20 Foods That Can Help Mom Get Pregnant

It is always important to take a good quality prenatal vitamin before a woman gets pregnant. It is a good idea for the man to take the right type for him too so he can strengthen himself. That is because no matter how much food a woman eats, she may not get enough nutrients. Prenatal vitamins are like insurance.

When I was trying to conceive my daughter, I did have some mild fertility issues and I did get advice from a dietician that knew about fertility-boosting foods. All I knew was that it was also time to significantly reduce any caffeine intake. And, the fact that I was never really much of a drinker- which still applies was not an issue for me anyway as far as giving that up.

I also had to stop eating junk food, which included white bread and white pasta as well. Consuming too much of that was not helping my chances of getting pregnant at all. However, some foods that I was told to eat because of the fact that they had properties in them that helped boost fertility was surprising to know about.

However, let's now take a look at the 20 foods that will help aspiring moms because moms (and some of these foods will help aspiring dads to become dads too)!

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20 Leafy Greens

Not only do leafy greens contain folic acid or folate which is important to consume before you conceive and after because it drastically reduces the odds of your unborn baby from developing neural tube defects. However, as it was noted in Parents Magazine, leafy greens are rich in B vitamins which not only help ovulation but help improve egg quality.

It is also a great idea for your guys eat those leafy greens too because it improves sperm quality. So go and eat all of that spinach, asparagus, Brussel sprouts, arugula, broccoli, romaine lettuce, and other dark leafy greens. It will help not only you getting pregnant but it is great for your unborn baby too.

19 Beans

We all know the jokes about beans because they are the magical fruit that makes you, well I don't need to finish that sentence because you already know. However, beans have fertility boosting properties including folate and iron, they will help regulate hormones and boost ovulation.

According to Parents Magazine, studies that were conducted had confirmed that women who ate beans before getting pregnant were able to achieve a pregnancy quicker than those who didn't. So that means go and enjoy those lentils, tofu, pinto beans, black beans, kidney beans, and chickpeas. If you enjoy hummus like I do, then go have plenty of that because it is a great fertility boosting food.

18 Ice Cream

I bet finding out that ice cream is a great fertility boosting food is exciting for you to know! Who can blame you? According to Parents Magazine, studies have found that full-fat dairy products like ice cream, as well as full-fat pasteurized cheeses, yogurt, and milk, contain fats that prevent ovulatory problems from happening.

Ironically, according to the same source, it was also found that low-fat milk products can actually cause fertility problems. Therefore, don't drink anymore skim milk, and stay away from low-fat dairy products. Starting consuming full-fat ones and you can enjoy ice cream a little more often. However, at the same time, don't go crazy either. Ice cream has sugar and consuming way too much of that could end up defeating the purpose because of it. Moderation is the key to everything.

17 Pumpkin Seeds

If you are wanting to have a summer baby for next summer, that means you will need to get pregnant sometime in the fall. That also means, if you get a pumpkin to put on your porch for Halloween, you will want to carve it up and take all of the seeds out- and roast them! Pumpkin seeds are absolutely delicious!

And, according to Parents Magazine, pumpkin seeds contain non-heme iron, which is a type of iron found in iron-rich foods, as well as in plant-based foods. And studies conducted have shown that women who have consumed this type of iron have gotten pregnant quite quickly. Therefore, pumpkin seeds are a fertility boosting food! A delicious one too!

16 Whole Grain Bread

Not only are whole-grains the type of carbs to consume because they provide you the energy you need without causing your insulin and blood sugar levels to spike- but they have excellent fertility boosting-properties as well.

Whole-grains are rich in many vitamins and minerals, as well as folate which not only helps boost female fertility- but is great for the growing baby too. However, back to the fact that these carbs are the ones to consume because they don't cause blood sugar and insulin spikes.

According to Parents Magazine, refined carbs which are white bread, white rice and pasta cause your blood sugar and insulin levels to spike which will interfere with proper ovulation. This is why you must choose dark bread, crackers or pasta over white. And, choose brown rice over white as well.

15 Olive Oil

If there is an oil to be cooking with while you are trying to get pregnant, always choose olive oil. That is because olive oil is a monounsaturated fat that not only helps decrease inflammation but also increases insulin sensitivity. According to Parents Magazine, inflammation can interfere with not only ovulation but also conception, implantation as well as early embryonic development.

Therefore, this oil is the best type of oil to cook with. You can also enjoy a great snack with whole-grain pieces of bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar- like you would enjoy as an appetizer at Italian restaurants!

14 Wild Salmon

You may have heard that fish is dangerous to eat while trying to get pregnant and during pregnancy. That is only a myth, and even though there is always a grain of truth in each myth- that means to keep away from certain fish like swordfish, shark, king mackerel, orange roughy, tuna steaks and tilefish because of its high mercury levels.

However, according to Parents Magazine, cold water fish that is very low in mercury levels like wild salmon is not only safe to eat - but is highly encouraged. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is excellent to help regulate hormones and is great for your reproductive health. And, after pregnancy, keep eating it because it is great for the unborn baby's brain development. Trout and halibut are also good options as well.

13 Lean Meats

You will definitely benefit from eating all types of lean meat like lean chicken, turkey, beef, and pork if you are looking for ways to boost your fertility. According to Everyday Health, lean meats are high in iron which is crucial for maintaining good reproductive health as well as in B-vitamins.

However, you will also want to be careful not to eat fatty meats like bacon or extremely fatty beef. That will actually be harmful to your fertility, and you will also want to only stick to no more than three servings of lean meats a day.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you will want to increase your tofu or bean intake, and look for supplements that are high in iron as well as in Vitamin B6 and 12.

12 Oysters

You may already only think that oysters are an excellent aphrodisiac. However, according to Everyday Health, oysters serve even a greater purpose as well- for both men and women that are trying for a baby. Oysters are high in zinc which is a very important mineral for improving both male and female fertility.

Zinc deficiency can not only interfere with the menstrual cycle but also cause a decrease in egg quality. Men need it too in order to not only increase their sperm counts but to increase the quality of the swimmers. If you don't like oysters, then you can always take zinc supplements. Other foods like poultry, beef, eggs, dairy, legumes, nuts and whole grains have smaller amounts of zinc as well.

11 Yams

Yams are an excellent fertility-boosting food for aspiring moms or for moms who want to have more kids! According to Everyday Health, yams contain many properties that help not only regulate hormones but increase and improve ovulation.

Therefore, you will want to go to the grocery store and get some yams to throw into the oven. In order to make it really tasty, add a very small amount of brown sugar (not enough to interfere with your insulin and blood sugar levels) and add a bit of olive oil in it as well. That is one amazing tasty side dish! Be sure to have some broccoli and wild salmon with it. That is an amazing fertility boosting dinner right there!

10 Berries

Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries- any type of berries are a great fertility boosting food! That is because, according to Everyday Health, they contain high levels of antioxidants. It protects your body from cell damage and cell aging.

Therefore, berries help preserve egg quality and that is what you want to make sure of when you are trying for a baby- that your eggs are still fresh.

So, here is a great breakfast idea. Have a cup of full-fat yogurt and sprinkle some berries in it. You can also have some berries throughout the day for a great snack! By the way, you can always get frozen berries if they are not in season.

9 Dark Chocolate

World Chocolate Day just passed by on July 7th, and what a time to find out how beneficial dark chocolate is for fertility. According to the Deccan Chronicle, dark chocolate is not only packed with cell-preserving antioxidants, but it is rich in many nutrients as well.

Additionally, dark chocolate has properties that can help increase blood flow to the uterus which means, the embryo has an even better chance of implanting properly. So that means if you want to enjoy some dark chocolate and you want to be a mom or a mom again, this is the time to indulge in some dark chocolate- but in moderation. Not milk chocolate as it does not have those amazing properties, and there is too much sugar as well.

8 Eggs

Eggs are a not only a fertility boosting superfood but are also excellent to eat during pregnancy because it contains properties that help boost brain development! Not to brag or anything, but I ate a lot of egg sandwiches and salmon salad sandwiches when I was pregnant with my daughter. And, she has always been too smart for my own good!

According to Natural Fertility Info, eggs contain a lot of Vitamin D which is important to help regulate the hormonal system. It also contains Vitamin 12 for the same purpose and it is a healthy protein. It is also rich in Vitamin E which is also important. And, you will want to find the eggs that are farm fresh and that have a deep yellow or orange yolk. That means they are very rich in the nutrients you need!

7 Nuts

If you have a craving for nuts, whether it's almonds, walnuts, cashews, or Brazil nuts and you want to be a mom soon- go for it. According to Natural Fertility Info, nuts are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, zinc as well as in Vitamin E, which are crucial for helping your hormones regulate- and to increase the quality of the eggs.

And you can continue eating nuts in moderation after you get pregnant. If you are concerned about your unborn baby developing an allergy, there is no supporting evidence that states that nut consumption during pregnancy will increase the odds of that happening. However, you will want to talk to a dietician or your doctor if you are concerned.

6 Sunflower Seeds

You already know how great pumpkin seeds are for your reproductive system. Other seeds are excellent too, such as sunflower seeds. According to Natural Fertility Info, sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin E which not only helps to protect cells from oxidative damage, but it also helps balance hormones.

Vitamin E also helps to increase the thickness of the uterine lining so that the embryo can implant successfully. In fact, you will want to get your guy to snack on those sunflower seeds too. This essential vitamin helps improve the quality of those swimmers, as well as the quantity as well.

5 Citrus Fruits

If you have a craving for oranges, grapefruits and even want to squeeze a lemon in your water or on your salmon or trout- then go for it if you want to be a mom soon. These types of fruits are rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants, and other important vitamins, according to Natural Fertility Info.

Vitamin C is important for repairing cell and tissue damage, and you are going to want your guy to join you as well. If you are cutting up an orange for yourself, give him some of it too. Vitamin C is important for him to take as well because it keeps his swimmers strong and healthy- and abundant.

4 Liver

A lot of people cannot stand the idea of having a dinner consisting of liver and onions. However, I am one of the few that actually likes liver- whether it is beef or chicken liver. I love it. And if you are planning to be a mom and you also like liver, then you are in luck.

According to Natural Fertility Info, liver is rich in selenium, zinc, Vitamin B12, and D, iron, folate, and CoQ10- which is an important mineral as well to help strengthen your reproductive system. You already know the importance of all of these vitamins when it comes to not only increase your odds of getting pregnant- but to keep taking those in so your unborn baby is getting what is needed.

If you don't like liver, you can always make sure you are getting these important vitamins through supplements or other sources.

3 Shrimp

If you are a shrimp fan like I am, and you want to be a mom, then the good news is that you can keep eating that shrimp. Shrimp is a safe type of seafood to eat and has very low mercury levels. According to Natural Fertility Info, shrimp is rich in both zinc and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Therefore, you know that these essential properties help balance your hormones and strengthen your egg quality as well. That means if you want to have a fertility-friendly shrimp stir-fry for dinner, then cook the shrimp and broccoli in olive oil, and pour it on a bed of brown rice or whole grain noodles. Bon appetit.

2 Sesame Seeds

If you are in the mood to get an egg salad sandwich, and you want to be a mom in the nearer future - then why not increase your odds of that baby coming a little quicker by having the egg in a whole-grain bagel with sesame seeds? According to Natural Fertility Info, sesame seeds are rich in zinc as well as other essential fats as well.

The good fats are important for balancing your hormones and the zinc improves the quality of your eggs and is also great to keep your system in check. You can also enjoy other seeds like flax seeds that have the same great properties.

1 Avocado

If you like avocados like I do, then you are in luck, especially if you see yourself as a mom this time next year- or in the nearer future anyway.

According to Heathista, avocado is definitely a fertility boosting super food that is rich in Vitamin E, essential fats, and important carbohydrates, and folate. Avocados are high in fiber too, so they keep you full for a longer time. Therefore, if you want to make a healthy chip-dip snack, you will want to get whole-grain baked chips and take avocado and grind up the fleshy parts. You can add some spices if you wish, but it makes a great snack!

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