20 Easy Parenting Tricks That Keep Mom And Baby Safe

From the time Mom and Dad bring a new baby home to that baby’s first birthday, there are a lot of milestones and hurdles along the way. Babies grow so fast in that first year and each stage in their development comes with new skills and abilities. This means that parents always need to be thinking about their little one’s safety, not to mention their own!

Life with a newborn is an especially hectic and stressful time for parents. Parenting.com suggests sticking with a schedule, and this is a great idea to bring some normalcy to any parents life. “Start with a schedule: eat, play, nap, take a walk around the block. Keep expectations low on how much you'll get done — taking care of baby and sneaking in ZZZs should be your first priority. Help differentiate day and night by taking a shower and getting dressed, even if you'll be staying in all day. (Put the bouncy seat in the bathroom while you wash your hair)” suggests the site.

Another benefit of sticking to a schedule means that parents can predict what is going to happen next, and be more prepared for what the days have in store. This is a great way to ensure the safety of them and their child, as they are less likely to be running around with a cloudy mind. Sticking to a schedule is a great first step in ensuring safety for mom and baby, but there are plenty of other tricks to keep mom and safe. Below is a list of 20 easy parenting tricks that will keep mom and baby safe.

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20 Download A Safety App On Your Phone


Technology has been a game changer for parenting, and many of us are still figuring out the ropes when it comes to how to manage screen time as a parent! But one thing we know for sure is that if it can help keep you safe then you should absolutely do it, and that’s just what several safety apps are aiming to do.

“There are a lot of really great features on this app that are available for free. For example, You can set up a network of family and friends (dubbed “guardians” in the app) who can then follow you home via a GPS trace—kind of like how you can follow an Uber driver who’s about to pick you up. I know my mom would have loved this when I still lived at home. There’s also an emergency alarm that you can hit, which will then send your exact location to your guardians while also recording audio and video from your phone, which gives you the opportunity to present it to police later if you need it,” writes StyleCaster.com of the app bSafe.

There are plenty of other options out there so do some research and see what safety app best fits your lifestyle.

19 Use A Humidifier


“Humidifier therapy adds moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many parts of the body. Humidifiers can be particularly effective for treating dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips. They can also ease some of the symptoms caused by the flu or common cold,” states Healthline.com.

Having a humidifier isn’t only a good idea for baby’s room, you should have one for your room too! They are a game changer for the fall and winter season and can help keep you healthy throughout the seasons. If you have a baby on the way, consider adding two humidifiers to the registry!

18 Install Sun Shades In Your Car


“One product that is a must-have to protect your baby is a car sun shade. The sun’s rays are harsh, and car windows let in not only the light but also potentially dangerous UV rays as well. To ensure your baby stays both comfortable and protected, you’ll want to find the best car shade,” states MomLovesBest.com.

Sunshades are a real game changer, especially for helping to get your baby to sleep in the car. They are also helpful in keeping the sun out of the drivers eyes too. You can get a set of them for around $15 to $20 so the purchase is really a no-brainer.

17 Use Hot Glue To Make Shoes Non-Skid


This is such a good hack!

Use hot glue and glue dots of glue to the bottom of your little kids shoes. This is also a great idea to do on any of your own shoes that are a little slippery, like ballet flats.

Using a hot glue gun, begin to glue even spaced dots or even lines along the sole and heel. Depending on how hot it is where you are, you'll want to wait until the glue is almost completely dry, but not tacky, to put on the shoes. This will help press the glue down and level it,” writes Instructables.com.

16 Always Use A Good Sunscreen When Going Outside


A great sunscreen for both mom and baby is not to be overlooked! There are many great sunscreens on the market, so do your research and find what works best for your family. It is important to remember to reapply as needed, no matter the SPF rating.

What’s important with sunscreen use is not to become complacent. Don’t allow a high SPF number to trick you into thinking your little one is permanently protected all day. Instead, apply liberally about 15-30 minutes before you plan to be in the sun, and every 2 hours after that — regardless of SPF level,” suggest MomLovesBest.com.

15 Install A Baby Mirror For Rear-Facing Babies


Want to keep an eye on your rear-facing baby? Of course, you do! Luckily, there’s a gadget for just that purpose.

“Some people will tell you that these mirrors create an unnecessary safety hazard, especially in the case of an accident. They’ll also tell you that they’re a distraction to the driver. The fact is that the pros far outweigh the cons, and a good mirror like the two recommended above won’t be a distraction at all,” writes MomTricks.com.

We have used our safety mirror since day one with our little girl and I don’t know what I would do without it! I would say it’s definitely worth the money, and they do not cost very much.

14 Use A Jogging Stroller With Wrist Straps


A safety strap on your stroller is definitely a must. We chose a stroller with the strap included and I’m so glad we have it, especially since I usually walk our little one and the dog at the same time. But don’t worry, if your stroller doesn’t have the safety strap included, you can buy them separately to be attached to any stroller.

Whether you’re walking with the stroller around a lot downtown/hills or walking the dog where safety is critically important. The Multi-function Stroller Leash is your good choice. It helps stop your baby stroller from rolling away! In fact, these straps are legally required to be included with all strollers in Australia! Safe and practical,” writes the product description for one of these straps on Amazon.com. You can get them on Amazon for under ten dollars.

13 Install A Motion Detector Alarm


You might think of motion detectors as being for the security of your house, but they can actually keep your little ones safe during your normal daily routine if used inside. Some toddlers and kiddos can be a bit mischievous, or might even sleep walk, this is where these motion detectors have a great dual purpose. There’s even a monitor designed just for toddlers.

“Toddlermonitor™ hangs on your kid's bedroom door and will alert your phone if your little escape artist leaves their bedroom at night. Get a great night's sleep - that little one isn't going anywhere!” states ToddlerMonitor.com. Genius!

12 Wear High Visibility Gear While Walking


High visibility gear is a must for when you are walking out and about with your little one. It’s very important in both rural and urban settings. Whether it’s night or day, your high vis gear will help you stand out and be noticeable to passing motorists.

Hi-vis technology works by reflecting back the light that shines onto the garment. This process is called 'retro reflection', and allows for light rays to bounce back towards their original direction. This is particularly helpful for drivers, as the light projected from car headlights is bounced back towards the direction of the driver when the headlights shine on a hi-vis garment. This can help a driver identify pedestrians much more easily, especially when other lighting is poor,” states GetOutside.OrdnanceSurvey.co.uk.

11 Mount Your TV To The Wall


Baby-proof your TV first thing! Either secure it with straps or mount it to the wall, but make sure it is secured. Another way to baby proof the TV area? Parent Guide recommends clearing the area around the TV of anything that might be interesting to a child.

“This should be the starting point for every parent looking to baby proof their TV. Remove all objects of interest from your TV stand. DVD and game cases, remotes, any room decorations… You get the idea, none of these should be located near your TV. If your television stand is plain and boring, it is going to get a lot less interest from your curious child,” states Parent.Guide.com.

10 Add Non-Slip Tape To All Stairs


I literally just did this to our stairs a few weeks ago and I’m so glad that we did it! You can buy this tape by the roll, and it’s not too expensive.

Tape is the cheapest non-slip option that you have for your home. Just buy one or two rolls, stick them on your steps, and you are done. You do need to take care that you purchase a non-slip tape that is not too abrasive to use inside your home,” suggests DoItYourself.com. Amazon even has glow in the dark non-skid tape available, so that seems like a no-brainer choice to me.

9 Keep Your Health Care Provider’s Number In A Handy Place


Keep your health care provider’s on call number in a convenient location, like on the refrigerator. A lot of doctor’s offices these days also have messaging available through their website. So if this is a feature you use, you should bookmark it on your phone or computer and write down the website handle next to the phone number on your fridge.

Having these things written and easily accessible will help you get answers more promptly in moments of panic. Jotting down your pharmacy of choice may also be helpful to anybody who might be watching your little one while you’re not home. My outlook on situations like this is that it’s always best to be over-prepared.

8 Make A Car Seat Poncho For Baby


Kudos to whoever came up with this! As any seasoned parent knows, bulky coats are a big no-no for wearing in the car seat. But these genius ponchos are the perfect solution.

“Invented by a Child Passenger Safety Technician Since 2005, the Car Seat Poncho has been keeping kids warm in their car seats WITHOUT the bulk or hassle of a puffy coat,” shares CarSeatPoncho.com. You can buy them off of Amazon and Etsy or you can turn towards social media for some easy DIYs. These are geared towards older kids but if you’re looking something to keep baby warm too, look for cozy car seat covers that can be used while you transport your little one to and from the vehicle!

7 Use Pool Noodles On Doors To Prevent Pinched Fingers


There are any number of reasons why you might want to keep doors from shutting. Maybe your toddler has a tendency to close herself in rooms with no way out, or maybe your cat needs access to your office to use the litter box. No matter what your reasons, just cut off a section of a pool noodle, and cut a lengthwise slit to open it up. Slide it on your door, and boom, doorstop,” writes LifeHacker.com.

This genius tip is effective and saves you money. That’s not the end of pool noodle hacks though- you can also use them under sheets as bed rails. Just look it up on online!

6 Print Out A First Aid 101 Sheet And Hang It In Your House


In the event of an emergency, you should obviously call 911 immediately. For non-emergence events, it can be very helpful to have a first aid print out handy. I printed a free set of first aid and choking information from the American Academy of Pediatrics and hung it in our dining room.

It’s accessible for us to see and anyone who might watch our little one is informed of their whereabouts. You should also make sure you have first aid kids that are up to date and easily accessible in your home. You can make your own or buy one that is already assembled, which is definitely the easier option. KidsHealth.org recommends making sure your first aid kids are not expired and that they are stored out of a child’s reach!

5 Use Corner Protectors


You never realize how many sharp edges your home has until you become a parent. Then suddenly, you see all the ways your little one can poke an eye (or at least get an ugly bruise or head injury) on the corners of glass tables, wooden desks, and metal fireplace hearths,” states Babylist.com.

When making your list of things to babyproof, don’t forget to think about using corner protectors. Once you start looking, you will notice a lot of sharp corners everywhere you look. Luckily there is a solution for this! Corner protectors will lessen the blow of any accidental bumps, for all family members!

4 Use A Fitted Sheet Over A Pack & Play While Outdoors


This is a tried and true tip; use a fitted crib sheet over the pack and play while outside with your little one. The sheet will block out bugs and the sun- a double win! Of course, you should always check in on your little one and make sure they are doing okay in their cozy, shaded little hangout! This is a great way to ensure your little one gets some good outdoor time in, which is very important for them.

According to The Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale, outdoor play prepares young ones to be future brainiacs — or at least more adept at learning science and reading skills. Technically speaking, that’s because varied environments promote the formation of brain synapses,” writes Motherly.

3 Use Tension Rods To Keep Books On The Bookshelf


Sometimes it can seem like there is no end to the baby proofing! My husband and I used a adjust things as they need to be adjusted method when it came to baby proofing, and it certainly worked for us,. But, in retrospect, a little bit of planning is usually better.

If you are a book nerd like me and have shelves of books, try using tension rods across the shelves to keep your little one from pulling the books off. A gentle ‘Uh-oh!” reminder every time they attempt this can help as well. And of course, you should make sure said bookshelf is secured to the wall.

2 Keep A Spray Bottle To Cool Down Hot Seat Buckles


The metal buckles of seatbelts get awfully hot whenever they are sitting in the sun. Most car seats have the odd piece of metal here and there so you want to check that the straps are cool before putting your little one in their car seat. How do you cool them down exactly? Spray them down with water of course!

This tip is genius and it actually works. You can also use it for yourself and any other passengers in the car. “Keep a spray bottle in the car for hot days to avoid scorching seat belts buckles,” writes LifeHack.org.

1 Write Your Child’s Vital Statistics On Their Car Seat


Write down your child's name, date of birth, your name and emergency contact information on a sticker and attach it to their car seat. You should also include any special notes such as if the child is able to speak or not, any allergies, etc. You can never be too prepared for the worst case scenario. This is a must do!

“Some emergency personnel don’t have time to search through personal belongings to find this kind of information needed, and having it on the car seat helps them a ton when in a quick emergency,” Lawson adds in an interview with Love What Matters. “The sticker is on the side of the car seat, when you open the door, it is very visible.”

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