20 Dads Who Love Their Pregnant Wives

Men hit on women all of the time, but what's less obvious is men going after pregnant women. When a woman is pregnant, that’s almost a sure sign that she’s taken, but of course, that’s not always the case. It seems odd that a man would make a move on a woman who is carrying another man’s child, but surprisingly, it happens more often than one would think.

Hitting on a pregnant woman could go either way. They could become really annoyed and find it disrespectful, or they could take it as a compliment since some pregnant women don’t always feel that they are looking as good as they once did. There could be endless reasons for a man to hit on a pregnant woman. They say women have a glow while they are pregnant. Maybe it's that “glow” that attracts men or it could be their pheromones.

There was a study that was conducted that suggested that men really can pick up on a woman’s pheromones, even if they are wearing perfume. I’m sure there are other obvious reasons for a man wanting to be with a pregnant woman such as the fact that she won’t be able to get pregnant, fetishes, or simply because they really like the woman and she just so happens to be pregnant.

Whatever the reason may be, there are many guys who are attracted to pregnant women. Keep reading to find out some of the craziest stories about dads who are thirsting over pregnant women.

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20 Pregnancy Beauty

This dad has a fetish for pregnant women. His fetish started when his wife was pregnant. He loved his wife being pregnant so much that he now longs to be with another pregnant woman. He confessed to his wife and to Whisper, about his fetish. His wife is done with the baby-making business, but apparently, his wife is giving him a free pass. She told him to “get it out of his system.” That seems like she’s giving him the green light to fulfill his odd desire. His wife might be assuming that it would be hard to find a pregnant woman that is willing to go along with it, so she told him that believing it won't actually happen, but you never know. I don’t know of many women who would willingly let their husband be with another woman, which leads me to believe she didn’t take it seriously. I can’t help but wonder if he took her up on her offer.

19 Weird Attraction

This dad is feeling alone in the world, wondering if there are any other dads that share his weird attraction to pregnant women. He at least realizes that it may be odd to be attracted to a woman who isn’t carrying his child. Pregnancy is without a doubt, a beautiful thing. I do believe women are absolutely gorgeous while they are forming a new life inside of them, but I think it’s peculiar for men to be attracted to them in that way. I am not suggesting pregnant women aren’t beautiful, because they are. I just don’t understand why a man would want a pregnant woman unless they are planning to be with her and step up to the plate when it comes time to take responsibility. From the sound of it, I doubt this dad was looking for a relationship.

18 The Flirtatious Dad

This dad doesn’t hold back. He had no shame flirting with a pregnant woman, even doing it in front of his son. Flirting can be harmless, depending on how far it goes. If this dad wasn’t too forward with his words and actions, then it’s not really a big deal. He obviously didn’t choose the most appropriate time to flirt. It’s clear his son didn’t feel comfortable with what he was doing. I’m sure everyone is wondering the same thing as me - how old was his son and is he still with his son’s mother? Many men, and even fathers, who are out to eat, flirt with the waitress. I was a waitress for many years, so I know this is common, even while pregnant. As long as the flirting is innocent, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

17 Divorce In The Making

There has to be more to the story than what this dad is willing to confess. I doubt he came clean to his wife by just telling her that he’s obsessed with pregnant women and she just packed up and left with the kids. It seems more like he got caught cheating on his wife, probably with more than just one other pregnant woman. He doesn’t even seem fazed by the fact that he just lost his family. If anything he seems like he’s happy about it. He claims he’s “sad,” but he goes on to say, “It’s given me more time for my obsession,” which goes to show that he may care more about his obsession than his own family. This dad sounds like a real winner. Beware pregnant ladies and stay far away from this guy.

16 Pregnancy Fantasies

At first, this dad sounded really sweet, but he quickly goes downhill. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started to act on his fantasy with a pregnant woman. I bet the mother of his child wouldn't be too fond of his fantasy if she knew. I wonder where these men find pregnant women who are willing to be with a man who is just in it for the “you know what.” I know there are all kinds of websites to meet all sorts of people. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a website to hook up with a pregnant woman. If there are men looking to be with a pregnant woman, then I’m sure there are pregnant women who are looking for those type of men. It’s a perfect match.

15 Married With Children

I can’t help think of Al Bundy, from “Married With Children," while reading this. Al Bundy is the type of guy who would say a remark like this. As I stated before, pregnant women are stunning but to refer to them as hot seems a little off the wall. Pregnancy does make us women very hot, but not in the way this guy is referring to. If he really wants to be with a pregnant woman again, he should talk to his wife. They could have another child and his wish could come true for a whole nine months. He should probably keep this information to himself if he does decide to have another baby. His wife may not like the idea of having another baby solely for those purposes.

14 No More Babies

This guy wants to have the best of both worlds, well in his eyes, at least. He loves to be with pregnant women because he knows there's no chance of her becoming pregnant. He has all of the children that his heart desires, so he gets to enjoy all the intimacy he wants, without worrying about having more children. There are those very few rare cases of pregnant women who end up conceiving again, while they are already pregnant. A couple years ago, there was a surrogate who was carrying a baby for a couple and ended up being impregnated again with her own biological baby at the same time. They thought they were identical twins, but during an ultrasound, they realized that wasn’t the case. They did DNA testing and to their surprise, they found out the shocking truth that the babies had different parents. These cases are extremely rare, so this dad is probably safe.

13 Marital Affairs

This dad can’t seem to stay away from the pregnant ladies. He claims that he loves his family, but he can’t stop having affairs because he finds pregnant women to be too irresistible. I would be devastated if I found out that my husband was cheating on me, just like any other wife would be, but I would be even more so, if I found out that she was pregnant. I don’t really know why I would feel that way, but I do know that I wouldn’t like it. After reading some of these stories, it makes me wonder how common this situation really is. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had a co-worker that would flirt with me all of the time. He really did like me, which I found odd, but he liked me before I was pregnant too, so I didn’t think too much of it.

12 Damaged Goods

This dad is clearly just looking for a good time. It’s funny that he felt it was necessary to add that he’s not “damaged goods,” just because he’s divorced. To me, this looks like a red flag that he added that in there. Then again, his whole post sounds like a red flag. I couldn’t help myself and I just had to know what other people felt about him. Most of the comments were people making fun of him and others were comments of people telling him what a sleazeball he is, but unsurprisingly, there were no comments from pregnant women taking him up on his irresistible offer. There were also many other posts that were almost identical to this one. I’m guessing he has tried this pick-up line many times.

11 Looking For A Mistress

This dad is looking for a new lover. He’s married and has children, but he also wants a pregnant mistress in his life. His wife doesn’t want any more children, but he can’t help his love for pregnant women, so he thinks it’s okay to find a mistress on the side. I’m sure it wasn’t easy finding a mistress this way, especially one with a bun in the oven, but you never know. Could you imagine catching your husband with another woman and seeing that she is pregnant? Your first instinct would be to think that she’s pregnant with his baby. I guess finding out that the baby isn’t his would at least lessen the blow a little. There would be a bright side to the horrible shock of finding out about your cheating husband.

10 Missing The Belly

This dad is missing the days of his wife being pregnant. It seems like a lot of these dads are upset that their wives don’t want any more children and they will not be able to ever have that experience again. Most people, especially adults, know that life changes and things come to an end. Most people can accept that, but some of these dads just can’t seem to face that reality and they want to fill that void. He wouldn’t hesitate if he found a pregnant woman that was willing to be with him. Some of these men should think about trying out other new things, such as role playing. If they miss their wife being pregnant that much, they could try to pretend. It wouldn’t be the real deal, but at least they wouldn’t have to risk losing their wife by cheating.

9 Love At First Sight

They say you find love when you least expect it. This seems to be true for this dad. He must have already had a thing for pregnant women since he said, “I fell in love instantly, maybe because she’s pregnant.” I wonder if the feeling was mutual. If she was a single mother and he made a good impression, he may actually get that phone call that he is looking forward to. This guy seems like he might not just be after her for a one night stand. He may actually genuinely like this woman and could end up in a relationship with her if she gives him the chance. That would be quite a story to tell to the grandchildren years later, but I could be getting way ahead of myself.

8 Single Dad Life

If this were a post about a single dad looking for a single mom to be in a relationship with, it wouldn’t be as weird as he made this one out to be. I find it odd that he is looking for a single pregnant mom. I also find it inappropriate and stupid that he would make the post with a picture of his daughter in it. I seriously hope this isn’t really a picture of his daughter. That’s a little creepy. He already mentioned he was a single dad, so he made it clear that he’s a father. He could have waited until he got some responses and once he found someone he was interested in, then they could have exchanged some pictures after knowing each other a bit. Maybe he’s one of those men that think women are attracted to men with children, and some women are, but he could have waited before putting his daughter out there.

7 Calling All Single Pregnant Women

This dad is another single dad looking for a single pregnant mom. For all we know, it could be the same dad using different approaches to find the pregnant woman of his dreams. That’s something I would have never thought of anyone ever saying. At least he doesn’t sound as creepy as some of the other men, by adding in, “Pregnant women are gorgeous!” Then again, he could have added that in just to sound like a nice guy, but hopefully, he truly feels that way. I wonder how often men are successful at actually finding single pregnant women with these tactics. You would think these situations would happen by coincidence and not something that happens through online posts. The guy from the grocery store probably has a better chance of getting a call back then this guy does.

6 Guilty Pleasures

This dad likes pregnant women too, just like all of the other dads on this list, but he has one difference. He recognizes that he probably shouldn’t look at pregnant women in an intimate way, especially because he’s a father. I’m sensing his child is most likely a girl. Sometimes having a daughter changes the way a man acts towards women. When a man is with a woman and they are expecting, it’s normal and natural for them to feel attracted to her. Some men become even more attracted to their partner when she is with child. When the woman is a stranger, carrying another man’s child, it seems disgusting that they would think of her in that way. If a man finds a pregnant woman truly beautiful and radiant, and they end up falling for them, it changes the ball game.

5 Any Takers?

I doubt this guy is going to have any offers on his proposal, especially since he mentioned he’s married. I wonder how many children this guy has with his wife. If they only have one or two children, he could solve his issue by asking his wife if she wants more children. He didn’t mention that his wife doesn't want any more children, like some of the others fathers did, so there’s a chance that he didn’t talk to her about it. I checked the comments on this guy’s post too. I can’t help but be curious to see if there are actually women who fall for this. Of course, there weren’t any takers, but then again, if he would get any offers, they might privately message him to save themselves from embarrassment.

4 Lonely Dad

This dad seems like he’s pretty lonely and apparently, he just wants some company. I doubt he is just looking for some "company" if you know what I mean. He claims he’s a sweetheart and maybe he is, but his post doesn’t seem like he’s the sweetest out of the bunch. He doesn’t seem to have some weird fetish or fantasies about pregnant women. He’s not too picky. It doesn't matter to him if she is pregnant or not. He’s just letting it be known, as long as she’s single, he doesn’t mind if she’s pregnant or not. This dad actually hit the jackpot with his post, unlike many of the other dads. I’m guessing women were less reluctant to reply since he wasn’t just after a woman who’s expecting.

3 Family Package

This dad is looking for the whole family package. He must love the "buy one get one free" kind of deals. He’s hoping to find a girlfriend and a child all in one shot. You would think he would want to find a woman who wasn’t pregnant but was looking to have a child. Then he could have found himself a girl that was willing to eventually have a child with him. This would have been much easier to accomplish. Believe it or not, there are many posts from women looking for a man that wants to have a baby. If he would have gone that route, he could have had a wide selection of women to choose from. Maybe he is sterile and isn’t able to have any more children, so he decided to try his luck with finding a woman who is already pregnant and looking for love.

2 New Baby Mama

This guy is looking for a new baby mama, apparently one isn’t enough. What does he plan on doing once he gets another woman pregnant? Is he planning on leaving his wife for his new family or be one of those fathers that you hear about that has another secret family? He’s 35-years-old, you would think he is old enough to realize that this isn’t the brightest idea. This is asking for a life full of drama. I don’t understand why someone would intentionally want to do this. If this is something he really wants to pursue, he should talk to his wife and a divorce lawyer first, before doing this behind her back. Once he gets divorced he’ll be free to plant his seed all over, without the added drama.

1 Anyone Need A Stepdad?

If there are any lucky ladies that are looking for a man, one that is willing to be a stepfather, he’s your guy. By the way, if you couldn’t tell, I was being sarcastic. I doubt women will be banging down his door to take him up on this special offer. These things come naturally, like when you fall head over heels for someone and you find out they have a child. Then you're willing to be there for that child and you may even love the child as your own, all because you love your partner. It would be nearly impossible to find a perfect match just by looking for women who are looking for someone who wants help raising their child. Plus, it’s very odd. It’s not something you see every day, that’s for sure.

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