20 Generic Baby Girl Names That Scream "Basic"

Deciding on a name for a baby can be exciting but exhausting at the same time. The internet gives off endless lists of exotic, unique and modern baby names that new parents can't stop reading and considering for their baby. Too many options are overwhelming, and the more options you have, the longer it takes to make a decision. Sometimes parents just have to go back to basics and name their baby the same name that everyone else names their baby. This is especially true if the baby is a girl and the parents want her to be basic when she grows up. Forget all those unheard of names. Why give her a such a name when parents know she might get teased?

Generic names may be boring, but they are a safe bet. They are a way to ensure that she will fit in when she gets older and that she will conform to her peers. It will ensure that she will make the cheerleading squad when she gets to be in junior high. Who wouldn't want that for their precious baby girl? After all, parents need someone to binge watch Gilmore Girls with when they are older and in the nursing home.


Here are the 21 generic baby girl names that just scream "basic" if the unconventional route is just not for mom and dad. These names might be basic, but they are timeless.

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20 Origin: English, Celtic

The Real "Basic" Meaning: If there was ever a boss basic girl name, it is most definitely Britney (no matter which way you spell it.) This girl is the leader of her sorority and doesn't take any nonsense from anyone. Britney shares a name with Britney Spears, so that means no matter what, she will still come out on top. Britney was that big sister mentor in Kappa Kappa Gamma, who would always tell you what's what and made you feel like you could never do anything right. Britney will probably be the boss of her own natural beauty product company.

Meaning: from Britton. People with this name are supposed to have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership and to have personal independence, according to Sheknows.com.

Her Type-A personality will carry her through life and she will usually be the one to wear the pants in all of her relationships. Britney gives zero cares about what anyone thinks of her. Even when other girls are hating on her (including you), you still have to respect her. This is why she was chosen to be the first on this list.

19 Origin: Hebrew

The Real "Basic" Meaning: Jessica surprises you with her sense of humor because she likes to play simpler than she really is. She is unusually possessive of her clothing and will take you down if you try to borrow them.

Meaning: Rich. God beholds. The daughter of Shylock in Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice. People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and need to work with others to feel appreciated, according to Sheknows.com.

Though she is nice in other regards, her biggest pet peeve is when people take her style or wear the same dress at a formal event. She is the one that will be spotted, walking down the campus, wearing nothing but NorthFace once the weather cools down or in the debt of winter. Jessica is the girl that gets blown off by guys because she asks "where is this relationship going?" after just one week of dating and wonders why she is scaring them away.

Although she doesn't have the leadership qualities that Britney has, she makes for a good second in command. She doesn't go by "Jessie" because that just doesn't roll off the tongue the way that "Jessica" does. You can't get any more basic than Jessica Simpson and her can of "chicken" tuna.

18 Origin: Greek, Latin

The Real "Basic" Meaning: Tiffany is that girl who decided that college was no longer for her. She was the prettiest girl in the 7th grade, that no one trusted because you never knew when she was going to go behind your back and do something back-stabbing. Her name is pronounced with a harsher Tiff- sound because she is completely emotional and she just doesn't care. Tiffany is also the most likely to talk your boyfriend before he even becomes your boyfriend. When you are chatting up a cute guy at a party, she will barge in and cut you off.

Meaning: The Greek meaning is "God's incarnate". In Latin, it means "Manifestation of God." In the Middle Ages, this name was sometimes given to girls born on the Twelfth night, according to Sheknows.com.

Tiffany's style usually consists of wearing clothes that are two sizes too small because she likes to show off her girly bits. This girl literally has no shame and is kicked out of most sororities or girl groups because they have just had enough of her conniving ways. Of course, she will believe that everyone is just jealous of her and they are the ones with the problem.

I mean come on. The movie Breakfast at Tiffany's cannot get any more basic than that.

17 Origin: Latin, English, Greek

The Real "Basic" Meaning: Kristen is the girl that took a vow that she would save herself for marriage because of her religious beliefs. Then, the second that she entered the dorm life in her freshmen year in college, all of that just went straight out the door. Her personality completely did a 180 and, now, she is known as the good girl gone bad among her old high school friends. People from her old small town don't even recognize her anymore because of how much she has changed.

This is what happens when innocent girls, like Kristen, grow up sheltered and get one little taste of freedom when they finally leave the clutches of their strict parents. Now that she has the long-awaited freedom that she never got in high school, she has been let loose and ready for the next party. Think of Kristen Bell from Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Meaning: Follower of Christ. People with this name have a deep inner desire for travel and adventure and want to set their own pace in life without being governed by tradition, according to Sheknows.com.

However, this is just a phase for Kristen, that she will eventually grow out of. She will probably end up marrying some politician and being a do-gooder will do wonders for his re-election.

16 Origin: English

The Real "Basic" Meaning: Ashley comes off as shy and reserved. She is kind of bookish and prioritizes studying above anything else. However, when Ashley has one too many of that firewater, then she transforms into a completely different person. Ashley can get so emotional sometimes that she can be caught daydreaming about herself when she is looking at herself in the mirror. That smokey eye makeup tutorial, that she watched on YouTube, quickly turns into a rocking raccoon eye from all of her hard work and sweat.

Meaning: In English, the name Ashley is: Lives in the ash tree grove. Derived from a surname and place name based on the Old English word for ash wood. Ashley is also a name of a male character in Gone with the Wind. Surprisingly, it can be both a male and a female name. People with this name are said to be excellent at analyzing, understanding and learning, according to Sheknows.com.

When you ask what is wrong, and you try to start comforting her, she just cries even harder to the point where she's inconsolable. It is probably over the fact that she isn't getting her way. Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars shares this name.

15 Origin: English, Hebrew

The Real "Basic" Meaning: Rebecca is the girl that can be a complete hot-mess when it comes to her dating life. She gets into 1-3 month long flings that seem promising for one hot minute. Once she has to endure another breakup, she likes to air her dirty laundry, passive-aggressively, over social media. Although she never uses specific names, every one of her mutual friends knows exactly who she is talking about.

Meaning: In the English and Hebrew version, the name "Rebecca" means "captivating, knotted chord." (Yes, a knotted chord is kind of strange). People with this name tend to be courageous and somewhat aggressive, according to Sheknows.com.

Rebecca likes to sing to Taylor Swift in the shower and has been to at least three of her concerts, in her lifetime. She shares a lot in common with TSwift because where Taylor likes to write songs about her short-lived exes, Rebecca likes to write Facebook statuses alluding to them. Taylor Swift is her girl because no matter what people have said about Taylor, she just gets Rebecca. Rebecca also loves to put melodramatic, inspirational quotes all over Instagram, especially ones that talk about being an "independent woman" and "not needing a relationship."

Rebecca is perfect because no basic girl should be seen without a Rebecca Minkoff clutch purse (or Michael Kors).

14 Origin: Irish, Latin

The Real "Basic" Meaning: Come on now, you cannot get more basic than this. Lauren Conrad and her friend "Lo" (also named Lauren) have this name. You know, those girls from Laguna Beach and The Hills. Just like these beach blondies, Lauren is a Cali girl, or just really wishes that she was one (even if she is from a wintery Midwestern state like Wisconsin or Michigan). In high school, Lauren worked at Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch, wearing those puka shell necklaces and those low-rise jeans. Lauren is never seen without at least a few ounces of peroxide in her hair no matter how much of a natural brunette she is.

Meaning: In Latin, the meaning of Lauren is Laurentum (from the place of laurel leaves). It can also be interpreted as the English version of the Irish name Lorcan: Fierce. People with this name are supposed to have a deep desire to serve humanity and give to others by sharing money, knowledge, and experience, according to Sheknows.com.

Lauren will be that girl who will take a few years off just to "travel" and "find herself." That is until her wealthy parents decide to cut her off the family credit card and get a real job.

13 Origin: Hebrew, Biblical, Muslim

The Real "Basic" Meaning: Sarah is the type of girl that will make Facebook statuses about Pumpkin Spice Lattes (#PSL) not knowing that these are a total cliché of being basic. She is also unaware that wearing Uggs, while taking a picture of her feet standing on colorful fall leaves for Instagram, is basic. Sarah just thinks that being basic is just a way of life and that is just the way it is.

Meaning: In English, Sarah means "pure and happy." In the Biblical sense, Sarah means "lady, princess, or princess of the multitude." In the Bible, Sarah was the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. Her name was originally Sarai (quarrelsome), but God commanded that her name is changed to Sarah before the birth of her son, according to Sheknows.com.

Sarah's all-time favorite show is Friends and she still thinks that the acting is phenomenal. Her favorite character is, of course, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and thinks that Ross is "cute in his own way." When you ask her what her favorite kind of music is, she looks at you with a blank face confused. Whenever she posts a picture on Instagram, she #needs #to #hastag #every #single #word.

Oh yeah, not to mention that and Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex in the City is every basic girl's role model.

12 Origin: Greek, French

The Real "Basic" Meaning: Stephanie is that girl who peaked in high school and doesn't understand why things just aren't the same for her anymore. She is usually the more high maintenance girl in the group, who gets cold easily and needs someone to give her an extra layer of clothing. For some reason, she always wants to leave early, even when the party hasn't really started yet. It can be a drag being friends with Stephanie because she tends to be the wet blanket who always insists on going home early. Once she goes home, she just binge-watches Sex in the City and lives vicariously through those characters, rather than having excitement in her own life.

Meaning: In both Greek and French, the meaning of the name is "crowned in a victory." People with this type of name have solitary thoughtfulness and analysis of people and world events that may make them seem aloof, and sometimes even melancholy, according to Sheknows.com.

On a positive note, Stephanie is the girl who never gets bad hangovers and can actually get up on Sunday, being completely productive. She usually goes home on weekends to see her parents, who live nearby and misses out on a lot of social events.

When we think of Stephanie, we think of Stephanie Tanner from Full House. Every basic girl grew up watching that in their childhood.

11 Origin: English, French

The Real "Basic" Meaning: Amy is that gossip queen of the group and will tell you things that you don't want to know just to see how you will react. She knows how to get information out of people by stalking them, their mutual friends, and their exes on Facebook. Amy has her finger on the pulse and knows a lot of background information that no one else does. This makes her someone that you want to have on your side. However, if she is your frenemy, then you better watch out. She will steal your boyfriend when you are not looking.

Meaning: In both English and French, it means "dearly beloved". From the Old French Amee, it means to love in Latin. It became common after the publication of American Louisa May Alcott's: Little Women. People with this name are often found to be the center of attention and enjoys a career that put them in the limelight, according to Sheknows.com.

She knows how to play the role of a good girl but then the facade wears away once she gets sick of you. Amy is witty and, usually, is an English or Literature major because she has a way with words. Those who can't keep up with her will make her bored very quickly. No basic girl doesn't enjoy watching an Amy Schumer chick flick.

10 Origin: Hebrew, French, English, German

The Real "Basic" Meaning: Danielle believes that doing things, like taking dancing lessons, is empowering for women. She also believes that Miley Cyrus's performance at the 2013 MTV VMA Awards with Robin Thicke was a historical monument for feminism. When anyone calls out Danielle! for her wanton behavior, she overreacts and accuses them of being misogynistic and repressive. She binge watches the show Girls on repeat and secretly hates men. Even though she is all in favor of girls doing whatever they want, she has no problem saying things like "all men are dogs".

Meaning: In both French and Hebrew, it means "God is my judge." It is the female variant of "Daniel". When the name appears in the Bible, the male "Daniel" survives a den of lions, according to Sheknows.com.

Danielle is the type of girl that will try to bring down the patriarchy by bringing it up on the very first date. Even though she is fairly good-looking, guys run for the hills after having one conversation with her. She often sits around and wonders why she doesn't have a boyfriend and why she is perpetually single. Even though Danielle is confused about her views on gender roles, she would never be caught dead at a feminist bookstore.

Danielle Fishel is the actress who played Topanga from Boy Meets World. Every basic girl was someone's high school sweetheart at one point.

9 Origin: Irish

The Real "Basic" Meaning: So her full name is "Kaitlyn" but she probably goes by "Kate" or "Katie." Think of the ultimate basic girl poster girl Kate Middleton. Many American basic girls look to Kate Middleton's style and idolize her even though they will never attain British royalty, not even in their wildest dreams. In any case, our girl Katie is no exception to that.

Meaning: Borrowed from the Irish, Caitlin is a variant of CaitrÍona, the Gaelic form of Catherine (pure, unsullied). It is also the Celtic equivalent of "Catherine." The name has been Americanized into "Kaitlyn", according to Sheknows.com.

Katie is that nice girl in the group that is the side-kick and not too many people remember her name because it is just that generic. She's the girl who when you are talking about her to someone else, you have to stop and think. Then you say, "Oh yeah, you know Jenny's friend? The one with the dark hair?" This is because no one ever really remembers who she is.

Katie's form of basic is that subdued personality that is usually seen holding her friend's hair, after a night of a little too much fun. She is the stable one in the group. If she wants to be more formal, you could always go by "Kate" as in Kate Middleton.

8 Origin: English, Hebrew, Biblical

The Real "Basic" Meaning: Hannah is always the tall girl of the group and is sick of everyone telling her how tall she is. She was pushed by people in high school to do sports because of her height even though that was never really her thing.

She is still in a committed relationship with her boyfriend from senior year and hopes to be married to him one day. Hannah might even be wearing a promise ring at the age of 18 and naively believes that it will last a lifetime. Her boyfriend probably goes to a college about three hours away. They, both, soon realize that the relationship just isn't going to last and break up halfway through freshmen year.

Meaning: Comes from the Hebrew name "Channah" meaning "favor" or "grace". The English version of Hannah was not regularly used until after the Protestant Reformation. It has been traditionally a more common Christian name, according to Sheknows.com.

Though this devastates her for a while, Hannah soon finds a relationship again because she is one of those serial-monogamists. This guy is her college boyfriend that lasts until they both graduate. After that break-up, she then has no idea what she wants to do with her life. After the social life post-college fades away, she has somewhat of an existential crisis. On her parent's dime, she goes to Bali to become a yoga instructor.

Many youngin basics who grew up watching Hannah Montana are still fans of Miley Cyrus.

7 Origin: Greek, Biblical

The Real "Basic" Meaning: Elizabeth will go by "Liz" or "Lizzie" rather than the formal name. However, if this basic girl decides to go with "Elizabeth" as the name that she goes by, then this is one bougie girl that you are dealing with. She refuses to go to any dive bar sort of place and if the drinks are any less than $10, then she just isn't having it. Her idea of a good drink is that rose champagne that costs $300.

Meaning: In the Greek meaning of the name Elizabeth is from the Hebrew Elisheba, meaning either oath of God or God is satisfaction. The Old Testament Elizabeth in the Bible was the mother of John the Baptist. One of the earliest known bearers of the name was Queen Elizabeth II, according to Sheknows.com.

Elizabeth reads the New Yorker like it's her daily bible. She often asks people "did you read that article in the New Yorker" for stimulating conversation, but often to no avail. She is never seen without her Coach bag and thinks that Michael Kors is just too cheap for her taste. Elizabeth graduated from an Ivy league college with some liberal arts degree. She was able to afford to live off her unpaid internship at Elle magazine because she never had to worry about money.

You can't get any more "old English" than Elizabeth. Look at Queen Elizabeth. Enough said.

6 Origin: Greek

The Real "Basic" Meaning: Nicole isn't the conventional type of basic. Instead, she is the basic and hides behind her ideas on veganism and how horrible the food industry is. She is studying to be a nutritionist or dietician when she graduates. It can be irritating going out to eat with Nicole because she will pick apart the restaurant and what type of food that they serve. She only shops at Whole Foods because there just something magical about the ambiance. Shopping at Whole Foods automatically just makes you a better person.

Where she gets her milk source will be from anything but cows. Instead, she opts for rice milk, soy milk, almond milk, sheep's milk or goat's milk. Why? Because regular milk just isn't good enough for her. Nicole actually puts thought-stimulating Facebook statuses in form of Attn: that actually makes her seem like an interesting person.

Meaning: In the Greek, the meaning of the name Nicole is "people's victory." Those with this name are said to be orderly and dedicated to building their lives on a solid foundation of order and service, according to Sheknows.com.

Nicole Richie had a moment back when she was Paris Hilton's sidekick on The Simple Life. There was no high school basic girl who didn't watch that at the height of its popularity.

5 Origin: English, Celtic

The Real "Basic" Meaning: When people think of Jennifer, they think of Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Jennifer Lawrence. You pretty much can't get any more basic than that. A real Jennifer would hate being nicknamed "Jen" or "Jenny" just because that is simply too cutesy for her. Instead, Jennifer just makes her sound grown up.

Meaning: In old English, the name Jennifer means "fair and yielding". In Celtic, it means "white wave." People with this name are supposed to have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership, and to have personal independence, according to Sheknows.com.

Jennifer likes to exude that all-American girl act, but really she has a hidden agenda and ulterior motives. If she does go by the nickname of "Jenny", then she is that nice girl in the mean girl group. If she goes by her original name, then Jennifer will be the mean girl in the nice girl group. Just like Jennifer Aniston in Friends, Jennifer will seem like she is down-to-earth and everyone's "best friend." She will be your Maid Of Honor at your wedding and before you know it, she's chatting it up with the bachelors. Jennifer is a frenemy that you are just better off staying away from.

4 Origin: English, Greek

The Real "Basic" Meaning: Alyssa is a wealthy baby that will be famous for her parents' money. She chooses to live out her passions creatively because she will never have to worry about having a 9-to-5 type of career. She is the artsy type who will study abroad in Italy, France, and Spain for at least 2 semesters at a time. It will take her about 7 years to finish her undergrad because of her prolonged studying abroad.

Meaning: In old Greek, the name "Alyssa" means "rational" or "good "humor". Those with this name are supposed to be dynamic, visionary and versatile, able to make constructive use of freedom, according to Sheknows.com.

Alyssa is the type of girl who will lay her poetry around the apartment in hopes that someone will read it and find out how profound she really is. She will post many Instagram pics of her travels with the hashtag #wanderlust. The paintings and sketches that she draws are always of romantic couples, that are sitting in some sunset type of background. Alyssa knows that her art is original and has faith that she will open her own Galleria in Paris someday. She plays off the role of a starving artist but really, her dad is the CEO of an oil company.

Alyssa Milano from Charmed shares this name.

3 Origin: English, German, Hebrew

The Real "Basic" Meaning: Rachel is a hopeless romantic and cannot stop with her addiction to Tinder and Bumble. Rachel is always in a relationship on Facebook because it is all just a numbers game to her. Rachel is a serial monogamist who is willing to go through countless numbers of frat boys until she finds one that is way below her league. This guy will end up worshipping the ground that she walks on even though she has dated all of his friends first before getting rejected by them.

Meaning: In German, the meaning of the name "Rachel" is "lamb" or "sheep". In the Bible, Rachel was the second and favored wife of Jacob in the Old Testament, according to Sheknows.com.

For better or for worse, Rachel will be the first one to get married out of your group of friends. This is because she has never been single for more than 2 weeks in her life. However, when she is single for those two weeks, she is a hot mess that you just don't want to deal with. She might go through multiple marriages in her life and the reason for divorce will never be her fault.

Rachel Berry from Glee is that musical female lead who is that role model for basics who wish they could sing.

2 Origin: English, Greek

The Real "Basic" Meaning: Stacey is that girl who was born with maternal instincts. She gets overjoyed when little kids are around and is always talking about wanting to have children. She probably subscribed to parenting magazines since her freshmen year in college. If you were this girl's roommate, you had to explain to any guys that you brought home that those baby magazines lying around were NOT yours, but your roommates.

Meaning: Both the English and Greek meaning for the name "Stacey" is "fruitful, productive." People with this name tend to initiate events, are leaders rather than followers and have powerful personalities, according to Sheknows.com.

Stacey has already chosen a major or career track where she gets to be around little kids all the time, like a nurse for newborns or a schoolteacher. She is one of those girls that has wanted a baby ever since she was eighteen and that usually scares young dudes off if she says that too soon. Whether or not she gets married after college, one thing is for certain: she will be the first to get pregnant out of the group.

That song "Stacey's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne definitely had to be named after her. Stacey wants to start having kids at a young age and nothing is getting in the way of that.

1 Origin: English, French, Hebrew

The Real "Basic" Meaning: Michelle is the girl who is sort of the tomboy of the group because of her dedication to the local sports team. She wears the Victorias Secret line of her team's college sport and can be seen on Snapchat using Bitmoji at sporting events. Michelle fantasizes about her team's quarterback or key player and makes those cartoon circles for when he is playing on her video snaps.

Meaning: In French, the name "Michelle" means "Gift from God". In Hebrew, it means "Close to God." People with this name are said to be orderly and dedicated to building their lives on a solid foundation of order and service, according to Sheknows.com.

Michelle thinks that she has edge over the other basics because she has a tattoo of multi-colored stars on her wrist. Guys like her because she can talk sports with them. She is a minimalist and can be seen wearing leggings and those Uggs around campus. Except rather than just black leggings, she wears a special sports logo on each of her leggings. Where other basics fantasize about Ryan Gosling, Michelle fantasizes about Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Sports bars are her go-to place over martini lounges any day.

Michelle Williams was every basic girl's envy when she got to play Marilyn Monroe in A Week With Marilyn.

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