20 Favorite Baby Girl Names For Your Little Goddess

Goddess. The supreme being, the revered deity of great power, beauty and wisdom. One whom all have utmost respect and love for. Many believe there is no higher power than that of a goddess. Over the centuries, many goddesses have gained the attention of us mere mortals. Some for their seeds of fertility, others for their unending motherly love, a number for their Midas touch, yet a few for their extreme power,  tactical minds, poise and grace and even some for their wry sense of humor.

It therefore comes as no surprise when parents-to-be mine the infinite wisdom of the internet for the perfect goddess name to bestow upon their little one. After all, a name is something you will be associated with from the day you breathe your first breath to the very last.

You will want something that can stand out, make people stop in their tracks and go, "Wow! What a name!".

Out of all the goddess names in the world (mind blowing fact: there are at least ten thousand goddess names floating around the market), we present to you the 20 names of the most beautiful, powerful, loving goddesses that you can grace your child with. It'll be much better than naming your child after a bazaar (namely Harper) or a direction (North West).

20 Áine

Goddess of Summer & Prosperity - Irish

Áine, (pronounced as 'Aw-nya') is believed to be the name of the Goddess of Summer and Prosperity by Irish folks. She is associated with the rays of the Golden sun and is widely believed to wield the magical powers of fertility. She first appeared as a tragic character who was assaulted by a semi mythological Irish King and later enacted her revenge on him by biting off his ear and turning him into a goose. She somehow sends off a Deanerys of the GoT vibe (sans fiery dragon and all).

While the name may seem simple to spell, it's pronunciation can be a put off as parents would not want their child to live out their entire lives correcting people for pronouncing their named incorrectly. While Áine has never made it to the top of the baby name charts, it's unique spelling and association with fertility and summer might just entice you to name your child Áine. After all, why should you choose a name that every other baby girl already has. Think unique, think Áine! Notable Áines include Irish harpist and singer Áine Minogue (no, nothing to do with Kylie Minogue) and Áine Lawlor (Irish TV presenter).

19 Belona

Goddess of War - Latin

Have you watched Wonder Woman lately and wished you had Diana's powers? Or that your daughter would grow up to be just as charming (if not more) than Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman? Well, why not grant your child with the name of one of the most powerful goddesses of all time? We present to you Belona, the revered Goddess of War. The great warrior is believed to have been the beloved consort of War God, Mars and even had a temple erected in her great name. Heck, people actually came to the temple to conduct meetings on war strategies. Talk about branding, Belona was probably more famous than MacDonald's in her time.

With great power comes great responsibility, no truer words have ever been spoken for this name. It is perhaps for this very reason that many parents have shunned this name. However, if you feel (to your very core) that your child might be just the female version of Sun Tzu (master strategist who wrote the acclaimed 'Art of War') or the next genius to take future Wall Street by storm, then why not name your child Belona? A name that commands respect and attention and yet also a name that sounds pleasant on the ears. Ahhhhh, sweet and fearless Belona.

18 Chandra

Moon Goddess - Hindu

Chandra, the goddess of the moon is usually described by believers as a young and beautiful (red hot and sexy) deity with two arms carrying a club and a lotus in each. In paintings, Chandra is depicted as riding a chariot across the moon to ensure that it shines brightly at night for all to see. Chandra is in fact a gender neutral name, making it easy for many to adopt. The name is most famous in India and notable personas bearing the name of the Goddess are Chandra Wilson (the Emmy Award nominated Actess for Grey's Anatomy) and Chandra, a fictional character in Barbara Cartland's Love is in the Clouds (kids from the swinging sixties to the rocking nineties would know Barbara Cartland. She was the one who fueled our dreams with hot steamy scenes of damsels in distress like the goddess, and moody sexy men who do not exist in reality). Sob!

17 Devi

Goddess of Power - Hindu

Devi, was first found in Sanskrit literature (language of the old world) in the 2nd year BC having been represented as the female version of Deva (the God of Supreme Power). This makes Devi the female version of what Hindus believe to be the Supreme Being. Girl Power! Oh yeah! The name itself resonates power and yet there is a tinge of gentleness to the name when pronounced (pronounced as Dey-Vee).

Devi has been steadily climbing up the ranks of popular baby names, jumping from the top 5000 names to the top 4000 names (many websites predict that it's popularity will only soar even higher in the years to come). As this unique two syllabus name has yet to be adopted by any international superstars or prominent political figures, parents should consider grabbing the name. Your child might just turn out to be the first Devi to pop up on Google whenever future parents search for famous Devis.

16 Eris

Goddess of Strife - Latin

With the 21st century being a time of empowerment for women, why not name your daughter Eris? The Goddess of Strife is the Latin equivalent to Greece's Belona and even has a dwarf planet named after her. Do not be put off by Eris's association with war for not all wars are evil, some have given rise to many heroes who otherwise would not have realized their full potential had they not been pushed to their limits.

Sure, older Greek mythology depicted Eris as a serious bi**h who sowed discord everywhere she went. What a put off right? But wait, here's the twist. The modern version of the Goddess is depicted in a lighter and more playful tone being a positive but rather mischievous deity. While the name has yet to make it to the top 100 baby names, it's popularity may rise due to our current fascination with mythical names for babies. And here's a fun fact too, Eris was the inspiration for Angelina Jolie's character Maleficent.

15 Freya

Goddess of Love, Fertility - Scandinavian

Freya, the Goddess of Love and Fertility was believed to be the beloved wife of Odin and step mother to Loki (hey she's related to Thor!). Legend has it Freya would be the light of every party, making her the IT girl of every event (much like the most popular girl in school that every other girl envied and secretly wanted to be). She was playful, exceedingly captivating and down right knowledgeable in the field of fertility. Freya (pronounced as Fray -ah) has remained steadily at the top 500 baby names since 2015. Many predict it's popularity will not dwindle any time soon. Notable bearers of the name Freya include Instagram star Freya Nightingale (this lady has amassed over 80 thousand followers), Freya Stark (no, not a relative of Sansa but a reputable British Italian explorer and travel writer).

14 Ganesa

Goddess of Intelligence - Hindu

The deity who would have given Einstein and Hawking a run for their money is none other than Ganesa, the great Goddess of Intellect and Wisdom. Ganesa (sometimes spelled as Ganesha and also a gender neutral name) was so smart she was thought to also be the Goddess of success, education and prosperity. Considered one of the great 5 gods in Hindu culture, Ganesa is often depicted with an elephant's trunk and four arms.

The trunk is said to represent cosmic reality and the first arm aims to propel mankind forward while the second one functions to capture life's difficulties, the third for sacrifices and the last arm to pursue everlasting knowledge. While Ganesa has yet to make it big in the US baby name charts, it's popularity in India is sky high. So grab it while stocks last people!

13 Hina

Goddess of Fishing - Hawaiian

The story of Hina the goddess is one that would have Hollywood executives clamoring to churn into a movie. Hina was once a beautiful goddess worshipped by fisherman for being the giver of reel life. She commanded awe and respect everywhere she went, and was relentlessly prayed to by men, women and sea creatures alike. Countless men pursued her for her beauty and grace and the amount of love and attention bestowed upon this goddess got to a point where she became bored and gave it all up.

She packed her bags, said 'sayonara' and migrated to the moon and became a moon goddess. Wow, even the gods can resign and change jobs. How cool is that? Still, however  attractive the notion might be to name your child Hina, note that in other languages, Hina carries a different meaning (in Japan, Hina would mean beautiful summer garden).

12 Iris

Goddess of The Rainbows - Greek

If you did not grow up under a rock then you should know this name, Iris; goddess of the rainbows and messenger of the Olympian gods. She was deemed to be the main link between gods and humanity. She could travel at the speed of the wind from the heavens to the depths of the underworld. Iris is usually painted as a beautiful young maiden with wings on her shoulder.

The popularity of the name peaked in the 1930s but then dipped to an all time low in the late 1990s only to resurface and climb up the ranks once more a decade ago. Ever since 2007, many babies who were born have been named Iris. There have been numerous ladies named Iris who popped up on the search engine and among the more notable ones are Iris Mittenaere (bonjour Miss France 2016), Iris Rideau (American winemaker and activist) and Iris Hensley (Artistic Director of Georgia Ballet).

11 Jaya

Goddess of Victory - Hindu

Jaya, one of the demigods to Lord Vishnu (considered the big gun in Buddhism) is considered the goddess of victory. The name itself which was derived from Sanskrit (one of mankind's oldest languages) also means victory. This exotic but straightforward name has been a hit worldwide with many adopting this name for their children (note that while the name is a feminine one, many have chosen to name their boys Jaya too. After all, who doesn't desire victory?) Grammy Award Winner Ben Harper and ex wife Laura Dern named their daughter Jaya. Songwriter Jaya Lakshmi is also another famous persona to don the name of the victorious one (this lady has an impressive following across Hawaii, the West Coast and Europe for her spiritual songs. Google them and get ready to fall in a trance).

10 Kwan Yin

Goddess of Compassion - Chinese

Kwan Yin (sometimes spelt as Quan Yin or  Guanyin) is short for Guanshiyin and is widely known by the Buddhist community as the goddess of mercy. She is often depicted as a fair maiden dressed in white, sitting in a lotus position and is considered the most beloved of all the Buddhist deities, due to her love and compassion for the people who pray to her. A fun fact, Kwan Yin statues and drawings often show her carrying a child in her arms, and this has led to many people comparing her to the Virgin Mary. Also, she has been featured in countless Asian movies (some serious ones and some as a parody of the more somber versions). While the western civilization has yet to embrace this name for their babies, many in the east are clamoring to name their child Kwan Yin, in hopes that their child would grow up to be just as loving and loved like the goddess.

9 Lada

Goddess of Love and Fertility - Slavic

Slavic mythology associates Lada with beauty and fertility. Modern scholars have tried to argue that Lada is merely a character from a folk song and not a real deity; not that anyone has been paying attention to them. Many Slavic and Polish folks (especially of the fairer gender) can be seen worshipping Lada, some praying for their womb, others praying to look beautiful and still a minority to magically look like a certain Kardashian. The name Lada is considered well known in Eastern Europe but largely unknown in the States as its popularity has never peaked beyond the top 4000 baby girl names.

Still, that should not deter you from naming your child after the goddess of love and fertility. Unless of course you come from South East Asia. The name Lada in Malay means Pepper. But hey, that ain't too bad. Pepper Pots was hot! So why not Lada?

8 Minerva

Goddess of Wisdom & Invention - Latin

Once in a while (give and take a millennia or two), there comes along a goddess who stands out from the rest. She is neither the goddess of love (too many of them around  already), nor is she the goddess of fertility (yawns). She does not yield the wrath of destruction (phew) and yet people still worship her. Who is she? She is none other than the revered goddess of wisdom and invention, Minerva. Even the name itself sounds intelligent.

She was so cool the Romans equated her to the goddess Athena. Minerva is often depicted with an owl, symbolizing wisdom and knowledge. Nicknamed Minnie, Minerva has yet to gain much popularity in the states (the more the reason to name your child after a female version of Einstein). Harry Potter fans might be familiar with this name since the character Minerva McGonagall served as the head of the Gryffindor house.

7 Nuwa

Mother Goddess - Chinese

With the exodus of goddesses floating (literally) around in Chinese mythology, one might find it hard to differentiate one goddess from the other. This however does not apply to Nuwa, the mother of all goddesses. Mankind apparently owes their existence to this great goddess who not only breathed life into them but is also the architect of the pillars of heaven.

Nuwa is often painted and sculpted in a regal posture wearing an emperor's headset (the beaded curtain like headset that makes it impossible for anyone to see properly. Possibly, emperors wore them to mask them napping while listening to boring political meetings from their subjects). The name Nuwa has yet to become a hit with babies but that should not deter any parent from choosing this beautiful regal name.

6 Oba

River Goddess - Nigerian

Beautiful Oba, the river goddess of Nigeria  did not have it easy in life. While she had the privilege of being the first wife of the god of thunder, she was not his favorite. In fact, her younger sister (also married to the same guy) was his favorite. Desperate to gain some love, she was tricked into cooking an unappetizing meal for her husband who flew into rage upon drinking it. Talk about pleasing guys (cook your own soup next time will ya?). Oba, in her despair cried so much that she filled a river which eventually turned into the River Oba. In Egypt, Oba means King. With the plethora of many other regal definitions to this name, why not name your child Oba?

5 Padma

Goddesses of Beauty  - Hindu

Padma, the alternative name for the Hindu goddess Lakshmi is the embodiment of beauty and charm. She is often painted holding a lotus of a thousand petals. It therefore comes as no surprise that Padma means 'lotus' in Indian. Padma is an extremely popular name in Asia and has been adopted by an unusually large number of people who ended up as famous figures, be it in the entertainment industry, education field or the political arena.

Padma Lakshmi tops the list of famous Padmas (Indian born multitasking American actress, author, model, television host and TV producer). Other notable Padmas include Padma Sachdev (Indian Poet) and the Harry Potter fanatics would be happy to know that there was also a character named Padma in the best selling series.

4 Rhiannon

Witch Nymph Goddess -Welsh

Often confused with multiple Grammy Award Winner Rihanna but spelled differently, Rhiannon is the witch nymph goddess to the Welsh people. She was said to have been an enchantress whose very name means 'Divine Queen' and could be as ruthless as she was playful. In layman terms, she was a badass with style and sass. The strange thing about this name is it wasn't even known to many people until the 20th century when it's popularity rocketed sky high (it practically shot up to the top 500 overnight) and has been immensely enjoying a lot of love ever since. Google worthy Rhiannons include Rhiannon Jeffrey (American swimmer and gold medal winner for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens) and Rhiannon Leigh Wyrn (child actress now grown up and trying for more 'serious roles').

3 Tyra

Goddess of Battles - Scandinavian

Tyra. Beautiful. Fierce. The goddess of war who yields to no one. The goddess who knows no fear and laughed in death's face fell into depression. The name Tyra means thunder and that, ladies is one heck of a powerful name. A fun fact about this name is its pronunciation. Many mistakenly pronounce the name as its literal spelling but in actual fact, the name is pronounced as Too-rah (a certain Miss Banks of America Got Talent can be seen with a dropped jaw and bulging eyes). The name Tyra is highly sought after, having never budged from the top 500 baby names since 1998. Famous Tyras include the one and only creator of America's Next Top Model Tyra Banks and Tyra Bolling (American singer, songwriter and dancer).

2 Vallari

Goddess of Fertility - Hindu

Vallari, short for Vallaridevi is another name for Hindu's goddess Parvati. According to the great and wise Wikipedia, Vallari was the goddess of fertility, love, devotion, divine strength and power (basically she was an all in one kind of girl). She is usually painted as a fair and beautiful maiden wearing a red Indian sari and can be seen with multiple hands (you know, for multitasking purposes). While it is not exactly a much sought after name in the States, Vallari is considered somewhat a hot property in India and other countries that practice the Hindu religion. It therefore comes as no surprise that the infinite wisdom of the internet could not locate any famous Vallaris but hey, that could mean that you could be the first parent to name your child after the revered Hindu goddess.

1 Ziarre

Goddess of the Sky - American

Last but definitely not the least, we present to you Ziarre, America's very own goddess of the sky. Stick to your roots and root (pun intended) for this name! Kidding! Still, the truth is, Ziarre is almost always painted as a beautiful lady with long flowing locks and fairy like wings, carrying the moon in one arm and the sun in another. The advantage of naming your child Ziarre is the uniqueness of the name, and the disadvantage being the name starting with the letter Z. Imagine your child being called last each time time in class. Oh, the agonizing wait. Ziarre has maintained its popularity I. The baby name charts over the past two decades, never having dropped out of the top 500 names. However, there has yet to be any famous people carrying the name. So why not be the first and groom your child to be the next big thing named Ziarre?

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