20 Everyday Things Moms Should Do The Moment The Stick Turns Pink

Mom just found out that she is pregnant, and she must be so happy! At the same time, she is going to need other moms to show her how life is about to change forever.

That said, she is going to have to start making some significant changes right now. And there are going to be things she is going to have to do that she either never had to do before, or did not have a reason to be so mindful. And, if her communication with her partner has not been great, now is the time to change that.

Besides, she and her partner will need to be talking about many things that go beyond figuring out when they both want to announce the pregnancy. That is just one small thing they will have to plan now that she found out that she is pregnant. And, we are not talking about the one-time tasks Mom is going to have to take care of during here pregnancy. There are everyday things that every mom must do once the stick turns pink. 

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20 Budget Your Finances


Once you get that positive pregnancy test, then you know that you are going to have to make so many changes, and one of those changes you are going to need to make is your spending habits. According to BabyCenter, there are many expenses you will need to start banking up for once that baby arrives.

This is the time to start looking into life insurance as well! You will also need to look into the costs of adding another family member when it comes to life insurance. Not to mention, kids are expensive, so there is no better time to start saving up, and clipping coupons like the present!

19 Pay Attention To Your Health

monitor health

If you have not had a checkup for a while, and you have not been actively trying to get pregnant but it happened anyway, this is the time that you need to start paying attention to your health. And, even if you have been actively trying to achieve a pregnancy, and you have always been in perfect health, your health can change.

According to BabyCenter, if you are not paying attention to your body, you could end up not taking your symptoms seriously either, especially since you may be assuming that any ailment you are facing could just be due to pregnancy. The truth is, if you are dealing with  extreme fatigue, nausea, or itchiness, then you can't just write it off as normal pregnancy symptoms. You need to be checked out by a medical professional if you are experiencing any changes in your health.

18 Do Some Research To Plan For What Is In Store


Before you were pregnant, you must have spent a lot of time online and looked up information on the web that you may have been curious about. Well, now that you are pregnant, you will keep looking up information online. Just the difference is, you are going to have to do some research on what to expect during your pregnancy and find out how you can prepare for a newborn.

According to BabyCenter, even though no one can really prepare you what life is like with having a newborn, as long as you do what you can to learn and plan- you will have an easier time adjusting. Whatever you do, try not to worry yourself by researching every pregnancy complication there is. As long as you are taking good care of yourself, the odds are in your favor that you will be just fine.

17 Be Selective Of The Foods You Eat

plan foods during pregnancy

If you just found out that you are pregnant and you are unsure of what foods to eat and what to avoid, then there is good news. There is a lot of information on the types of food you should be eating during your pregnancy, as well as the foods to stay away from. And, if you really want to maximize your chances of staying healthy during your pregnancy, then you will want to hire a dietician or a nutritionist that can give you the proper guidance that you need.

And, one example of where a lot of confusion lies is that so many pregnant women are afraid to eat fish. According to BabyCenter, consuming low-mercury fish like salmon, trout, and cooked seafood is encouraged to be eaten because it has the important properties like Omega 3 fatty acids to promote brain development in the unborn baby. Fish like King mackerel, swordfish, tune stakes, orange roughy, and shark meat are high in mercury levels so those are the types of fish to keep away from.

16 Stop Those Bad Habits Now


It is a known fact that smoking and drinking during pregnancy is a bad idea. And, if you are pregnant and you are into those bad habits, then you will need to stop. And, if you cannot stop cold turkey, then you are advised to work out a plan with your doctor to wean yourself off.

However, you may not think that eating sugary foods will affect the baby. According to BabyCenter, these foods are considered to be junk food for a reason.

They offer no nutritional value. There is nothing wrong with indulging in a sugary treat or fast food meal once a week, but this is the time to stop making a daily habit of it. And, you can drink some coffee but don’t consume more than 200 mg of caffeine, which are two small cups of coffee a day.

15 Lower The Temperature Of The Baths You Take


You may have heard that it is hazardous to continue taking baths during your pregnancy, but the good news is that this is just an old wives tale. It is perfectly safe to bathe during your pregnancy. However, according to BabyCenter, you will want to make sure that the bath water is no hotter than 100 F, and better yet, to keep it at 98.6 F, which is the average normal body temperature.

You can take a child's thermometer and let it sit in the water for a minute to find out the temperature of the bath water. Taking very hot baths in the first trimester can be quite hazardous as it can cause your blood pressure to plummet, which can also affect the unborn baby. But don't write off taking lukewarm baths, because it can be quite healing for the pregnancy-related aches and pains that are in store!

14 Take Lots Of Selfies


If you are into taking selfies as it is, then during your pregnancy, you will want to continue with that habit. According to BabyCenter, you are really going to want to take pictures of your pregnancy each week. And, as you enter the later part of the second and third trimester, you will want to take those pictures every few weeks since the changes are less apparent later on in the pregnancy.

Before you know it, your baby will be here, and your baby then will be heading off to high school. That is going to be the time you will be full of regrets if you don't take enough snapshots throughout your pregnancy. That is the only way you will be able to really hang onto the memory of your growing boy or girl that was developing inside of you.

13 Get Moderate Exercise

pregnancy workout

You may be wondering if it is safe to keep up with your exercise regimen during your pregnancy. The answer, in a nutshell, is that yes, it sure is! Not only is it safe, but it is essential that you do in order to keep your circulation going.

According to BabyCenter, it is ideal for pregnant women to get moderate exercise which is like doing aerobic exercises for a half an hour for five days a week. But if you are running marathons or if you are living in the gym doing intense workouts, then that is what you will need to scale back. Keep your exercise levels moderate, not intense.

12 Who Do You Want To Be In Charge Of Your Care?

prenatal care

It has already been established that once you find out that you are pregnant, you will need to see your doctor. And, according to Women's Health, you will need to see your doctor for other reasons than just making sure that your health is intact.

This is the time when you will have to decide whether you want to be under the care of an OBGYN, your doctor, or a licensed midwife. Your doctor will help you make the decision that is the best fitting for your needs and wants. Regardless of what you decide, be prepared to be going to a lot of medical appointments as you will need to be monitored often enough during your pregnancy- even if there are no complications.

11 Take Your Vitamins And Supplements

prenatal supplements

Not everyone takes a vitamin daily, even though it is best if they do. However, once you find out that you are pregnant, you will not only have to take vitamins, but you will need to take the right vitamins. That means you will have to take other supplements than just prenatal vitamins. You are going to need to take folic acid and Omega 3 fatty acid supplements to help with the baby's brain development.

According to Women's Health, your recommended daily folic acid intake is about 400 mcg but once you are pregnant, then it jumps to 600 to 800 mcg.

10 Get Up To Stretch And Walk Often

pregnant women walking

If you are used to going on long trips, or if you are sitting at long meetings, then once you are pregnant, you will have to start taking breaks to get up and walk around for about 10 minutes every hour.

According to Women's Health, if you are sitting too long in the same position whether you are on a long road trip or a meeting, then you need to get up and walk around at times in order to keep the circulation going. That said, if you are sitting too long and not moving enough, then you will end up increasing your chances of having a blood clot. This is one complication that you do not want! So that means you need to keep moving.

9 Learn Your Pregnancy Rights

pregnant woman at work

If you are working and you just discovered that you are pregnant, then this is the time to start learning your rights. According to Women's Health, it is illegal to be fired because of being pregnant. And, if your employer does fire you for this reason alone, then you have the right to take them to court.

If you are not armed with knowledge and if you are not sure about your rights, then you will not be able to be proactive if you have been treated unfairly at work due to being pregnant. And, that does not apply to just being fired. Your salary must not change, and neither does the way your boss and co-workers treat you.

8 Channel Your Creativity


You just found out that you are pregnant, and that means you are going to have been doing a lot of prepping and planning. One thing to plan out is the baby's nursery. According to BabyCenter, it is never too early to plan out how you want the baby's nursery to look. Of course, you will want to talk this out with your partner, but this is the time to channel your creative side.

Think about the themes and colors that you want to see in the baby's room. Have fun with this, and when the time gets closer, you will want to maybe consult with decorative consultants to get even more insight.

7 Get Lots Of Good Quality Sleep

pregnant woman sleeping

Many people don't realize the importance of having a good night's rest. Having restless nights once in a while are not concerning. But you will not want to make a habit of it, especially once you are pregnant. That may be difficult if you are facing a lot of nausea or having to go to the bathroom so many times in the night.

In fact, having a good night's rest is so important during pregnancy that it is advisable to start getting to bed a bit earlier than you normally would, according to We Have Kids. That is also because you will need to bank up on that energy you need for those sleepless nights you will have once the bundle arrives.

6 Go Clothes Shopping And Get Rid Of Old Ones

shopping for maternity clothes

Once you got that positive pregnancy test, you are going to have to make peace with the fact that you will never get back to your pre-pregnancy figure. Even after you shed pounds after the baby is born, your body will be different forever which means you will never look like you did before pregnancy.

You already know that you will need to shop for stretchy or maternity clothing (to save money, you will want to get just bigger or stretchy clothing). However, according to We Have Kids, in order to make space that you will need once the baby arrives, you will want to start gathering up your old clothes, and donate them! They are not going to be useful to you anymore.

5 Increase Your H2O Intake

water intake

The last thing you may want to do is drink a lot of water, especially if you are dealing with a lot of nausea. And, you already know that drinking water is important for keeping yourself hydrated whether you are pregnant or not. However, during pregnancy, drinking plenty of that H2O is even more important.

According to We Have Kids, the one reason it is crucial to keep drinking that water is that it supports fetal and maternal circulation. If the water has fluoride, then it will help your unborn baby develop bones. If you are too sick and you are not keeping water down at all, then you need to go right to the ER to get an IV.

4 Get Rid Of Your Chemical-Filled Household Cleaners


If you are using chemically-filled household cleaners to clean your house, you are going to want to trash those after finding out that you are pregnant. According to We Have Kids, there are some great DIY cleaners that are safe and that is by sprinkling baking soda over a mess and using vinegar to clean it up. You can also use vinegar and warm water to clean your tile or laminate floors.

If the smell of vinegar turns you off, then there are safe natural cleaners that you can use. You may want to take that up with your doctor, though, if you are unsure which cleaning brands are safe to use during pregnancy.

3 Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet

medicine cabinet

Now that you are pregnant, you will need to be aware of which OTC medications are safe or not, and this is something you can also consult Motherisk or your doctor about. There are many OTC medicines that are safe to take during pregnancy like low doses of Tylenol and many antacids.

However, according to We Have Kids, you will want to get rid of ibuprofen, medications that have too much caffeine, castor oil, and aspirin. These medications affect your growing baby and you will want to toss those away- unless your partner needs them. In that case, give those to him and let him store them in a place that is convenient for him.

2 Prepare To Do Plenty Of Planning And Brainstorming

date planner

Before you were pregnant, you likely had to take well advantage of your scheduling book to write down reminders of important deadlines for paying your bills. However, now that you are pregnant, you will need to be using it a lot more often.

According to We Have Kids, not only will you need to keep writing down all of your pre-scheduled prenatal appointments, but you will need to write down reminders of when to take your supplements and prenatal vitamins. Additionally, you will be taking plenty of notes after the stick turns pink.

One reason for your constant note taking is the fact that you and your partner will be brainstorming names. And by the way, you will need to take extra notes to remind yourself of having to do many things because you will be quite forgetful thanks to those hormones.

1 Automate Your Life


If you think your life is nuts now, it is ready to become even more challenging. And, as I mentioned before, you are about to become even more forgetful due to those pregnancy hormones. That is why the term pregnancy brain exists. This way, you will want to automate your life, literally.

According to We Have Kids, ou are going to want to do literally everything that is all about convenience. That means you are going to want to set up a pre-payment schedule with your subscriptions and utility companies. You will want to set a schedule for prescription refills, and don't go grocery shopping. Spend the extra money and arrange for the grocery store to deliver your food.

Not to mention, if you are too fatigued, you are not going to have the energy to do any of that anyway on your own.

Sources: BabyCenter.com, Womenshealth.gov, WeHaveKids.com

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