20 Details We Never Learned About Sandra Bullock's Family (Until Now)

For as long as many of us can remember, actress Sandra Bullock has been America's sweetheart. She has managed to rule the romantic comedy film niche with ease, contending for the top spot with other A-listers like Reese Witherspoon and Julia Roberts. Not only is Bullock one of the most talented and celebrated ladies in the film industry, but Sandy is likeable, really likeable. When she speaks in interviews, we can't help but think that she is just like us. This down-to-Earth gal certainly has no trouble winning the hearts of the public.

Now winning the hearts of men? Interestingly that proved more difficult for the actress. After several high profile relationships hit the skids, she seemed to have found the one when she married bad boy Jesse James. The pair never made much sense to us, but she looked happy enough. The couple was even in the midst of adopting when news broke of James's infidelity. We were sad for our Sandra, but she made us proud when she carried on with her adoption plans, ending up the proud and single mother of little Louis. Fast forward a few years later, she goes and adopts a second child, daughter Laila.

Sandra makes it a point to keep her personal life as private as possible, sharing very little detail about her current relationship and her children's lives. After enduring so much in love, she certainly has earned the right to do it all her own way. Here are 20 facts we managed to dig up about Sandy's sweet little family.

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20 They have small Christmases

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This last holiday season, mom Sandra vowed to switch things up when it came to gift giving. She decided that her kids would only be getting three gifts this year, and for a good reason. Sandra said that when it came to Christmas, she was notorious for over-giving. The doting mom would completely go overboard with presents, then convince herself that maybe she had not done enough, and then go out and purchase more stuff. The result was always the same: too much stuff. This year she revamped her approach so that the kids didn't end up with piles of stuff that they never even glanced at.

19 Mom's longterm boyfriend has embraced the role of new dad

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When Sandra started the adoption process with her son Louis, she was still married to Jesse James. When that marriage didn't shake out the way the pair had hoped it would, Sandra went ahead with the adoption of her son anyhow. Her days of single motherhood didn't last for very long though, because her longtime photographer boyfriend, Bryan Randall, has stepped into the role of full-time father. Bullock has said that he is there for her kids 100% and they are incredibly lucky to have him in their lives. Awwwww.

18 Louis spent some time on the set of Birdbox

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If you have not yet heard of Bullock's latest thriller, Birdbox, then you probably reside in a cave somewhere, because it is all anyone can talk about these days. The mom of two brought her son onto the set with her, and he became fascinated with people's biggest worries. He supposedly walked around asking other actors and crew hands what their deepest worries were. Let's hope he didn't pick up too much plot and premise on set because Birdbox will give even the toughest grown up raging nightmares. That film was unnerving as all heck.

17 Laila has PTSD

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Little Laila is said to be a heroic, entertaining little lady who lights up the lives of her mother and brother, but she does have some PTSD, thanks to the fame of her mother. Laila's adoption had to be kept under wraps for a while, and because of this, Sandra had to work extra hard to keep her out of the sight of gawkers and priers. An allergy scare sent them to the hospital, where paparazzi followed them. Laila ended up having PTSD symptoms with all of the hiding from view, but most of that ended up resolved when official pictures of the family got released to the public and the paparazzi backed off.

16 Louis is a sensitive dude

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Like many of us, Sandra embraces all of the qualities that her children possess, both good and...not so good. She loves her kids, enjoys their zest for like and appreciates their banter, but is also quick to let the world know that they are loud and they fight. We hear you, Sandra. Louis, now eight, is the family's sensitive soul. His mother has often described him as her 78-year-old son with a certain "spiritual bigness" to him. Louis's mother appreciates this quality in her son and can only hope that he never loses it.

15 Both kids are Louisiana-born babies

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Both Louis, 8, and Laila, 6, are Lousiana born and bred. Louis was born in New Orleans, and Laila was born in a different part of the southern state. It was at Louis's request that his mother considered bringing another child into the family. Laila was in the foster care system before she was able to head home and call herself a Bullock for life. As for Sandy, she felt a strong connection to the Louisiana region after Hurricane Katrina hit, so adopting from there made the most sense for her.

14 Laila has a strong and bold personality

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While Louis has established himself as the sensitive soul of the family, little Laila is growing up to be the fearless little fighter. Her mother is not surprised at this development in the least. Laila has been fighting for a chance at survival from the very get-go. She spent her initial months of life in foster care, which will toughen up any child. That spirit she developed so that she could survive and go on to be her best self hasn't left her. Her mother can't wait to see what things this little lady grows up to accomplish later on in life.

13 The Bullock kids have a very involved mother

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Sure Sandra has some help when it comes to her children. She has made mention of using a nanny's services more than once in her interviews. Just because she has a nanny in her employment doesn't mean that she isn't hands-on with her children though. Sandra gets the kids up in the morning and gets them ready for school. She does the dreaded drop-off and pick-up just like us typical mothers. She takes her kids to their activities and birthday parties and is fully present in Louis and Laila's lives. This lady ready does it all.

12 Louis is a fantastic skier

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This family is known for keeping very active. The kids are known to run about and play tennis on their property. They are also turning into avid skiers. Sandra and Bryan enjoy the snowy sport, so it made sense to introduce it to Louis and Laila early on. Louis has already taken to the slopes and shows a lot of promise in the downhill area. Laila is just starting on the slopes and learning the basics, but in no time she will be racing around, catching up to her parents and big brother.

11 Boyfriend Brian Randall is the fan favorite among the Bullock kids

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No doubt Louis and Laila love their mother, but according to Bullock, Randall is the kids' favorite. She often plays number two to Bryan in regards to the children's favored playmate. She described her partner as both fun and kind and said it is no great surprise that the youngsters prefer him. He does tend to be more fun in the play department and has better treats! It sounds like this family has struck a perfect balance of structure and play and while they are unconventional in many respects, they make their family work.

10 Laila's adoption was kept a secret

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When you are living life in the public eye, like actress Sandra Bullock is, you find that every nook and cranny of your being becomes common knowledge to the world. Nothing about you seems to belong to you solely. Living publically but craving privacy often makes being famous and being a parent difficult. When Sandra adopted then foster child Laila, she had to keep her existence completely secret. This proved to be a challenging thing for someone like Sandra. She even compared it to being in the witness protection program.

9 She worries about how her son will be treated

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Louis and Laila live a charmed life with their mother and her partner in a sprawling seven-bedroom mansion, but that doesn't mean that he won't face adversity at some point. The world is a daunting place, especially for young men of color. Growing up a minority in the current climate of the country worries Sandra.

She feels a strong sense of anxiety because of how black men are being viewed merely because of their race. Like many mothers to African-American boys, Sandra wants her son judged for his character and his deeds, not by the color of his skin.

8 Laila and Louis's mother is a worrier

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She comes off as relaxed and free-spirited, but when her children are involved, Sandra Bullock is anything but at chill. Like many of us, motherhood has added a layer of caution and uncertainty to life. The mere thought of anything happening to our children is so daunting, it is crippling. Sandra's greatest worries are those regarding her children's' safety. Seriously we are beginning to wonder how she ever made it through a film like Birdbox without having a legit nervous breakdown. We only watched it from our couches and ended up with nightmares for weeks.

7 The kids have had some personal losses this year

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While Bullock tries her very best to stay an upbeat and positive person, no one can deny that 2018 threw the actress and her family some seriously heavy blows. The family endured the loss of Sandra's father back in September. He passed away at the age of 93. Aside from losing a grandparent the family's beloved dogs, Poppy and Ruby also passed away. Both pups were missing legs, and both passed on only weeks after Sandra's father left this earth. To say that fall was not the Bullock family's month would be a massive understatement. It's so hard to lose so much that you love in a short timespan.

6 The Bullocks day starts very early

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Some celebrity mommies let the nannies get the kids up, moving and fed, but not Sandra. She is about as hands-on a mom as one comes and has no problem rolling out of bed at the crack of dawn to get her kids up and at 'em. The family wakes up around 5:30 each morning so that they have plenty of time to get going and out the door, where Sandra helps with the carpooling to school. She returns home wot workout and seize the day before heading back out the door to pick her children up from their day. Take notes, celebrity mommies.

5 Her children fight, just like ours

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Louis and Laila Bullock are eight and six years old, and they are just like our kiddos folks. They are loud, wild, active and they fight. Some famous parents are quick to convince the world that they are raising the next generation of peace warriors, only eating vegan, gluten-free meals and relishing in one another's presence. Yeah, we aren't buying that malarky. Kids fight, siblings fight. Sandra is here to tell us that her children bicker and squabble just like non-celebrity kids.

4 The kids are being raised with old school values

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She wants her kids to grow up happy, but also to grow up normal and grounded. Making sure solid values surround her kids is what makes Sandra such a fantastic mother. The 14-time producer works to enrich her children's minds but also encourages them to be physically active. She is doing everything in her power to help Laila and Louis become well-rounded adults someday. The kids, thus far, seems completely normal and grounded and thanks to Sandra and Bryan's old fashioned values regarding life, they will likely carry those values with them for years to come.

3 Possible step-sister?

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Bryan Randall is not precisely a new parent. Technically he has been at this thing for decades. Louis and Laila are not the first kids to be a part of his life. He has a biological daughter from his first relationship. Randall's daughter Skylar is 23 years old, and there have been murmurings for a few years claiming Sandra is going to adopt her. Skylar, an aspiring model, is supposedly smitten with her little "brother and sister" and even calls Sandra mom. Skylar's biological mother passed away at age 42 from an overdose, so a legal adoption is totally plausible.

2 The children are in touch with their heritage

Sandra Bullock and Louis Bardo go shopping in NYC

Sandra and Bryan are raising the kids in the gated communities of sunny California, but the Bullock kids were born in a part of the United States far from million dollar mansions and palm trees. Louis and Laila were born in Louisiana and are African American. Sandra makes sure that they stay connected to their roots, to where they came from and the influential people who fought for the rights of non-caucasian races. This is yet another component to their impressive, well-rounded parenting that we are becoming fast fans of.

1 The family enjoys everyday activities

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No fancy private yoga classes for Louis and Laila. These two spend their days playing with their parents and engaging in normal, low-key activities like hiking and soccer. They also lay low and play cards and board games when they are in need of indoor activities. Why are we not surprised that Sandra encourages these types of recreational activities over flashier ones. Maybe we will all get lucky, and she will write a parenting book for us all. Show us your ways, Sandra. We like your style girlfriend.

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