20 Delectable Meals for Your Growing Baby

Healthy eating is important to me and my husband, and we want to instill that value into our children. One way for us to start them off with healthy eating is through meal planning. Also, with increasing news about store-bought baby foods being bad, I succumbed to the pressure and decided to make my own baby food.

When I was making food for our son, we didn’t have a baby bullet so we tried using a manual baby food masher. It ended up being a waste of money, because the kind we got didn’t work. We just ended up using our regular blender.

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20 Strawberry Banana Smoothie

This smoothie by Sally’s Baking Addiction is really easy to make and it tastes delicious. You just need strawberries, a banana, and some pineapple juice. As an added bonus this smoothie also makes a great popsicle, and with summer coming, delicious popsicles are always a win.

19 Apple Sauce

For lazy days, apple sauce is always a hit. If you’re feeling more energetic you can also add in other ingredients, like sweet potato and carrots, yams and corn, or kale and blackberry to mix things up a bit.

18 Sweet Potato & Curry

If you mixed some sweet potatoes with the apple sauce in the last recipe, you might have some leftover. Mix the leftover sweet potato with some curry to give your child a puree that’s sweet and spicy.

17 Roasted Butternut Squash & Thyme

Another simple puree for you to try is roasted butternut squash and thyme. While this recipe isn’t quick—it takes at least half an hour to roast the squash—it's full of vitamin A, folate, calcium, and fiber.

16 Pea, Zucchini & Mint

A good puree to start your child on is a pea, zucchini and mint puree. I never have mint on hand, so if you don’t either, don’t worry about it, just mix the peas and zucchini and away you go.

15 Carrot, Mango, Apricot

A carrot, mango and apricot puree is a bright orange puree that will delight your baby’s eyes and tummy. One good thing about this puree is all of the orange food contains beta-carotene which helps boost your baby’s immunity.

14 Sweet Potato, Red Pepper & Pear

Another bright orange puree for your baby to enjoy is the sweet potato, red pepper and pear puree. My son loved this one when he was younger.

13 White Fish, Carrot and Leek

The white fish, carrot and leek puree by Baby Foode is a good one to use to introduce your child to fish, because white fish like cod and tilapia tend to have a mild taste and smell.

12 Roasted Strawberry & Salmon

After your child is used to fish you can branch out to salmon. According to the FDA, fish that is low in mercury is important for your child, because it will help him to grow and develop neurologically. One recipe you can try is a roasted strawberry and salmon puree.

11 Salmon, Sweet Potato, Apricot and Sage

Another fish recipe is a salmon, sweet potato, apricot and sage puree. On top of all of the benefits of salmon, your child will also get the benefits from the sweet potatoes, like vitamin C which helps fend off colds and flus, and helps your child’s bones and teeth form.

10 Pumpkin, Chicken, Parsnip and Ginger

You can introduce your child to chicken with a pumpkin, chicken, parsnip and ginger puree. This recipe takes a bit of time to cook, but like its creators point out, that just means you have time to take a quick nap or peak at Pinterest.

9 Zucchini, Apple, Spinach and Chicken

A second chicken puree for you to try is the zucchini, apple, spinach and chicken puree. The chicken and spinach in it will ensure that your wee one will get the protein and iron they need to grow.

8 Turkey, Zucchini, Corn & Chives

Another recipe that includes meat is turkey, zucchini, corn and chives by Baby Foode. They suggest that you can also mix this recipe up by throwing some cooked quinoa into the mix or by using cilantro instead of chives.

7 Banana, Tofu & Pear

If you prefer tofu to meat products, and you want to introduce your little one to it, then you’d might like to give them a banana, tofu and pear puree. Baby Foode points out that this recipe is also good if your child is suffering from constipation because of the fiber content of the pear in it.

6 Peach, Raspberry & Quinoa

Another important part of the food group is grains. To make sure your children get some grains you can try giving them a peach, raspberry and quinoa puree. Just be warned that this puree is chunky.

5 Peas, Corn & Quinoa

If you would prefer to give your child vegetables instead of fruit for supper, you can also feed your child a pea, corn and quinoa puree.

4 Potato, Cauliflower & Quinoa

You can also mix up your quinoa options with a potato, cauliflower and quinoa puree by Jen Loves Kev. For this puree, Jen mentions that she likes to add in some parmesan cheese and garlic powder.

3 Oats, Spinach & Avocado

If you’re ready for a break from quinoa, then you can use oats instead. One recipe you can try is an oats, spinach and avocado puree. As an added bonus, because of the spinach in the puree your child will get a decent amount of iron.

2 Roasted Blueberries, Banana, & Whole Grain Oatmeal Cereal

Another puree that includes whole grain oats is the roasted blueberry, banana and whole grain oatmeal cereal puree by Christy Moylan on Redomestication.

1 Aloha Puree

The last infant food recipe I’m going to suggest is just as much for you as it is for your baby. With the aloha puree by Baby Foode you can feed your child the puree and then you can use the puree to make yourself a margarita, because after putting all of this effort into making your child healthy meals you deserve a treat.

If all of that sounds like a lot of work to you, you can always feed your child what you’re eating. Granted, this probably works best for dinners where you’re having something like chicken and carrots, instead of pizza. You can just mash whatever you’re eating up (it doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth) or toss it in the blender with a bit of water and away you go.

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