20 Enchanting Names That Would Suit A Beautiful Baby With Green Eyes

Mom has been researching for the last 9 months, from the moment she knew she was going to be a parent. She has probably added so many names to the ever-growing list as she will want the baby's name to be the very best. Despite innumerable names on the list, she would definitely start looking for even more stunning and suitable names, once she discovers that she has been blessed with a baby with gorgeous green eyes. For those parents blessed with such a baby, this is the right place to find that perfect name for the green-eyed angel.

If the baby herself is fortunate enough to be so different, then giving her a unique name that enhances and defines her beautiful eyes would surely be an added grace. Emma Stone and Kristen Stewart are celebrities who have been blessed with green eyes, but neither of their names have anything to do with eye color. Having the perfect name that emphasizes those gorgeous eyes is like wearing a matching dress that highlights the same. 

Just imagine a princess named Aileen wearing an emerald green ball gown, smiling shyly as she approaches. And of course, her eyes are a stunning green! Aileen in Scottish means 'green meadow', while in Irish it means 'light'. It is a beautiful and simple, yet sophisticated name that does justice to any green-eyed baby girl. If it's a boy, mom can consider naming him ‘Bernlak', which means 'The Green Knight'. What a striking name for a green-eyed boy!

A name is not just meant for addressing the baby; it can define the baby's personality and destiny. So... to be on the safe side, choose a name that sounds best from this list of 20 most enchanting names that would suit a beautiful baby with green eyes.

20 Aileana

The word ‘Aileana' is derived from the Scottish language which implies ‘from the green meadow'. In some other languages, Alieana carries deeper meanings that are powerful and complete. In Slavic origin, it means "Light". 

If you name your girl child as Aileana, she will be an epitome of boldness and independence. The meaning of this name will be reflected in her personality as she grows from a kid to a teenager. According to numerology, Aileana represents power and sacrifice. Other creative versions of this name are Aileen, Aileene, Ailen, Alain, Alaina, Alaine, Alan, Alana, Alane, Alani, Aeleni.

19 Emerald

There is obviously no doubt that the baby girl name Emerald is based on the precious stone Emerald. As a baby name, Emerald is of Persian origin and it represents the color ‘green'. In ancient times, Emerald was used as the most preferred jewels in the crowns of Egyptian kings. Back in olden times, Emerald was assumed to open up the doors of one's heart to not only intellect but also compassion and love.

The name Emerald is a fascinating name that is ideal for a green-eyed baby girl. Every kid is precious to their parents, so why not give them a precious name too? If your baby girl is born in the month of May, then Emerald is a great choice as this precious jewel the birthstone associated with May.

18 Fern

The name ‘Fern' is from the English language. It is basically a botanical name for a plant of green tone that is fond of shade. In Geek, the name ‘Fern' signifies feather. Fern can be used to describe the delicacy and tenderness of your baby girl with green eyes. Fern is also used as a short form for Fernanda. 

Governed by number 5, people named Fern are passionate about traveling and are always in for an adventure. They are not confined by the societal norms and traditions, and they determine their own way of living a life. Mostly, people with this name follow intellectual professions involving teaching, philosophy, and scholar.

17 Haritha

Haritha has an Indian name of Sanskrit origin. Haritha in the Hindi language means greenery.  It is a commonly used name for Indian girls, though the name is more or less unknown outside the country, making it a unique choice for an American child.

Ruled by the planet Moon, Haritha falls in Cancer (Kark) astro sign. Other names that might sound like Haritha are Haard, Haarit, Hard, Harida, Harit, Hariti, Heerad, Herit, Hirad, Hirdaya, Hirudhaya. Governed by lucky number 3, the people with Haritha name have the potential to motivate others. They are a mixed bunch of talent and creativity. Mostly, people named as Haritha emphasize on living a simple life than others and they passionately devote their lives to their work.

16 Kelly

Kelly is derived from the ancient Irish Gaelic name, ‘Ceallach.' It is also considered a derivative of the Cornish name Celli, meaning a grove of trees. This popular Irish name is associated with lively personalities. Earlier it was a common name for boys but with changing times, this name is now more common for girls. If you are thinking about naming your baby girl, Kelly, then you can call her Kel and Elly at home.

Other variations of the name ‘Kelly', include Keliye, Kellina, Kellie, Kelli, Kelley, Kelle, Keeley, and Keety. There are quite a few faces in the Hollywood industry who are the proud owners of the name Kelly including Singer Kelly Clarkson, the winner of the American Idol contest.

15 Alvern

Alvern is a bay boy name from the Latin language which means 'spring'. Now, that's definitely a green name for a green-eyed boy! After all, what's greener than the fresh color of nature during the spring season.

The name Alvern is pronounced as aaLL-erN †. Some variations of the name Alvern are Alverne, Alvirn, Alvirne, Alvarn, Alvarne, Aleron and Alvurn. Boys with the name Alvern are good intellectually, but they are highly energetic and require several outlets for their energies. They are bold, independent and, inquisitive.

14 Bernlak

Bernlak is an interesting name from the Arthurian legends. The Green Knight is actually a character of the 14th-century Arthurian poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight whose true name is revealed to be "Bernlak" So the name ‘Bernlak' is said to carry the meaning 'The Green Knight.' Surely a name that will define the personality of your green-eyed boy child.  

Governed by the superpower, Moon, Bernlak belongs to Sagittarius (or Dhanu) astro sign. Ruled by number 20, the people born with the name ‘Bernlak' is considered the epitome of magnificent energy. They deal with their lives in the most intellectual and practical ways.

13 Phyllis

The name Phyllis is of Greek as well as Indian origin. In Greek, the meaning of the name Phyllis is Leafy foliage or a green bough. Phyllis, a character in Greek mythology is the daughter of a Thracian king who was married to Demophon, the King of Athens. According to the legend, Phyllis was changed to an almond tree after her death and bore no leaves until her lover returned to her.

According to numerology, persons with Phyllis name are genuine and faithful. Our experts tell that people born with this unique name have a high emotional quotient which helps them to understand other human beings better. Variations of this name include Philida, Philis, Phillidia, Phyllida, Phylis, Phyllida, Phyllis and Phylys.

12 Aileen

Aileen is the English variant of the French name Aveline which in turn was derived from the Germanic Avila. Aileen is said to be an Anglicized form of the Irish Eibhlín. Evelyn is another lovely name derived from Eibhlín, that can be considered for a beautiful baby girl.

Aileen is also considered a Scottish version of the Irish name ‘Eileen.' So from its Scottish origin, Aileen takes on the meaning ‘from the green meadow.' It gracefully enhances the beauty of anyone with green colored eyes. Beautiful, simple and sophisticated, Aileen is a sum of all these adjectives. The prominent variations of Aileen are Alene, Aline, Eileen, Ilene, Clean, Ileen.

11 Sage

The name ‘Sage' is derived from the English language. Its meaning is "herb"  making it a cute green name. This name also means' a wiser person'. Sage is usually used for boys, though it is becoming more popular for girls.

Falling under the number 12 in numerology, people named Sage are exceptionally creative. Number 12 denotes huge success, so people bearing this name have the potential to master over life issues and they are not prone to failures. These people tend to switch their careers on a frequent basis. They are true nature lovers.

10 Teal

By the name itself you can understand the baby name, Teal is derived from the bluish green dark color of the same name. This is an ideal name if your little darling has greenish blue eyes and you are not sure whether to go for green names or blue names.

Teal is a unisex name you can use for naming your princess or prince, though the name is more commonly used for boys. Teal Redmann the famous actor, Teal Bunbury the soccer, Teal Sherer are some of the public figures who are the proud bearers of this beautiful name.

9 Oleander

According to Babycnter.com, Oleander is a Jewish name for a baby girl. The name Oleander originated from the Hebrew language. It signifies an individual who has bluish green eyes. Oleander is actually an evergreen shrub. It is commonly found as a small tree with white, pink, or red flowers. 

This name sounds sweet, but it also reflects a strong personality. Commonly used to address boys, the name Oleander is now being used for girls too. Oleander is a symbol of inner beauty and strength that a person hides from the world around them. The nicknames that can perfectly go with Oleander are Ole, Oli, Le and Lele.

8 Tawney

Tawney is an Irish name whose meaning is 'a greenfield'. Tawney also indicates a certain shade of brown -the warm sandy color of a lion's coat. This is quite a unique name that will make your daughter stand out in a crowd. If not as a first name, you can consider it for her surname.

Tawney used to be more popular as a surname. The Tawneys from Essex held a family seat as Lords of the Manor. According to Wikipedia, the family name was first referenced in the 13th century when they held estates in that shire. The name originated from Saint Aubin du Thenney in Eure. Cyril Tawney 1930 – 2005) was an English singer-songwriter

7 Naina

Naina in the Hindi language means 'eyes'. The origin of the name is Indian. Rather than a green name, this name literally mean 'eyes' making everyone take note of your darling's gorgeous green eyes. This name emphasizes her eyes as her most defining factor.

It would probably compel everyone to look into her beautiful eyes and admire it. In the Arabic language, Naina means peaceful. There are hundreds of songs on Naina, in the Hindi, Bengali, Arabic languages., that sing praises about the power of bewitching eyes.

6 Olive

The name ‘Olive' is derived from the Latin word ‘olive', for the small tree bearing fruits called olives. Did you know that all olives start out green and then turn black or a dark purple as they ripen?

The baby name Olive is of English origin. This is a noble name as it from the Christian holy book, the Bible. The story behind this name is that a dove visited Noah after the massive floods receded with an olive leaf, refreshing and fresh. The name Olive is symbolic of peace. Olive is a specific shade of green. Generally, people named Olive tend to work with other like-mind people to attain a certain level of peace and harmony in their lives.

5 Beryl

Beryl is an English name with a hint of Greek. It is the name of a precious green gemstone Beryl. Since your princess has such beautiful eyes, Beryl would be the best name for her, adding even more charm, just like the gemstone.

Emerald and aquamarine are the more well-known varieties of Beryl gemstones. Hexagonal crystals of beryl are naturally occurring and these can be as large as several meters in size. Since ancient times, people used to name their children after precious stuff, things as an indication of just how precious their child is to them. Well, there's no doubt just precious gemstones are! So Beryl is definitely a precious green name!

4 Ivyanne

Ivyanne is a name that is popular for baby girls. In the English language, Ivyanne signifies a climbing evergreen ornamental plant commonly known as Ivy. Girls named ‘Ivyanne' tend to have a deep urge for a family and a house full of kids. The community is important to them. They tend to be in professions where they can serve the community for the betterment of the people.

Generally, women named Ivyanne are found to be sensitive though quick-tempered. Ivyannas are passionate and compassionate people. The name ‘Ivyanne' comprises of three syllables. The names that closely sound to Ivyanne are Ibhanan, Ifeoma, Ivan, Ivana, Ivanna, Iven, Ivon, Ivona, Ivonne. Ivy is a really cute pet name for them.

3 Jade

The word ‘Jade' has a Spanish origin which signifies a green gemstone. Interestingly, the name is taken from ‘Jade', the semi-precious stone whose name, in turn, is derived from the Spanish phrase‘piedra de ijada' meaning ‘stone of the bowels.'

Jade is a common name for both boys and girl.s If you are choosing Jade as a name for your kid, Jady can be a cute nickname for him/her. Or you can simply call them J. You can also consider naming your child Jayde and Jaida, both of which are derived from Jade. Other international variations of ‘Jade' include Jady, Jadira, and Giada.

2 Denver

Denver is a rare name, merely one person in approximately 56530 masses has been named as Denver so far. Denver holds different meanings in different languages of the world. To English and American people Denver signifies a green valley. On the other hand, Denver is actually a surname Denver which means ‘From Anvers.'

Anvers is one of the renowned capital cities of Colorado in the USA. There are quite a few famous personalities who have the name Denver as their surname or their first name. Bob Denver and Denver Pyle are two such famous faces you may be familiar with.

1 Cyan

In the English language, Cyan means light-greenish blue. Cyan is an Irish baby boy name. It is a variant of Cian, a traditional Gaelic name which means ‘ancient.' According to Irish mythology, Cian was referred to as the father of Lug as well as a seducer of the Fomorian princess named Ethniu.

Cyan is the number 7 in numerology, people with 7 think deeply about how to make this world a better place. These individuals are unique and stand out of the crowd. Boys name Cyan are romantics at heart who remain faithful to their partners.--

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