20Should Doctors Be Allowed To Play God?

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Their joy was quickly squashed though as Alfie's doctors agreed that it wouldn't be in the child's best interest. According to the BBC, UK doctors agreed that further treatments would be "futile".

It's not uncommon to have to deal with doctors who simply won't listen to a word we say and continue to force their "medical opinion" on us. But is that what happened in the Alfie Evans' case?

As the parents were desperate for a solution and they were getting inadequate answers

in the UK, they were ecstatic when an Italian hospital offered to help Alfie with special treatments, hoping to prolong his life.

They also added: "continued ventilator support is not in Alfie's best interests and in the circumstances it is not lawful that such treatment continue."

Quite eyebrow-raising statements, but also some that would stab any parent in the heart. Retaining hope under such circumstances would be next to impossible, but the Evans family actually had a pro-life supporter fly out from Italy and make camp in the UK in an effort to help (more on that later).

These statements came on the heels for Alfie Evans having been at the hospital on a ventilator for over a year already. Although his parents tried relentlessly to bring him home or fly him out to Italy for treatments, doctors refused each time, saying it wouldn't be in "Alfie's best interests."

Do the doctors or the parents know what's in the best interests of the child?

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