20 Facts About Drake's Love Child That Are Slowly Coming To Light

These days rapper Drake is known for spitting rhymes at sold-out shows, making women everywhere dream of being his number one gal and deflecting saltiness that seems to be coming from all different directions now that he is a megastar. For a minute there this former child actor from the North could do no wrong. Regarding the hip-hop and rap lifestyle, Drake was about as clean and fortunate as they came. He wooed some of the most famous women known to humankind, (like we could ever forget the "fauxmance" between him and that Goddess Rihanna,) and every song he turned out became instant into gold.

The guy could do no wrong until a little murmuring started gaining momentum back in 2017. We began to hear rumblings about our dear Drakey-Poo not being as straight and narrow as we thought. The rumor mill was spilling over with juicy gossip that he had fathered an illegitimate son and he wasn't all that thrilled about claiming his spawn.

Rumors of this nature are nothing new to entertainers like Drake, but lately, the murmurings have been forced back into the spotlight because of all sorts of new facts, theories, and beef.

Here is what we know about Drake's supposed love child.

20 It's A Boy! And His Name Is Adonis

I'm just going to go ahead and say this, two Drakes in this world might be too much for most of us to deal with. Our rapping hottie is enough. We aren't worthy of a junior Drake. Whether or not we feel ready for His Hotness to be procreating and making the world a more beautiful place indeed, it seems he has gone and done it anyhow. Rumor has it Drake is a biological father to a young son. The tyke, who is reportedly less than one year old might grow up to have some of the most blessed genes on planet Earth. We know that his father is a babe, and from what we can tell his mama isn't so bad looking herself.

19 His Baby Mama Used To Be A Film Star

I think it is fair to say that this guy could have any woman on the planet sire his child, but he picked a lady that isn't exactly a pillar of the community. To be fair, she doesn't dabble in the adult film industry any longer, but rumor has it that was her previous occupation. Drake's possible baby mama used to go by the name Rosee Divine and wasn't exactly known for her ability to recite lines. While plenty of rappers have gone the route of music video models and ladies of questionable ethics, we held our darling Drake up to a slightly higher standard, so fans were definitely surprised. Besides, most of us were holding out for a little Drake-Rihanna protege.

18 Drake And Sophie Reportedly Met In Amsterdam

The Toronto born rapper and his rumored son's mother, Sophie Brussaux, reportedly met up in Amsterdam while he was on his Boy Meets World Tour, and she was doing who in the heck knows what. The two were caught on camera dining together along with friends back in January of 2017.

Sources were quick to notice that Sophie's son was born almost exactly nine months after the pair was spotted out and about together, (insert eyebrow-raising right here.)

Sophie exposed her pregnancy just a few months after they had been spotted together, but the extent of their relationship before or after this Amsterdam hook up is a well-guarded secret.

17 Drake Wasn't In The Delivery Room

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Drake has yet to publically claim this little boy whom the world is so convinced belongs to him, and he wasn't there when the kid came into the world. Drake's supposed illegitimate kiddo was born on October 24th, 2017 and it is well documented that Drake was in California during that time celebrating his own birthday. That's right folks, this little Adonis character that Sophie claims is Drake's son shares a birthday with the famous rapper and possible firth time father. While Drake was living his best life in Cali, Sophie was delivering Adonis in her native France. No way was he there for the kid's entrance into the world.

16 He Might Have Texted Sophie To End The Pregnancy

Baby Adonis's mother, Sophie Brussaux, found out she was pregnant shortly after she spent some quality time with Drake. She has claimed that he fathered her son from the get-go, but Drake and his camp have never exactly been sure about that. The girl does have a bit of a salty past. Sophie claims that she told Drake he was about to be a proud papa and he was none too pleased. According to his rumored baby's mama, Drake asked Sophie over text message to do away with the pregnancy, and she refused. Drake's reps claim that they have not seen these supposed text messages, so who knows if they exist.

15 Drake Met His Son On More Than One Occasion

Drake's reps have remained adamant that Sophie Brussaux's son is not the biological child of the child star-turned mega rapper, but then why has Drake met this child, on more than one occasion? Sources close to the child's mother are saying that while Drake missed the birth of the boy, (an entire ocean separated them,), he does seem to be more interested in being a part of the child's life. He has even met Adonis on more than one occasion.

There are rumors that Drake has spent quality time with the boy who may or may not share his DNA and is taking on the financial responsibility of supporting the baby and his mama.

14 Father And Son Share The Same Last Name

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Drake is known to the world as a whole lot of things such as Drizzy, His Royal Hotness, and My Future Husband (if anything should ever happen to the one I have now.) He is also known by his birth name, which isn't Drake. The 31-year-old, Canadian born actor turned rapper's given name is Aubrey Drake Graham. The little boy who is rumored to be fathered by Drake has his last name! That's right people. Drake's former fling, who is reportedly raising his son, gave her kid the star's last name. Drake and the little boy share all three initials, ADG.

13 Sophie Tried To Make It On Reality TV

New developments in this mystery baby and his mother seem to be coming to light more and more nearly every single day now. It appears that on top of performing in the entertainment world, Adonis's mother tried her hand at reality television back in 2012. She was a part of a series called The Real Mistresses of Atlanta, where she was featured for having an affair with an unnamed, married basketball player. The show never got picked up, and Sophie never became a reality television star. Maybe she can audition for something like The Real Baby Mama's of Hip-Hop in the future.

12 Adonis' Birthday Is Suspiciously Obvious

Maybe it's something like fate, and perhaps it's a mere coincidence, but the child that everyone is claiming to be Drake's little boy also shares a birthday with his famous, possible father.

Drake was born on October 24th, 1986 and little Adonis Graham came into the world on the same day, just a few years later.

The little guy was born in 2017, making him two years old this coming fall. Perhaps Drake will come clean with the world and claim his child publically, and the two of them can have the cutest, joint birthday the world has ever seen!

11 The Rumor Came To Light Because Of A Rap Song

Drake and rapper Pusha-T have had a beef for quite a long time, so when Pusha threw shade Drake's way via a rap song, it wasn't exactly news. What was news though was how his rhyme from his recent album which dropped this past May, dissed deadbeat dad Drake and hit on just about every possible detail surrounding the lovechild rumors, The track in question is called, "The Story of Adidon," and it is raunchy and accusatory as all get out. Check out the lyrics HERE. We've seen a whole lot of rap beef over the years, but let me tell you, this one is straight savage.

10 There Might Be Another Dad

While it seems that this Ms. Brussaux has primarily focused on pinning her child on Drake, he isn't the only guy that could have fathered the little boy. A few other famous men might, in fact, be the papa and one is a fellow rapper! Adonis's mommy used to get down with Iman Shumpert, and he has even confirmed that he and Sophie were once a thing, but not in the timeframe that she got knocked up it seems. There are also allegations that she was with rap star A$AP Rocky while she was also with Drake and he too could be the biological dad. Many sources are even claiming that it was his dalliances with the former adult star that led to the demise of A$AP's relationship with Kendall Jenner.

9 Adonis Has Only Been Seen One Time

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For a woman who has made a living flaunting certain assets, Sophie Brussaux doesn't seem all that concerned about flaunting images of her young son on the internet. The former adult star was once a frequent social media user, posting to Instagram often, but once the rumors about her baby's daddy ramped up, she went all mute on us. In fact, we the public only have one image of this little Drake Jr. and all we can see is his body outline.

In the one shot that we were graced with, mommy Sophie looks happy and relaxed as she cradled her infant child in her arms.

8 The Jet-Setting Baby

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Some adults, let alone kids, will never step foot into an aircraft that isn't a commercial flyer, but Adonis Graham isn't just any random kid. He is the possible child of one of Hip-Hop's most celebrated artists. He will likely experience the finer things in life, should his father ever step on up and claim him as his child. Even though Drake's reps continue to poo-poo this boy and his mother's claims, little Adonis still managed to score a private jet ride to see his maybe-daddy for the holidays. Rumor has it Drake flew the tyke and his mother out to see him for this last Christmas.

7 Drake Financially Supports His Supposed Son

There are rumors that Drake has been financially supporting his rumored son and his baby's mama since before the little guy was even born. Some sources are claiming that Drake started contributing financially during Sophie's last weeks of pregnancy and has been making sure the two are taken care of ever since. According to TMZ, the 31-year-old Canadian star is making sure Brussaux “lives comfortably” by quietly giving her money. This child is over a year old; you would think a man this wealthy would go ahead and do the paternity test before shelling out 18 years worth of child support payments, which makes me convinced that he knows this is his kid.

6 Drake Was Going To Have A Baby Reveal

So according to Pusha-T, who is a master at stirring pots and creating drama, Drake had this master plan to reveal his son to the world along with his future shoe line that he has been working on. The footwear gear, a collaboration with Adidas, was to be named Adinon, a nod to his supposed son. Pusha-T throws a blanket of serious shade over this whole theory in his musical diss to Drake with the line, Adonis is your son / And he deserves more than an Adidas press run.” Sophie or Drake have confirmed none of this, and it seems a bit absurd, but in the world of fame and fortune, anything is possible.

5 Sophie Has A Questionable Past

Back when the news initially broke over this whole secret baby fiasco, Drake's camp got out there and made a statement saying that they didn't believe this to be the rapper's son, but if it were then, he would do right by the child. They also released a few statements shedding some light on the baby mama's shadiness saying that Drake is not the only possible father and that Sophie has been having some issues with trying to get into the United States for some time.

If you read between the lines, what they are saying is she is trying to get citizenship anyway she can, even that means pinning a baby on someone.

4 And She Has Now Gone Private On Social Media

It's no secret that Drake fans can get a little bit turned up, it's hard not to be a bit protective over his gorgeous face even if he is a little bit of a deadbeat father. Because Drake's fans are fierce as all get out, Sophie has made her social media pages private. She was reportedly being bombarded with hate all due to her possibly getting knocked up by Drake. She even banned the use of Drake's name on her site. Thanks to mama Sophie's protective, maternal nature it's crazy hard to get a peek at this mini Drizzy of hers.

3 Drake's Son Is Half French

Baby Adonis has quite the mixed ethnic background if he is indeed Drake's biological child. We know that he is at least part French, as his mother Sophie Brussaux was born and raised in France. If he inherited half of Drake's DNA, however, he is also part African-American, as Drake's biological father is black. Drake's mother is white and Jewish, and Drake is of course from Canada. On top of having a diverse cultural background, he is pretty much guaranteed to be a beautiful looking human being as anything coming from Drake is bound to be majestic in the looks department.

2 Adonis Looks Nothing Like Him

So it seems that Drake has been reportedly supporting this child financially since before he was born, and according to Drake's reps no paternity tests have verified that he is the father of the child. It might be high time to make good and sure this is your son Drake because now that the baby is getting a little bit older, he looks nothing like the rapper. Sources close to Drake are saying the child has fair skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair. While that combination, when juxtaposed on his parents' features and backgrounds, doesn't exactly bode well for this being a DNA match, we know that looks aren't everything. I've seen enough episodes of the Maury Povich Show to know that more confirmation is needed when it comes to paternity.

1 Turning A New Leaf

Motherhood changes a person, and Adonis's mother is not all that different from many other mamas who settled into a quieter lifestyle after discovering that they would be welcoming bundles of joy into the world. The video vixen/party girl/slash adult film star has taken up art and is making her living painting and sculpting these days. Sophie’s work can be described as "a mix of surrealism and symbolism with influences of pop art," and she has showcased her artistic talents in some of the major cities across the globe. Adonis might end up inheriting a boatload of artistic talent, both visually from his mother and lyrically from his potential father.

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