20 Early Signs That The Newborn Will Have A High IQ

Everyone wants to believe that their baby is the smartest one out there. Well, for some, that will be true! But, just how can one tell if their baby will have a high intelligence quotient, or IQ, as we know it? There are actually signs that will show up that may point to the little one being one smart cookie.

In fact, some of these signs can appear right after birth! It may seem surprising, but there are many indicators that are present right after birth and through the next few months, that may just give a little inkling as to the new smartie pants of the family, the cute, adorable bundle of joy!

One may think it might be impossible to tell if a newborn baby will have a high IQ. Well, that's not true! Read on for some tried and true signs that can very well mean that a newborn baby may just grow up to have a high IQ. There are many indicators to focus on, and some that you can help strengthen to ensure your little genius really gets the benefits of having a high IQ. Start your checklist now!

20 Extraordinarily Alert

Sometimes, we are surprised as to just how alert our little ones can be, even right after birth! It is a baby’s job to take in their surroundings, but, you have to admit, some seem to be much more alert right off the bat. These babies who appear to be extraordinarily alert may just end up having a high IQ.

Studies seem to point to a very alert baby, who makes eye contact and seems to always be listening and watching, with having a high IQ. They seem to be able to play attention, and even perceive things, much earlier, too.

19 Looks Straight At Parents Almost Immediately

When it comes to being alert and having a high IQ potential, one thing really stands out. Being alert is totally normal and positive for any growing baby, even right from birth. But, when that baby is able to look into the eyes of her parents, that is a whole other thing. Babies, when born, are trying to focus.

They want to see their new world, makes sense of course. It is a lot to navigate. However, when a newborn baby, especially right after being born, can look straight at his parents, it is a remarkable thing, and a possible sign of a high IQ.

18 Recognizes Faces

Your baby is born having no clue what his parents actually look like. If we think about it, it is kind of an amazing thing! A baby has heard her parents, but never really met them! One sign a baby will have a high IQ, is being able to recognize the faces of those dear and close to her, such as mom, dad, siblings, and so on.

It may take a few times of meeting them, but it will become apparent that baby is looking at someone she actually recognizes. She might even be able to pick out Grandma from a series of photos. Go ahead, and try this one with your little one!

17 Reaches Milestones Early

This is a big one. We all know that babies achieve milestones, such as crawling, walking, and talking, at various rates. Some are earlier, while some may simply take their time. However, studies have shown there to be a correlation between reaching certain milestones early on. Babies who achieve milestones remarkably fast, even unusually so, may end up with a high IQ.

There does seem to be a relationship there. Now, this does not mean you should push your baby to crawl before he’s ready, just know if he is crawling earlier than others, it simply means he is one smart cookie!

16 Always Wiggling Around

Got a little wiggleworm on your hands?! Let’s face it, almost all babies are wiggly! It is part of being a baby, after all. But, some of these babies, and even newborns, early on, tend to be way more wiggly than their same age counterparts. Some may see this as an issue or something that needs to be contained. Absolutely not!

A wiggly baby may very well be a very smart baby! This goes along with a need to constantly be stimulated. A high IQ in a baby means they are ready to do lots of things, and that might make them a wiggleworm.

15 Hears More Than One Spoken Language

If you can speak more than one language, then speak to your baby in each language starting as soon as you discover you’re pregnant! Studies have shown that hearing different languages can actually cause the brain to develop at a faster rate, which, you guessed it, leads to a higher IQ.

Knowing more than one language has an array of amazing benefits for your baby, too, with high IQ being just one of them. If you can check this one off, you will certainly have a little smartie pants on your hands! And if not, go ahead and learn a new language now!

14 Sensitive To Certain Smells And Tastes

This may seem like an odd one to you, but there is a correlation with being sensitive to certain smells and tastes, and having a high IQ. Perhaps it is the senses that are overstimulated in those with high IQs, or just a quirk of having a high IQ. No matter the underlying reason, there is a relationship there.

If your little one seems to have adverse or adventurous tastes, that can indicate a high IQ. If certain smells turn her away from some foods, that can also mean a high IQ. Pay attention to your baby’s habits, because you really never know!

13 Doesn’t Get Much Sleep

Who would think that less sleep would be related to a high IQ?! Well, it seems it is! Not necessarily just less sleep though, more so the ability to function completely on less sleep. Getting less sleep and being tired all day is not what we mean. It is more the needing less sleep every night.

These are babies who are getting less sleep than what is typically recommended, but still achieve milestones and seem to not at all be cranky. These are the babies who grow up to continue this behavior and have high IQs. Don’t you wish we could all be that way?!

12 Seems Like Baby Is Trying To Talk

Did baby say what I think she just said? But, she’s too little! She is too young to be talking! If that is what you are thinking, you might have a baby with a high IQ. If you think your little one is trying to talk, chances are, she is!

This wanting to talk, and the ability to begin to form words long before what the average speaking age is, is definitely associated with a high IQ. Keep talking to your baby too, the more you talk to him, the more he will work to try to talk back to you!

11 Smart Parents

It is all in the genes, that is for sure. If one parent is a genius with a high IQ, baby might inherit that high IQ. If both parents have high IQs, baby has an even better chance at also having a high IQ. Smart parents tend to raise smart babies. Is it a nurture or nature kind of thing?

Well, it may be a little bit of both. If the parents are very smart with high IQs, they are likely passing on some smart genes, but also working with their children more often, giving them a well rounded education beginning in the womb.

10 Happy To Play Alone

Those with a high IQ tend to be perfectly content, if not happy, to play and work alone. Therefore, if your baby seems to be totally fine playing by himself, do not necessarily look at it as a downfall. It could very well be an indicator that he has a high IQ!

Babies with high IQs are happy as clams playing with their toys alone as infants and into childhood, and even then off to adulthood! It is not a negative trait. When making friends, they may prefer to have one or two close friends as opposed to a large group. It’s all about the high IQ.

9 Enjoys Mimicking Sounds

Did it seem like your newborn was born making all kinds of noises?! If so, he might end up with a high IQ! It appears that a high IQ is very associated with not only talking early, but trying to talk and making sounds at a very early age.

If you just brought your little one home from the hospital and it seems like she’s already copying sounds you make and being a little chatterbox (in her own baby language, of course!), a high IQ may be the reason why. Keep encouraging all those adorable baby sounds, they make for a smart cookie!

8 Extremely Focused

A baby who is staring at something like he just is trying to make it move with his mind is a baby who is destined to be super smart. The more focused a newborn baby is, the higher the likelihood that he’ll end up with a very high IQ.

Focus goes a long way. He can focus on making eye contact, focus on getting her thumb in her mouth, focus on the TV, it is just lots and lots of intense focus that makes for a baby with a high IQ, for sure. Place colorful toys and images near your baby to give her something to really focus on.

7 Needs Lots Of Stimulation

Babies who end up with high IQs are ones who have a ton of energy. We have learned that they like to focus on things and that they can also be super wiggly. Well, that all goes hand in hand. These babies with high IQs need the outside stimulation to satisfy and strengthen their intellectual abilities.

They need, and require, lots of stimulation. Give your baby something to activate his mind. Go for a walk to look at nature. Head the library for storytime. Play at home with intensely colored blocks and toys. The sky is the limit, just stimulate that mind!

6 Hangs With An Older Crowd

Babies who are naturally drawn to older children and adults tend to have higher IQs. Why is that exactly? Well, they may simply not be intellectually satisfied with kids their own age! It truly may be as simple as that.

If your baby is drawn to older siblings or cousins, likes to focus on them and likes when they play with her, well, it may be because they feel more connected to those who are older than just those other dull babies! As they get older, they may prefer to be around kids who are slightly older. It may give them more of a intellectual challenge.

5 Being Bigger At Birth

This is an interesting one. What does birth size have to do with high IQ? Well, they are not exactly sure why this is, but there is a correlation between being bigger at birth and high IQ. Some studies believe it all has to do with nutrition.

The bigger the baby at birth, the more nutrients they received in the womb. There you go moms-to-be, eat up and you will end up with a super smart baby! Of course, it is tied to healthy nutrients. Perhaps even prenatal vitamins, as well. But, heavy babies do tend to have higher IQs, for whatever reason it may be.

4 Loves Music

Start playing that classical music while your baby is in the womb! Musical babies tend to have higher IQs. We have all heard about the studies. We all know that music, particularly classical music (sorry, rap music fans), makes us smart. If your newborn glees with delight when you play a tune or sing a song, he might have a high IQ!

And, once he gets to be a bit older, if he is drawn to musical toys, that can also indicate a high IQ. Time to start some music playing right now, so take those instruments out and make some music.

3 Enjoys Listening To Books Being Read

It may seem like your newborn baby is not paying much attention to you at all. Well, chances are, that is far from the truth. Stimulate your baby’s mind in any way possible, because if you have a baby with a high IQ, they are going to need it. One of the best ways to do this is by reading books to your baby.

You can even start while they are in the womb! You may be surprised as your little genius tries to look at the pictures and seems intently focused on every word you say. That calls for a high IQ for sure.

2 Laughs All The Time

A happy baby is a healthy baby, and a happy and healthy baby can make for one smart cookie. If your baby seems very well adjusted and is just happy all day long, she might just have a high IQ! A nice disposition that include lots of laughter does seem related to babies who end up being very smart with high IQs.

Get your baby to laugh. Give them something to smile about. You are stimulating their mind and that is exactly what babies with high IQs really need. The best part, you can laugh right alongside your giggling baby!

1 Always Looking Around

If your baby seems to be up in everyone’s business, well, chalk it up to a high IQ! A baby who seems to pay attention to everything and everyone could very well be a super smart little one. Babies who really take in their surroundings, even focusing on the smallest details, do tend to be the ones who end up with very high IQs.

Give your baby the freedom to see things. Let them sit up. Go for walks. Bring them wherever you go. Stimulate that high IQ mind!

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