20 Habits Millennials Have That Moms-To-Be Have To Quit

It's a curious thing that past generations often say that the new ones "are not doing things as they should". And usually, those kinds of conversations always start with "Back in the day..." accompanied by a long explanation of how things used to be. How many times have millennials been caught in one of those conversations? In my personal experience I would say too many, and although I think grandparents and parents are right about some things, not everything can be applied 100%. Over the years many things have changed, and new advancements have been discovered, discarding old myths.

Millennials are a lucky generation who grew up during the rise of the internet and social media. But there's still a lot they could be doing better. And when it comes to motherhood, millennials should pay attention to certain habits in their routines before deciding to navigate those waters.

Motherhood is a wonderful experience but it is also something that should not be taken on lightly. Women must try to prepare themselves physically and psychologically for pregnancy, and that sometimes means quitting - for the moment - certain habits that they sometimes think are no big deal. That's why today I want to talk about 20 habits that many modern women have and do unconsciously, that do not get along with motherhood.

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20 Forget about Starbucks

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Coffee is one of those great pleasures in life. I understand that the idea of giving up coffee may sound like the worst, but the truth it is that is also proven that our generation consumes more coffee than previous ones. According to a survey by the money app Acorns, 41% of millennials admitted to spending more on coffee in the past year than they had invested in their retirement accounts, meaning that millennials spend an average of $2,008 per year at coffee shops.

And if the effect on our wallets was not alarming enough to take care of the amount of coffee we ingest daily, let me tell you that some experts say that drinking more than eight cups of coffee a day can increase the risk of losing the baby and low birth size.

19 Spend Less Time On The Phone


Probably our phones are the most important accessory in our lives. They contain our own personal universe that connects us with the rest of the world, and a big range of information. But the truth is that sometimes we spend more time than necessary on our phones, and we forget to enjoy the present and connect with those around us.

When it comes to motherhood I must say that babies and phones are not the best company. I find alarming the amount of videos that you see nowadays of mothers who accidentally dropped their phones on the faces of their children, or babies who throw their parents' phones. That's why I think it is important to learn to differentiate when it is the right time to use our phone if we are with our babies.

18 Wear High Heels 24/7


In recent years we have been captivated by the style of celebrities such as Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen, who during their pregnancies have shown us that we can look glamorous no matter what. Since then, wearing high heels during pregnancy has become something chic. From time to time it's okay because we all want to look beautiful and feel good about ourselves, but we must take into consideration that spending long hours on heels is not healthy at all. This can cause feet and legs to swell, preventing good  circulation which means that the correct amount of oxygen does not reach the baby.

17 Forget About Takeout Every day


It is a fact that millennials spend less time in the kitchen than past generations. So, we usually invest more money into eating out, going to restaurants or ordering takeout to avoid the time that we would have used going to the supermarket and cooking at home because we prefer to invest that time in something different. It is an easy and fast option that's so simple to access.

But in the long term, eating out all the time is not a great idea, not only because it affect our finances but also because it can keep people from having a balanced diet. During pregnancy we must take care of what we eat to get the nutrients that the baby needs, and we must be more aware of our finances because babies can be expensive.

16 Wearing clothes that are too tight


During pregnancy many women, no matter what generation they come from, face the difficulty of finding a new style that suits their new figure. But there is a line between what is elegant and what is not. For example mini dresses and mini skirts are something that we must eliminate 100% of our wardrobe during pregnancy. There is nothing more uncomfortable than walking down the street and being worried about showing too much skin. Another garment that must be avoided is tight clothing because this prevents good circulation.

The important thing is to learn to find pieces that make us feel beautiful and with which we can be comfortable without negatively affecting the development of the baby.

15 If you're going to watch a movie, don't put the laptop on your bump

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I must admit that this is something I do unconsciously all the time, whether I'm watching a movie in my house or if I'm writing an article. But sadly, this is a bad habit that we should avoid doing it. Many experts thinks that the wireless signals it receives and emits are potentially a problem. Keeping the laptop on the lap or belly for long periods of time can actually lead to reproductive issues because it can pose risks to men's swimmer count and women's egg release.

And of course many doctors recommend avoiding doing this during pregnancy, so the best solution to this problem is to buy one of those tables for laptops that you can use in the comfort of your bed or sofa.

14 No More Drinks With Friends Every Weekend


Experts say that millennials are drinking less alcohol than older generations in general. But even so, our generation likes to enjoy some nice wine in the company of our friends during the weekends quite often, and this is something that should disappear for a while during pregnancy and lactation, because drinking any type of alcohol can affect the development of the baby.

And according to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American Pregnancy Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics all note that no amount of wine during pregnancy is deemed safe and that consuming wine while pregnant should be avoided.

13 Google Doesn’t Have All The Answers, Ask An Expert!


I think that this is something typical of the generations that grew up with the internet. Although Google can be a wonderful source to find a lot of useful data, when it comes to illnesses and comparing certain symptoms I consider it the worst thing we can do. Please, avoid self-diagnosis.

Usually every time we Google a symptom we will see the worst illnesses and we could be worrying unnecessarily. In these cases it is best to go to an expert in the area that we need, and let the doctor guide us about what is happening with our body.

12 Do Not Invest Too Much Money In cheap clothes

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Business Insider's Kate Taylor explains that many fashion business closures are partly due to millennials not buying from aspirational, designer brands but from private-label lines and fast-fashion brands like H&M and Zara. And this is not that bad, but we should try to be smart when it comes to buying new clothes during pregnancy. Fast clothes can be great when it comes to price and style, but it does not always last like more expensive garments.

The important thing here is to learn to choose versatile clothes with which we feel good and look beautiful during pregnancy. At all costs we must avoid buying thousands of clothes that we will not use later.

11 Quit Shallow Attention

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Meredith A. Kunz, a writer and mother in Silicon Valley, said once “the act of parenting itself is not only dull at times, it is really an exercise in constant distraction. From the moment they are born, children are unpredictable beings with many needs.” Being a parent is not an easy task, we must learn to create a balance between our professional and family life, and for this we must learn to multitask and try our best.

When it comes to children, until certain age they need a ton of their parents' attention, and one of the great difficulties that millennials face is that there is no way to plan things because children are often unpredictable, but we must learn to pay more attention at those moments in the daily basis with them, and just be more present in the now, not just in a superficial way.

10 Avoid Comparing

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Comparing our lives with those of others is not something exclusive to millennials, but it is also known that our generation has is really driven to "have it all", so we have quite high expectations of what we want to achieve.

And although sometimes a bit of healthy competition is necessary in our lives to use as gasoline for our engine and improve ourselves, we must learn to identify when it is not quite right for our mental health.

Each person goes at their own pace, everyone is different and we do not all achieve things at the same time. It's essential to know that when navigating the waters of motherhood. If not, mom is going to have a hard time.

9 Asking For Help Is Okay!

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According to Business Insider, millennial parents are less likely to turn to friends and family for advice than older generations. Instead, they search for answers themselves online.

And, yes! Google can have an answer for everything in this life, but many times so much information can be too much. Just because we have the information on how to do something doesn't mean we are doing it right. If we have doubts, sometimes it is better to seek out someone who has experience in that field. After all practice makes perfect, and family or friends who have already gone through a similar situation can guide us. Remember! Asking for help from time to time is totally acceptable.

8 Change The Tutorials On Youtube To Classes In Person


We already know that we have a tendency to search everything online and that includes thousands of tutorials on YouTube. But how many times have we seen a makeup tutorial and the end result looks nothing like the video? Too many.

The same thing happens with tutorials for parents. It may seem simple in the video, but it is very likely that when we try to do so, we will find several difficulties and various doubts will arise. For this reason I suggest to expectant parents that they attend maternity courses in their area. Attending classes offers the opportunity for an expert to answer our questions and guide us in practice, in case we are doing something wrong.

7 Go Crazy With Baby Stuff


Today there is a wide variety of baby products designed for each stage of their growth, so it is natural to lose your mind with purchases. In these cases it is best to make a list, consult forums and with friends who have already gone through that experience and ask them what products are the most necessary at the time of arrival of the baby.

Many new mothers often face the reality of having spent too much money on things that, in the end, weren't necessary, and that they did not invest enough in other products that were more important and that the baby would need more.

6 Instagram Does not Reflect Real Life

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Lately I've heard my friends with children feel like the difficulties of the day to day were too much. They believe that they've failed to create the perfect balance as professional women, mothers and wives, while some other women seem to have the perfect life in their Instagram feed.

We live in a time full of influencers, and this app has become the perfect tool to spread happiness. But the truth that we often ignore is that Instagram is based on the collection of photos and videos that reflect life for a moment, but those pictures do not really reflect our lives 24/7. Conclusion! Do not be so hard on yourself, nobody has the perfect life. We all have our ups and downs.

5 Enjoy The Little Things, Forget About Being Perfect

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According to one article in Vogue Australia, millennials are the most tech-savvy generation in human history, and the most anxious. Experts explains that "20 per cent of Australians experience some form of mental illness. It’s already clear that many of us are severely stressed by the struggle to keep up with the rate of change in our lives, and one of the consequences of that stress is anxiety.”

And although sometimes it sounds difficult, it is important to take a moment to breathe and appreciate the little things. No one is perfect and nobody has the perfect life. That's why is important to find an activity that help us fight anxiety.

4 Forget About Scheduling Everything

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One of the many things we learn when we have children is that kids are unpredictable and we can not control everything that happens around them all the time. And although it is important to teach them through daily routines, we must also remember that they are children and we should let them be.

Stressing because something is not going according to plan doesn't solve anything, and when we get stressed very easily it affects our psychological and physical health in a negative way. So, in those moments remember to breathe and if something unexpected happens, try to deal with it and find a solution without losing your head.

3 We Have To Be More Aware Of What We Eat


Healthline explains that a diet during pregnancy lacking in key nutrients may negatively affect the baby’s development. Besides, the poor eating habits and excess gain may also increase the mother risk of gestational diabetes and complications during the pregnancy or childbirth.

We are what we eat. But sometimes we have bad habits regarding food that we don't notice, that's why the best thing to do in these cases is to ask our doctor or nutritionist to guide us and help us to create a balanced diet that suits our needs, so in this way our baby can acquire all the nutrients necessary for a healthy development.

2 Doing Too Much Exercise

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Millennials are a generation obsessed with fitness. A recent study by the Physical Activity Council (PAC) claims that our generation is more physically active than our predecessors. In the report, they explain that nearly half of millennials (ages 19 to 38) participated in high-calorie-burning activities in 2017, while an estimated 25 percent remained sedentary.

Many experts agree that it is important to stay active during pregnancy and adding exercise routines help us throughout the process of changes that our body experiences. In the case of pregnant women it helps them to prepare their body for the moment of birth, but we must remember that everything in excess is bad, and we should adapt our exercise routines according to our needs, otherwise we can affect the baby negatively.

1 Quit Telling, Start Showing

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Writer M. Scott Peck said “To a child his or her parents are everything; they represent the world. The child does not have the perspective to see that other parents are different and frequently better. He assumes that the way his parents do things is the way that things are done.”

This is a basic principle in the upbringing of any child because we are the example to follow, but many times in our day to day we are used to just saying the things we want to do and forgetting that they need us to show them how to do those things with actions.

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