20 Gender Reveal Photos That Are Absolutely Gorgeous

Gender reveals have become all the rage. Some moms- and dads-to-be don't even know the answer to whether it is a boy or a girl themselves. They have the doctor covertly write the sex of the baby in a sealed envelope and pass it to a family member or bakery to bake a pink or blue cake - and only discover baby's sex when they dig into the sweet stuff.

Much like popping the question, revealing pregnancy and baby's sex has become a show. Everyone wants to outdo the one who came before them. While that can be taxing on a family and might say something about the superficiality of society, few can deny how much fun the practice is. Frankly, most have to admit that scrolling through Pinterest and looking at gender reveals is a guilty pleasure they're not willing to give up.

Why not? Gender reveals, after all, bring friends and family together to celebrate bringing new life into the world. It's magical, miraculous, and nothing short of breathtaking. This new trend is a way to get everyone involved and spread the contagious happiness parents are feeling.

In a way, it also speaks volumes about how far people have come, now that mothers and fathers see it fitting to celebrate the birth of either sex equally and with verve.

Even those who have already had their children can appreciate the details and beauty of the gender reveal. In fact, looking at the creativity some incorporate can spark the imagination. Without further ado, here are 20 gender reveal photos that are absolutely gorgeous:

20 Up In The Air

Via: aeroflowinc.com

19 Image Worth 1,000 Words

Via: Pinterest

18 Dropbox

Via: Pinterest

17 A Vote For Baby

Via: Arts & Crackers

16 Painted With Love

Via: Notey

15 Put The Dog In Charge

Via: Pinterest

14 Kick Up Your Shoes

Via: Simplemost

13 Tie One On

Via: Redeeming The Day

12 Crown Jewel

Via: Pinterest

11 Fairy Dust

Via: Pinterest

10 Eat My Dust

Via: itparty.es

9 Pop Goes The Reveal!

Via: Project Nursery

8 Paint Chip

Via: Itty Bitty Bella

7 Tug Of War

Via: Pinterest

6 All Hands On Deck

Via: Pinterest

5 Big Brother

Via: Pinterest

4 Let Them Eat Cake

Via: www.babylifestyles.com

3 Spill the Beans

Via: Pinterest

2 Piñata Tells The Story

Via: gabWorthy

1 Great Catch

Via: Pinterest

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