bring attention to the midsection.

6 Try Alternate Exercises

Hitting up the gym is not always the most fun thing to do, but it is good for all of us. Part of what makes this a more enjoyable experience is doing it with a friend, and that is why a lot of men and women like to have friends there with them when they work out.

There is a lot of benefits to having a buddy work out with you. One of them is that they can often help you stay focused on the fitness goals you are trying to achieve.

However, women who are trying to conceal their pregnancy might have a hard time doing this because there are some exercises that are unsafe for pregnant women. So, those who find themselves in a spot like this can try suggesting doing workouts that are safe for expecting ladies without making the reason for it very obvious.

5 Claim You’re Doing A Fitness Challenge

There are a lot of great benefits that one can have when they choose to work out with a friend. However, if an expecting woman does not want to suggest she and her friend change up their routine a bit, she can also tell her buddy that she won’t be meeting up for their usual gym sessions because she is doing a fitness challenge on her own.

Furthermore, she can still meet up with her gym partner and use this excuse to explain why she is changing her own workouts. That way very little suspicion will be raised, as she is still meeting up with her friend.

4 Do Something New With Your Hair

As pregnancies move forward, they become even harder to conceal. Therefore, women that wish to keep their pregnancies a secret for a little bit of time have to come up with quite a few ideas to make that work.

As an unborn baby grows inside of the womb, the mothers’ stomach usually expands. That can be hard to hide, but that does not mean it is impossible.

Something women can do to help take attention off of their growing stomachs while they are pregnant is get a new haircut, or even wear some makeup that they usually do not wear.

3 Talk About How You’re Drinking More Water

When people think about pregnancy, they sometimes think about the symptoms that are often associated with it. Just a few of those things are morning sickness, weight gain, swelling, discomfort, and frequent trips to use the toilet.

Some of those symptoms can often be blamed on other things that are related to a persons’ health and wellbeing. However, a lot of trips to the restroom might raise a few eyebrows.

Pregnant women typically cannot avoid this symptom. So, those who are not yet ready to tell anyone about their new addition to the family can make a point of drinking their water in front of people, as well as talking about how much water they are drinking.

2 Make Up A Reason For Fatigue

Bringing a child into the world is wonderful. However, there are some very unpleasant things that can come along with pregnancy, and one of them is fatigue.

Some women feel tired through their entire pregnancy, while others only have extreme fatigue in the early weeks of it. In fact, some ladies don’t even have it at all.

However, those who have had this symptom will likely agree that it can make pregnancy hard to hide. So if a pregnant woman finds herself falling asleep throughout the day, she can simply tell others that she has been working on a project in the evenings, or binge watching her favourite television show.

1 Be Careful On Social Media

These days, part of the fun and excitement of being pregnant is announcing it on social media. After all, there some extremely cool and creative ways to tell the world you are having a baby.

Additionally, some pregnant women enjoy discussing many details about their unborn baby on the internet. That is especially true when it comes to social media websites.

However, as fun as that stuff is, women who want to put off announcing their pregnancies should be very careful on social media. Posting about how you’re suddenly craving foods you used to hate can be a big clue.

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