20 Exotic Baby Names That Are Totally Original

Babies are a bundle of joy. No matter a boy or a girl, they are special to their parents in every way. Hence, selecting a name for the little one is no easy task. There’s no magic mathematical formula for choosing the perfect baby name.

While deciding on a baby name, everyone in the house seems to have their recommendations ready. But if the idea is to make the baby stand out in a crowd, parents need a name that most haven’t even heard of before. So many options can be found online too, yet the choice is limited if parents are looking for something uncommon.

As a parent, mom and dad will want to choose a name that not only bespeaks their love and affection but also carries value and significant meaning that would heighten the impact of its utterance. Shakespeare asked, "What's in a name?" in Romeo and Juliet, but the singularity of a name and its astounding presence does make a difference.

The Social Security Administration list in America is a resourceful place to look for baby name ideas as it lists some of the highest ranking names each year. There are also many who prefer to walk the traditional way of naming their kid. For others who don’t want their kid to be the fourth “John” in the class, here’s a look at 20 such exotic names that are totally original.

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20 Isadora

Isadora is a Greek baby girl name with the meaning ' Gift of Isis. Even though Isis is an Egyptian deity, the origin, and meaning of the name is Greek. The dancer Isadora Duncan is a well-known bearer of this stunning name.

Girls named Isadora are born to lead. They are great at organizing and supervising. They are hardworking and ambitious, so it comes as no surprise that they achieve status, power and wealth. Name your gift from God as Isadora and you'll never regret it. In fact, there will come a day when your daughter will thank you for it.

19 Melita

Melita is said to be a Spanish baby girl name of Hebrew and Old Greek origin. It is a Biblical name with the meaning 'affording honey'. Melita is the Spanish variation of the name Mary. It is also said to be a variation of the German name, Melissa.

Girls named Melita have a deep desire for a stable, loving family. Appreciation means a lot to them while criticism is hard for them to bear. They are sensitive souls who are open to love and get hurt quite easily. these gentle souls make wonderful companions

18 Lachlan

Lachlan is an English baby boy name with the meaning 'Warlike'. It is the anglicized form of the Scottish Gaelic Lachlann which in turn is derived from the Gaelic personal name Lochlann. In historical sources, the country of Norway is referred to as Lochlann or Lochlainn. Lachina is the feminine form of the Lachlan.

Little boys named Lachlan are often called pet names such as Lachie, Lachy, and Lockie.

Boys named Lachlan value love and companionship. They want to work towards achieving peace and harmony in the community. They are art loves who respond positively to beautiful things.

17 Flavia

The baby girl name Flavia comes from the Latin for 'blonde or golden-haired'. It is an Ancient Roman name that is the feminine form of the Roman family name Flavius. Flavia Domitilla is the name of a Roman Catholic saint. You may have heard of Princess Flavia from the Anthony Hope novel The Prisoner of Zenda.

The name is popular in Spanish-speaking countries though it is quite rare in the United States. So if you are looking for an exotic baby girl name, Flavia is a great choice. You can call her Avi, Avia or even Fia. Girls named Flavia have strong views on spiritual matters and inspire others to a higher cause.

16 Adriano

Adriano is a Latin baby boy name with the meaning, 'From Adria' or 'of the Adriatic'. But in Spanish, the name Adriano takes on the meaning 'dark'. Adriano is also a Shakespearean baby name which bears the meaning 'Love's Labours Lost'.

With such a dashing name, Adriano is sure to be a dashing heartthrob of all the girls in his zone. Boys named Adriano tend to be dreamers who love art and music. But despite their love for the arts, men named Adriano tend to become powerful in business and they often obtain great wealth. Addy, Rian, Adry, and Rio are cute nicknames for little boys named Adriano.

15 Roi

A fairly popular baby boy name in America, meaning redhead, “Roi” has its roots in Normandy. Roi (also spelled as Roy), meaning “King” is essentially a Norman word which also appears in the ancient pages of Scottish Gaelic. It is believed to be an anglicization of the word “ruadh” which means “red”.

In the Indian context, Roy is usually an adopted last name, a title bestowed upon chosen Bengali community, during the British colonization. Some of the famous personalities with first name Roy includes Roy Emerson (Tennis star), Roy Harper, (English folk rock singer), Roy Keane (Footballer) and Roy Nelson (Cartoonist).

14 Ipsit

Unique, exotic and quite uncommon, Ipsit is a baby boy name in India. The name is derived from Sanskrit, one of the ancient languages, where it means, “Desired”. In the scared Puranas, Ipsit is a tree offering the fruits of one’s desire.

Ipsit is a Hindu name given to a male child. Ipsita is another variant of the name with similar meaning and origin and is generally chosen for a girl child. Numerologists and astrologers see a great deal of potential in people with the name Ipsit, as they tend to be creative, charming and successful in equal measures.

13 Leif

Leif is a baby boy name of Scandinavian origin meaning 'heir or descendant'. Leif is derived from the Old Norse name Leifr meaning 'relic' or 'what is remaining'. Leif is also said to mean beloved, but this may just be a confusion with regard to the Germanic name Leib which means love.

Leif Ericsson, son of Eric the Red, is a Norwegian explorer and adventurer who is said to have discovered North America in A.D. 1000. Since Scandinavian languages differ in their pronunciation Leif may be either pronounced "life", or "lafe". In the northern and eastern regions of the Faroe Islands, the name is pronounced as 'loif' (rhymes with coif). Leif tends to be pronounced as 'leaf' in English speaking countries.

12 Airlia

Airlia is a Greek baby girl name with the meaning 'Ethereal. Airlia is an alternate form of the Greek name 'Airlea'. Airlea iso also said to be of Irish origin, a variant form of the name Airleas.

In its Scottish origin, the meaning of the name Airlia is Eagle Wood. The site whatisthemeaningofname.com reveals that just 9 people are recorded to have this name in the United States. Girls named Airlia tend to be emotional personalities, who get hurt easily. They are quite talented in multiple areas like art, sports, and education.

11 Rocco

Rocco is a German baby boy name meaning "rest". Quite a popular name, Rocco ranks at #457 on baby name popularity charts. Rocco is also a popular name in Italy. The English version of Rocco is Roch while its modern German version is Rochus.

The name gained popularity when singer Madonna chose this for the son she had with British director Guy Ritchie. Rocky Graziano and Rocky Marciano, the legendary boxers, both have the birth name, Rocco. Other celebrities with this name include Rocco Landesman, a noted Broadway producer, and Rocco DiSpirito, is an award-winning celebrity chef. Rocky or Rock are cute pet names for little boys with this stunning name.

10 Kaira

Kaira is a Scandinavian baby girl name with the meaning 'Pure'. Kaira is also said to be of Italian origin with the meanings 'beloved, or friend'. Another claim is that it is an abbreviation of the name Katherine which is derived from the Greek 'Aikaterina' meaning 'clear'. The Greek term katharos means 'pure'.

The name, Kaira, is fast gaining popularity in the Us and ranks at #628, according to nameberry.com. Little girls named Kaira make friends easily with their easy going and innocent nature. They grow up to become capable and charismatic leaders who undertake major endeavors with great success.

9 Verena

Verena is a baby girl name of Spanish origin and has the meaning "integrity". Verena is also said to be a German baby name with the meaning: "Protector". In its English history, the name Verena is given in honor of the 3rd century Saint Verena.

Another claim is that Verena is a Teutonic baby name and in Teutonic, the meaning of the name Verena is "Defending friend". That's a lot of claims over an unusual and exotic name such as Verena. A name which inherently means 'protector and defender with integrity' is surely one you wish your daughter to bear proudly. A great name for your little warrior. You do want her to grow up bold and beautiful, don't you!

8 Aldis

Aldis is an English baby boy name which carries an unusual meaning. In English, the meaning of the name Aldis is: From the old house. According to thinkbabynames.com, Aldis means "battle-seasoned" in old English. Thenamemeaning.com claims that the name Aldis is German in origin and has the meaning “Old or elder”.

Well! It's clear that Aldis is no urban name that has been cooked up recently. The name dates back centuries and was popular as a surname in the 1800's. The meaning 'From the old house' indicates this name was used by the nobility, the old and established houses that were proud of their lineage. Even the German meaning actually supports this. Men named Aldis are respected by the society as they tend to be born leaders, they are winners in life, after all, their name does stand for 'battle-seasoned'.

7 Keely

Keely is an Irish baby boy name with the meaning: Handsome. Keely is derived from the Irish baby girl name Keela which in turn is derived from the Gaelic “cadhla” meaning “beautiful or graceful."

In fact, Keela or its derivation Keely both indicate a sense of a rare beauty, as in girl/boy “so beautiful that only poets can describe them.” Wow! Now that's a nice meaning to have for your gorgeous baby boy. People with this name tend to have a powerful impact in all whose lives they touch. They leave positive and lasting impressions.

6 Tzuri

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Tzuri is a unique and beautiful baby boy name derived from the Hebrew male name 'Tzuriel' meaning 'God is my rock'. Tzuriel is also the name of a town in northern Israel. Tzuri is pronounced as TZuw-Riy- †. Tzuri is also a variation of the name Tzur meaning 'rock'.

Boys name Tzuri are bold and courageous. They are trailblazers who love setting out and testing the unknown. They tend to be drawn to careers that test their physical and mental limits. If you have a girl child and wish to give a similar name, try Zuri. It is a Swahili name which has the meaning “beautiful”.

5 Carlin

Carlin is a German baby boy name which means 'man'. The Gaelic or Irish meaning of the name Carlin is 'the Small champion'. Now that does sound like a perfectly exotic name for your little champ. When he grows up, he'll surely thank you for giving him such a manly name.

Boys named Carlin tend to be extroverts, daring and fearless. They are multitaskers who get involved in many different projects at the same time. They need to rein in this tendency as they sometimes get reckless with both their energy and money. They love being in the center of attention and enjoy careers that put them in the limelight.

4 Aislin

Aislin is an Irish baby girl name with the meaning: Vision. It is derived from 'Aisling', a poetic genre that developed during the late 17th and 18th century in the Irish language. According to the Wikipedia, anglicized forms of the name Aisling include - Ashling, Aislin, Aislinn and Aislene.

Aislin Jones is an Australian Olympic skeet shooter while Aislinn Hunter is a Canadian writer. Other celebrities with this name include Aislín McGuckin, the Northern Irish actress and Aislinn Paul, the Canadian actress. Aislin was also the pen name used by Canadian political cartoonist Terry Mosher.

3 Alethea

Alethea is a Greek baby girl name with the meaning: Truth. The name Alethea was unheard of in the English speaking countries till the early 17th century. it became trending when the future King Charles I courted Spanish Maria Aletea. Rather than Altea, its variant Althea is the one that caught on. Althea is the Mythological Greek goddess of truth.

Women named Althea have an innate talent for expressing themselves, often in public speaking, acting, writing or singing. They love having beauty around them, in their homes as well as work environment.

2 Azure

Azure is the bright blue color of the sky on a clear day. Though a unisex name, Azure is more popular as a baby girl name. Both the English and the French lay claim to this name's origin. Whatever the origin, the meaning of the name is indisputable making it perfect for blue eyes baby girls.

People named Azure, boy or girl, tend to be creative, They have strong artistic abilities, though they tend to be a bit eccentric. They maybe introverts who love listening to music and daydreaming. They tend to love deeply and are willing to make the sacrifices needed to ensure their loved ones are happy.

1 Evelina

The name Evelina is a Celtic baby girl name which carries the meaning: Light. It is also said to be a Russian baby name with the meaning: Life. In its Italian origin, the meaning of the name Evelina is: gives life. So we have the gorgeous meanings of life and light, perfect for your delightful baby angel who has brought light into your life.

Evelina is derived from a French surname, from the Old French 'Aveline' meaning hazelnut. Evelina may be a derivative of the German name Avelina meaning: lively and pleasant. Little girls named Evelina are joyful and active. Their cheerful nature can bring a smile to the grumpiest of faces.

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