20 Fascinating Facts About Being Pregnant With Twins

Being pregnant with a singleton is a blessing. Being pregnant with twins is, therefore, a double blessing. As soon as the doctor confirms to an expecting mother that she is carrying not one, but two little angels, it's pretty certain that she will have mixed emotions. On the one hand, she will be very excited about the news as this is undoubtedly such a huge blessing, and on the other hand the mother will be…well, to put it frankly – she will be a little scared.

All babies need a lot – diapers, clothing, wipes, milk, etc. With twins, mom will be needing double of everything. “How are we going to manage?” is probably a question most parents of twins asked themselves a few times. They probably also thought about getting help, as we all know that babies can be extremely demanding. What about an education fund for their futures? As mothers, we do tend to skip ahead and start stressing about the future. Even though these are legit questions and concerns, we want to take moms back a bit to the present – the pregnancy. We want to remind moms about how awesome it truly is to be pregnant with twins by breaking down just some of the fascinating facts about being pregnant with twins.

20 There Are Three Hearts Beating Inside You

We decided to start our list off with perhaps the most amazing fact about being pregnant with twins – there are 3 hearts beating inside you. Many pregnant women say that the most special part of going to their doctor appointments is hearing their child’s heartbeat because that is a reminder of the life that is inside you. So hearing an additional heartbeat is, therefore, something extra special. Let’s also not forget about the fact that all these hearbeats have their own rhythm and pace and we’re pretty sure that your heart beats just a little faster every time you hear all the life that is inside you.

19 You Might Have A "Twin Gene"

You might have heard about the “twin gene” before and maybe you haven’t really taken it seriously. Now that you’re pregnant with twins, you’re probably wondering how much genetics had an influence in it. According to many studies, it shows that if you have fraternal twins, you’ve probably got the “twin gene”, while having identical twins doesn’t really “run in the family”. Understanding Genetics explains that “having identical twins is not genetic. On the other hand, fraternal twins can run in families…For example, a woman that has a sibling that is a fraternal twin is 2.5 times more likely to have twins than average”.

18 Your Morning Sickness Is Likely To Be Worse

Morning sickness is one of the least favorite parts of pregnancy for many women. It is the nausea that you’d experience, typically in the first few months of your pregnancy. This nausea is a result of all the surge of hormones that your body is currently experiencing. With twins, it is therefore understandable to experience stronger or more intense morning sickness since you have an extra load of hormones developing. WebMD explains that “The levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (hormone that causes morning sickness) are higher in twin pregnancies. That’s not all. Most moms pregnant with twins complain of more back pain, sleeping difficulties, and heartburn”.

17 Mothers Of Twins Often Live Longer


So the previous item on the list was a bit of a downer – morning sickness sucks. We know. So we just thought we could lift your spirit up a bit with an exciting discovery. Women who have twins may live longer! The University of Utah conducted a study and Science Daily explains the findings, “Compared with other mothers, women who deliver twins live longer, have more children than expected, bear babies at shorter intervals over a longer time, and are older at their last birth”. The study highlights though that “the findings do not mean having twins is healthy for women, but instead that healthier women have an increased chance of delivering twins”.

16 Mom Must Eat For Three

In addition to the fun little study that found that women who have twins live longer, you can definitely also increase your calorie intake to make sure that you are supplying both your little ones with all the necessary nutrients for their healthy development. But before you get a little over excited, it turns out that you actually just need a little more than you would for a singleton pregnancy. TheBump highlights that “if you’re expecting twins, guidelines say you should consume 300 extra calories per day in the first trimester, 680 in the second trimester and 900 in the third”.

15 Your Babies Can Grow Differently

The growth of the baby is probably the number 1 concern to any expecting mother, regardless of whether or not she is carrying multiples. Our doctors are constantly informing us of the important dietary requirements and we even consult with Google and close family members for extra tips that have been tried and tested by different people. While studies have shown that there isn’t much of a difference with the development of multiples vs singletons, one has to note that the twins themselves grow differently which is why one will be heavier than another when they are born and plenty of other differences that you’ll soon notice with them.

14 There Are Two Types Of Twins: Identical And Fraternal

We’ve touched a bit about fraternal and identical twins when we discussed the “twin gene” but we just wanted to dive a little deeper into this topic because if you’re carrying twins, you’re probably wondering what kind they are and what other factors come into play during their development. Healthy Children explains that “because fraternal twins are 2 separate fertilized eggs, they usually develop 2 separate amniotic sacs, placentas and supporting structures…Identical twins have the same DNA however, they may not look exactly identical to one another because of environmental factors such as womb position and life experiences after being born”.

13 Tall Women And Women Who Eat More Dairy Are More Likely To Have Twins

If you’ve had an extensive look at your family tree and want to find out what else could have made you pregnant with twins (or maybe you’re trying to conceive twins), it turns out, being tall and consuming a lot of dairy can also play a role. Live Science explains that “taller women have more of an insulin-like growth factor that has been linked to height and to the rate of twins…Those who birthed two or more children were on average more than an inch taller”. With regards to diet, Nature highlights that “animal-product foodstuffs, in particular dairy foods, could boost the production of the insulin-like growth factor in women. This could promote the release of eggs by the ovary so that two are more likely to be fertilized at the same time”.

12 You Will Have To Visit The Doctor's Office More

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Every pregnant woman develops a special bond with their doctor. Why? Well, besides the fact that they know some very intimate details about you and your lifestyle, they also see you quite often as they regularly check on the development of your baby. When twins are involved, these prenatal visits happen even more often. Being pregnant with multiples poses special concerns. It is therefore understandable that your doctor may want to monitor you more often than if you were carrying a single child. Your family history and current health circumstances also play a vital role in how many times you make it to the doctor while pregnant.

11 Twin Birth Rates Are On The Rise

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You may have asked yourself a couple of times before if there are more twin pregnancies lately or if you’re just imagining things. The answer is – No, you’re not imagining things. Statistically speaking, there are way more twin pregnancies than there were a few decades before. This may be largely attributed to fertility treatment that many families turn to, to conceive. Very Well Family explains that according to a National Center of Health Statistics Study done in the US, there is a “76% increase in the twin birth rate in the thirty years from 1980 to 2009”. This means that you are definitely not on your own mommy.

10 Your Babies Start Bonding In The Womb


Ah, yes. Our number 10 on the list is very special indeed. Scientific American wrote about a study that was conducted by researchers at the University of Turin and University of Parma in Italy, where they closely studied the interactions of twins in the womb. The study found that “twin foetuses are aware of their counterparts in the womb, they prefer to interact with them, and they respond to them in special ways”. So later in life when they are fighting for toys again and you ask yourself if they understand the special bond they have, relax mom – they have had it even before they met you.

9 40% Of Twins Invent Their Own Language

This one on the list is perhaps an extension of the previously mentioned item that highlights how twins begin interacting while they are still in the uterus. This interaction forms the bases of a lifelong bond and of course, this special bond deserves a special language that only they understand. Twin-Pregnancy highlights that it may just all be gibberish that only they can understand. “Well, in reality, it’s very rare that twins develop a genuine ‘language’. More commonly, twin language consists of one twin modelling the undeveloped or muddled speech pattern of their co-twin. This then results in the flawed use of speech sounds and grammar by both twins which may then give the perception of a ‘secret language’”.

8 Identical Twins Share The Same DNA But Not The Same Fingerprints

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Even though fraternal twins are uncommon compared to single pregnancies, identical twins are even rarer, which is perhaps the reason why so many people are so fascinated by them. Identical twins may have a lot in common – they form from a single fertilized egg that splits into two parts after conception, they have the same genetic origins and as a result, they also have the same DNA. When they are born, many parents decide to dress them alike, which makes it even more difficult for the rest of us to be able to tell them apart. Even though they have all these in common, there is one thing they don’t share – fingerprints. No two individuals on earth share the same fingerprints, not even identical twins.

7 Your Chances Of Having Twins Are Increased By Your Age

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This is an interesting addition to our list because we all know how biologically, older women often struggle to conceive. It turns out though that if they can get pregnant, the chances of getting twins are increased. How? Well, BabyCenter highlights that “women age 35 or older produce more follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) than younger women. FSH is also the hormone that causes an egg to mature in preparation for ovulation each month, and women with extra FSH may release more than one egg in a single cycle”. If you’re trying to conceive and are a little older, maybe life will soon have 2 special surprises for you.

6 If You've Had Fraternal Twins, You're More Likely To Have Twins Again

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Imagine having more than one multiple pregnancies. Well, for many women out there, this is not something they don't have to imagine because this is something they have gone through and is apparently very common, especially if you had fraternal twins. BabyCenter explains that “once you have a set of fraternal twins, you’re twice as likely to have another set in future pregnancies”. Studies have also explained that having more pregnancies increases your chances of conceiving twins. In other words, if you’ve had twins or a few children and are trying for just “one more”, prepare yourself for the possibility of getting a little more than you expected.

5 It Is Possible To Safely Give Birth Naturally

When you’re pregnant with twins, a lot runs through your mind. Most of it concerns the development of your babies and how you’ll manage once they have arrived and oh, that one little important factor – the delivery. If you’d like to know if it is possible at all for you to give birth vaginally. The answer is – Yes, depending on a few factors, which you can discuss with your doctor. If you don’t have any health issues and at least the first baby is already head down before delivery, you’ve got a good chance of delivering vaginally. Just remember that labor is often unpredictable, especially for multiple pregnancies and even if you plan on a vaginal delivery, your doctor will have to step in if need be.

4 Most Moms Opt For A C-Section

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Even if it’s possible to delivery vaginally, many women still opt for a C-Section. This is, of course, understandable. Vaginal delivery for a single child is no joke, imagine delivering two! Thank goodness for modern technology. Besides the fact that popping two kids out within minutes of each other is no one’s cup of tea, health issues and the children’s positioning before delivery also play a pivotal role of many parents opting for the C-Section route. Multiple pregnancies in general are higher risk pregnancies so the C-Section route makes sense for many families. Make sure to discuss your options with your doctor and even though you may want to give birth naturally, you sometimes need to understand that you can’t be in control of everything.

3 Prepare For An Early Arrival

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Most twin pregnancies result in an early arrival. For a singleton, a full term pregnancy is considered to be at around 40 weeks of pregnancy but because you’re carrying more than one, you know that things are likely to be just a little different. BabyCenter highlights that “Doctors consider 37 weeks to be full-term for most twin pregnancies. The average length of pregnancy for twins is 36.4 weeks”. This means that you have fewer weeks to prepare for those little angles so we advise that as soon as you finish reading this article, you get started on that long To-Do List that has been on your mind for a while now.

2 You Will Need A Little Extra Help

As we have already mentioned – babies are demanding. From the moment they are born, those little angels will be requiring a lot from you; physically, mentally and emotionally. One piece of advice we would definitely like to impart to you and to accept help. Luckily, with a little one on the way, most loved ones will volunteer to help out in whatever way they can to make your life a little easier. Now, mom, accept their help. We know that only you can take care of your kids the best but trust us when we say that you will need a little “Me Time’ every now and then – just so that you can feel a little like your own self again.

1 Everyone You Meet Will Think You're The Coolest

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And finally, the number 1 fascinating fact about being pregnant with twins is that everyone you meet will think you’re the coolest. Why? Well, because you are. You’re carrying more than one baby. You have three hearts beating inside you. You’re going to be working a little extra to make sure that your kids are well taken care of and to make sure that you plan for their futures. Your breastfeeding or bottle-feeding schedule will be insane. You’ll be rocking one to sleep with one arm while playing peekaboo with another. The list of why you’re the coolest is endless. As you run to the bathroom again because that nausea is not giving you a break, we hope that you remember that.

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