20 Foods That Might Be Keeping Women From Getting Pregnant

When a woman is trying to become a mother, it is very important for her to eat the proper foods for her own personal health as well as the health of her future child. Certain foods are prone to decrease a couple's chances, making it almost impossible to start a family, which is a mother-to-be’s biggest concern. Some foods that are perceived as “healthy foods” can decrease the chances for a mother as well.

A lot of women might get demoralized after reading article like these because many of the foods on this list are definitely favorites; for example, doughnuts. However, there are many different alternatives that can be taken to increase the chances for a woman: foods such as oranges and grapefruits, which not only have the best sources of vitamin C but they are also packed with potassium, calcium, and vitamin B; leafy greens, berries, avocados, quinoa, salmon, walnuts, lentils and beans, and many other alternatives. The healthy eating goes both ways, since men can have a low rates as well. Make sure both individuals are eating the proper foods to increase and boost chances. If a craving arises for a food on this list during the time an individual is trying to have a baby, just make sure the food is eaten at a minimum to decrease the potential risks it has to offer. Happy reading!

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20 SODA AND JUICE Are Packed With Sugar


Soda might be much worse than fruit juices but they are put in the same category since the amount of sugar of both liquids will be taken into consideration. Both of these liquids have so much sugar that it can cause inflammation in the body as well as negative metabolic changes in the body. These changes can impact the fertility rate of a woman badly due to the instant change of body functions. Not to mention that the plastic containers in which the fruit juices and sodas are in might contain a chemical called BPA which should definitely be avoided since it can cause erectile dysfunction, heart disease and breast or prostate cancer. Make sure to stay away from plastic bottles and glasses if a craving of fruit juice or soda arises.

19 Pizza, Baked Goodies, And Anything Oily

The horror! Trans fats are in many different foods which the population consumes every single day like margarine for one, cake, pie, cookies, cream-filled candies, frosting, fried food, and the list honestly goes on and on. Trans fats are bad in general for everyone since it is linked to obesity and diabetes however it becomes even worse for the human body when there’s a baby trying to be conceived. Foods with this substance on the nutritional label cause inflammation in the human body as well as insulin resistance which causes diabetes. Those who do not know what insulin is, it is basically the hormone which keeps the blood sugar level in the human body from getting too high or too low making sure to keep it normalized. Trans fats can also damage blood vessels which can create a disruption of the flow of healthy nutrients to the reproductive system. In men, trans fats can decrease sperm count and sperm quality.

18 PEAS Are Natural Pregnancy-Blockers


Another shocking element on this list is peas. This type of food is packed with health benefits however there is a natural chemical called m-xylohydroquinone which can act as a natural contraceptive. The name of the chemical does sound fake and this news was discovered around fifty years ago. The only harmful part of consuming peas is the strange sounding chemical; all of the other elements which are found in peas are very good for human health. If an individual is worried about the natural chemical found in peas which can act as a contraceptive, make sure to eat peas in moderation or to cancel them out completely from their diet.

17 Raw Sprouts Can Carry Salmonella

Another food which might come to a surprise to many is raw sprouts. Any sprouts such as alfalfa, clover, mung bean, and radish have been linked to having salmonella which can put a future mother at risk of having a miscarriage. To avoid consuming unnecessary chemicals in daily meals, make sure to always eat and purchase food from organic and natural grocery stores or straight from the farm. It is rare that natural and organic foods will contain all of those nasty chemicals that can potentially destroy the development of the fetus. If organic and natural products do not interest an individual, make sure to cancel out raw sprouts from the diet!

16 WHITE BREAD (Brown Bread Is Better)

Lastly, white bread can easily be switched for brown bread. There is a slight change of taste, with a huge difference in nutrients. Brown bread is much better since it has more fiber, natural nutrients and vitamins which are great for the human functions and immune functions of the body. White bread is part of the high glycemic-index foods which are basically carbohydrates who raise blood sugar. The increase in blood sugar causes inflammation in the body which alters hormones and negatively disrupts the ovulation process which can ultimately cause an increase in infertility. It's simple, just make the switch to brown bread.

15 HIGH GLYCEMIC-INDEX FOODS: Carbs, Carbs, Carbs!


Certain individuals might read the title of this next topic and not know what it is but basically high glycemic index foods are potatoes, white rice, and white bread, sugary foods like candies, cookies, cakes and sweet drinks, etcetera. Carbohydrates are high glycemic index foods and basically the glycemic index is a measure which ranks foods according to the effect the food or substance has on the body’s blood sugar levels. These types of foods will definitely spike blood sugar levels which can put someone at risk for diabetes, heart attacks, and of course obesity. The high blood levels can also alter the hormones of the body and delay and/or prevent ovulation.

14 Delicious DAIRY


Milk, yogurt, and other dairy products which are low in fat might contain androgen hormones; which basically the fat is removed from these dairy products and the male hormone is produced in the dairy. One of the main purposes of this hormone in the human body is to get converted into the female hormone, estrogen. The androgen hormones are created in the ovaries, adrenal glands, and the fat cells in the female body which then get converted into the female hormone. When a woman consumes low-fat dairy, she is supplying her body with more androgen hormones and in the end there are so many androgen hormones in the body that the body does not change them into estrogen hormones quickly enough. The intake of too many of these male hormones can interfere negatively with the menstrual cycle.

13 RAW EGGS: Just Cook Them Up


Eating any raw food is very bad for the human body to begin with since it holds lots of bacteria in which individuals should not be consuming. A bacteria called salmonella can be found in raw eggs causing symptoms that are not comfortable to live with such as fever, abdominal cramps, vomiting, and the runs. When an individual's immune system is low, it might negatively affect the fetus and/or might decrease the rate of fertility, (while the immune system is low, of course). Purchasing organic eggs from a farm will decrease the chances of having harmful bacteria lie inside the eggs. Also, always make sure the eggs are cooked before ingesting them to remove the bacteria!

12 HIGH MERCURY FISH: Sorry, sushi lovers


One food to stay away from when an individual is trying to conceive a baby is high mercury fish. For example, king mackerel, marlin, shark, swordfish, tilefish, ahi tuna and bigeye tuna are all fish which contain high levels of mercury. Basically mercury poisons the kidneys and the nervous system of someone’s body and this effect is extremely toxic for the body; when a mother is exposed to too much mercury, the risks of her child being born with learning disabilities increases by a lot. Mercury can also be found in certain medicines and cosmetics so make sure to verify the ingredients before purchasing any of these products.



When cheese is pasteurized, the process kills the pathogenic bacterium which is bacteria which can cause a disease in the cheese. Since the topic is unpasteurized soft cheeses, the bacteria is still alive which can be very bad for the development of the baby. The cheeses that are not pasteurized are feta, goat cheese, Brie, Camembert, blue cheese, Roquefort, and Gorgonzola. Since these cheeses do not go through a process which eliminates the bacteria, they are aged and they contain listeria which causes headaches, loss of balance, convulsions, confusion or changes in alertness, and stiff necks. Unpasteurized soft cheeses also increase the risk for miscarriages.

10 WHITE RICE (Brown Rice Is Better)


White rice should be avoided since it takes part of the high glycemic index foods. White rice has certain chemicals and substances inside itself that can higher the blood levels of an individual causing inflammation in the body and causing diabetes which are not good for both an individual and their future child. These types of carbohydrates can also cause obesity and all of the negative outcomes which are linked to obesity. If a craving for white rice arises, make the switch to brown rice since it is much better for the body. Brown rice also has a lot of fiber and different nutrients that positively nourish the body.

9 PROCESSED FOODS (This Is A Huge Category)


Put the McDonald’s down! Processed foods also known as fast food has many negative effects on the human body. An over-consumption of fast food will increase the risk of obesity which will bring an individual to diabetes, and many other problems with the human body which can then bring someone to an early death. However, let’s just think of the effects of diabetes. The high blood pressure will disrupt the development of the fetus and it can also cause infertility. If a couple is trying to conceive a baby and the craving for a hamburger arises, it is much better to make a hamburger at home.

8 CORN And Things Made Of It


A GMO is a genetically modified organism whose genetic substances have been altered using genetic engineering. Basically, the food has been modified with the use of chemicals to make the food last longer, make it look prettier, and sometimes make it taste better. These types of products are not one hundred percent natural and will definitely impact the body negatively. The intake of too much corn, which is often times genetically modified, can increase infertility and spike premature birth. In men, it can change the hormones and DNA of sperm which can cause infertility as well. On a whole, it is very important to stay away from corn and other foods which are genetically modified.

7 POPCORN: But Movies Are Still Good Without It

This next product will be seen as a surprise to many individuals. Who would have thought that popcorn would make this list? Basically, in the lining of popcorn bags there is a synthetic chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid also known as PFOA. This synthetic chemical increases the risk of infertility by 70 percent higher in women who are exposed to this chemical the most. PFOA has also been linked to breast and prostate cancer as well as irregular menstrual cycles which can put a woman at risk to infertility as well. Make sure to leave the popcorn bags on the shelves in the grocery stores and change to a different alternative like nuts or salted nuts to please the craving.

6 DOUGHNUTS Have Everything That's Bad For You

Aren’t doughnuts so delicious? There are so many different flavours to suit to everyone’s needs and they are definitely the favourite food of certain individuals. Not only do these heavenly desserts cause obesity with an excessive amount of eating them but they can also cause diabetes due to all of the sugar packed into these desserts. Diabetes alone can cause the poor development of a fetus and since these desserts are filled with carbohydrates and trans fats, it can raise blood pressure making it very high and further on fluctuating hormones. The fluctuations will disrupt the ovulation process of the female body which will further on increase infertility. Eating a doughnut once in a while will not necessarily interrupt the ovulation process but definitely keep the doughnut intake to a minimum.

5 DELI MEATS: You May Need To Rethink Sandwiches


Any deli meat like mortadella, prosciutto, salami, turkey, ham, etcetera; as well as hot dogs and smoked fish like salmon can increase the vulnerability of the body to listeria contamination which is a disease caused by bacteria and it can cause many different symptoms that can make someone very uncomfortable. When the body is contaminated by this bacterium it can also increase the amount of miscarriages a woman has. If a craving does arise for deli meats, it is advised to heat up the meats (even though they might be better cold to some individuals), until they are steaming and this outcome will kill all of the bacteria if not most of it.

4 A Little Drink Now And Then


Everyone knows how badly alcohol affects the human body and it is even worse when someone is trying to conceive a baby or is already pregnant. That one glass of champagne a woman has once a month might not have a negative impact on the body or the baby however it is advised not to drink whatsoever. Exactly like mercury, alcohol can contribute to infertility by stopping the good nutrients in the body to access the whole body. Alcohol also absorbs all of the vitamin B in the body which is terrible since vitamin B increases an individual’s chances of getting pregnant and it supports healthy fetus growth.

3 ANIMAL PROTEIN: Raw Meat And Seafood


Certain animal proteins like raw meat and seafood for example should be avoided or at least diminished in an individual’s diet if they are trying to conceive a baby. The salmonella bacteria can be found in these products which can cause diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps, and vomiting. Other bacterial elements which can be found in raw animal proteins and seafood are coliform bacteria which can cause an infection in the intestines of individuals as well as toxoplasmosis which causes muscle aches and pains, swollen lymph glands and can create a feeling of having the “flu”. All of these bacterial elements greatly put the fetus at risk since they can infect the area of the placenta. Make sure to cook all of the animal products very well and to skip certain foods like sushi and carpaccios.

2 COFFEE: You May Have To Go Decaf


Everyone knows that drinking too much coffee is definitely not good for the human body and the function of the human body. In men, the over-consumption of coffee will influence the semen in his body negatively. It can also have a negative impact on the semen’s DNA. In women, an over-consumption of caffeine products can definitely decrease infertility. Basically, caffeine interferes with the muscular contractions of the fallopian tube and this outcome can make it difficult for the egg to move to the right place in the fallopian tube for conception. If an individual cannot function without drinking coffee in the morning, make sure to drink only one cup of coffee a day!

1 SOY: Reduce The Salty Goodness


Many practitioners might suggest that soy might increase fertility however it has certain substances which can impair fertility. There is a natural substance in soy called Phytic Acid which impairs the absorption of iron, zinc, and calcium in the human body. It can also increase the amount of mineral deficiencies in the body which can impair the development of the fetus. It is very important to have a strong body and health to conceive a baby since the fetus will rely on the strength their mother’s body has to offer. Also, depending on where the soy is cultivated, it can sometimes be genetically modified which in the long run has negative effects on the body.

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