20 Glamorous Girl Names That Will Break All The Boys' Hearts

Naming a baby is no easy feat. There are countless names to choose from and parents have to settle on just one. And that one name has to sum up absolutely everything about the child. It has to suite that person from babyhood all the way to retirement. Some names sound adorable for a little one, but would be totally weird for a middle aged professional. And other names work perfectly for a retiree but are way too stiff for a little toddler.

So what are parents to do? I suggest: go glam. A glamorous name is a name that is posh, sophisticated and just a little bit Hollywood. A glamorous baby girl's name makes us think of red carpets, tiaras and luxurious faux fur coats. Going with a glamorous name almost guarantees the little one is going to be a heartbreaker. Afterall, what did Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Ava Gardner all have in common? Men worshipped them. But it's not all about playing matchmaker. A glamorous name also brings with it confidence, beauty and importance. It's not a silly name that people will scratch their heads about. A glamorous name is a name people remember - whether it ends up in lights on Hollywood Boulevard or not.

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20 Marilyn

Obviously no glamorous names list would be complete without an ode to the most glamorous of them all: Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe was an icon and the ultimate glam gal. She was confident, sexy and successful. Who wouldn't want that for their daughter? Marilyn is a combination of the names Mary, meaning wished for child or bitter, and Lynn, meaning lake. Marilyn is also a great choice because it gives your little girl lots of options with nicknames: She can go by Marie, Mary, Lynn, Lynnie, etc. If you want to honor Marilyn Monroe but just don't love the name Marilyn, you can follow in Mariah Carey's footsteps and name your daughter Monroe instead. It definitely has a cool feel to it and people will know exactly who she is named for.

19 Audrey

Audrey is another classic on a list of glamorous girl names thanks to Audrey Hepburn. Everyone knows the famous Breakfast at Tiffany's actress. And it really doesn't get more glam than her look in that movie: black dress, gloves, hair in a coiff and pearl necklace. She is the epitome of Old Hollywood glamor. It's also an ode to French actress Audrey Tatou who is all kinds of glamorous. And there was a St. Audrey in the 6th Century - she even made it into Shakespeare's "As You Like It." The name Audrey is English and means noble strength. It was the 39th most popular name in the United States in 2016, making it a very popular choice for parents. If Audrey is too common for you, you could try similar names like Aubrey or Audriana, which are a little more unique and just as glam.

18 Ava

The very popular name Ava is showing up on almost every baby name list. And for good reason! This name is not only glamorous but beautiful and loved by all. Ava is a Latin name meaning life. For true old school Hollywood glamor, we have to look back at famed actress Ava Gardner. But many other famous people hold the moniker Ava. There's director Ava Duvernay and almost every Hollywood parent has chosen Ava for their daughter including: Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Jackman, Heather Locklear, Martina McBride, Kevin Dillon, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Jason Priestly, Larry Davis, Eli Manning and many more. No wonder it's #3 on the baby name list! If you want glam without sharing your baby name with half of Hollywood, consider similar names like Avery, Ada, Eva and Aveline. Or just hop on board the Ava train!

17 Elizabeth

Elizabeth is one of those names that is always going to be popular and glamorous. With Elizabeth Taylor and Queen Elizabeths I and II as same name bearers, how could this nom de plume not be glamorous? It really doesn't get better than Hollywood elite and British royalty. Elizabeth is also a classic and biblical name, which will appeal to some religious parents. It's a Hebrew name meaning pledged to God. It's also a very versatile name with a slew of nicknames such as Liz, Beth, Eliza, Lizzy, Betty, Bess, Busy, Libby and Tibby. Who knew one name could spawn so many short forms? This means that your daughter will be able to stand out and identify with whichever nickname she wants while still maintaining the glamor and regalness of Elizabeth.

16 Farrah

When I hear the name Farrah, I automatically see the well known of Farrah Fawcett in her red bathing suit, head to the side, smiling to the camera with her classic 70's wavy hair. Back in her day, Farrah Fawcett was an icon and everyone wanted to be just like. These days, she's a little less well known, meaning the name has dropped in popularity. The name Farrah now sits at #964 on the baby names charts. So if you're looking for something more unique, this is your ticket. Plus, Farrah has the nicest meaning - happiness. How sweet would it be to name your daughter after happiness? Farrah is an Arabic name and would be a nice move away from traditional European names. Just hope that none of your daughter's friends remember the notorious MTV Teen Mom by the same name!

15 Giselle

Giselle is a beautiful name that just rolls off of the tongue. It also reminds people of the gorgeous supermodel, Giselle Bundchen. It really doesn't get more beautiful than her. Giselle also has a softer charm to it thanks to the ballet, "Giselle." The German name means pledge and can actually be pronounced two ways: GEE-zah-lah or jiz-ELLE. Giselle is #219 on the baby names chart meaning it isn't super common but it's also not totally unheard of. It's a name full of sweet beauty with a pinch of glamor. Not just anyone can pull off this name. And fun fact: Beyonce's middle name is Giselle! Honor Queen Bey with this superfan move of indirectly naming your child after her. It would be too obvious to name your child Beyonce but Giselle is totally normal and no one will suspect your baby is a member of the BeyHive.

14 Victoria

Victoria is a name that brings with it refinement and nobility, as well as glamor, of course. When I hear the name, I automatically think of long reigning Queen Victoria. Turns out, the name goes back even farther. Victoria is the ancient Roman goddess of victoryand was popular in the third century. And yet, this classic name is still #21 on the baby charts - proving it can withstand the test of time. Like the ancient goddess, the name Victoria is Latin for victory. Who doesn't want to set their child up for lots of wins? In modern day, we likely associate Victoria with Victoria Beckham of the Spice Girls or the lingerie company, Victoria's Secret. This versatile name can also be shortened to Vicky or Tory, depending on preference.

13 Grace

Grace is another name that has really stood the test of time. It's a name that automatically makes you think of virtue and purity. It's soft and light; perfect for a baby girl. But at the same time, this delicate name is also very glamorous. Remember Grace Kelly? She was the Hollywood actress who became beloved Princess of Monaco. What could be more glamorous than a true Hollywood princess? Grace has recently regained popularity, placing #19 on the American baby names list, thanks to celebrity parents like Mark Wahlberg and Christy Turlington choosing it for their babies. But Grace is even more popular abroad. The name is #2 in Northern Ireland, #4 in Ireland, #11 in England and Wales, #11 in Australia, and #13 in Scotland. Some parents prefer the boy version, Grayson, as a unique name for a baby girl.

12 Katherine

Katherine is another classic name that brings both Old Hollywood glam and modern royalty to it. For Hollywood vibes, we look to actress Katherine, Kate, Hepburn. There's also modern glam celebrities Kate Upton, Katie Cassidy, Katie Couric and Katherine Heigl. And we can't forget about Mindy Kahling's new baby: Katherine Kaling! On the royal side, looking back in history there was Katherine Tudor, Princess Katherine of Greece and Katherine Duchess of Lancaster. Of course, most famous royal Katherine would have to be Kate (Catherine) Middleton. The name can be spelt a variety of names (Catherine, Kathryn) and boasts many nicknames (Kate, Kitty, Kath, Kathy, Kay). Katherine is a Greek name meaning pure and one of the most powerful and feminine choices for little ladies.

11 Meghan

The most famous Meghan of the moment has got to be Meghan Markle - aka Prince Harry's actress fiance. And her style is most certainly glamorous! Meghan Markle has transitioned from Hollywood celeb into posh royal family member seamlessly. She carries herself with grace, is a stunning natural beauty and dresses so chic. She is glamour itself! I seriously can't wait to see what she wears to her wedding this May. The name Meghan, or Megan, means Pearl. Other famous and glamorous Megans include Megan Fox, Megan Mullaly, Megan Hilty and Meghan Trainor. So your little Meghan or Megan would be in good company! Of course, the name has been rising in popularity since the union of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Get ready to see a lot of little Meghans running around!

10 Vivian

Vivian is a name that just has a glamorous ring to it. It used to be considered an old lady name but it's slowly been making a comeback. The glamor of Vivian lies in its history. Vivan is the enchantress of Merlin and star in Tennyson's Idylls of the King. Recently, Hollywood parents has fallen for the name. Melissa McCarthy and Gisele Bundchen both have daughters named Vivian. If you like Vivian but want to take it up a notch, there's the Galic version Vivienne. This version seems more feminine and sweet. It was chosen by Rosie O'Donnel for her daughter and by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for their daughter. And then we have the famous and very glamorous British designer, Vivienne Westwood. Clearly Vivian or Vivienne, both meaning life, are here to stay.

9 Lucia

Lucia is the glamorous version of the more plain name, Lucy. It denotes a certain amount of exotic beauty and regal status. It's another one of those names that can be pronounced a few different ways: loo-SEE-a or loo-CHEE-a or LOO-sha. Lucia is an Italian name meaning light. Traditionally, it was the name given to baby girls who were born just as daylight was breaking. How beautiful is that? Lucia also has a glamorous history. There's Santa Lucia, the saint, St. Lucia, the island, and Lucia di Lammermoor, the opera. Lucia was the name of a Princess and Duchess of Genoa. Ballerina Lucia Chase cofounded the American Ballet Theater. Ed Sanders, Sasha Alexander, Boston Rob Mariano and Mel Gibson all have a daughter named Lucia. So your little Lucia, your ray of light, will be in good company.

8 Gwen

Gwen is a name that we don't hear all that often for little girls. In fact, it's number #762 on the baby names list. So if you're looking for a moniker that is unique and super glamorous, this might be it. When I hear Gwen, I immediately think of ageless punk rock goddess, Gwen Stefani. With her blonde hair and red lipstick, she is certainly glam. But then there's also conservative glam with Gwyneth Paltrow, who can also go by Gwen. Harkening back to olden days, Gwen was a short form for Gwendolen/Gwendolyn or Guinevere. Guinevere was the Queen of Camelot, bringing a sense of romance and history to the name, Gwen. Gwendolen was the wife of Wizard Merlin and a title character in a George Eliot novel and Oscar Wilde play. So from modern singers to old school queens, your sweet Gwen will be as glam as it gets.

7 Halle


Obviously when you hear the name Halle, you go straight to beautiful actress Halle Berry. And who wouldn't want to name their daughter after a gorgeous, talented and seemingly ageless Hollywood actress? Before Halle Berry totally transformed the name, it was actually a nickname for the male Norse name, Harald. If straight up copying a famous actress' name is too obvious for you, you can go with the very similar and still glam, Haley. And there are just so many ways to spell this one: Haley, Hayley, Hailey, Hailee, Hayleigh, Haelee, the list goes on! So if you want a unique spelling, you'll find it here. Of course, it's not the most unique name. Most common variations of "Hailey" fall within the top 75 on the baby names list. But who says a well known name can't be glamorous?

6 Julia

Julia is a classic name that has a modern and fashionable feel to it. It's perfect for a tiny sweet babe, an adult professional and a retiree sitting by the golf course. It's a name that totally transforms with the bearer. Of course, the most famous bearer would have to be actress Julia Roberts with the million dollar smile. And who wouldn't want to be named for Julia Roberts? She's a glam actress who doesn't have to share her whole life on social media or get followed by the paps. She's sophisticated, beautiful and talented - exactly what you want for your little one. Julia means youthful in Latin. And it also belongs to famous cook Julia Childs and is a derivative of Emperor Julius Caesar. The name is quite popular globally, ranking #5 in The Netherlands and #11 in Spain. If Julia is too plain for you, there are fun variations such as Gulia, Jules, Julie, Juliette or Juliana.

5 Scarlett

The name Scarlett is total glam thanks to Scarlett Johansson and Scarlett O'Hara - both old school and modern day glam girls. Now that's a lot of beauty, talent and glamor to be injecting your little girl with. Scarlett, obviously, denotes the color red. Will that mean your daughter has a red hot and fiery personality? Maybe! But sometimes the most glamorous ladies are also little divas. Scarlett was a popular baby name in Hollywood a little while ago. Celebs Sylvester Stallone, Jack White of The White Stripes, Molly Sims, Rob Schneider and Mick Jagger have all used Scarlett for one of their daughters. Scarlett currently sits at #18 on the baby names list, so it's fairly popular. But it's still got that exclusive feel to it. Not just anyone can pull off Scarlett.

4 Jessica

At first glance, Jessica may seem like a really boring and plain name. But I promise you, it's not! Jessica was the it name of the 80s and 90s after Jennifer fell out of fashion. So for baby girls being born in the 2010s, this name is a total throwback. It first came onto the scene with Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. It's now the name of some of our favorite Hollywood celebs: Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Simpson and Jessica Chastain. Those are some beautiful, talented and glam women. Of course, there's also the most glamorous Jessica of them all: Jessica Rabbit! That cartoon lady totally oozed glamor. She was a siren who had all of the boys panting, even if she was just some lines drawn on paper. Want your daughter to have that kind of control and confidence? Give her the name Jessica.

3 Zara

Zara is one of those perfect names - it sounds exotic and unique but it's still super easy to pronounce and spell. No one is going to mess up on a name like Zara. And it totally fits the bill for being super glam. Zara is a Hebrew and Arabic name that means princess and to blossom. How perfect is that for your little one? She's your little princess and you want her to blossom into the glamorous grown up woman she is meant to be. Zara is a versatile name. It has old school appeal as it's related to the biblical name, Sarah. It was then used for a number of sultry Hollywood characters or comic book villains. But it regained high class status when Princess Anne named her daughter Zara. Of course, there's also the Zara clothing store.

2 Lana

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Lana is another one of those names that is simple to spell but has something really special about it. Lana is a diminutive of Alana, which means little rock or harmony. Harmony certainly fits when thinking of soulful and glam singer, Lana Del Rey. You might know Lana best as Lana Lang from Superman or Lana Kane from Archer. In fact, it's suggested that the popularity of Archer's Lana Kane is responsible for the rise that Lana is seeing on the baby names chart. It currently sits at #391 - so not a super common name but making it's way back to the top spot. Lana also gets a lot of its glamor from actress and model Lana Turner who was it girl of the 1940's. She was all about the glamorous life.

1 Sophia

Sophia is a classic name that is still very popular today. It sits all the way at #4 on the baby names chart. So yes, your little Sophia likely won't be the only one in her class. But there's good reason why this name is so popular. To start, Sophia is a Greek name that means wisdom. Who doesn't want their child to be wise? Looking back in time, it was legendary Sophia Loren who really brought the glitz and glam to this name. Nowadays there are many famous Sophias like Sophia Bush or Sofia Vergara. And it's even more popular with celeb parents such as Stevie Wonder, Patrick Stewart, Jude Law, Eric Bana and Andy Murray. If Sophia is a little too popular for you, there are similar names to consider like Sophie, Serafina, Susannah and Zofia.

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