20 Essentials Every Good Mom Needs

As a new mother or a mother who has had a child before there are always new toys and products out on the market that every mother “should have.” Most moms might not have the best or newest version of it, but if she has it then she can fulfill her child's needs and be a good mother. Some things are more standard than others such as a crib and diapers, but there are a few unique items on this list that not all mothers have, but they should. Think of something that a woman really needs right now as an adult. Most likely whatever it is she needs, she can go out and get. Now think of it from a baby’s perspective. They are not capable of telling mom what they need or should have so moms need to be prepared and think on their behalf too!

Moms do not have to get the best of the best. As long as it works and it’s safe and healthy for the child, that will do and go a long way! A lot of these products are not only beneficial to the baby, but to the mother as well. A lot of baby products actually benefit the mom more than the baby. Let’s take a look at some incredible products she should have or needs to get if she is a mother.

20 Digital Baby Monitor, Obviously


How can any mother go wrong with a baby monitor? A baby monitor is great when you put your child to bed but you still have access to monitor the baby. This is good to make sure they are still sleeping or to catch them if they are awake. The baby monitor will let you see the baby and hear the sounds coming from the room. Digital Baby monitors are a must for any new mother and are worth investing in. Of course, you can probably hear the baby if it cries but this will give a new mother reassurance.

19 Humidifier: Babies Are Sensitive To Dryness


A humidifier adds moisture to the air and will help relieve irritated and dry skin. Babies are very sensitive to dry environments; therefore this is adding more moisture in the air to prevent irritations. More and more kids are suffering from eczema and other skin conditions, therefore, a mother needs to make the necessary precautions in order to prevent these conditions. Getting a humidifier is the first step. This will help them sleep better too! It’s a win-win for everyone. Humidifiers also blow air, which is soothing to a baby and can help them fall asleep just by watching the air come out and hearing the sound. There are certain humidifiers you can get that allow essential oils in them. This will benefit your child if they are sick and you put a few drops of peppermint oil in their humidifier at night.

18 Thermometer: Baby's Temperature Is Always Changing


Having a thermometer around when you have a kid is a no-brainer. Why do you think you should have a thermometer somewhere in your house? Kids temperatures change in a blink of an eye and being able to see their temperature is crucial. Children have weak immune systems and tend to pick up on more sicknesses and infections than one realizes. According to motherandbaby.co.uk “the ‘normal’ temperature for a baby can range from 36.4 degrees Celsius to 36.8, but each baby has a slightly different core temperature, so this will vary. It’s a good idea to take your little one’s temperature when you know they are well, so you can get a good idea of what their normal, healthy temperature is.”

17 Waterproof Bibs Make Cleanup So Much Easier


Waterproof bibs are a good product to have around the house for many reasons. This product will benefit the baby and the mother. For one, the baby will not get food and drinks spilled all over themselves and for two- the mother can wash the bibs, instead of going out and buying more and more of them. Every child needs a bib regardless if it is waterproof or not. The only thing is the waterproof bibs will help from getting stained and are good quality. Another thing is, they make waterproof bibs for adults too- so if you don’t want your child eating alone with a bib on, why don’t you put one on yourself.

16 Milk Bottles + Milk Bottle Warmer


Babies need milk, and where will the milk come from? A bottle. Sometimes when you are traveling you can’t always heat the milk up the way you need too. Well, now you can! With a bottle warmer, you can heat it up on the go, at home, in the car… wherever you are. This is a good little machine to invest in and you will always be able to use it or give it to another mother when you are finished with it. There are many different bottles you can find too but why not make it fun and amusing for the child to look at. It’s like marketing for babies.

15 Portable Sleep Station For Naps Anywhere


Children get heavy, and there are only so many hours you can stand holding them in your arms. Not only that, when you are out and about and are busy the last thing you need hanging off your waist is a child (even though we enjoy it sometimes.) Investing in a portable sleep station is good for the child to have a place to nap when they need too! It is also good to take with you to different places so the child is familiar with their own personal sleeping space and you don’t just lay them down wherever. Not that they are aware of what’s going on but it’s worth it.

14 Infant Nail Trimmer To Avoid Scratches


Children’s nails grow long and fast. It’s important to keep up with cutting them so they don’t injure themselves and other people who want to hold them. Make sure you buy a good nail trimmer and you are aware of how to use it in order to ensure safety for the child. Nail trimmers come with a few different settings. They usually run on batteries so if you buy a good one it will last a lifetime. The portable ones are okay, but this is a lot easier on the child and on the Mother doing the cutting. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

13 Bouncy Seats Keep Kids Busy


Are you trying to get your child to sit at the table and do their homework or sit at the table and finish their food? Of course, they need to be old enough to use a bouncy seat like in this photo but upgrading to one will keep your child busy. Bouncy seats are good for babies too because it allows them to jump around but stay put in their own space. This prepares them for walking and lets them extend their body and move around. It will also play them out a bit and make them tired. I don’t know any kid that didn’t enjoy going on their bouncy seat.

12 Baby Carrier For Moms On The Move


Again, children get tired and so does a mother and father's arm. Investing in a baby carrier could be one of the best baby investments you will make. If you are out and about at the mall or doing yard work or even work around the house and your baby does not want to be set down, strap them in and go about your day. It will make it easier on both of you. This is especially true when you are at the grocery store or if you are out for your nightly walk. If they are not in a stroller then this is the next best thing.

11 White Noise Machine

Sometimes no matter what you do, the baby will just not fall asleep. Why not try a ‘white sound machine?’ This machine works like magic for many babies. Babies need that sound to fall asleep sometimes, just like some adults who can’t fall asleep without the sound of the TV. A white noise machine can also be used for adults who have problems falling asleep. So once your baby is done with it, you can put it in your room and get double the use out of it. There are only so many stories and so long you can spend rocking them around the house in your arms. This might solve a babies sleeping problem.

10 Bath Tub With A Sling


A bathtub with a sling is a great way to prop your child up and keep them still in the bath. This will help their neck stay put and not flop around when their mother is trying to clean them. Yes, adults can use them too but they are mainly used for small children. There is that awkward age where they are too big to be washed in the kitchen sink but too small to be set in the bathtub by themselves. This is that age which recalls buying a sling for your tub. Your baby will no longer make strange in the tub with such a fun way to lie.

9 Diaper Bag Are Essential For Leaving The House


A fun diaper bag is essential when bringing a child into the world. You need a place to store your diapers when you are out as well as your wipes and anything else that you can put into the diaper bag. Sometimes even a place for the baby to have a quick little nap. The diaper bag is basically for everything the child needs while you are out of the house. Make sure it is big enough the first time around so you don’t have to go out and buy a new one. Of course you could use a plastic bag but with all the things some moms put in a diaper bag, unfortunately, they are not as durable.

8 High Chair, Obviously


No kid wants to eat on the floor, well maybe they would like to but that is no way to eat like a family. Every mother should have an appropriate high chair for their child, in order for them to sit at the table with their parents. There are many high chairs out there but make sure you invest in a durable high chair. One that will not fall over on the child and seriously hurt them. Make sure they will not be able to get out of the chair either. A high chair just gives the child equal opportunity to eat with their family and feel apart of the team.

7 Nursing Pillow: It's Better Than You Think


Children get heavy if you are constantly nursing them, especially if you have more than one child. With a nursing pillow, it makes it easier on the child and on the mother having to hold the child. It is also very comfortable to rest the children on. A nursing pillow is that accessory that a lot of mothers feel they don’t need, but once they have it they can’t live without it. There are many baby products out there that are similar but they are so worth the money. Don’t put your arms through the pain when you don’t have too!

6 Non-Toxic Skin Care Products


There are so many skin care products out there that are so toxic for your skin. Not only that but they are tested on animals and are just garbage. Your child deserves the very best and it’s important that you buy natural skin care products for them. Children are also very sensitive to everything. You want to make sure that they are not going to react to a product once you have rubbed it all over their skin. Make sure you only use a bit of the product to test it out first and make sure they will not have a bad reaction.

5 Carseat With Canopy To Protect From Sun


A car seat with a canopy is good for a baby who needs to sleep in darkness. It is also good to cover up your baby for privacy. Not everyone should get to see that precious child when you are transporting him or her from place to place. It shelters the sound too, so the baby can sleep in peace and not hear so much noise. A car seat is standard and most parents who drive will have a car seat in their vehicle for their child. There are car seats that work in strollers too! They are a two-in-one deal.

4 Baby Swing Help Prepare Babies For Walking


A baby swing is another accessory that keeps the baby busy and occupied. It lets them have fun without having to be held onto by their parents and it gives the child some freedom and fun to have by themselves. A baby does not necessarily need a baby swing but if they have a good mother, they will have one. Children and babies get bored and this will help keep them entertained for so long. A baby swing helps them stay balanced and gets them ready to start walking and making more and more body movements. This is another gift you can give away down the road to a mother in need.

3 Changing Pads: A Clean, Portable Place To Change


You don’t want to change your baby on your carpet or on the kitchen table. We all know how babies are and for the cleanliness of our tables and carpets, it’s crucial to have a mat or pad to change the baby on. This is comfortable for them too! It is also sanitary when you take your baby out and need to change them. You don’t want to just lay your baby wherever to change them. You want to make sure they are laying on something clean and comfortable. You can buy these changing pads just about anywhere so there is no excuse why a mother shouldn’t have one.

2 Baby Gym For Fun And Exercise


A typical baby gym will not look like the photo, but a mother can make their gym as unique as she would like. You might be putting two and two together and be wondering why a baby would need a gym. Well, it’s not exactly a gym that adults go to but more or less, a space where they have their fun and exercise. This is an area to keep them busy and a fun space for them to hang out. It’s a space where if your friend or family member brings their kids- they go to this area and chill and do fun baby activities.

1 Toys, Toys, And More Toys


Can a baby really have too many toys? What do your friends and family members get them for Christmas or their birthdays? More toys, and then they come over and wonder why the baby has so many toys. Well if your baby has a lot of toys and things to keep them busy, you are a GOOD mom. Having the proper necessities to raise a baby will come in handy and I hope this list has provided you with a few unique ideas and things that will help you out as a mother down the road. Again, toys will always be a must for a baby no matter what age they age.

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