20 Hilarious Potty Training Moments

Becoming a parent is hard work. It involves taking responsibility for a new human life and trying to raise a child that functions well in society.

Though some people equate being a parent with a boring life, most parents find that they have a lot of hilarious stories to share. After all, every stage in life has its own larger-than-life anecdotes.

It used to be that parents kept these sort of anecdotes within a close circle of friends and family. Thankfully, the internet now allows parents of all persuasions share hilarious stories about their child's growth.

Potty-training is a major obstacle for many parental units. Doing this successfully helps parents ensure their children are just a tad more independent.

There's also the fact that many daycare centers and preschools request that potential students are toilet trained by the time they start. When it comes to parenting, nothing is more humbling than teaching a child how to take care of their basic necessities.

But hey, thanks to the stories below, any parent who is currently training their child can know they're not going through this alone. Like the parents who shared these moments, maybe current potty-training parents can add some internet gold for future generations. Check out these hilarious stories!

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20 "My Twin Girls Compare Poop Sizes"

Via Pinterest

As a culture, we have stereotypes about how twins "do everything" together. That may not be true in all cases, but this mother found that her daughters—who are being toilet trained at the same time—enjoy making comparisons of their poop sizes.

One mom, Wendi, told Parents magazine about what it's like to listen in on these discussions. Not only do the girls compare their #2 to various items (tree trunks and castles are a part of this anecdote), they also ask others to watch their creations. We're pretty sure this mom has years of watching them compete during other stages.

19 "A WHOO-HOO Must Be Yelled After Each Successful Poo"

Via Southern Says It All

Potty-training is full of surprises. It may even help you learn about your child's other talents. At least that's what happened here.

One mom, Christina, talked about how her daughter has to sing a song about how her poop comes out of her butt. This has to happen every time she needs to go to the bathroom. Well, only a truly talented kid could compose a song about something everyone has to do every day.

Of course, this isn't the only thing crucial part of her ritual. When it's over, the child has to yell a nice, loud WHOO-HOO to show she's finished.

18 He Was Supposed To Sit Down?

Via Redbook

One mom wrote about how her little boy was confused about how this entire potty-training business works. Jayme told Parents that her little boy totally understood needed to stand up to pee because he's a boy.

Things didn't go so well when he had to do #2. He had a small accident because he thought he needed to stand up for that as well. Jayme opened to door to find a small surprise on the floor.

In fact, she says she and her son had a small argument because of this. We're pretty sure he and mom will find this funny in a few years.

17 One Kid Holds It Until He Cries

Via Romper

We're not sure if this child is some sort of genius or a future passive-aggressive teenager. One parent went on Reddit to ask for other parents' sage advice. Apparently, the commenter's child discovered yet another way to make potty training more difficult. He holds until he's crying too much—from holding it.

The commenter said the potty training was making the child anxious. Thankfully other parents came through with sage words of wisdom. One commenter advised turning on the faucet so the sound of the water could soothe this child, or asking the child to put their hands in a bucket of warm water.

16 "I'm So Proud Of You, Mommy!"

Via Flipboard

Maybe children who are learning something also think their parents are learning this as well. That seems to be the case in this scenario.

Many parents tweeted about hilarious moments they undergo as they help their children master the art of using the toilet. One mom tweeted that her toddler screams about how proud he is whenever she successfully pees.

Some children think their parents are potty-training too, and if you're like this mom, your child will congratulate you if you successfully go to the bathroom by yourself! It's good to know your toddler also has your back no matter what!

15 Sibling Rivalry Is A Great Motivator

Via Pinterest

Some parents find that having another baby on the way will help the older brother or sister become potty-trained out of spite! Parents discussed some of these moments with Everyday Family.

One mom says having a week-old brother made her toddler totally jealous. He didn't like watching mom give his little sibling her attention, so he demanded to use the toilet.

In another instance, a younger sibling was jealous that their older brother for being able to go to the bathroom on his own. He taught himself by making observations. Sibling rivalry can be helpful for some things after all!

14 "My Son Is A Restaurant Pooper"

Via VideoBlocks

Apparently, the secret to getting some children to go to the bathroom is to get them inside a restaurant, ordering food, and then having them beg to go just as the food arrives!

Other parents disclosed that their children also enjoy going to the bathroom in very specific places. For example, someone who replied to this comment said their son likes to go to the bathroom in ice cream shops. Yet another parent mentioned that their son could only go at gas station bathrooms.

It's a bit strange that these children feel the urge to go to the bathroom in places most adults avoid.

13 "Her Pants Must Be Completely Off"

Via Mama Knows It All

When you're potty training a toddler, you have to remember these are still the same tiny people who are still learning tons of new things on a daily basis. This means they'll have a lot of strange preferences about how they go to the toilet.

One parent explained to other Redditors that his daughter must remove her pants completely to do the deed. To be fair, this child isn't just proclaiming a wish.

Considering the mess some kids make when they're potty-training, maybe completely removing her pants shows wisdom and foresight? Another parent says that children are learning to be independent, and they proclaim this whenever they can.

12 One Child Thought His Poops Resembled Letters


One mom wrote a post on CafeMom about the adventures of having seven children and having to potty-train them all. When she potty-trained her fifth child, she was also teaching him the alphabet. This resulted in a hilarious combination of two skill sets.

Her son became immediately excited about both subjects. Whenever he went to the bathroom he always yelled out that his #2 resembled a particular letter. Well, at least her son was passionate about literature and independence. At least this mom looked on the bright side and said these anecdotes made potty training a lot easier to bear.

11 "My Kid Was Obsessed With Clear Pee"

Via Raising Children Network

One mother told Made for Mums about her child's obsession with hydration. This meant an ongoing obsession with drinking enough water to make sure her pee was totally clear. And yes, she often reached for a glass of water if it wasn't the proper shade because she knew it meant she hadn't had enough water.

Then, there's yet another mom whose child wanted to check the shade of mom's pee. Apparently, this child would tell their mom that their pee was too yellow and that she had to cut back on "naughty" drinks, such as tea or coke—in public bathrooms!

10 "He Used A Paper Plate"

Via iHeart Crafty Things

Some children are perfectly able to take care of their necessities. They may just choose to be creative about where and how they do this. One mom told Parents that her son wasn't really into the potty, but he felt comfortable in his room.

Thankfully he was being responsible about his preferences. He found a paper plate somewhere and did the deed on that. Well, to each their own.

This mom says she doesn't know where he thought of this, but we're glad that clean-up was less messy thanks to this improvisation. We're glad she shared this with the Internet.

9 "I Had To Make Up A Cheer"

Via Pooh and Wheel

Reading every parenting book available and asking other parents for advice only goes so far. One mom tweeted that her quest to teach her child to use the potty included making up cheers.

Why yes, this mom even had to use the word "poop" as a part of this cheer. She found the whole thing to be quite an experience.

Not to worry, another mom mentioned that she call the toilet a train in the hopes of getting her child to get on board. Well, at least these moms aren't alone in doing whatever they can to motivate their kids.

8 "I Can't Let Her Win"

Via Mom.me

Some kids will refuse to actually go to the bathroom on the potty. At least that was the case with this parent, who went on Reddit to explain that their daughter peed on the floor. She then announced this deed to her parents while laughing.

Clearly, she could've used the right implement to take care of her needs. Yet again, other parents gave the commenter advice about showing patience.

After all, if you don't laugh at a child's (probably well-intentioned) prank, it shows them that they have to use the potty. Some parents even suggested getting her involved in clean-up in a way that's appropriate for her age.

7 "I Don't Think This Is Working"

Via Baby Can Travel

There are many methods parents try when trying to teach their kids how to go to the toilet on their own. One mom tried the boot camp method and told Moms.me about how it went.

Her son did the best he could, but he had about 13 "accidents." After a series of these, he proceeded to look at his mom and explain that "this isn't working."

Well, at least her child was introspective. We're not sure what happened after this, but it seems that this mom and her child were both calm about the whole situation. We're not too worried about this situation.

6 Overheard: An Older Brother Helping The Little One Out

Via Hat To Shop

One mom of two boys was trying to potty-train her youngest son. He wanted to try wearing "big kid" underwear because the oldest son was already trained.

She kept asking him if he needed to go #2. He kept saying he didn't, so she let him go play with his older brother. Then, the oldest brothers asked him if he needs to go #2, and the youngest replied, "No, I feel the poopies in my pants."

She decided to keep him in diapers a bit longer and potty-train him when he's ready. Sometimes regression isn't a bad idea after all.

5 Twin Boys = Belongings Covered In Pee

Via Cosmopolitan

Potty training boys presents a challenge and takes Captain America levels of fortitude. It should also involve a vibranium shield, according to this mom. (Ok, that's not exactly what she said).

This mom posted on Reddit asking others to send help, and they did. One commenter said she should add Cheerios to the potty and ask them to sink these. A series of prizes was also suggested, including stickers, choosing from toys if they had a certain number of stickers, and nothing!

Thankfully this mom was complaining about the first day of potty training. Thankfully many other parents were encouraging, but we hope she still found a shield.

4 "My 4-Year-Old Coaches Her Sister"

Via The Baby Website

Sometimes it helps to have more than one child. Sure, it means you'll have more small humans to potty train, but it means that you'll have another assistant.

One mom told Parents that her 4-year-old helped her younger sister by basically being her younger sister's live-in motivational speaker. She consistently yelled, "It's okay kid, you can do it!" Not only does this sound adorable, but we're sure it was a big help!

Yet another mom said that her daughter helped potty-train her younger brother. Basically, the younger brother saw her get candy after she aimed for the toilet. He also wanted candy, so he learned!

3 Don't Re-Do The Walls Until You've Potty-Trained Your Boys

Via Potty Genius

Parents who have only boys, or boys and girls, always share stories about the difficulties of potty-training young boys. VeryWell Family says that it takes up to three months to potty-train your child, and it does take boys a bit longer.

Some parents prefer to tweet nuggets of wisdom about their ordeals with potty-training and have a lot to say about potty-training little boys.

One of these includes not redoing your walls until after you've potty-trained your sons. It makes sense to want to make sure your walls stay the same until you're done receiving surprise artwork from your kids.

2 Dirty Clothes Galore!

Via Baby Castan On Board

It's not only parents who have to deal with potty-training hilarity. Parents, babysitters, and daycare workers also have their own anecdotes. Imagine having to help children that aren't yours. They deserve a medal.

One mom shared a story on Mom.me about how a patient pre-school dealt with a child who would hide behind the trains in the classroom and take care of his necessities right there!

He was always getting his clothes messy. That meant the teacher had to pack the dirty clothes in a bag. Thankfully the mom says the child was well-liked, and the teacher was very patient about this.

1 "Pee Was Going Everywhere In The Bathroom"

Via Naptime Tales

One child didn't exactly understand the mechanics of how to pee when you're a little boy. Let's just say he skipped a step and caused pee to go everywhere except the toilet.

This mom told Everyday Family that her son was so proud of being potty trained that he just kind of.... stood up without aiming for anything in particular. We're sure you catch our drift.

The pee just kind of went everywhere. Well, at least this child was very motivated, but he just didn't quite aim for the water in the toilet. Well, we all have to start somewhere.

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