19It's Not Always Love At First Sight

We have been conditioned to believe the love and bonding between a mother and her baby is immediate and inviolable. Movies, TV shows, books, brochures, all marketing the image of absoluteness of this sacred relationship but is it wrong to maybe not feel the connection instantaneously? No.

Like everything else, this

too endures a learning curve or at the least an acceptance period. Some women even feel a sense of withdrawal after giving birth. While it may sound cold, or disquieting, it is as much of a natural response to change as it would be to feel an immediate attachment with the baby.

"I didn’t connect with my son right away. He was this…alien who just landed on me and expected to feed off me. He cried A LOT. But so many family members and friends expected me to just embrace motherhood with open arms, so I smiled and played the part of a happy new mom, afraid that they would find out how I really felt." Betty Boiron, Mother.ly

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