20 Edgy Baby Names To Go With The Modern Baby

Imagine it's roll call. The teacher calls out,  "Emma, Sophia, Jackson, Lucas" and practically everyone raises their hands! These boys and girls are filling the classrooms of America. And now, you can help us put an end to the madness!

It's time for you to rise up and help populate this world with unique names, names that stir deep meaning and inspiration.

If you can see your little one setting trends, or going first down the slide at the playground you might try names that reflect their boldness and courage. If you can imagine your child taking risks and giving back to the world around them, then choose names to communicate this value. Check out these super hip and modern names for your new baby. Why choose an old name for a new baby?!

Who knows what they will do as the grow, but their name should not limit them. Stay away from the names that make you sleepy because of their overuse. Come explore with me some of the unusual yet gorgeous names with tons of potential. Your child will thank you as they learn to appreciate your thoughtfulness and the fact that you didn't name them Noah or Olivia in 2017.

The responsibility is real and the task can be daunting. But you can do this...just don't do it like everyone else. Dare to challenge yourself. Think through each name on this list carefully. Do it justice by closing your eyes and imagining yourself singing to a baby with this name, calling them in for dinner, and climbing a mountain together. And just for the record, my favorites are Bold and Orion - find out why below!

20 Tanek

Never heard this gem before? Well it means "immortal" so I think it's been around a while. It's of Polish origin and there are only 29 people in the US with this name! Talk about original. There are over 321 million people in the United States and 29 of them have this unique and daring name. Wow! Just, Wow!

When I think of who Tanek is, he's the strong, silent type that makes money by just sitting there. There's no end to the depth of this one's thoughts. Born to be a talented businessman, this name oozes success. With a name like Tanek, he may surprise you with all of his brilliant ideas and long-lasting effects on society. Savy and pensive, he's got the perfect mix of recklessness and faithfulness. His demeanor is kind, and yet, his emotions don't enslave his decision-making. He may not live forever, but his positive contribution to this world could last forever.

19 Rhona


This elegant name was common among Old Norse peoples. Her guidance might sway the hearts of kings. Rhona means "ruler's counselor" and she has the potential to give sage advice during crucial times. To be able to do this requires confidence, courage and compassion. If she has no compassion, she'd leave situations alone and leaders to fend for themselves.

But not Rhona! She cares enough to get involved and give her best to rectify wrongs and prevent trouble! Can you imagine a child who seems wise beyond her years, who seems to have a look about them as if they were an old soul? Rhona gives that sense of mystery and wisdom. Her deep stare can give comfort and joy to those in need of a friend. Her discernment might benefit someone in need as she can see the right path in front of them and offer advice at just the right moments.

18 Gus

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With a lovable name like Gus, he could get away with anything! Luckily it means "Worthy of Respect" so he's got more than charm to his name. The smile that goes with this little man's face is sure to win over friends and influence people, but it won't just be his cutie pie name that gets him what he wants.

Nope, he's got skills that lead to his successes. He may have his silly side, but he can earn respect through how he behaves and the big heart he's got for others. When Gus sees injustice, he is a man of action. When someone knocks on Gus's door, he opens it and gives out of generosity. He is well respected in the town square because of his good deeds. He is well known for his helping hands and his charming persona. If you choose the name Gus, you may have a class clown on your hands, but he'll grow into a gregarious, good-natured and well-respected man.

17 Saffron

The spice saffron originates in Eurasia and resembles a delicate orange-red string. Each flower only has three of these "stigmas" or strings. Being one of the rarest spices in the world and one of the most difficult to harvest, it must be completed by hand. Because of this, its worth is far beyond the others. It costs $500-$1000 per pound at wholesale value. Wow, that's expensive! Can you imagine paying for cinnamon and instead of $12 for a pound, you had to pay over $500!!

So picture a little girl with the name Saffron, and the value that she'll have. If a name could be lovely and edgy at the same time, the name Saffron would qualify. Oh the perfection of a little red-headed girl with freckles that has the name Saffron. Toddling around, she will spice up your life and bring flavor to the moment. Her delicate flavor will enhance any family.

16 Iker

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You may not know it intuitively, but the name Iker is pronounced "Ee-ker." It means "visitation" and gives a mysterious, yet edgy feel. Iker comes from the Basque region, near Spain and is one of the most unusual of the names on this list.

Are you willing to take it a step further? If you can handle breaking with tradition, try pronouncing it like this: Eye-ker, lik "striker." Doesn't that sound stronger and more ostentatious?! Say it out loud and see which you prefer. "Ee-ker" or "Eye-ker." Chances are, if you want a modern name, you'll choose the alternative pronunciation.

Either way Iker will be the only one in his class with this name and into adulthood he'll have a distinguished visibility. "Visitation" sounds a bit ethereal, but I think about someone who swoops in with power and gives important messages and then moves onto the next person or group in need of encouragement.

15 Luma

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Not Luna, but Luma. It's a subtle distinction but the meanings are drastically different. Luna means "the moon," and refers to Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon. That name is worn out. However, Luma is all about the brightness of color. Think about words like "illuminate" or "luminance."

Can you believe that people with the name Luma represents 0.001% of the world's population?! Did you catch that...the world.

Talk about being a trend setter, if you name your little darling this edgy name you'll be ahead of the curve. Seriously, no one is doing it! And the best part is, it's not difficult to say or spell. It's fairly common to have an unusual name that makes the child's life a misery of explaining their name, but not with Luma.

14 Dabir

Have you heard the phrase, "the student has become the teacher?" Well that's what you're likely to get with Dabir because his name means "teacher." I bet a boy named Dabir will absorb information around him like a sponge. As he grows he may even wow you with his smooth talking and you'll wonder if you've got a toddler or a teenager. Believe me, I have one of these!

Dabir sounds very masculine and is more common as an African or Persian name. It has an heir of leadership to it without sounding arrogant. Dabir is the man who will listen to your problems, and guide you toward a viable solution. Dabir cares about the success of those around him. Development and counsel are natural expressions of a teacher.

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a child that grasped concepts quickly?! Think how easy potty training and manners could be!

13 Ari

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Eagle, a bird that soars high above the others. That's the picture you'll get with Ari. The name comes from the Greek word for eagle, but some say it means "superior" or "best of thinkers." Either way you've got a winner with this modern name.

It's gender neutral too, so that's amazing! If you don't want to find out if you're having a boy or girl you can still keep that a surprise and still name the baby! I love it just like it is, but if you can't dig the one-syllable names you might consider these as alternative names and take Ari as a nickname: Ariel, Aristides, Aristotle, Ariella.

Take a chance on this name and you may find yourself in awe with how many moms compliment the choice. I am seriously amazed how Ari can truly fit into either gender. It fits a feminine style and yet, if you picture yourself wrestling down an Ari, there's a tough and rugged name as well. Truly unlike the others!

12 Orion

Obviously this one makes me think about the constellation in the night sky. It's visible in the winter and is easy to find. And hey, maybe you'll get that bonus with your son if he owns this name: he'll be easy to find! So Orion is the one in Greek mythology that was known as a hunter.

Because of his placement in the stars, this name came to mean "rising in the sky" or "dawning." As a child I remember this being the first group of stars I clearly recognized. It can be seen throughout the world and I can picture a little boy, easily loved and recognized bearing this name.

Not only that, but it's somewhat romantic to be named after the stars. There's a sort of mystery and shadow associated with mythology. Perhaps a young man with the name Orion will become a radiant and positive, memorable influence.

11 Bold

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Ah, now to my favorite girl name on this list. Bold. I absolutely adore names that speak what they are plainly. Why pick a name that means bold when you can just name her Bold?! Don't we all want our daughters to be full of courage. It's not just for the men.

There's something daring and fantastic about a woman who is full of boldness. What will her purpose be? What will she be bold about? This little girl will need plenty of experience learning about the world around her. She will probably become a passionately dedicated woman who goes after solutions to problems with a tenacious and faithful guile.

Bold cannot be stopped. Bold will stay the course and not give up. She is destined to speak truth and not give into fear. She fights fear with her sword and slays the enemy of timidity with one blow. Bold inspires other little girls around her and as long as her passion is directed toward worthwhile endeavors, she cannot be stopped!

10 Thorn

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Thorn. He's a tough guy for sure. I mean who could have the name thorn and be a wuss. Not only will you have a tough guy on your hands, but he might need to wrestle every night! Get ready!

Imagine a protection, an impeding characteristic in a man. That's just what a thorn is. It keeps the plant from being attacked. And so Thorn, the man, is a protector. He keeps his crew safe from harm. He's your "go to" guy when troubles come. His eye is on his family and friends to keep them safe.

But don't get on his bad side! Thorns can also be difficult. But as with all areas of challenge, it's worth it if you see it through. Don't be shy to train this little man how to behave towards others - he may need a little nudge toward kindness before he leaves home.

9 Echo

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If you want to get scientific, an echo, meaning 'sound,' is a repeated noise from sound waves that have reflected off of something else like a wall, or rock structure etc. But I like to think about the Greek myths (that seems to be a theme in this list huh?!).

Hera, a goddess, was super tired of this little nymph talking so much that she made it to where it could only repeat what others were saying. As in, the nymph faded away until only her voice was left. So she became an echo. Isn't that fascinating?!

Anywho, a little girl named Echo is perfect especially when she's little cause that's what the do right, repeat everything they hear. Talk about adorable! Then, when she becomes a woman she'll just have that super cool name that everyone else wished their mother had given them.

8 Bodhi

Talk about a renegade. Bodhi is just asking for a misdemeanor...I mean a censure. I guess it depends on his future profession. This name is just asking for trouble. But just because his name sounds tough, doesn't mean he can't be sensitive and attentive to other's needs and feelings.

Bodhi actually means "awakening" and comes from the Buddhist tradition. When you hear people talk about enlightenment, this is the word that concept comes from. Bodhi might actually bring some freedom from hate and greed to your home.

It represents a deep understanding of how things truly exist in the universe. So if you're feeling a big hippie, or a little new agey, this might be a perfect fit for your little boy. Or, if you're into that tough-guy sounding name, but you want the meaning to have a softer quality this may be the perfect midpoint between edgy and soft.

7 Thyri

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Wow. This Danish name honors the Norse god of war. She's a warrior, no doubt about it. With that hand raised in the air screaming for victory, that's the kind of girl Thyri will become. Fearless and brave, she'll run onto the battlefield of life with her sword drawn and lead others to fight.

Hopefully she won't fight at school or get into trouble. But honestly, what's a little trouble if the fight is a noble one? You can help her fight for what is right and true and good. Leaders can go either way - toward the good or they can guide others into ruin. Thyri is a name that was meant to honor. So let's ponder that one. Honor means to highly respect or esteem. So what can Thyri be guided toward that will enlist her to use her passion for what is right?

Well that's not my job, it's yours. Thyri can bring the passion, but you must bring the motivation!

6 Torn

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Now Torn has that double feature benefit to it as well. Something being torn can seem tragic, difficult, like ripping away, but it has a positive twist as well. What if you think of the word in terms of being torn between things? That embodies a feeling of longing, and of thoughtfulness.

Whichever word picture you are drawn to, give the name Torn a chance. He sounds rugged and a little rough around the edges, but it sounds like his heart is golden. Torn is a pensive man, that considers the paths in front of him, and while at times he may act seemingly rashly and rip himself from destructive situations, there is also the opposite characteristic in him.

One benefit from this type of behavior is that Torn may never be manipulated. He's always ready to leave a situation gone wrong with a keen eye for creating win/win scenarios. Although his name is in the past tense, he is a future thinker.

5 Oma

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You'd never know it to look at her, but Oma is a strong and valiant woman. Her name means "commanding." So not only does she walk into battle, she's the woman in charge. Strategy, willing to go first, these are qualities that are typically thought of in men, but Oma has the potential to possess them.

Say the name out loud. Right now. Seriously. Oma...how did you feel when you said it? Peaceful, rested, centered? So think of the future of a little girl who is commanding but brings peace to those around her. That's powerful stuff right there!

In 1916 the United States had it's highest number of babies named Oma, at 284. That may sound high, but check out the ratings for Sophia this year: approx 10,000!! And it's down from closet to 13,000 a couple years ago. Stick with Oma, she's your girl.

4 Rahm

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This guy can get things going! Rahm is actually another one of our gender neutral names. But I think of it as belonging to a boy, although that "Rh" tends to make me think of girls. Either way it's an amazing and unique name that means "pleasing" or "supreme."

Rahm doesn't just rule over those around him with an iron fist! No way, he possesses the qualities to draw the people in through his charming personality. He pleases those around himself, while remaining in charge.

Originating in the Hebrew and Sanskrit languages, Rahm does has that international feel to it. Charging the next hill toward battle, Rahm riles everyone up, chanting the victory song. His troops would be weary after a several day journey through the mountains and desert, except that he gave them all a SWAG (Stuff We All Get) bag with extra pacifiers and cheerios in it for the road. See? He's not just about winning, he's about pleasing.

3 Vida

I hope our next baby is a girl..be done after that HA! #2017:

The name Vida conjures up so many positive meanings, it's hard to choose which one to focus on! How about "life," that's appropriate right, I mean you chose life when you had her right?! What about "beloved?" That tiny baby Vida, so loved. She is your beloved.

Now consider the meanings, "wisdom" and "knowledge." A wise woman is rare and this little life will shine in dark places. Her wisdom can reach even the darkest heart and invoke change. Her words of knowledge can draw out the most resistant of souls and give them purpose. This girl packs a punch and she looks good doing it!

How can you say the name Vida without smiling. Your lips curl upwards naturally. This indicates that she'll be a joy to you in the midst of trial. Hold her hand, look into her eyes and take a deep breath. Her life will be life-giving back to you.

2 Falcon

My future hipster babies:

Did you know that falcons exist on every continent except Antarctica? They are swift and can alter course quickly. Naming your son Falcon is a gift to his adaptability. Life is strange and there are few who can react with precision, but Falcon can do this.

The bird dives at a speed so high that no other bird can match it. He can get up to 200 miles per hour when performing what is called the "stoop," a move where he soars to great heights only to dive quickly to capture his prey. If you name your child Falcon, you can be certain that he'll see what he wants from a long distance and will soar to great heights to achieve his goals.

You can nurture this visionary with practical training. Falcons are known for being highly trainable, so don't feel that just because he is destined to soar, that he doesn't need discipline. Give him the necessary tools for life and then set him free!

1 Una

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Pronounced "OO-nah," her name means "one." Una's destiny is to bring unity and love to the world. Take care to hold her tender heart in your hands as she encounters the world as it exists. Cherish her and she'll be able to fight the evil she encounters with grace.

A poem by Spencer in the 16th century was written with a character named Una. She was fearless and sought to rescue her parents from the Evil Dragon, which symbolized the evil that humanity was capable of. The Lady Una symbolized truth, goodness and wisdom.

Can you imagine a better namesake? This woman charged ahead to rescue those most dear to her. She didn't care what others thought of her, she marched on and fought the enemy. That's what this world needs, a woman named Una who will fight for what goodness is left in the world!



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