20 Photos Of Celebrity Parents That Will Stay With Us Forever

One of society’s questions: once adults decide to procreate or adopt, do they suddenly become tame and parent-like, oozing with responsibility and poise? Certainly, we would hope so as once we become parents we add on the responsibility of an entirely new human life. People may find that they generally tend to cut down on the partying and become more self-aware and observant of the world around them. That may actually not be the reality of what happens once typical adults have children.

The best part about our faux pas as parents and our inability to perfect parenting is that we are not in the spotlight like these twenty celebrity parents. Some act insane with their children and some are just known to be a little off their rocker, slightly wild, and equally cheeky in their antics causing fans to understandably and curiously gawk at their lives.

Once a child is part of our lives, things do not change that dramatically in terms of our personalities. If anything, our personalities tend to shine brighter and become more enhanced. Our OCD is more prevalent, our antics more revealing of our mental states. We can, at least, hide behind dark curtains. These celebrities were caught in seriously unforgettable acts.

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20 Britney’s Pre-Breakdown Bonanza

Via: Rolling Stone

As seen on BBC News, this creepy photograph of Britney Spears driving with her infant son, Sean Preston on her lap, brings up questions about her being a fit mother. This incident occurred shortly before she epically shaved her head on National television in what appeared to be a slight mental break.

Britney claimed that due to the paparazzi coming at her in an aggressive manner, her motherly instincts kicked in to get her baby out of any potential harm’s way.

The ironic part of this explanation and justified reasoning is that in order to get her son away from the potential harm of the media, she put him in harm’s way by putting him directly in front of the steering wheel, unbuckled, on her lap while driving. Isn’t this exactly what she was trying to avoid in the first place by keeping her child safe!?

19 Michael Jackson Madness

Via: The Independent

Michael Jackson has definitely earned one of the most unforgettable moments in celebrity insanity for this photograph leaving all to wonder not only about his sanity, but also about his true ability to parent. As shown on Mirror, Jackson made history when he carelessly dangled his infant son over a hotel balcony while in Berlin.

When he noticed fans gathering about below, this is what he chose to do, for reasons unbeknownst to the world. The other odd part of this behavior, besides, say all of it, is the fact that he put a covering over his baby’s head. Apparently, not showing his infant’s face was of more priority than the potentially impending crash to the ground if Jackson lost his balance or the baby squirmed too much and fell to the ground.

18 Unmasking Michael

Via: Trend Chaser

Speaking of Michael Jackson and his strange parenting photographs and antics, here’s another common sort of image. As shown on Fuse, Jackson’s protective, yet slightly odd, instincts are shown when he consistently required his children to wear masks or cover their heads in order to protect their identities. He did this more when they were younger (as also seen in his dangling of the baby over the ledge of his hotel balcony incident).

Looking at this photograph, we also see that Jackson has tried to disguise himself by placing a handkerchief over his mouth and nose.

He appears more like he is ready to commit a crime than walking down the street with his children. Maybe it’s just us, but it seems that the masks and kerchief bring a bit more attention to them than they would if they were undisguised.

17 Her Safe Haven

Via E!

Angelina Jolie will go down in history for kissing her brother Haven as passionately as one kisses his or her significant other. Seen on E News, Angelina, who has also been known for other bizarre behaviors like wearing vials of blood around her neck in necklace form, lip locks Haven.

Both appear to enjoy this moment of bliss, pleasure, affection or whatever it can be called. This sibling love can be seen more than once at more than one award show, Haven embracing her waist as a kiss ensues and Angelina’s hand is cupping his. Regardless of whether she had children at the time of this lip lock, the internet is a trusty little thing and this photo of the now mom of many can always be easily pulled up anyone to see.

16 Alicia’s Feeding Fiasco

Via: Jezebel

Was this the new, hip trend in parenting or did we normal parents miss the memo? It led us to wonder if Alicia Silverstone gone off the deep end? Why would anyone ever want to eat food that has been previously chewed, unless you are a bird of course! As per Jezebel, this photograph of Silverstone literally feeding her then 11-month-old son, Bear, in what appears to be a mouth to mouth endeavor equally confused and disgusted fans.

Some fans were concerned about bacteria and viruses spreading, but we tend to think it’s more about personal space and allowing a child to learn how to dissect and chew his own food.

Either way, this controversial photograph was definitely one that generated lots of questions about Alicia’s parenting and sanity.

15 Teen Mom-To-Be

Via: Perez Hilton

Is Farrah Abraham, reality Teen Mom Star, raising her child to be just like her? Abraham has been under scrutiny for pasting her 7-year-old daughter all over social media looking like, well, a little salacious. People Magazine shared this provocative photo of Sophia adorned in adult-style makeup, posted on Abraham’s Instagram page, was shared along with another where Sophia was sporting a two-piece bikini.

Nice “Mom of the Year” move, Farrah! Most of us want our children to stay babies as long as possible and cherish every little part of their “littleness.” Abraham seems in a rush to make her daughter a woman, possibly faster than even Sophia would want. Either way, this photo shoot makes us wonder what her intentions are?

14 Bialik's Big Bang

Via: Perez Hilton

This celebrity’s attachment parenting passion has brought some heat and wild opinions. Big Bang Theory actress, Mayim Bialik, has taken a public stance on practicing the extreme parts of attachment parenting. For example, some parents who practice this style of parenting breastfeed children through toddlerhood or various degrees of attachment parenting.

Bialik is quick to explain that it does not have to be an all or nothing style of parenting; however, she has chosen to breastfeed her children as long as they want.

They are weaning themselves in a way that she and her family feel is most natural.

This explains the three-year-old breastfeeding photograph, as seen on Perez Hilton. The bigger question here is, why is she riding the train when she likely has a driver?

13 King What?

Via: Pinterest

Tyga’s then three-year-old son is seen in this controversial selfie-gone-wrong photograph with what appears to be a plethora of rollable leafy greens in the background, as reported by TMZ. It is said that suspicious little papers also made an appearance in some variances of the photograph. Blac Chyna gave birth to King Cairo.

Blac Chyna and Tyga definitely experienced some heat for this photograph. Tyga, in particular, was criticized even though he adamantly denied engaging in any kind of substance use or illegal activity in the presence of his son. This photograph is as unforgettable as it is controversial and clearly did not help in the ongoing custody battle and tumultuous split between the two stars.

12 Like Mother, Like Daughter

Out of all of the questionable decisions that Honey Boo Boo’s Mama June Shannon has made over the years, one has to wonder about the decision to dress in this matching ensemble just like twinsies, as seen on Buzzfeed. Alana Thompson, (aka Honey Boo Boo), child beauty queen who has performed in a large number of pageants directed by her off her rocker stage mother from a very early age, can be seen here in her pageant outfit rockin’ a “gangsta sign” with an attitude on her face.

In addition, she is smothered in serious adult-like makeup which steals her innocence.

Equally disturbing is the photo of Mama June wearing the same, matching, bright pink pageant dress, complete with sparkles and flipping gangsta signs just like her daughter.

11 The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Lohan Tree

Via: NY Daily News

Dina Lohan is a celebrity mom who is definitely not like the other, more grounded, put together June Cleaver type of moms. We know that Lindsay has suffered from some crushing blows due to her partying habits and many rehab stints. We also know that Dina’s atypical mothering likely did not help matters.

How can a maladjusted woman suffering from mental health issues, among other things, successfully raise a strong, well-adjusted little girl? Enter Dina Lohan and a 2013 DWI. The image we will never forget is Lindsay, only months from concluding her own rehab, showing up in style with her mom on her arm, who looks a bit disheveled, as shown on Daily Mail.

10 You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie!

Via: Giphy

A little over ten and half years ago in 2007, this epic photograph is still just as punchy, scandalous, and slightly twisted as it was back then. The Kardashians have had no shortage of inappropriate material for the media to play with and here, as seen on Giphy, Kris Jenner can be seen after escorting her daughter Kim Kardashian to a Playboy photo shoot.

The famous words, “Kim, you’re doing amazing sweetie!” were heard from Kris as she snapped a few

nudes of her daughter and those words echoed around the world as many expressed concern about the lack of boundaries in the family, yet passed it off as just another Kardashian thing. Kris took lots of heat for those notorious words and also for supporting her daughter as she worked toward her lofty goals!

9 Demi’s Baby Bump

Demi Moore sure knows how to go big or go home. She rocked the August 1991 Vanity Fair magazine cover with true elegance and beauty, but not before causing all sorts of controversy and gossip over the act, as per The Cut. At the time of the photo shoot, she was seven months pregnant with her daughter, Scout. Pregnant and naked?! That is where fans apparently draw the proverbial line. In the 90’s especially, this was a controversial decision for a cover. It appears to be a turning point.

So many scandals involving naked celebrities, but this one lacked the intimate appeal that many publications work to emulate. This photo was a simple salute and tribute to womanhood, the female body, pregnancy, and moms everywhere. Women’s curves and the miraculousness of a woman’s body deserves to be celebrated.

8 Breaking The Internet

Here is another Kardashian proud parent moment where Kris Jenner may have again said, “You’re doing amazing sweetie!” After all, Kim Kardashian did “break the internet” as a result of posing for this very famous photo on the cover of Paper Magazine in 2014, as seen on the Paper website.

Jean-Paul Goude, a famous French photographer, did a great job at helping her “break the internet” by recreating his famous “Champagne Incident” photograph.

Kim shocks no one as usual with her naked self-strewn all over a magazine with her epically famous derriere and perfectly shaped bosom. The cover shows a perfectly shiny, well-developed behind and honestly, Kim does look pretty fabulous! It is no wonder this caused such an uproar in celebrity-ville!

7 Hasselhoff's Cheeseburger Not In Paradise

Via: Daily Maiil

We feel a little bit sad for this poor relapsed David Hasselhoff and the monkey on his back. This photograph taken from a video that surfaced after he relapsed and was filmed recklessly eating a cheeseburger and engaging in childlike conversation with his daughter. Hasselhoff was filmed in 2007 by Taylor Ann who was then only 16 years old, as showcased by Daily Mail. She filmed him, in a desperate attempt to demonstrate to her father that he truly needs to quit drinking for once and for all.

Taking on more of a parental role, his daughter’s attempt to get him to jump back on the wagon sure went viral. In addition, it is helpful to note that Hasselhoff had asked his daughters for their help in case he did end up relapsing. Hasselhoff did admit that part of his recovery has included relapse.

6 Kate Gosselin's Self-Control Issues

Via: Dr Lillian Glass Body Language

Kate Gosselin could use some parenting classes or maybe an anger management group or maybe some friends to help her out with her brood. What parent does not loser her cool sometimes, especially with eight personalities and undoubtedly tons of chaos going on at any given time.

As displayed on Dr. Lillian Glass’ Body Language Blog, Gosselin tries to remain poised and in control... until she’s not.

She has been witnessed in public and caught on camera several times by the relentless paparazzi, who will always be there at the most inopportune times, berating, shaming, and shouting at her children. In this photograph, Colin’s mouth is being covered up by his mother, Gosselin, as he appears to be squeezing his eyes shut and almost cowering from her angry grasp. Apparently, Gosselin cannot stop screaming at her eight children.

5 The Theron Way Of Dealing With Tantrums

Via: Jade African

Most moms have been there. Our children are not cooperating. They do not respond to simple reasoning and sometimes try to run. This photo of Charlize Theron, as reported by Jade African, shows just that. The additional shock of this photo, however, is that it appears that Theron is dragging her son while he is smack dab in the middle of a tantrum to top all tantrums.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult if you happen to be a celebrity to train your 4-year old to not tantrum in front of the paparazzi. Most non-celebrity moms totally understand how difficult it is to control a full-on body-flailing tantrum of a child while trying not to get smacked in the eyeball. Judgment was cast swiftly as Theron attempted to do her best to corral Jackson and not call attention to the situation.

4 The Intimate Moment Of The Decade

Via: Us Weekly

There appeared to be equal sides of unexpected shock and giddy delight with this amazing moment and soon-to-be never forgotten photograph. Scandal ensued as Madonna and Britney exchanged a history-making kiss with each other. As reported by US Weekly, Madonna, in the middle of the 2003 Video Music Awards, during a song and dance lineup, initiated the lip-locking moment.

Britney did not pull away. In fact, she welcomed it with an open mouth.

It is not every day you see your mom making out with a woman on national television. Madonna also subsequently planted one on Christina Aguilera while both Britney and Christina wore white wedding dresses for the performance. This beautiful make-out moment was unforgettable, wild, and will always be remembered as these iconic pop stars played tonsil hockey with each other mid-performance.

3 Liv Tyler's Moment With Dad

Via Hello Magazine

Aerosmith band member and rock star Steven Tyler never ceases to shock us with his antics, but this we did not expect. Liv and father, Steven, lock lips on the Red Carpet.

Publicity stunt? We are not sure, but we do know that this act sure did cause lots of publicity and confusion. It was not just a peck either.

In the image, both Liv and Steven Tyler are kissing close-eyed and seemingly mirroring a similar type of passion and waist hugging that should not be shared between a father and his daughter. Regardless of the fact that Steven Tyler allowed his daughter to strip and make out with Alicia Silverstone in his “Crazy” music video, we still think this father-daughter kiss is a little over the top to say the least.

2 Build Me Up Buttercup

Via: E!

Jennifer Lawrence, star of The Hunger Games, and Kris Jenner, crazy Kardashian mom, are “caught” in a precarious position with legs intertwined in Jenner’s bed. Corey Gamble, Jenner’s boyfriend was the paparazzi behind this shocking and memorable photo, as seen on E!, that immediately went viral after being posted by Jenner on Instagram. This night will always be memorable for our beloved J-Law.

Complete with a karaoke duo rendition of “Build Me Up Buttercup” with Jenner and a sh*t birthday cake for Lawrence, these few hours will go down in history as Lawrence embraces her cougar moment and mommy issues. Jenner’s caption was also interesting as Instagrammers waiting for more: "God I love you #jenniferlawrence thanks for making this night a night to remember…..even if we did get caught… I love you Happy Birthday Gorgeous!!!"

1 Princess Party With Katie Price

Via: Daily Mail

It appears that Katie Price will not be running for the Mother of the Year title either. Price’s then 10-year-old daughter, Princess, was allowed by Price to doll herself up completing her glamour shot with makeup, artificial nail tips, and fake lush lashes, as pictured on Daily Mail. Princess’s father, Peter Andre, was concerned and outraged by the portrayal of his little girl’s salacious persona in these photos.

This is not the first time that Price has allowed her daughter’s graphically made-up face to be uploaded as part of her Instagram feed.

Princess carefully posed and looked like a little Barbie as she stared doe-eyed into the camera. Katie has been blacklisted and bashed by other moms and fans in general as they are concerned about her intent on allowing Princess to be objectified and plastered on social media.

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