20 Dads Who Didn't Want The Bump

Of course, pregnancy is a very big deal. And, if a woman is not planning on having a baby anytime soon, it can feel extremely scary and overwhelming. While an unexpected pregnancy can be a huge inconvenience for some people, that does not give the baby daddy the right to just leave the mom with all of the work.

It’s so awful to think about, but many guys really do feel like they have a free pass to leave their relationship or their unborn child whenever they want to, simply because they are not the ones pregnant and actually carrying the baby.

A woman can’t just decide halfway through the pregnancy that she wants out and leave the fetus with the father. Women don’t have a choice but to step up when the father walks out.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of guys who choose to leave a good relationship simply because they got their partner pregnant. They aren’t even technically leaving their partner - they are leaving the baby bump because they don’t feel ready to be a dad. They think leaving the bump is better than leaving their child once they’re born. It is so unbelievably selfish, and here are just 20 examples of it on Whisper.

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The Relationship Is Over
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20 The Relationship Is Over

The Relationship Is Over

Did this selfish guy really think that an abortion would solve all of his problems? Giving his girl an ultimatum like that is so mean. It's clear that this girl deserves someone better anyway, especially since her guy was willing to leave her so easily. A break-up doesn't change DNA or the fact that he's the father of their unborn baby. He is still going to have to pay child support and deal with the responsibility of being a father.

Choosing to remove yourself from your child's life is selfish enough, but leaving your pregnant girlfriend that you have been with for over two years is indescribable. This baby is lucky to have such a good mom. She was willing to fight for them when no one else was, and it's clear that this baby is already loved by her.

19 He Left Her For A Guy

He Left Her For A Guy

This is so sad, but it is one of those situations that still provides hope for the future. If this woman was with someone who was secretly gay, it probably would not have lasted forever anyway. Maybe he was trying to hide who he really was because he was too afraid to come out of the closet. Or, perhaps he stuck around in the early stages of her pregnancy because he thought it was the right thing to do. Either way, now she is seven months pregnant and completely alone.

It makes sense that she would feel embarrassed by her story, but it is honestly better than a lot of situations where an unplanned pregnancy is involved. Since her boyfriend left her for another guy, it shows that he was struggling with his own demons and he didn’t simply leave her because of the baby. Maybe he will still try to be a good dad.

18 Another Woman!?

Another Woman!?

Well, it sounds like this girl was not the only one who he knocked up. Unfortunately, she was second and this guy’s attention was focused on the girl who was giving birth first. It’s crazy to imagine going through an unplanned pregnancy. It’s even harder to picture yourself doing that alone. But, put yourself in this guy’s shoes and imagine doing it for two women - you will have two babies, all at the same time.

It was clearly overwhelming for him because he decided to pick one and stick with her. Unfortunately for this girl on Whisper, she got the short end of the stick, but maybe she will be better off without this guy anyway. She can raise her baby by herself, and maybe in the future, she will meet someone better, who isn’t a player and will actually stick by her side when things get rough.

17 Adoption Is An Option

Adoption Is An Option

This poor girl is only seventeen years old and she had already been with her boyfriend for five years? That means that they started dating when they were twelve. As insane as that sounds, it has definitely happened before. Junior high school sweethearts is a thing, but clearly, this one didn’t conclude with a happy ending. Although this girl thought she was in love, it is really hard to say that this guy loved her if he was willing to leave the second anything got hard in their lives.

It would have been nice for him to stick around, and if this girl’s brother is adopting the baby anyway, it really doesn’t make sense for her boyfriend to feel like he needed to run away anyway. He wasn’t going to be raising the baby anyway. Maybe he just wanted to leave his girlfriend no matter what.

16 Plot Twist

Plot Twist

Is this girl sure that her fiancé only knew this other girl for two months? It just seems so crazy to give up your fiance and your future baby for some random girl that you just met. Perhaps this guy just changed his mind and really didn’t want to marry this girl anymore. People are allowed to change. He probably wanted to marry her at the moment he said it, but later regretted it.

This guy is definitely not the love of her life though. The love of her life wouldn’t do this to her. The love of her life wouldn’t leave her when she was two months pregnant. He wouldn’t start dating another girl right away and get married only two months after meeting. There is someone better out there for her, and they will love and accept her and her child.

15 Not Ready To Settle Down?

Not Ready To Settle Down?

This makes absolutely no sense. If he was not ready to settle down with this girl, why were they engaged in the first place? Usually, a ring comes with a promise that you are going to be there for this person. It means that no one else can replace the love and bond that you two have together. It often times represents a desire to start a family together as well.

Of course, this pregnancy doesn’t seem like it was planned. The couple probably wanted a little bit of time in order to plan a wedding and simply be married for a while before bringing a child into this world. However, she got pregnant which means it is time to step up and support her and your child, not leavé your fiance and run away from your problems and responsibilities.

14 Will Everything Be Okay?

Will Everything Be Okay?

This is so sad and heartbreaking. What is with all of these guys leaving when their girlfriends get pregnant? There is just absolutely no responsibility for their actions and it is not fair to the woman or her baby. There is a good chance that this girl ended up getting an abortion because her boyfriend was not stepping up or being supportive. Maybe if he told her that he’d stick by her and help her with the baby, things would have been different.

Hopefully, this girl got the abortion because it was what she wanted to do and not something that she felt pressured to do out of desperation. The sad part about it all is that she is still alone. It doesn’t sound like the abortion caused her boyfriend to take her back, and now she just wants someone to tell her that everything will be okay but he’s ghosting her.

13 Now He Wants Her Back

Now He Wants Her Back

Leaving your pregnant girlfriend is one thing, but leaving your pregnant wife takes it to a whole new level. It is an absolute betrayal of your vows, and the worst part is that he left his wife for another woman. He didn’t even care that he was going to be having a baby with her or that he was abandoning his daughter. He was being selfish and doing whatever he wanted at the time, and he should not be rewarded in any way for that.

If I was this woman, I would be pissed that this guy thinks he could come marching back into his daughter’s life when he was absent for all of it so far. The only hard part is that little girls do need their dad and if he is willing to be a good father now, it might be worth it to give him a chance, for the little girl’s sake.

12 Ulterior Motives

Ulterior Motives

Well, this is the worst sort of backfire. This poor girl can’t seem to catch a break. First, her boyfriend leaves her when she becomes pregnant, and then this nice guy who she thinks is stepping up because he cares about her and her baby was only doing it to impress his ex. That means that throughout the entire pregnancy and the birth he was faking it. He probably didn’t like her at all and has no feelings for her.

The fact that she named her son after him is the worst part because it shows how much she valued this guy and thought that he represented the qualities that her son should have. She was so manipulated and deceived that it’s sickening. It probably isn’t too late to change her son’s name and I would definitely consider doing it, given the backstory that she just told.

11 Single Mom Problems

Single Mom Problems

While dating as a single mom can be extremely difficult, it is definitely not impossible. There really are some amazing guys out there who will love and accept not only you but your kid too. There are men who are such a sucker for that family unit, that a child doesn’t scare them away in the least. Of course, with a kid, going on dates is harder and finding time to invest in someone will be difficult.

However, when there is a will, there's a way. While her pool of guys to choose from might be a little smaller, it is not empty. Some guys won’t date a woman with a child, and that is their preference. However, that shouldn’t negate all the wonderful guys who don’t consider that to be a problem in the least.

10 Get Lost

Get Lost

Talk about missing out on a lifetime with somebody. This dude made his decision 20 years ago when he decided to leave his girlfriend and his unborn baby behind. The fact that he thought it was a good idea to show up at her house again unannounced after all this time had passed is crazy. Did he really think she would be happy to see him? At this point, he has already missed out on his child’s entire life. They are already an adult and probably don’t need their deadbeat dad coming around.

It is truly unfortunate that this guy made the decision that he did all those years ago, but he had a long time to realize that he made a mistake. 20 years just seems like he waited a little too long and now he is too late.

9 You Can Do This!

You Can Do This!

This girl is stronger than she knows and can do anything she puts her mind to. I really hope she has a supportive family and a good group of friends that will remind her of her worth because her ex-boyfriend clearly could not see it. She is going to have this baby on her own and raise them as best she can without any help from the baby daddy. That is a big and scary role to step into, but it will be worth it.

Babies are so perfect, and the second this woman meets hers, she will develop a strength she never knew she had. Her boyfriend that left her once he found out she was pregnant has no idea what he just walked out on because he is going to be missing a lot.

8 She'll Never Know Him

She'll Never Know Him

It’ okay to feel sad. In fact, it is very normal. Most people hold onto that dream of the perfect little family unit. They want mommy and daddy to be around to raise the kids and build a life together. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case and there is nothing this woman can do about it. It is not her fault that this guy walked out on her when she was two months pregnant. He was the one who couldn’t handle the responsibility and didn’t want to know his child.

However, this woman’s right, her daughter doesn’t need a man like that in her life. She doesn’t need someone who is going to abandon her and constantly take the easy way out. She might get to know him one day, but it might be when she’s older and more aware of what he did.

7 All About That Karma

All About That Karma

It is so heartbreaking when you hear of husband’s leaving their pregnant wives because a marriage vow is supposed to be so much stronger than that. These guys make it seem like it means absolutely nothing. They leave every time another option comes around that they think is better. The worst part is that the fact that his wife was pregnant didn’t even do anything to change his mind. He wanted out and so he left. You would think that if he was having doubts he maybe would have thought twice about starting a family with this woman in the first place, but he clearly didn’t care. Luckily, this girl is finally getting her happy ending and feels like she found her soulmate. Her child is probably still young enough to grow up with a father figure in their life, which is great.

6 In The Middle Of The Night

In The Middle Of The Night

This is the most ridiculous Whisper confession I have ever heard. Is this guy so scared of being a dad that he is literally thinking of ways to sneak out of his own house in the middle of the night? The fact that he can’t even break up with his girlfriend in person is pitiful but the fact that he isn’t planning on breaking up with her at all is even worse.

It is pretty clear that he doesn’t want to be involved in the baby’s life at all. He literally wants to disappear and just vanish from this narrative that he’s created. However, it is pretty unclear as to how he plans on not “getting caught”. At some point, his pregnant girlfriend is going to know that he left and isn’t coming back.

5 All Three Of Them

All Three Of Them

Why on earth would you want to be this guy? Why would you want to be the jerk that goes around ruining people’s lives? Nobody wants an unplanned pregnancy to happen to them, but the fact that this guy actively seeks out to cause that to happen is gross. Why he likes getting girls pregnant just to leave them is something we will probably never know. However, now there are three girls who are all alone with their baby bumps.

This guy might think what he is doing is fun for now, but when he has three women taking him to court for child support, it won’t be that funny anymore. Children are expensive and just because he doesn’t plan on being in their lives does not mean that he won’t have to pay for what he did. Literally.

4 He Was Already Going To Leave

He Was Already Going To Leave

This is one of those truly unfortunate situations. This guy has a little more of a reason to not want this baby because he was already planning on leaving his girlfriend when she got pregnant. Of course, you would think that if he was that serious about not being with her anymore, he would have been more careful when it comes to preventing pregnancy. However, now he is stuck in this situation.

If his girlfriend wants to keep the baby, there is nothing he can do about it. He most definitely shouldn’t pressure her to get rid of it because that is such a cruel and mean thing to do. It is honestly really selfish and guys who do that are not thinking of anyone but themselves. It is sad that he is having a baby with someone that he no longer wants to be with, but a kid is not the end of the world, and they can definitely still be good parents, even if they don’t stay together.

3 Hit Me One More Time

Hit Me One More Time

Hitting is never okay and somewhere along the lines, this girl missed that memo. Just because she is a female does not make it okay for her to put her hands on someone else when you are angry or upset. If a guy hit her he would be arrested, so this double standard when it comes to women needs to stop. Some people think girls aren’t as strong, but it creates this precedent that is so sexist and not acceptable.

It is great that this guy seems to understand that though. He is not saying he would leave his baby. He simply isn’t going to stick around with a girl who finds it okay to hit him. He claims he is doing everything he can to treat her well, so she really shouldn’t have anything to complain about.

2 That'll Make Things Awkward

That'll Make Things Awkward

Part of me thought it was nice that this guy was staying in the family for the baby, but then I woke up and realized that this is disgusting and so messed up. How can you leave your girlfriend for her sister? That just seems wrong on so many levels. First of all, your girlfriend will probably still be around all of the time and especially at family gatherings. That’ll make for some really uncomfortable family dinners.

The other added issue is the fact that his girlfriend is pregnant. So he is leaving the baby and his girlfriend but staying in the family in a way. The worst part about this is that the sister is going along with it. She is totally being a homewrecker and sleeping with her sister’s baby daddy! Gross.

1 He Has To Leave Now

He Has To Leave Now

They always say that the only way to be sure that you won’t get pregnant is to practice abstinence. Sure, there are safer ways to go about your sex life, like always using a condom, but that can clearly have its mistakes. If you leave a condom in your wallet too long, in a hot car, or even in a purse, it can get worn out and be less effective.

However, if this guy is really worried about how this could have happened, he might want to consider confronting his girlfriend about it and just see if she is willing to admit that the baby might not be his. His only other option currently seems to be leaving her because he is not ready to be a father. First of all, leaving her is not going to stop him from being a father, it will simply make him a bad one. And if he loves his girlfriend, a baby shouldn’t be the reason he decides to leave.

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