20Breastfeeding: A Journey Of Letdowns And Meltdowns

Expectant mothers think feeding their baby will come naturally, and it does, with practice. Is the supply enough? Is it too much? Is my baby going hungry? How often should I feed? These are just few of the questions ailing new mothers. Breastfeeding a baby is hard work. A lot of mothers will

opt out of exclusive breastfeeding within the first month.

Nursing is all about supply and demand. The more frequent the demand, the more milk you produce. Initially your body produces colostrum which is essential in building immunity in your brand new baby. It is normal for your milk to come in a week from delivering. Don't stress it.

Remember newborns have exceptionally tiny stomachs so they need to nurse often, sometimes as frequent as 10 minutes apart, is understandable. Let's agree you feel like a milking cow but the benefits exceed any difficulties you face temporarily. According to healthy women breastfeeding reduces chances of postpartum depression, returns uterus to its original size quicker, and even helps in shedding those ponds post delivery.

Practice is key; Practice positions, practice patience, practice practicing until it becomes second nature. Stock up

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