20 Decisions Moms Can't Make Until The Day The Baby Comes

With a newborn baby about to arrive, many moms-to-be are preparing for the changes that are about to come. From setting up a nursery, to buying baby clothes, to looking at different baby names, there are many decisions that cannot be made until baby arrives.

Even though many moms will have decided on their method of feeding (breastmilk or formula milk), this decision, along with many other decisions, may change once their bundle of joy arrives. All babies are different and their needs can be completely different to what a parent may have thought prior to their birth. It is great to have an idea of what they want for their baby but be aware that these decisions can be altered or may change significantly.

Many parents will be surprised that most decisions do change. Below are 20 decisions moms cannot make until their baby arrives. However, there is no need to be alarmed, parenthood is a wonderful chapter in a person’s life and the challenges and changes that comes with it are amazing. Don’t be scared to make mistakes as it is all a learning experience. These decisions below will definitely make any mom feel at ease and that it is ok to wait for baby to arrive before making them.

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20 Breast Feeding or Formula Feeding 

Will my baby latch? Do I have enough milk? Does it suit my lifestyle? These are all questions that can only be answered when your baby comes along. Even if you decided before your baby was born that you wanted to breastfeed, there are some instances that this may not be entirely possible. Some babies find it hard to latch which makes it difficult to breastfeed and will result in them not having enough food. It can also be a painful experience which usually occurs when the baby has not latched correctly. These issues can make it difficult to breastfeed which may result in switching to formula milk. There is no right or wrong way to feed your baby, as long as your baby is getting fed, that is the main thing.

19 Vaccination

I never thought about this topic prior to my baby being born. This is a topic that does not usually come up until it is time to get them vaccinated. Given at specific times of a person’s life from birth through to adulthood, parents will not take this into consideration until the vaccination date is close by. With many debates about vaccinating children, this is a decision that must be made by parents. Some may be against vaccination but there are many positives behind it. Vaccinations will help an individual’s immunity and can provide long-term and (in many cases) life long protection against disease. This must be considered in great detail by parents, and is usually determined by the time the baby is born.

18 Pacifier? 

I decided against a pacifier before my baby was born, however this changed once my baby arrived. I found it very soothing and a great comforter for my newborn which helped in times when he was restless. This is a decision that should be made when baby has arrived as some babies don’t like it, whereas some attach to them straight away. If you have a baby that does not cry much and is extremely relaxed, there is really no reason to introduce them to a dummy. They are very easily accessible which can be purchased in many stores after baby arrives. There is no harm in buying them before they are born, however, the choice to use them may not be made until the opportunity arises.

17 What's In A Name? 

Choosing a name may not be as easy as it seems. With so many wonderful names to choose from, it can be difficult to agree on one that you like, especially if you need to make this decision with your partner. It can also be difficult when you do not know the gender of your baby. For those choosing to wait and have a surprise gender reveal, it is nearly impossible to choose a name until your baby has arrived into the world. As a parent myself, I had a several names that my partner and I loved for our baby, however it was not until the moment I met him I knew what name was best for him. Making this decision can only be made properly when baby comes.

16 Disposable Or Cloth Diapers 

If you had made the decision to use disposable diapers prior to the baby being born, there may be a possibility that changes will be made once baby has arrived. With some babies reacting to disposable nappies, you may have no choice but to choose cloth diapers which can only be discovered once your baby is born. However, with the world moving towards sustainability and environmentally friendly products, parents may opt to choose cloth diapers. This is a decision that may be made once the baby has arrived and many hospitals have both options available, which can help you make that decision once your bundle of joy has arrived.

15 Going Back To Work 

Many moms may take maternity leave, however the choice to return back to work is something moms will consider once baby is born. With some moms being extremely attached to their child, they may find going back to work a struggle, and decide that taking more time is what they want to do. For some families, staying at home may not be an option as the family may rely on an extra income. The financial burden may not be realised until baby has arrived, hence the decision to go back to work will only be made after you have had your baby.

14 Demand Or Scheduled Feeding 

According to San Diego Breastfeeding Centre, demand feeding simply means ‘not worrying about the clock. You feed your baby whenever he/she shows you that he/she is hungry.’ Scheduled feeding is the complete opposite and as the name suggests, it is when parents choose ‘a timed feeding interval’. Demand or scheduled feeding cannot be made prior to the birth of your baby because they are all different. Even if you may prefer to have a scheduled feeding routine, it may not work best for your child. Instead, waiting for cues such as sticking out their tongue or licking their lips may give you signs that it is time to feed.

13 Co-Sleeping

With many parents setting up a nursery before baby arrives, this may not be the place where their newborn will sleep. However sleeping arrangements may change once baby comes along. A mother may decide on sleeping on the same surface of their baby. Known as co sleeping, many parents will make this decision once baby arrives. Compared to sleeping in a bassinet or cot, co sleeping may suit their sleeping arrangements better. If co sleeping is what you decide to do once your baby is born, it is important to make it safe. Ensure you have a firm mattress, your baby is warm and that you are always aware your baby is with you in the bed. Co sleeping can be just as safe as sleeping in a cot as long as precautions are always taken.

12 There's a debate over rocking the baby to sleep 

There has always been a debate about rocking your baby to sleep. You may have never thought you would be the one to do this, however when your baby is born this may just be the answer to having a well rested baby. This motion may be very soothing for your little one and if that is the only way your baby will fall asleep, then it is best to do what is right for you and your child. There is no problem with this method, however, it is important that the rocking is subtle and that it is not a heavy shake that can be detrimental to your baby’s wellbeing. Doing what is best for you and your baby can only be decided once your bundle of joy arrives.

11 To Cry Or Not To Cry

I thought I would be a strong mum and let my baby cry when it is time to sleep. However, when I was placed in that situation, I found it difficult to let my baby cry. Hence, I was a complete hypocrite and went totally against my word. It was only after my baby was born I made the choice that I would not let my baby cry. This is something that can only be decided once your baby is born. No mom wants to see their baby distressed, and leaving them cry may be extremely difficult. I thought I was strong but my emotions decided otherwise.

10 How Much Help You Need

This is something that cannot be determined prior to you baby being born. If you has a smooth labor and your baby that sleeps throughout the night, you may not need as much help as you may have thought. Alternatively, you may find that your baby wakes up several times during the night and sleep is a distant memory. In these circumstances, having help will mean you can rest and take time to recuperate for another sleepless night. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, however, how much help you get is a choice that is made once baby is born.

9 Holding Your Baby While They Sleep

Will your baby get used to sleeping in your arms? Will it be hard to put them down in their cot if they have fallen asleep in your arms? These are questions that are raised among parents who hold their baby while their sleep. This has been a long standing debate that many people have an opinion on. It may be difficult to do anything else if this is what occurs with your baby, however, sometimes there are no other option. Building baby sleep habits can only occur once baby is born and holding your baby while they sleep may only be decided depending on how well your baby sleeps.

8 Taking Baby Out

Whether you take your baby out at five days old or at two months old, this is a decision you will make once you baby arrives. There will be many factors that determine when you feel it is best to take your baby out. You may want to wait until they have their first round of vaccinations or it may depend on the weather. If it is too cold or too hot, you may prefer to stay indoors rather than going out. These are decisions that can only be made once baby is born and there are also many other factors that play a role whether it is ok to go out and about with you baby.

7 Swaddling

Swaddling is a very common way to wrap a newborn baby. This snug wrapping technique helps to restrict your infant from moving, which help babies sleep longer and lower the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). However Maureen Luther, a paediatric physiotherapist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto states, ‘Swaddling is really not that beneficial.’ With this is mind, many parents will decide after their baby comes what option is best for them. Some babies may like the snug feeling, whereas, some may prefer to be free. This is a decision that cannot be made until you try them both.

6 Staying Flexible

All babies are unique and are extremely different when it comes to feeding and sleep routines. Some may adjust to routine easily whereas some may find it more difficult. This could be due to a number of reasons. Some babies may have reflux which can make them more irritable, and some babies may simply find it difficult to adjust with day and night. It is vital that you are flexible when baby comes. It is important to understand that motherhood can be a challenge and can be difficult, especially when adjusting to a new routine. Do not be too strict and ensure that you have flexibility once baby comes.

5 Making Date Night

When baby comes along, many moms will be consumed with their baby. This is totally natural, however, it is important to make time for yourself and your partner. With the challenges that may occur once you are parents, you may forget about each other and put all the focus on your new bundle of joy. Make time for your other half and try to have a date night. Ask a close family member or friend to help baby sit for an hour or two while you rekindle your relationship. This is extremely important. Life should not completely stop as it is important to make time for each other when baby comes.

4 Speaking Your Mind

You will truly never know what to expect until you have your beautiful baby. This will be the time you will be able to speak your mind, ask the questions and get the advice you really need. With midwives and doctors there to help, you should also have a good support network at home. Family and friends will always be there to support you, so ensure that you ask for their help when necessary and don’t be afraid or embarrassed. Many questions cannot be answered until your baby is born and you will then find a routine and schedule that suits you and your baby even if it is with the help of your support network.

3 Day Care Or Nanny

These are decisions that may be considered prior to baby being born, but you cannot put them into action until baby arrives. Having a nanny or sending your child to day care may be considered if a mom is going back to work. Some moms will not make the decision of retuning to work until several weeks or months later. A mom may decide that they love being a stay at home mom and decide to not return to work or may take longer leave. There are many options for parents and getting care for their children. It is all about making the right decisions on what suits the needs of your child and your family.

2 Basinet In Nursery Or Your Room

Many parents set up a nursery before the baby arrives, however, sleeping arrangements may not be made until they are born. You may have the idea of them sleeping in their own room, however, this may not suit your routine. Some parents will prefer to have their baby bassinet in their bedroom, especially when they are newborn. This will allow a mom to hear their baby when they cry and feel reassured that they are sleeping peacefully. Sleeping arrangements can only be organised when baby is born and whether you have them in your room or not, it is up to you when it is time to transfer them in their nursery.

1 What Advice To Take

Everyone will be an expert when you have a baby. They will have advice on how to feed them, what their cry means and how to put them to sleep. These are just a few areas that people tend to be an ‘expert’ in. However, when you become a mom, what advice you take will be up to you. People may have some good advice, but when your child is born, you know your baby best. So, when baby comes along, only take the advice you want instead of listening to everything that is thrown at you. Just remember you are a great mom and you are doing a great job!

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