20 "Forbidden" Things That Are Actually Not So Bad During Pregnancy

Anytime an aspiring mom and her partner decide that they are ready to start trying for a baby, they will read many books on pregnancy which is most definitely a recommended thing to do. Because there are many details about pregnancy that they must learn about such as the physical and emotional symptoms moms will be facing. Additionally, there are many pregnancy rules to abide by that they must be aware of.

It is a known fact that drinking any kind of adult beverage is a true no-no during pregnancy since it is not known if any amount is safe to drink. Even though many moms in the past claim to have had this bad habit and ended up having healthy babies, it is still not known how safe it really is.

However, that is one rule that pregnant moms must abide by in order to stay safe. But, there are also many other rules that moms can be loose about during pregnancy. Considering the scientific studies that have been conducted over the years, we have found that bending certain pregnancy rules is quite fine. It is time to learn about some forbidden things that are not actually so bad during pregnancy.

20 A Little Bit Of Coffee Is Just Fine


Aspiring moms or new moms-to-be may be hesitant to enjoy any more java because they assume that caffeine is not good for the baby at all. And, there is truth to that considering that caffeine is a diuretic and stimulant which is not good for the unborn baby's metabolism. However, according to Healthline, a little bit of caffeine in moderation is completely fine.

That means it is completely safe to safe to have 200 mg of caffeine or less during pregnancy each day because that is not enough to cross the placenta. This means you still can enjoy a 12 oz cup of java, or less than that if you want to have some tea or chocolate as well.

19 Forgetting To Take A Prenatal Vitamin

prenatal vitamins

It is a known fact that it is very important to take prenatal vitamins and folic acid when you are trying to conceive and after the pregnancy has been detected. However, according to Parents Magazine, if you forget to take the odd vitamin during pregnancy, or have a hard time with morning sickness and can't take it in, it will not cause any problems!

With that said, even though it is important to take those vitamins, missing a day here and there is not going to have any effect and there are times that the rules like this can be bent. However, if the morning sickness is too bad that you can't take the vitamins or retain it, then you need to see the doctor right away.

18 A Few Sugary Indulgences Are Fine

ice cream

Aspiring and newly-pregnant moms have been told to stay away from sugar and refined carbs because those can not only deliver empty calories and provide no nutritional value for the unborn baby. However, eating too much of it can easily increase moms chances for developing pregnancy complications like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

However, according to Parents Magazine, enjoying the occasional sugary indulgence is just fine, and will not have an effect on the unborn baby and mom's health! Especially if 90 percent of the time mom is sticking to a very healthy eating regimen. In fact, go for the sugary indulgence once in a while because that will make mom happy, and when mom is happy, the unborn baby is too!

17 Chocolate Is Good In Small Doses


You had already found out that you can actually enjoy some coffee and a little bit of sugary junk food in moderation. Chocolate would certainly fit into this category as well. As Healthline had stated that chocolate has some caffeine in it in addition to sugar which is why you definitely want to limit the intake of this food during pregnancy.

However, you will be delighted to know as well that you definitely don't need to avoid it either. That really goes for dark chocolate that is 70 cent cacao. That is because dark chocolate has some important nutrients including powerful antioxidants which are actually quite good for the unborn baby and for the mom-to-be! This must be the best news you have heard all day so go and enjoy that dark chocolate you have been craving, in moderation of course!

16 Having Some Stressful Days


Stress is one thing that pregnant women are told to avoid at all costs, and those that are trying to achieve pregnancy are also told to avoid stress. Even though it is true that an insurmountable amount of stress is never good for anyone, you don't want to completely avoid it either.

In fact, according to Very Well Mind, a little bit of stress which gets you thinking, moving, and having to take action is necessary to have in your life in order to function. And this also applies to those who are pregnant. A little bit of stress is what keeps the circulation going and keeps you moving which is good for you, and this is what you and your baby need as well!

15 Having Some Restless Nights


The one thing that pregnant moms have been likely told during the time they were attempting to conceive, and after they became successful, they probably got nervous about having to be woken up in the night having to do #1 or having to satisfy a middle of the night craving. That is because those things will interrupt your sleep, and it is believed that not getting enough sleep is not a good idea to deal with during pregnancy.

However, according to MDMag, it is not a problem if you wake up in the night to sometimes get up to go to the bathroom, satisfy a craving, or for any reason. It is important to get as much rest as possible to stay healthy, but having some restless nights here and there is not anything to be concerned about. It is a good idea to take naps during the day to get the proper rest needed if waking up in the night is a common thing during pregnancy.

14 Having That Fun Time With The Partner

fun time

Many newly pregnant moms think that once the stick turns pink, then any fun time with the partner must be put on hold until after the baby is born. However, that is actually not true and the good news is, having that kind of fun during pregnancy is completely fine, according to Parents Magazine.

The only times that it is not a good idea is if there are pregnancy complications happening such as having a weak cervix or having placenta previa, However, other than that, it is fine because the mucus plug is keeping the unborn baby protected from anything that happens, which includes that.

13 Not Quitting Bad Habits Cold Turkey

stressed mom

If a woman has a habit of relieving stress by puffing those sticks and finds out that she is pregnant, she will panic and try to wrap her mind around quitting cold turkey because it is a known fact that the habit can hurt the unborn baby. And, according to Healthline, if the unborn baby is around any of those puffs on a consistent basis, then that can cause them to be born early and be incredibly light.

However, the good news is, those puffs will not have any effect on the unborn baby until after 14 weeks of pregnancy. With that said, there is absolutely no need to cut cold turkey if the discovery of being pregnant was made very early on. This means it is the time to work with the doctor to find a good way to wean off of it. At that point, the stress from quitting cold turkey is worse than those puffs!

12 Going For A Brief Jog

woman jogging

Exercising is important to keep up with during pregnancy, and this is exactly why there are prenatal exercise classes around such as yoga. According to Parents Magazine, exercise is crucial because it not only helps keep mom healthy during the pregnancy, but it helps keep the circulation going which the baby needs due to the fact that the circulation helps bring oxygen to the baby.

However, even though it is true that you need to be mindful with how intense your exercising should be during pregnancy. You will not want to have an intense workout for an hour because that can bring stress to your body and to your unborn baby. But going for brisk walks, and light jogs for a short period of time is completely fine and even encouraged!

11 Lifting Anything Somewhat Heavy

carrying something heavy

Pregnant moms have been told that they should never lift anything too heavy during pregnancy because it can hurt them and potentially their unborn babies. However, according to Family Education, as long as the mom-to-be is not having any complications, she can lift anything that is up to 25 lbs. or even more.

With that said, if any mom has a toddler and is pregnant with their sibling, she can most definitely carry the toddler without any problems at all. Again, the only time that lifting anything heavy during pregnancy is not advisable is if there are complications. However, in most cases, it is fine to carry around the toddler or a full bag of groceries.

10 Declining To Attend Lamaze Classes


Pregnant moms think that they must attend Lamaze or birthing classes with their partners at a certain point of their pregnancies. And, many times they feel pressured to do so. Sure, these classes teach you important things that every parent needs to know about labor and the preparation for it. However, you can also study that kind of material online or by purchasing books about the subject.

In fact, according to Very Well Family, it is not essential to go to birthing classes because not only can you learn about what you need about birth preparations elsewhere. But your labor may not happen in a way that what you are taught during Lamaze classes will be particularly helpful to your own situation. Attending Lamaze classes are a good idea, but they are not essential at the end of the day.

9 Lifting Your Hands Above The Head

raising hand above head

Your grandmother may have told you that it is not safe for you to lift your arms above your head during pregnancy because she was advised not to do so. That is because back then it was believed that if you did that, then you are increasing the risk of causing the cord to wrap around the unborn baby's neck.

However, according to Very Well Family, that has been proven to not be the case many years ago. Even though this practice is still used in some cultures for superstitious reasons, just know that raising your arms above your head during pregnancy is perfectly safe! Your baby will be fine.

8 Going On A Long Car Ride

car ride

It is possible that one thing that you have heard that pregnant moms must avoid at all costs is by going on long car rides because it is never a good idea to sit in one position for too long. And, according to Healthline, if you do sit for longer than an hour without moving, then your circulation can stop and this could be very bad for the unborn baby. Especially if a clot develops.

However, that does not mean that you cannot go on long rides either. What you will need to do is make sure that you stop somewhere every hour if you are going on a road trip or somewhere that is far. Be sure to walk around, stretch, and get your circulation moving for at least 15 minutes before resuming the ride to your destination.

7 Going On The Plane

plane ride

You may have heard that if you are pregnant, you need to postpone any air flights until after you give birth, or get your travel plans out of the way early on in your pregnancy. However, the fact of the matter is, you most definitely can fly during most of your pregnancy.

Some airlines may not want to accept pregnant passengers in the later part of the third trimester due to the possibility of going into labor. However, it is safe to fly during pregnancy other than that because the planes are properly ventilated. And, according to Healthline, even though sitting for a long period of time on the plane or a long car ride as it was just discussed can increase the chances of blood clots due to the lack of circulation - if you be sure to walk around every hour on the plane for 15 minutes to get the circulation going, there is no reason not to fly.

6 Watching An Intense Movie

watching movie

Pregnant moms may have been discouraged from watching intense horror movies, or movies that can cause them a lot of excitement. And this was true many years ago. However, according to First Cry, pregnant moms can watch any kind of movies they want if it brings them joy and excitement in a positive way. That means if mom loves flicks like Friday the 13th, she can most definitely watch those kinds of movies during pregnancy too and be fine.

It is still discouraged for pregnant moms to do anything that can cause them stress during pregnancy meaning that in some cases, watching intense movies may not be advisable. But that really depends on what the pregnant mom enjoys. If she likes scary movies, then they are not going to cause her to get stressed!

5 Reading A Strong, Emotional Story

reading a book

The same concept applies to pregnant moms who are reading intense books. Because really, there are not many things that are as exciting as watching an exciting show or reading an intense book. They trigger emotions, and this is why pregnant moms have been advised for a long time to not read intense stories.

And, according to First Cry, it is a known fact that pregnant moms should avoid anything that can cause them a lot of emotional stress since it is not good for them and their unborn babies. However, if mom has always loved reading intense stories, then she can continue reading them during pregnancy too without it having an effect at all.

4 Attending Sporting Events

ball game

Just like intense movies and intense books having an emotional effect on any pregnant mom, sporting events can cause the same kind of excitement. And this is why, according to First Cry, for many years pregnant moms were told not to attend sporting events that could cause them excitement or sadness due to their favorite teams winning or losing. That kind of stress from any kind of emotional excitement can hurt the unborn baby.

However, if the mom has always enjoyed going to sporting events before pregnancy was in the picture, there really is no reason for her not to attend them during pregnancy. She may get excited and some emotions expressed will not have an impact on the baby. In fact, she will be more upset about being denied going to her favorite sporting event which is also stressful!

3 Attending Celebrations


At one time, pregnant women were not allowed to attend weddings or celebrations because it was believed to cause intense emotions which are not good for the unborn baby. And, this rule even applies to some cultures today. However, according to MummyPages, it is not only safe for pregnant women to attend weddings, but they can still dance to their heart's content.

A little bit of excitement from attending a celebratory event is completely fine. However, pregnant moms are told to be mindful of what they eat during the event. For instance, they already know that any adult beverage is off limits, and the same goes for sushi or questionable cheeses and fish.

2 Attending Emotional Ceremonies


For many years, pregnant women have been told to not attend emotional ceremonies such as funerals, wakes, or visiting a family sitting Shiva no matter what. That is because it was believed to be bad luck, and in some cultures, this belief still holds true. However, according to We Have Kids, there is absolutely no evidence that going to a funeral will cause any problems at all.

The only time it might is if the mother gets overly upset during the service as funerals can cause people to become very emotional for obvious reasons. However, there is no evidence that attending a funeral during pregnancy is really going to have any real impact otherwise.

1 Eating Seafood

salmon dish

Many new moms-to-be and aspiring moms are hesitant to eat seafood because they have heard that fish has high levels of mercury which can hurt the unborn baby's nervous system. However, according to Healthline, this only applies to fish that have high levels of mercury such as swordfish, shark meat, King mackerel, and tilefish.

Even tuna has moderate amounts of mercury but expectant moms can enjoy canned and chunk light tuna with lower levels of mercury once a week. Fish such as salmon, trout, halibut, and shrimp are very low in mercury levels and are high in essential fatty acids which are excellent for the unborn baby's brain development. With that said, you not only can have seafood but you are encouraged to eat it during pregnancy, along as it is the right type of seafood!

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