20 Dessert Inspired Baby Names For The Little One

I love desserts. If I could, I would have desserts morning, noon and night. How can one pass a second serving of meringue pie, when it tantalizes the taste buds? Difficult, isn’t it? Well, if it wasn’t for the weight gain and other health problems that occur due to over-consumption of sugar, I know an assortment of desserts would have been my staple diet.

Desserts are sweet, so are babies. Who wouldn’t love a platter of delicious babies cuddling, every day? Well, it is a tricky question. Let’s move on. Even before the baby is born, we think about what to name him/her. We make lists, we check and cross out names, we argue about the names.

For a few years now, food inspired names are on a rise. While some people frown upon names inspired by food, some adore them. I think parents choose names that are closest to their hearts, something that they felt connected to at the first place. So, I don’t really understand people who look down on baby names, whatever they be. But if you are a parent who names their child Broccoli, then I must say, you brought that upon yourself.

Dessert based names can be cute and sound sweet. There is a nice ring to them. They remind you of good things and sound delicious. Let us look at few dessert inspired names that are currently in vogue.

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20 Angel

Though the name Angel might not sound dessert inspired at first glance, believe me when I say that some people name their babies ‘Angel’ because of their love for the melt-in-the-mouth sponge cake - Angel Food Cake or popularly known as Angel Cake! The cake is light, airy and puffy. It is made of flour, eggs and sugar, and doesn’t use butter. It is mostly topped with sweet strawberries and is said to look like “food of angels”.

The name Angel is now a unisex name, though originally, it was meant to be a name suitable for a baby boy. It is derived from medieval Latin male form ‘Angelus’ which was originally derived from the heavenly creature from the Greek culture, ‘Angelos’ which means ‘messenger’.

Angel is quite an apt name for a baby, because who else is more angelic than a tiny human who has you wrapped around his fingers?

19 Napoleon

Who doesn’t like the Napoleon pastry? It is made up of two layers of whipped cream between three crispy sheets of puff pastry. Yum! It is a French pastry, also called as gâteau de mille-feuilles, vanilla slice or custard slice. The top layer can be covered with confectioner’s sugar or a layer of chocolate! A classy dessert and a real classy name for a little baby boy, isn’t it?

Napoleon is such a strong name for a baby boy. The name is strong and masculine unlike the pastry version which is light and crispy. Remember the French emperor Napoléon Bonaparte. It is derived from the old Italian name ‘Napoleone’. It is also said that it is probably derived from the Germanic  term ‘Nibelungen’, the name of a race of dwarfs in Germanic legend, which meant "sons of mist". Also, it might find its roots from the name of the Italian city of ‘Napoli (Naples)’.

18 Peach

Give me a plate of peach cobbler for dessert and I am a happy person. Peach cobbler is not only tasty, but healthy too, well my version of healthy, because it has the fruit! Peach cobblers can be found on menus of restaurants during the summertime when peaches are available in abundance. It consists of peach filling topped with a batter, biscuit or pie crust that can be crumbly or crisp! It is delicious and has a nice balance of sweet and tart.

Like a baby’s skin, peaches have a yellow or whitish flesh, a delicate aroma, and a skin that is either velvety or smooth. Peach is a lovely name for baby girls with peachy skin tone and blush colored cheeks. The name might have been coined in Persia, where the fruit is said to have originated. Its English derivation comes from the French word, ‘pêche’.

17 Charles

Charles is a classy name once again. Think Prince Charles! I don’t know how many of you remember the Charleston Chew candies. They might not have been as popular as their famous cousins, tootsie rolls, but they are produced by the same company. They are chewy nougats filled with chocolate, vanilla or strawberry filling with a generous coating of milk chocolate. They were named after the 20th century dance Charleston. They are famous for their “Charleston Chew Crack” which are got when the nougat is broken into tiny pieces after they have been frozen for a while. Delicious!

Charles is a great name for baby boy who has attributes of a prince. It is royal, and has its roots derived from royal lineages. It is derived from the Germanic name ‘Karl’, which originated from a Germanic word meaning "man". The name Charles is not only classy and royal, but one of the most popular names for baby boys, over the years, because of its evergreen trait.

16 Ruth


Baby Ruth - the candy covered in silver, blue and red, how many times have you picked a bar or two of this delicious chocolate when you were pregnant or even otherwise? It is a candy bar made of peanuts, caramel and chocolate-flavored nougat covered in compound chocolate.

Ruth is a nice sounding name for baby girls. It is a Hebrew name, derived from the Hebrew word ‘Re’ut’ meaning ‘friend’. Like the candy, babies are sweet like the chocolate, gooey like the caramel and nutty like the peanuts.

It is classy and elegant. It has a pretty sound to it. The name became popular in the 19th century. The name has a calm and compassionate nature associated with it. The name has made a comeback in recent years, when more and more parents are choosing this name over more traditional names like Rebecca or Josephine.

15 York

Confession – I love York Peppermint Patties. It is my most favorite candy. The goodness of mint covered with a thin layer of dark chocolate has a melt in mouth texture and a freshness that can make one’s taste buds dance. It had a very famous tagline associated with it – “Get the sensations.” How accurate!

A baby boy with the name York will have a fresh feel and it is short and sweet. It is also the British royal family name which is formal and classy. The name is probably derived from the name of a city in northern England – North Yorkshire. The baby name is hugely popular in UK and USA. It also has Scandinavian and Greek origins where it means ‘farmer’. The name has characteristics like hard work and loyal attached to it.

14 Reese

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are probably American’s favorite candies. They are popular with pregnant women who crave sweet and salt at the same time. It is a cup shaped peanut butter candy coated with either milk or dark chocolate.

It is a unisex name, and both baby girls and baby boys can be named Reese. Though, personally, I like the name on a baby girl. It has a Welsh origin. It is originated from the Welsh word, ‘Rhys’ meaning ardor or enthusiasm. The first name that pops up when we think of the name is the beautiful Reese Witherspoon.

The characteristics of passion, enthusiasm and creativity are associated with the name. The name has a nice ring to it because of the use of the vowel ‘e’, which make the name more lyrical and pleasant to the ears.

13 Graham

It is spring and soon it will be summer, and time for s’mores, and the essential Graham crackers. It is a cracker made of Graham flour and is mildly sweet. When combined with chocolate and roasted marshmallows, it gives us everyone’s favorite dessert S’mores. S’mores are a traditional campfire, nighttime treat during American summers.

Graham is a sweet name for a baby boy. It has its origin in the Scottish language. It is said to have its roots in Scotland from a Scottish surname, originally derived from the English place name ‘Grantham’, which possibly meant "gravelly homestead" in Old English. It also can mean ‘grey house’ when the words are split into ‘graeg’ and ‘ham’ in Old English.

The name has a sort of mystery attached to it, and has adorned the likes of important people like Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone.

12 Maple

Maple syrup, though not a dessert in itself, is one of the quintessential accompaniment for some of the staple breakfast desserts like pancakes, waffles, French toast or oatmeal. It can also be used as a sweetener in baked desserts. Maple syrup is a sweet syrup made from the xylem sap of maple trees.

Maple is one of the sweetest names for baby girls. It is derived from the Old English word ‘mapulder’, which simply means ‘maple tree’. It started to be used as a first name after 1600s for both boy and girl babies, and is believed to be a surname for someone living close by a maple tree. It is thought to be one of the first few names that has been adapted into a first name from a surname. The name maple has the characteristics sweet, sugary, charming and strong attached to it.

11 Andy


Andes Mints or Andes Crème De Menthe is the most popular after dinner mints in American homes. It is the classic, rectangular three-layered candy‚ green mint sandwiched between two thin cocoa-based layers, wrapped in a green foil wrapper.

The name Andy is derived from Andes and can be suitable for a baby boy. It was originated from the Greek word ‘Andreios’ meaning ‘man’ or brave’ or ‘manly’. The popular film maker and pop artist Andy Warhol was one of the most famous personalities with this name. The name has characteristics like strong, brave, creative and passionate associated with it. Since it is a diminutive of Andrew, and it is short and sweet, parents prefer this name to the original because of convenience. Andy is also a popular nickname for names like Andrew, Anderson, Andre, Andreas.

10 Sugar

Sugar is the basis for all desserts. Without sugar, there would be no desserts. So, it becomes kind of imperative that this is included in the list, doesn’t it? I always thought that sugar was a name for baby girls. But, my research suggests otherwise. Sugar is a very rare name used for baby boys.

The etymology for the name Sugar is interesting. It is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘śarkarā’ via Arabic ‘sukar’ meaning ‘sweet’. Sugar is popular as a nickname, but when used as a first name, it is very rare. The name has characteristics like bold, power, and unique attached to it. The most popular personality with the first name Sugar is Sugar Ramos who is a famous Cuban boxer. Sugar can also be used as a feminine form, though rare.

9 Mike

Do you like the tiny pill like fruit flavored candies, Mike and Ike? Some people swear by them while some people are disgusted by them. It is one candy that people either hate or love. There is no middle ground. Personally, I only like the root beer filled Mike and Ike candies. They are chewy and they come in several colors and types, including lemon, orange, lime, cherry, and strawberry.

Mike is said to be originated from the Hebrew word ‘miy’ meaning ‘who’ and ‘el’ meaning ‘God’. When combined, it means ‘who is like God’. It is a diminutive form of Michael. Michael was also the patron saint of Germany, which is how the name gained popularity. Mike is a good name for baby boys. Other forms like Michella, Michelle can be used to name baby girls. The characteristics associated with the name is strong, brave, leader, and powerful.

8 Honey

Honey is the ‘sweetest’ name of all. A drizzle of honey makes the dessert taste a notch better. Same way the name ‘Honey’ adds to the overall sweetness of the baby. Honey, the golden colored syrup derived from honey bees, has medicinal properties too and is known to be healing.

The word honey is derived from Germanic ‘Hunagam’ and Old English ‘Hunig’ meaning ‘yellow, golden’. It is a common English name as a given name and is usually a nickname for a sweet looking person. Its Indo-European roots suggest that it is considered as the golden nectar. It is a

popular name for baby girls in the Western world, whereas it is considered a name for boys and girls in other parts of the world.

The characteristics associated with the name are sweet, golden, hue, noble, and healing.

7 Joy

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I craved for chocolate, coconut and nuts. That is why I loved the Almond Joy candy bars. It was a perfect little treat for the very pregnant me. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it is a candy bar filled with coconut and almonds covered by a generous amount of milk chocolate. My mouth waters when I think of it.

Joy also means happiness. So, what better name can you get than joy to name your tiny bundle? The word ‘Joy’ is derived from the Norman French word ‘joie’ which means happiness. It has been used as a popular given name for baby girls from the 1900s.

The characteristics associated with this name are happiness, glee, smile and laughter.

6 Ginger


I love the name Ginger. If I belonged to the western world, I probably would name my daughter ‘Ginger’. It is such a sexy name. Gingerbread cookies are one of the most popular and most sought after cookies during winters. Gingerbread cookies are typically flavored with ginger and other spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. They have a rustic, spicy flavor and go well with a hot cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Ginger is quite a popular name for baby girls. I love the way Ginger sounds. It feels so pleasant to the ear. The sound of it is quite magical. Though it is a root, and it feels weird to name your baby after a root, I would certainly not mind it considering ginger has healing properties and is s superfood. It originated from Old English ‘Gingifer’, from Sanskrit ‘Srngaveram’ derived from ‘the shape of its root’.

5 Clark

Clark Bar mimics the famous Butterfinger, because it has peanut butter covered with chocolate. It is sweet, and it is salty. Not everyone likes a Clark Bar. But, pregnant women sometimes crave for the bar because of its unique combination of sweet and salty flavors.

So, Clark as a baby boy name has been quite popular from a long time now. It is origin is supposed to be from the Old English surname ‘Cleric’ meaning ‘priest’. It also has the meaning as ‘scholar’. The name was quite popular as a surname for people from families who had jobs working as priests or scholars. It gained popularity as a given name in the 20th century. The characteristics associated with this name are charisma, learned, educated, knowledgeable and spiritual. A variant Claire can also be used as a name for baby girls.

4 Cinnamon


Yes, another spice name. A spice that is so popular that it is used, or should I say overused in most desserts. But, I do not mind it. It is fragrant, has a strong flavor and takes the dessert to a higher level on addition. Cinnamon rolls are one of my favorites. They are a good mix of puff pastry sheets with sweetness from sugar and spiciness from the cinnamon, and the fragrance that can be smelt from a mile away.

In the recent years, the name Cinnamon has gained popularity as a name for baby girls. The word rhymes on itself and hits the ear with a pleasant chord. The word cinnamon has its origin from the Latin word ‘Cinnamum’, which was used as a term for flattery.

The characteristics associated with the name are sweet, spicy, loyal, flavored, unique and fragrant.

3 Ambrosia


Known as the food of Greek Gods, Ambrosia is a milk or cream based dessert with variety of fruits and nuts, and sometimes, coconut in it. It is a kind of fruit salad, but it differs in the fact that it can use a wide variety of cream textures.

Ambrosia has a good mix of flavors and textures. It has creamy texture from the cream, bite texture from the nuts and soft textures from fruits like pineapple, cherries, bananas and oranges. The delicate flavors of each ingredient shines through in the dessert fit for Gods. Ambrosia is a name fit for baby girls. It has its etymology in Greek. It originated from the Greek word ‘Ambrosios’ which means ‘nectar that Gods use as mourishment which makes them immortal’. In simple terms, ambrosia is a kind of elixir.

The characteristics associated with the name are powerful, supreme, leader, not easily defeated.

2 Velvet


Come Valentine’s Day, coffee and cake shops fill their counters with red velvet cakes and cupcakes. The dark red color of the cake is the unique selling point of the cake, though the cake is made of only cocoa and red color dye or beetroot. It is a variant of chocolate cake, red in color with white cream cheese or roux topping.

Velvet has gained popularity as the name suitable for baby girls. It is derived from the Old French term ‘Veluotte’ meaning ‘shaggy, hairy fabric’. Just like the texture of velvet, baby skins are smooth, and shiny. They give the feel of warmth to the body and have a cozy feeling about them. The name itself is smooth and sounds classy and elegant.

The characteristics associated with the name are smooth, cozy, warm, and glossy.

1 Anise

Anise is another spice that is the most fragrant and finds its way in some of the most delicious desserts, like fruit cake and rum cake. It is one of the spices that can give that dessert a slight edge of awesomeness. Try adding anise to a light mousse and see it take off to the next level.

Anise is a rare name that is mostly used for baby girls. It is not very popular, but is slowly gaining popularity among young parents because of its star status and its unique, fragrant nature. It is derived from the Greek word 'ánison' meaning 'dill'.

The characteristics associated with the name are fragrance, freshness, unique and popular.

So, what would you like to name your baby? Would you want to name your baby based on dessert names and their unique characteristics? Go ahead, and name your sweetie!

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