20 Dollar Store Finds To Make Any Mom’s Life A Breeze This Summer

When the kids are home for two months over spring break, it puts a lot of pressure on mom and dad! It's not just about adjusting to having the kids home 24/7. It means that the parents have to find creative ways to keep the kids entertained without ruining the house… and preferably things that don’t break the budget!

It might be the last place some moms think to look, but the Dollar Store has countless items for cheap that will transform summer vacation. Moms can find all sorts of summer activities and crafts to make sure the children always have something to do. It’s easy to throw a quick summer BBQ, get ready for a day trip to the beach, or have everything they need to relax poolside. Whether mom needs to stock up on warm-weather accessories, like hats and sunscreen, or needs some new toys and activities to keep the kids entertained, this is the place to go.

Check out these 20 products that can be found at the local Dollar Store that will set parents up to have the best (and most budget-friendly) summer ever! Remember: it’s not about how much money parents spend. All they need is a bit of creativity and a Dollar Store nearby in order to create some unforgettable summer memories.

20 The Perfect Pool Accessories

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Whether you have a pool in your backyard, are hitting up the local public pool, or love heading down to the beach, having a bunch of pool accessories handy is a must-have in the summer months.

It’s ridiculous how much water guns and pool floaties can cost at typical stores like Wal-Mart or Target. However, the Dollar Store often has a decent selection of pool accessories to keep you and your kids entertained for hours. From water guns to pool noodles to floaties, you’ll be surprised what you can find.

Plus, your budget will definitely thank you!

19 Mesh Laundry Bag (For Beach Toys)

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If you’re lucky enough to live close to a beach, then you know the hassle of transporting your kids’ beach toys back and forth.

They probably have tons of sandcastle buckets, beach balls, and water floaties, all of which gets sandy after a long day in the sun. A quick solution to this is to pick up a mesh laundry bag at the Dollar Store! Easily keep all of your kids’ beach accessories in here when they’re not in use.

Since it’s mesh, the sand will simply fall through when it’s dried up so you won’t have to stress about the mess!

18 Plastic Plates And Cutlery

If you’re spending a lot of time outside, then the last thing you want to pack areactual dishes and cutlery when it comes to snack time.

If you’re having a picnic at a park, it’s going to be heavy bringing a bunch of dishes with you. Plus, there’s a risk they’ll get extra dirty or even broken since your kids will be hyped up on so much energy.

We recommend picking up some cheap, plastic plates and utensils at the Dollar Store. You won’t mind if they get broken or lost thanks tot heir inexpensive price tag. Plus, since they’re plastic, they’re gong to be a lot more durable, even when your kids are running around the yard with them.

17 Beauty Supplies And Nail Polish (For A Spa Night)

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The Dollar Store might be the last place on Earth you think of going to get spa essentials. But, if you’re planning on doing a spa night with your little girl and don’t want to use your own high-end products, then this is the hack for you!

You can find tons of beauty products to create the perfect spa night at the Dollar Store. Many have an entire rack filled with Sally Hansen nail polishes in all shades. You can find sheet masks and nose masks, nail files, and sleeping masks to make it feel like you’re getting the full VIP treatment.

And the best part? You can swing it for under 10 bucks!

16 Gardening Supplies

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Summer is the season to garden, right?

Anyone who’s tried their hand at having a green thumb knows that it’s no cost efficient activity. Aside from buying the plants themselves, it can cost a bit to get all the proper supplies you need, from gardening tools to soil to garden accessories.

Your local Dollar Store likely has an entire aisle devoted to gardening supplies that will work just as well as ones you can find at Wal-Mart. Pick up everything from shovels to planters to seeds, so that you can grow the garden of your dreams… and all for a budget-friendly price!

15 Fake Plants And Succulents

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Although you may wish to grow your own garden, most mamas out there don’t have the time or energy to devote to raising plants since they’re so busy raising their kids! That’s why we suggest going the fake plant route if you still want some greenery in your life, but without the hassle.

Given how popular fake succulent and plants have been recently, stores like Marshall’s and Target have bumped up their prices. But, many Dollar Stores now carry a selection of fake plants. Pick up a couple for less than 10 bucks and decorate your house with them.

Put them in different planters to make them a bit more stylish, or consider painting the pot they came in for a DIY project!

14 Hanging Shoe Organizer (For The Car)

Summer is the season of road trips!

Going on a road trip as a family can create tons of priceless memories… but it can also be highly stressful if you don’t prepare well! One of the biggest things to prepare for is making sure your kids have things to keep them entertained on the long drive.

We recommend picking up a cheap hanging shoe organizer from the Dollar Store. Drape this over the back of your seat so your child can easily access it. Then, fill it with stuff to keep them occupied during the drive, like snacks, books, and colouring supplies.

13 Popsicle Trays

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Hands-down the best summer treat is popsicles on a warm day!

If you’re conscious about what your kids eat, and thus don’t like them eating normal popsicles filled with sugar and dye, then making your own homemade popsicles might be up your alley. It’s both easy and cost-efficient considering you can find a variety of popsicle trays at the dollar store for only a buck or two.

Fill the tray up with fruit juice and even cut up bits of fruit to create a yummy yet healthy treat. Pop them in the freezer overnight, and the next day you’ll have the perfect chilled snack.

12 Scrapbook Supplies (To Create Memories)

Scrapbook is one of those activities that you’ve probably always wanted to try, but never got around to it!

While your kids are busy working on their art projects, you should go ahead and give scrapbooking a try. Though it can be pricey at art stores to buy all the paper and stickers needed for this art project, the Dollar Store has a wide selection of supplies specifically made for this purpose.

You can find everything from decorative paper to stickers to glue-on letters to make the scrapbook of your dreams- and to remember all these fun summer memories by!

11 Hair Accessories

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Given how warm it tends to get in the summer, we’re guessing that neither you nor your kids want to keep their hair down in the summer.

Bobby pins and hair elastics are those two notorious things that always seem to go missing, even though you swear you bought a new pack last week. These things can add up if you’re continually re-purchasing them, so it’s probably more cost-efficient to buy your hair accessories at the Dollar Store.

You can find everything from elastics to hair clips to headbands at the Dollar Store, so it’s easy to keep hair out of your face in this hot weather.

10 Toys For The Outdoors

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Chances are you and your kids will be spending a lot of time outside thanks to the beautiful summer weather!

It can get boring going to the same park or hanging out in the backyard every day. That’s why it’s important for mom to have a selection of outdoor toys to keep the kids entertained for hours. The Dollar Store has a wide selection of outdoor activities, so you don’t have to spend a couple hundred on outdoor toys for your kids.

You can find everything from chalk to sports equipment to water or pool games at the Dollar Store, so there’s no excuse not to check it out.

9 Craft Supplies (For Rainy Days)

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Most kids love arts and crafts, but we’re not sure the same can be said about your budget!

It gets costly continually replenishing your kids’ craft supplies, and of course you don’t have the heart to tell them they’re all out of construction paper or glitter. The Dollar Store is the best place you can hit up for art supplies because they have such a wide selection for cheap.

You can find everything from painting supplies to models to build to colouring books to tons of stickers and glitters. Now you’ll always have something to do on a rainy summer day!

8 Band-Aids


With the amount of time your kids are probably spending outdoors during the summer, getting a cut or bruise is practically a guarantee!

That’s why it’s always important to have a good selection of Band-Aids on hand if anyone scrapes their knee. Rather than paying more at the drug store, you can find the same Band-Aid brands at the Dollar Store. They often carry tons of different shapes and patterns, including licensed ones and normal ones.

If you really want to go the extra mile, also pick up some lollipops while you’re at the Dollar Store to give to your child when and if they get hurt. That will definitely make the tears stop!

7 Candy and Snacks (To Bribe With)

With kids home from school and free to do almost whatever they want in the summer, you might face an extra challenge in getting your kids to listen to you. Hey, what kid really wants to clean their room on their summer break?

In order to give them a bit more incentive, we suggest stocking up on candy and snacks from the Dollar Store. Give your kid a tiny candy bar if they finally clean their room, or help you put all the pool accessories away. Or, simply keep the snacks hidden until its snack time.

Your kids will love having such an assortment of goodies, and you’ll love how budget friendly it is!

6 Sunscreen And SPF Products

If you have kids, then you know how quickly you go through a bottle of sunscreen in the summer!

Sunscreen is pretty cheap at the drugstore, but it sure adds up when you’re going through a bottle or two a week. And it’s not one of those things you can avoid purchasing since sun protection is so crucial.

That’s why we recommend purchasing your sunscreen at the Dollar Store! Many Dollar Stores carry the same brands you see in normal stores, but for a discounted cost. So, if you do see one of your favorite sunscreens there, we recommend buying multiple bottles to save you money down the road.

5 Hats And Plastic Flip Flops

The unofficial uniform of the summer are hats and flip-flops!

Your local Dollar Store probably has an entire section devoted to warm-weather accessories. Just like they have socks and scarves in the winter, it’s easy to find plastic flip-flops and hats there, too.

If your kid is picky about wearing these sorts of things, take them to the Dollar Store and let them pick out a couple hats or pairs of sandals. Given their cheap prices, you won’t mind buying a few for your kid. And it will encourage them to dress more weather-appropriately. Don’t forget to pick up a hat and some flip flops for yourself, either!

4 Plastic Table Cloths

When you’re busy taking care of your kids 24/7 thanks to the joy of summer break, you’re not going to have as much time to deep clean the house.

Rather than fretting over how messy your table is after a meal, pick up some plastic table cloths from the Dollar Store. Simply take it off the table and shake it outside to get rid of crumbs, or wipe it down with a wet cloth to remove stains. You won’t feel guilty about throwing it out, if need be, since it only cost a couple of bucks.

Take plastic table clothes with you if you’re spending the day at the park or the beach so you always have somewhere clean to eat!

3 Baskets (To Organize Toys With)

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If you’re a mom, then probably one of the most frustrating things you’ve had to deal with is the mess of toys that never seems to get cleaned up.

It’s definitely hard encouraging your kids to keep their toys tiding, and finding a way to organize things that’s both efficient and easy. We recommend heading to the Dollar Store and picking up an assortment of baskets that can be used to store your children’s’ things in.

Line a shelf or closet with the baskets, and label them according to what toys belong in each. Now your kiddos will have no excuse to keep their rooms messy!

2 Wrapping Paper And Bags

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Summer is the season of events!

Whether you’re celebrating someone’s birthday, attending a wedding, or even a baby shower, chances are you’ll need some wrapping paper or gift bags at least once or twice. Rather than spending almost as much as the gift at a place like Hallmark, hit up the Dollar Store to find cute ways to wrap your present.

They have a wide selection of themed cards, bags, gift wrapping, and tissue paper. The Dollar Store likely even has huge bows and gift tags to make the present look even more gorgeous. And it’s all budget-friendly!

1 Coloring Books

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Most kids under the age of 10 are budding artists! And, if that’s true of your child, then chances are they go through a coloring book once a week.

It’s ridiculous how expensive coloring books can be at places like Target and Wal-Mart. That’s why the Dollar Store is the top place to go to re-stock your kids’ coloring supplies. They have tons of coloring books, usually with different themes or even featuring Disney characters, which your kids are bound to love.

Don’t forget to pick up a fresh pack of markers or crayons for your kid to draw with!

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