19Brad Pitt's Clan Of Kids

“The beauty of being a parent is realizing when you need help and taking it to better yourself.” Brad Pitt has been quoted to say.

Brad Pitt is one of the world's most renown actors and film producers, in Hollywood. After his scandalous divorce with his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, the world was left with the uncertainty of his adorable kids and what his custody would look like. However, Angelina and Brad chose to protect their children first

and foremost.

Brad's divorce has not been amicable, although he is still doing his best to spend time with the kids and making the best out of a devastating situation. According to Us Weekly, Brad has been seeing the kids a few times a week and enjoys having private moments with them away from public scrutiny. He is protecting his kids from any form of negative language and public outburst. We have seen him out with his kids, especially for big award events, as they get to see what daddy does. He has also been going to therapy to better himself as a person and as a father.

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