15 Worst Mother's Day Gifts From The Kiddies

When it comes to romance, some guys simply have no clue. It is easy for women to forget those little things that he once did before the kids came along. Mother's Day is yet another Hallmark holiday, but it is still a day of appreciation nonetheless. What a mother receives for Mother's Day, from either dad or the kids, is out of her realm of control and, completely, in their hands. When the ball is in their court, they can either score a three-pointer or just drop the ball altogether. They might think that they have their mother (and wife) figured out, but fail miserably when it comes to their gift-giving abilities. But hey, it's the thought that counts...right?

Sometimes, it is better for women to make a list of what they would like, and give it to their spouse. For example, a facial or for them to do something around the house. Some of these baby daddies and husbands bought their hard-working wives a Mother's Day gift with the best of intentions, but just failed miserably.

Here are the 15 worst gifts one can ever receive from their significant other for Mother's Day, and 5 hilarious gifts from the kids. These will make anyone cringe and appreciate their significant other at home. Or they won't, and they will just remind you of how clueless he is.

20 Just In Case She Needed A Reminder Of How Special You Are To Her

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What better day of the year to remind a mother of how special she is than on Mother's Day? In case this mom forgot how important she was, look no further than the early '90s style commemorative collage of... her own child! Double points for this guy, because he is bringing the heat with the center pic of him with his shirt off.

As if this wasn't wrong enough, through some suggestive implication to his good old mom and she will just be delighted. She must've been so happy with this gift, that she probably put it in her closet so that only she can view this beautiful collage whenever she wants. That way, only she can see it and no one else. No, it has nothing to do with embarrassment. I think it's time to plan that family vacation again.

19 Two Daughters Giving Their Mom The Best Mother's Day Of Her Life

Awkward Family Photos

When a man becomes a dad, and he is outnumbered by his wife and two daughters, chances are things will go awry. It looks like these two little girls picked up on the fact that mom was frustrated with dad on Mother's Day. As a consequence, they decided to double team him and nail him to the ground. This Mother's Day, mom's present came when she got to take a picture of the whole thing going down.

Well, what goes around comes around, as the law of karma states. Just remember that Father's Day comes just one month after Mother's Day. This mom better cross her fingers and hope that her husband isn't the vengeful type. Then again, this is a team of all girls, so it's all about girl power on Mother's Day.

18 Second Favorite Parent...Really?


Kids just say and write the darndest things, don't they? This kid wanted to make it clear that his mom wasn't the first in line when it came to the parent that he favored the most. Since his frontal lobe wasn't fully developed yet, that definitely means that he doesn't process other people's emotions very well. In fact, he didn't pick up on the fact that he only has two parents. Being the second favorite parent is certainly not a compliment in the world of parenthood. If he would have said "you are my second favorite person," then, perhaps, that would have given mom some more clout. Around Mother's Day, it is better not to punish your kids, otherwise, they will give you a passive-aggressive card on your special day.

17 The Kind Of Gift You Get After Purchasing Life Insurance


This is one of the most morbid Mother's Days that anyone will ever set their eyes on. No one gets any joy out of shopping around for their cemetery or coffin design. Unless that person is actually looking forward to dying. Perhaps in this town, there are many old ladies on their death bed, so their kids enjoy a discounted price when they are planning for their funeral... on Mother's Day. This ad was clearly more for those kids who are probably looking to cash in on their mom's life insurance policy, or inheritance, once their mom has passed away. Ok, so maybe that is a dark, cynical thought but you get the point. This mom and pop shop clearly had their marketing strategy down for Mother's Day. One has got to wonder how it must have affected their sales.

16 One Star Motel Advertising


This busted up motel/trailer park/we don't even know how to pay homage on Mother's Day. After all, what better place to take your mom for vacation than this classy place? Not to mention, they just had to mention the allusion of giving birth for their advertisement. Though whoever owned this motel is clever enough to make this message go viral, it probably did little to actually attract some customers. This could also make it look like a place to give birth. After all, it looks so clean and sanitary doesn't it? This could be a place for your mom to crash, as you are taking her to some water park on Mother's Day, or a place to nest as your pregnant wife prepares to give birth.

15 Keeping Her In The Kitchen Cleaning, Come On Now


Grocery stores know how to point their customers in the right direction. Perhaps this is a practical message for moms themselves to keep their homes looking cleaner, and at a lower price. On the other hand, it could be an idea for a condescending gift to give your mom just to let her know where her place truly is: in the kitchen, cleaning. Or in the bathroom cleaning, or just anything that involves cleaning of any kind. The only way to complete this message is to put up the same sale sign in the kitchen appliances aisle at the grocery store. Not only is mom good for cleaning on Mother's Day, but she is also good for cooking. Let's not sell ourselves short here, ladies.

14 Mr. Clean Will Come Along Once Mom Is Sick Of Dad

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There is a reason that this brand chose Mr. Clean and not Mrs. Clean. They wanted to defy gender norms by having a big, brawny bald guy as their mascot for cleaning. Though this contradicts itself because most of the Mr. Clean commercials involve a mom cleaning or a dad that just doesn't know what he is doing. In honor of embracing the dumb dad stereotype for Mother's Day, Mr. Clean will be there at your mom's beckoned call. Not only will he get the job done in the way that dad can't, but he will sweep her off her feet and they will ride off into the sunset together. This isn't the only bald guy that your mom fantasizes about. There is also Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel.

13 Seriously, Now. Is This Some Sort Of Dirty Marketing Trick?


Alright, so it looks like the Brits are in on this gender stereotype of women being the primary cleaners in the household. Even though it is 2018, some old habits just die hard. This is (apparently) especially true in the advertising world for these cleaning brands. These silly dreams of women in the workforce, not having enough time to keep a home spotless is just ridiculous. They even get down to the nitty-gritty by lowering prices on toilet bowl cleaner for Mother's Day. There is nothing mom thinks about wanting to do more than clean a toilet bowl, on her special day of the year. Mother's Day is apparently a day to go back 2 and 3 generations and revisit outdated gender roles. It isn't a day of appreciation because cheaper toilet bowl cleaner is enough appreciation as it gets.

12 Sometimes You Just Have To Speak The Truth


You can't get any more literal than this. No matter how much of a pain that your mom is being, just remember that she did what no other woman was willing to do. And that was wiping your behind as a baby. The gift of motherhood brings the gift of having to change your kid's diapers, whether you like it or not. When people keep talking about the "miracle of birth" or "how great it is to have kids" or "you just don't understand until you become a parent," is clearly ignoring this fact of life. Whenever you hear parents bragging about how important life is just because they have children, give them this gentle reminder. Then you can laugh because you don't have to take on that responsibility.

11 Just A Passive Aggressive Way To Tell Her How You Really Feel


This kid was probably just trying to create some sort of Thanksgiving turkey or heart combination, and his project just went horribly wrong. Or, perhaps, this little darling is just a little sociopath, knowing that people were going to laugh this off as an honest mistake. Either way, this card will definitely go down in Mother's Day history, or at least go down in this family's history. This should just be taken as a precursor to how much this kid is going to be a troublemaker as he gets older. If he is already writing "I love you" below flipping his mother the bird, then God knows what kind of shenanigans he is going to pull later down the road. Being a mother means that you have to take a little abuse here and there from your kids apparently. Even on Mother's Day.

10 You Are My Mom Because You Have No Choice


Just judging by the picture of this kid, on the front of the coffee mug, he already looks like a smart alec with some tricks up his sleeve. He is, probably, the one that is always instigating the fights at school but isn't the one ever caught up in the fight itself. That sneaky little devil is already acknowledging the fact that his mom has no choice but to be his mom. For Mother's Day, it just kept it simple, in his own sentimental way, by stating a fact that occurs in nature, since the beginning of human history. In a way, you have to feel bad for this kid's future wife as he gets older. When it becomes her day on Mother's Day, she will be in for a surprise, no matter how underwhelming it will be.

9 When Your Real Mom Doesn't Cut It, There's Always Your Mother-In-Law

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Doing something nice for your mother-in-law sort of counts as doing your part on Mother's Day, doesn't it? Not quite, if you actually have a mother in real life that never did you wrong as you were growing up. We don't exactly know what this gift was, but we can only go off of who it is addressed to on this magic marker. Perhaps this person is being sarcastic and they secretly hate their mother-in-law. Better yet, this might be a gag gift that she won't really enjoy because she is that stereotypical mother-in-law that just gets on your nerves. Add the pretty red flowers in there to add a feminine touch and voila! Your "nice gesture" to your mother-in-law on Mother's Day is complete.

8 The Gift That Just Keeps On Giving


Now this one is just cruel. If there are sales going on for weight control pills on Mother's Day, then there definitely needs to be one for Father's Day. Seeing as though the "dad bod" is what's hot right now, that could be included in the slogan of the advertisement. Since Mother's Day is typically in May, we can assume that this particular Mother's Day is held in some other English-speaking country. In March, we are typically looking forward to St. Patty's Day, where we are eating and drinking...far from what these weight loss pills are intended for. Just imagine the look on some poor mother's face if their young kid gets this for them on Mother's Day. Double points in the insult department if they just had a baby.

7 So The Rest Of The Text Is Cut Off, But Shhh


A term of endearment for "mother" in Britain, that we don't use in the US, is "mum". It just has an adorable way of rolling off the tongue, doesn't it? When we hear British kids refer to their moms as "mum", our heart just melts a little bit. This is why handing off a card to their mum, declaring that no one loves her, is just a special kind of knife that lodges right in the heart. "Dear Mum: No One Loves You..." is clearly cut off from some poem that continues as "No one loves you the way I do" or some other sappy stuff like that. For now, let's just pretend that this card has some malicious intentions, forever ruining the British word "mum" for the rest of our lives.

6 In Case You Needed A Reminder How Your Children Are Created

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Engagement announcements, no matter how obnoxious they are on Facebook, are still times of joy and happiness nonetheless. Their luster quickly wears off when the reality of planning the wedding comes into place and stress levels run high. However, after many years of marriage and children, those days are like ancient history. It looks like this 27-28- year-old kid (their age depending on what time frame they are working with) just couldn't seem to find a Mother's Day card in the right aisle, at the drugstore. Therefore, they needed to use their creativity to buy one of the engagement cards and morph it into their own Mother's Day card. This is more of a gift that you would look at and say "what the..." more so than actually being hurt. Out of all the things on this list, this one is probably the least insulting.

5 Does That Mean Her Nose Will Turn Pink With Allergies?

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When you "tickle your mom pink", what exactly does that mean? What is this little flower shop trying to accomplish by telling their potential customers that they will tickle their moms into flushing a different color? It is hard to not have your mind go straight to the gutter, after having read this little sign. The point here is that flowers are not a difficult thing to sell on Mother's Day, so why ruin potential profits which such a messed up message like this? Only people with demented minds will be willing to buy their mom a Mother's Day present from this establishment. Either that or they will have strange thoughts in their heads after having read it.

4 For When Your Husband Leaves The Toilet Seat Up


When you have been married to someone for a long time, you are familiar with their dirtier habits. That includes the habits that they having using the bathroom, which we will not go into detail. Clearly, this guy is trying to send a message to his wife that she needs to either start leaving the toilet seat down or utilize the pumper for when nature calls. Not to mention that this doesn't look brand new, and he may have got it as a used gift for all we know. Gotta love the nice touch of the red marker on the front of the wood.

If this is a Mother's Day gift from your husband, then this could be seen as an opportunity to get back at him, when Father's Day is right around the corner.

3 For When Your Kids Refuse To Clean Up After The Dog


We can just assume that the kids gave this to their mom on Mother's Day as a way to prove that they have been wiping fur. Either they have been wiping the fur off of themselves or the furniture. This was something that mom kept complaining about and that they never do so. That means proving to her that they are capable is a gift in that of itself. In fact, they are the ones that should be receiving the gift on Mother's Day because they finally took initiative and did some chores. After all, lint-rolling is a daunting and time-consuming task.

PS - If you didn't pick up on the blatant sarcasm in this particular post, then you were the type that put your mom through H-E-double hockey stick as a kid.

2 Got To Pay Attention To Your Basic Needs


Some kids just aren't as sensitive and sentimental like the ones you see in all those Hallmark movies. Those sweet and heartfelt statements that make people melt are meant for a specific audience. Some kids are just blunt and tell it like it is. When this kid's teacher asked him to say something nice about his mom, this was just the best that he could come up with. At least this kid is not dumb and he knows what he needs to survive, which is probably more than we can say for most kids his age. This Brendan fellow knows better than anyone in his class what happens if you go without food for a long enough time...you die. Mother's Day is a day to recognize that without mom, you would be dead.

1 Hopefully, She Doesn't Notice The Cross Outs

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This kid is nothing short of pure resourceful. Clearly, this was his old first communion card and he just reinvented it. His teachers probably taught him a thing or two about recycling and not wasting paper in school, so this is where he is applying his education. He is taking a nice card that his aunt bought him (since it originally says "nephew") and just made a few adjustments here and there. Surely, mom will never notice that this was not originally intended for her in the first place. It is just funny when kids think that they can pull a fast one on their parents. Though sometimes they get away with it, this is just not one of those times. At least he correctly crossed out and filled in the blanks correctly.

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