20 Flower Power Names For Beautiful Baby Girls

The Hippie Era happened in the mid-1960s. It signaled a big change in America and all around the world. The younger generation were looking for more meaning out of life and they found it by embracing nature, mysticism and a whole new style of music. They moved away from materialism and rejected most (if not all) of the rules that their parents taught them.

Today, lots of moms-to-be have hippie ideals. It's all about peace and love. Pregnant ladies who love the hippie way of life, from organic food to natural fabrics to meditation to spirituality and beyond, will probably adore these 20 "flower power" names for beautiful baby girls.

All of the names are beautiful and all have so much magic. They are definitely special baby girl names.

Flower power means the power that hippie "flower children" have. This power is the power to make the world a better place, just by living in a loving and peaceful way.

Any Mom-to-be who wants her baby girl to grow up with the flower child spirit should give her daughter a name which celebrates the mystical beauty of nature, love and the spirit world.

With this in mind, why not check out every single name on the list? One of them may just be the perfect name for your own baby girl.

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20 Janis

This name evokes the spirit of the 60s singer, Janis Joplin. While Janis grew up being bullied for failing to look like the other girls around her (I think she had plenty of beauty; she was just different), she persevered and used her "voice from God" to reach out to a whole generation. People eventually learned to love and mimic her uniqueness.

The name, Janis, has English origins and it means, "God has been gracious". It's the feminine version of the boy's name, John. If you choose this name, expect a lot of people to call your daughter, Jan, whether you want them to or not. Though if this is the name you pick you should probably learn to love the shorter version too!

19 Dharma


Do you remember the cute sitcom, Dharma and Greg? It was about a hippie girl and her conservative, uptight partner. It starred Jenna Elfman as Dharma and Thomas Gibson as Greg.

In the show's unique story line, the couple married right after their first date, even though they were completely different from each other in every possible way. Naturally, hilarity ensued as they tried to get along and forge a path together!

Dharma is a name that is Buddhist. It has two different meanings and both of them are spiritual. One meaning is, "cosmic law and order" (in keeping with the Buddha's own belief system). It's also a word that is used to describe, "phenomena"(as it relates to the philosophies of Buddhists).

If you're into Buddhism, this spiritual name may be perfect for your baby girl. Buddhism is a cheery and peaceful religion. It's practiced by over five hundred million people.

18 Rain


Who hasn't been moved by the moody power of the rain? When the skies darken and rain begins to come down, it changes the way we feel. Also, rain nourishes the earth. It gives and sustains life.

Rain is beautiful and this is why Rain is such a gorgeous hippie baby girl name.

The meaning of this name for baby girls is self-explanatory. It's a "nature name" and there are plenty of wonderful nature names to choose from.

If you name your baby daughter, Rain, you'll know that you're going to bring sunshine into her life every single day, just by loving her and taking care of her. She will be wild and free.

Rain is such a pretty name for a little girl.

17 Lake


Lake is another inspiring nature name. Just picture a serene lake near your childhood home, or a vacation spot that you really loved, and think about how gazing at the lake made you feel.

Lakes are tranquil places. Being close to them, or floating on top of them in canoes or kayaks, is always such a great way to relax.

When you choose this baby name, you'll be choosing a name which has a peaceful air. You'll be celebrating the beauty of the natural world.

Actress Lake Bell has this hippie nature name. Lake has a daughter (Nova) and a son (Ozzy) and Lake's Instagram feed (@lakebell) shows that Lake is definitely a loving Mom. She clearly adores her kids. She recently took them to see "the world's biggest pecan" in Texas.

Did you parents take you to see these sorts of wacky roadside attractions? Mine did.

Is Lake the right name for your baby girl? You'll know it is if you "fall in love with the name". It's really that simple. The meaning of this name is "lake". That's simple, too.

16 Stevie


This name is the name of Stevie Nicks. She released a brilliant (and really "witchy") album called Bella Donna back in 1981. Stevie Nicks is a singer who keeps the mystical 60s spirit alive in her own life and in the lives of her many fans, by wearing gypsy/witchy/hippie garb and singing about so many spiritual things. Stevie has an otherworldly quality which is pretty amazing.

Remember "Edge of Seventeen"? That was from the Bella Donna album and it shows her talent to perfection.

Stevie Nicks was eighteen when the flower power movement blossomed in the USA. It surely had a huge impact on her. She joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975 and the rest is history. She actually started playing music with Fleetwood Mac bandmate (and ex-boyfriend), Lindsey Buckingham, back in the mid-60s.

The name, Stevie, is really a nickname. Her full name is Stephanie Lynn Nicks. If you love the hippie name, Stevie, you may want to call your daughter by the more conventional name, Stephanie, and then use the name, Stevie, as her everyday nickname. However, some moms decide to call their baby girls, Stevie, instead of Stephanie.

Stevie is a version of the male name, Steve, which has Greek origins and means, "a crown" or "a garland".

15 Gypsy

She Knows

Did you watch Peaky Blinders on Netflix? It's a show about some gangsters from the Victorian era, some of whom have more than a touch of Gypsy blood flowing through their veins. If you haven't seen it, be sure and tune in. It's brilliant and it's the second-most popular drama ever shown on the BBC network, after Downtown Abbey!

Peaky Blinders isn't a hippie show. It is miles away from the hippie vibe. However, the name, Gypsy, does have a hippie vibe which is really appealing. Gypsies are usually portrayed as wanderers. They go where their spirits prompt them to go. They explore. The hippies did the same thing.

Also, Gypsies are known for their connection with fortune-telling and other spiritual forms of "seeing" into the future, such as séances. Hippies are also really into mysticism.

The name, Gypsy, is the English word for a group of people who started out in Romany (Northern India) and then became nomads.

14 Saffron


This name has a hippie vibe because Saffron is a spice. It comes from Mother Nature. Saffron is golden-yellow and it's expensive, because it's a spice which is prized all over the world. It's used in an array of dishes, from Indian recipes to Spanish dishes and beyond. It comes from the flower of the Crocus sativu plant.

Also, Saffron is the name of a character from the classic BBC comedy TV show, Absolutely Fabulous! Saffron is the daughter of wacky fashion victim, Edina Monsoon, who would have grown up in the Swinging Sixties in London, England and then given her super-conservative daughter a true hippie name!

Ab Fab is very funny and has a cult following all over the world.

If you love all things organic, calling your baby girl Saffron will be a great way to honor all of the natural wonders that Mother Nature provides. Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran, and his wife, model Yasmin Le Bon, named one of their daughters Saffron. It's quite a popular name for baby girls!

13 Crystal


Do you believe in the healing powers of crystals? If you do, you may want to name your baby girl, Crystal. It's a beautiful name. When you think of a crystal , you probably see sunlight moving through the clear facets of a natural stone...and lighting it up from within! That's a beautiful image, right?

Crystal is also the name of Blake Carrington's wife, Crystal, in the original Dynasty TV show and the 2017 reboot. So, it's got a modern vibe, too. Not to mention Swarovski crystals, which are so popular these days. Karlie Kloss models for Swarovski and I see her showing off their crystal jewelry in tons of online ads.

The name, Crystal, is old enough to be hippie and fresh enough to be current. This is a name that has it all.

The word, crystal, is English, with Greek origins. It means, "ice". Baby girls have been named Crystal since the beginning of the nineteenth century.

12 Meadow

Meadow is Tony Soprano's daughter, on the TV show, The Sopranos. Soprano was a Mafia don who gave his daughter a hippie name. Kind of ironic.

Meadow is the English word for a peaceful field of grass and flowers. If you love nature names, and wouldn't mind lazing in a field of flowers on a warm, summery day, then then baby girl name may be just right for your daughter.

Plus, it just sounds pretty. It's a nice, two-syllable baby name which will sound good with a shorter or longer last name.

Meadows are usually unspoiled. They are places where wild plants and flowers grow. If you want your daughter to grow up unspoiled and free, this name will be a good choice. It's beautiful and it inspires images of pretty, colorful wildflowers and soothing green grass.

Is Meadow the right hippie name for your baby? It is if you adore it.

11 Topaz


The B-52s wrote a pretty song called, Topaz. In this tune, the band sings that their "hearts are travelling faster." The song was about growing in love and the band probably chose the title, Topaz, because it has a hippie, spiritual feel.

Topaz is a silicate mineral, but it's more commonly referred to as a gemstone. The most famous shade for a Topaz gem is orange-brown. It's an earthy type of gem which evokes the beauty of sand and stone. However, Topaz comes in many different shades.

If you like comics, you may already know that one Marvel Universe superhero is called Topaz. She's a mystic with heightened empathy and she has a couple of female forms, one of which is Indian and the other of which is Caucasian. She battles a "coven" of teens known as "the Witches".

Topaz is the Latin word for "jewel".

10 Maya


Maya is the name of one of Uma Thurman's daughters. Uma's Dad is a renowned Buddhist scholar, so Uma grew up learning about Buddhism and other faiths. Maya has Hindu origins and it means, "illusion".

Pretty, while also being simple to spell and pronounce, the name Maya is quite popular these days. It's an ancient name which fits in well in the modern world. Comedian Maya Rudolph, who went to school with Gwyneth Paltrow, has this beautiful name and so does the late American poet, Maya Angelou.

If your baby girl's last name will be on the longer side, this shorter first name will create perfect balance. However, a two-syllable first name and two-syllable last name combo will also sound fantastic.

Names associated with non-Christian faiths often have a hippie vibe. That's because a lot of hippies became interested in these faiths during the 60s. For example, Beatle George Harrison became very interested in India and its faiths during this experimental era.

9 Aura

Some New Age psychics say that they can see the colors of other people's auras. Do you think that this is true? I don't know what color my aura is. It might be interesting to find out.

Aura is definitely a New Age word. New Age healing and spirituality have quite a bit in common with hippie beliefs and ideals. New Age is like the modern version of hippie. If you love New Age things, this name may be right up your alley.

Calling your daughter, Aura, will be an intriguing choice. It's a baby name that will make other people think. Everyone associates the word, aura, with the "unseen" world. It's a mystical name.

New Age devotees believe that auras are emanations which surround the bodies of living creatures. They are seen by mystics and represent the essences of individuals. Only those who are very sensitive can detect them.

8 Star


The stars in the sky remind us of the infinite. They sparkle like diamonds against the dark backdrop of the night.

If you're enchanted by the beauty of stars, why not name your baby girl, Star?

This name isn't typical. It does have a hippie feel and this is a good thing. Also, it's a good choice for sci-fi enthusiasts.

Maybe La La Land fans (remember the song from the movie, called City of Stars?) will love it, too! I bought Funko figures of the two main characters from La La Land. They look just like Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and they appear to be dancing! I love them!

Stars are out there in space. They are signals that there is so much more to the universe that what we see with the naked eye.

Stars are like diamonds. It's no surprise that celebrities are referred to as, "stars". Stars are special, like celebs. Well, some celebs, anyway.

A star is defined as a luminous point in the night sky which is fixed. It's a celestial body. If you love the way that the word, Star, sounds and like what it means, as well as what it makes you think of, then this hippie name may be perfect for your little one.

7 Sierra

This name is a hippie classic. When my son was little, there were girls his age named Sierra. It's a gorgeous name that calls to mind the the eco-conscious Sierra Club, which fights against environmental destruction. It also reminds me of the gorgeous Sierra, Nevada mountain range. This name is all about natural beauty, so it'll be perfect for your little girl.

If you love the great outdoors, this name will have the right connotations. You can show your daughter the beauty of the outdoor world once she's born. Pop her in a baby carrier when she's old enough and then take her out hiking. When you call her Sierra, she'll probably be naturally interested in the great outdoors. She's been named after a glorious mountain range which is so picturesque.

What you might not expect is that this girl's baby name is Irish. In Gaelic, it means, "dark". It's the female version of the Irish boy's name, Ciaran. However, most people who call their daughters Sierra name them after the mountain range in California.

6 Lucy


"Picture yourself in a boat on a river...". Those are the first words of the classic Beatles song, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." If you're a Beatles fan, calling your baby girl Lucy may be so much fun. You can play the song for her or sing it to her as a lullaby. She'll love hearing about the "tangerine trees and marmalade skies".

If you want hippie psychedelic charm, this is the baby name for you. It will always be linked with the Beatles song. However, it's actually been around since long before the Swinging Sixties.

The origins of this name are Latin. That means old school. It's a name that's been popular in France and England forever. It means, "light" and it's the feminine version of the Latin boy's name, Lucius.

For total hippie appeal, spell it Lucy, like the Beatles did. It's also spelled in other ways. In France, Lucie is the preferred spelling.

5 Luna

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend named their baby girl, Luna. Uma Thurman named one of her daughters, Luna, too! This name is popular nowadays and it means, "the moon".

The name is Latin. An ancient Greek goddess named Artemis was also called Luna. She was known as the goddess of the moon. That's pretty groovy, right (as the hippies used to say)?

If you love mythology, Latin and the moon, this name will fulfill you on every level. You'll love calling your daughter, Luna. It's also pretty fashionable right now, as celebs have made the choice to select this baby girl name over all others.

This name sounds so pretty, it's easy to say and it has just four letters. It's a short, two-syllable name that you'll never get tired of. You can hold your baby girl, point at the moon through the window and say, "Luna".

You'll help your baby to connect with the natural world from day one.

4 Indigo


Indigo is a gorgeous deep color that is somewhere between blue and violet. It's dark, rich and beautiful. If you love this artsy hue, why not call your baby girl, Indigo? You can dress your little one in clothes that are indigo, from blue-violet onesies to cute little dresses and beyond. If you call her Indigo, Indigo is likely to become her favorite color forever.

The word, Indigo, describes a fabric dye that is bluish-purple. The word has Greek origins and means, "from India".

Bear in mind that someone wrote a book about "Indigo children". This book is classified as a pseudo-scientific book. It talks about kids who are born with unusual and sometimes-supernatural characteristics and abilities. The concept of Indigo children started in the 70s and people still talk about Indigo children today.

3 Willow


Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith called their daughter, Willow. It's a name that is natural and lovely. If you love the way that it sounds, as well as its granola, hippie image, then why not call your baby daughter, Willow?

This pretty name has a soft and gentle sound. It calls to mind dramatic weeping willows, with their tendril-like leaves.

Your baby Willow will probably love her name and want to go exploring outdoors with you, with a mind to finding some real-life willow trees. You can plan a picnic during your outdoor adventures, as soon as your baby is old enough to walk!

This name is a baby name with English origins. It means "graceful and slender". The Willow tree is renowned for its narrow and elegant leaves and branches.

2 Karma


Karma is the idea that what goes around comes around. Remember Alica Keys' song, Karma? She used the phrase, "what goes around comes around" to show a lover who left her and then wanted her back that it was his turn to suffer.

Is Karma real or just something that we make up to comfort ourselves? Is Karma just cause-and-effect? These are big questions and the answers that you find will depend on your own spiritual viewpoint. In general, if you make good decisions, you'll get good results. So will other people. When decisions are bad, bad things will come. However, that's not always true.

There are so many reasons to believe in karma...and just as many reasons not to.

Hippies were very interested in esoteric concepts like karma. They were spiritual and wanted all of the secrets of the universe. They sought out the secrets by expanding their minds and learning about faiths that believe in karma.

1 Eden


This is one of the rare hippie baby names that has a Christian meaning. Eden is the place where Adam and Eve lived, before Eve took a juicy chunk out of the apple and everything changed...

Bono and his wife, Ali, named one of their daughters, Eve. Bono was fiercely Christian at one point and may still be. A lot of U2 songs have biblical references, so his choice of a name for his daughter makes a lot of sense.

Ewan McGregor's wife, whom he separated from in order to be with his Fargo co-star, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, (what a huge scandal, huh?) is also named Eve.

Eve is a beautiful name. It describes the very first woman. It has Hebrew origins and means, "to give life" or "living".

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