20 Hilarious Pregnancy Superstitions From Around The World

Every country has their own set of beliefs on what may or may not happen during pregnancy, during labor and delivery, and finally, once baby is born. These superstitions are often believed immensely, as funny or ridiculous they may seem! Superstitions definitely make you think - especially when pregnant, as any woman wants her baby to turn out healthy, and not have anything that superstitions may lead one to believe may happen!

Superstitions are widely held beliefs that are often unjustifiable. These beliefs, sometimes referred to as an old wives' tale, lead people to truly think that there are consequences and particular outcomes if certain actions occur. Some people take superstitions very seriously, while the rest of us may just have a good, hearty laugh.

When it comes to having a baby, there are a slew of superstitions from every country around the globe. You have likely heard one or more of these, and maybe gave it some thought, or totally brushed it off. Superstitions can be totally real for some, and just pure fun for others. Either way, they are interesting, so read on for some hilarious baby and pregnancy superstitions from around the world!

20 Hawaii: Leis And Pregnant Women Don't Mix

Hawaii seems so relaxed and laid back. You get to enjoy the sunshine and wear those beautiful flowery leis. But according to Hawaiian superstition, you better not adorn yourself with any leis if you want your baby to be safe and healthy. Leis are not for expecting mothers in Hawaii. If you visit Hawaii, the locals may ever well deny you a lei, or even tell you to take it off if you are pregnant!

This superstition believes leis are serious bad luck for babies. Not only leis, but any type of necklace or loop around the neck resembling a lei. It is strongly believed that if a pregnant woman wears a lei, her baby will be born with her umbilical cord around the neck. This is a scary thought, which is why those pregnant in Hawaii stay away from leis.

19 Thailand: Lotus Buds Help With Labor

The lotus flower is absolutely stunning. In many countries, the lotus flower is sacred and can hold lots of power. According to a superstition from Thailand, the lotus can make labor and delivery much more easy for women having a baby. We all know that labor and delivery is not exactly a pleasant experience, but lotus buds can help with that, according to this Thai superstition.

The superstition works in this way- a lotus bud must be blessed and chanted over by a Monk. The expecting mother is then given her lotus buds as she enters into labor. The lotus buds help to open up her body, making labor and delivery less painful and difficult. Now if we could all just get some lotus buds that a Monk has chanted over, we will be good to go!

18 Bulgaria: No Pregnancy Announcements

When the new parents-to-be discover they are expecting a baby, most cannot wait to share the happy news with all their family and friends (and anyone else on social media!). But in Bulgaria, there is a superstition that is very serious when it comes to announcing your pregnancy. It is best to wait as long as possible before sending out any pregnancy announcements.

This superstition from Bulgaria believes it is easy for a pregnancy to be jinxed. Nothing should be taken lightheartedly when it comes to an unborn baby. By sending out pregnancy announcements, you are celebrating before baby is born, and that can spell disaster. It is best to wait a few months into your pregnancy, if not until baby is actually born, if you follow this Bulgarian superstition.

17 China: Don't Rub Your Belly!

There is nothing like a pregnant belly. People always want to touch your belly and hopefully feel the baby kicking. Well, that may be okay - but according to a Chinese superstition, the mother better not rub her own belly. That is right. Mom-to-be, do not rub your belly, because you will regret doing so once your baby is born, and even more so once they are a toddler.

This superstition from China states that if a mother rubs her pregnant belly, she will have a baby who cries too much, a tantrum throwing toddler, and an uncontrollably misbehaved child. Seems a little extreme? This superstition truly believes this to be the case. Maybe by rubbing the belly, mom-to-be is pampering her unborn baby too much, setting him up to be a brat.

16 Judaism: Cemeteries And Funerals Are Big No-Nos

If you follow this Jewish superstition, you better stay far away from any cemeteries while you are pregnant. You cannot even go to a funeral without falling into this superstition. It is believed that the souls in cemeteries and funeral homes are strong and can influence the mother and her unborn baby.

We all know that going to a funeral home or cemetery is not the happiest place to be. But this Jewish superstition takes it an entirely new level. The souls that inhabit cemeteries and funeral homes might actually be dangerous for the mom-to-be and her unborn baby. This superstition does not trust what we cannot see and what we don't know. So no heading to the cemetery for a late night walk if you are pregnant!

15 Costa Rica: Cats Can Be Deadly

We all are familiar with the superstition of a black cat crossing your path means you will have bad luck. However, a Costa Rican superstition takes that to an entirely new level. They believe cats to be evil, at least around pregnant women. Expecting mothers are strongly advised to avoid cats at all costs, as it could mean serious bad luck or even harm to their unborn baby.

This superstition from Costa Rica finds cats to have a toxic effect on babies. Moms-to-be should not pet cats or even be around them. This could be rooted in the fact that cat feces can be harmful to unborn babies, so maybe some of this superstition is from reality, and just turned into a superstition to stay away from cats while pregnant.

14 United States: Heartburn And Hairy Babies

Chances are, this is a superstition you have heard before. In the United States, there is a superstition that if the mom-to-be has heartburn, and lots of it, then her baby is going to be hairy. Many pregnant women follow this superstition, believing it to be very true, and sometimes it is true - but is it just a coincidence?

Heartburn is an unfortunate side effect of pregnancy for many of us. It can be very unpleasant. But if you believe in the superstition from the good old USA, then you may end up with a baby with a full head of luscious locks. It is always interesting to find out if this superstition holds true. If you have crazy amounts of heartburn day and night, will your baby actually have a full head of hair?!

13 China: Sleeping With Knives

Bad spirits are all around us, at least according to Chinese superstition. No one wants to have a bad spirit hanging around, threatening to cause harm to an expecting mother and her unborn baby. It can give any of us the creeps to think about bad spirits floating about as we go about our business, whether we are pregnant or not, and whether or not we believe in superstitions!

A Chinese superstition states that if you sleep with knives under your bed, the bad spirits cannot harm you. No, you are not stabbing the spirits as you sleep, instead, it is believed they will not come near you or your baby if knives are present under the bed. Worth a try if you believe bad spirits are harming you, just make sure you do not forget you put your knives under the bed!

12 Native America: Let Your Locks Flow

When it comes to Native American folklore, superstitions are strong. For pregnant women, there is one superstition that many Native Americans follow, and that is to let your hair grow long, and never cut it until baby is born.

We all know how pregnancy can make our hair long and luscious. Taking those prenatal vitamins and growing a baby inside of you can certainly do wonders to your hair. Many expecting mamas love how their hair is while they are pregnant. It may be tempting to cut your hair during those nine long months, but if you believe in this Native American superstition, then your baby will be born bald, and may not have hair for awhile. Of course, we can all admit that bald babies sure are darn cute!

11 Indonesia: The Danger Of Stairs 

This superstition from Indonesia takes stairs and doorways very seriously. In Indonesia, a pregnant woman should never, ever sit on stairs or stand in a doorway. Sure, she can pass through a door and walk up and down stairs, but should not hang out in either location, according to this superstition.

If a mom-to-be decides to sit on stairs or stand in the threshold of a doorway, she is setting herself up for a very difficult labor and delivery journey. She may have complications during birth. The superstition states that by sitting on stairs or standing in a doorway, an expecting mother is symbolically blocking her baby's entry into this world, making baby's journey down the birth canal a complicated manner. Watch yourself around stairs and doorways to not block the birth canal.

10 Middle East: Bunnies And Bad Teeth

Bunnies may be super cute and soft and cuddly, but in Arabic cultures, they can mean some serious bad luck for your baby. We all know Bugs Bunny and his classic buck teeth. Bunnies have those cute teeth, that would be anything but cute on a baby, toddler, or kid of any age.

What Arabians believe is that if you see a bunny, your baby will end up with buck teeth. Not at birth of course, but at some point in your child's life, this superstition says he or she will have awful buck teeth. So no looking at those cute bunnies. Not even a quick sideways glance is okay! Those sweet little hoppy beings are devils in disguise - at least according to this superstition from people in Middle Eastern countries.

9 Guatemala: Rainbows Are A Double Edged Sword

Rainbows are beautiful. There is nothing like seeing a rainbow during a storm, viewing the gorgeous colors in the break of clouds as the sun tries to shine. Whatever you do though, do not point at a rainbow if you are pregnant. Rainbows do not like to be pointed at, according to a superstition from Guatemala. You can marvel at their beauty, but no pointing fingers in their direction!

Rainbows are best viewed at a distance. Taken in slowly and gracefully. Never overly enjoy or become excited over a rainbow. And certainly, if you are expecting a baby, do not point at a rainbow. This Guatemalan superstition will inflict revenge on pregnant pointers, leaving their babies with birth defects. Will you look at rainbows the same way after learning this?!

8 United States: The Wedding Ring Swing

There is a superstition that comes from the United States that believes you can tell if your baby is a boy or a girl simply by using your wedding ring in a certain manner. The superstition has you place the expecting mothers wedding ring on a string, having mom to be lie down on her back, dangling the wedding ring over her belly, and then seeing where the ring goes to determine the gender.

If the ring moves back and forth, like a pendulum, then it is a boy. If it goes in a circle, it is a girl. This is a fun superstition that has many moms to be trying it out. But some people take this superstition quite seriously. Either way, it is interesting to find out if the wedding ring swing is right once baby is born!

7 Around The World: Baby's Birthmark

Many cultures are afraid of baby being born with a birthmark, and hence many superstitions have grown surrounding birthmarks. One such superstition is that birthmarks actually indicate a food craving. This one is good for all moms-to-be - the superstition says that mom needs to indulge in her cravings, otherwise baby might be born with a birthmark!

Many pregnant women have cravings, and sometimes they seem crazy or even unreasonable. But this superstition says that mom to be needs to give in to her cravings, no matter what it is. By not eating what she craves, her baby could have a birthmark. Some cultures even believe the birthmark could resemble the very food she craved and denied! So go ahead and eat what you want during your pregnancy - for the baby's sake of course!

6 Judaism: Gifts Only When Baby's Born

Many moms-to-be are thrown baby showers, where they are essentially showered with baby gifts galore. Expectant parents rely on baby showers to get must needed baby items, everything from cribs to blankets to strollers, toys, and more. But in the Jewish culture, it is bad luck to open any baby gifts before baby is actually born. It is in fact a bad omen to do so.

This Jewish superstition believes that it is not good at all to celebrate a baby's life before that said baby arrives into this world. The superstition states that by opening baby's gifts, you are inadvertently putting your baby in harms way. You never know if you are going to have a miscarriage or if something will go wrong, so never celebrate too early.

5 Hmong: Oceans Are Full Of Danger

In the Hmong culture of Asia, pregnant women are advised to steer clear of the ocean or any large bodies of water while they are pregnant. According to a superstition, the oceans are full of evil entities. The ocean may be beautiful, but what is inside of it is ready to wreck havoc on an unsuspecting mother and her unborn baby.

This superstition from the Hmong culture states that the forces inside the oceans, lakes, rivers, and more are jealously evil. This evil entities in large bodies of water do not take kindly to any pregnant woman. They will work their evil magic to steal the spirit of any unborn baby. The Hmong culture finds this superstition to be absolutely true, and all pregnant women must stay away from any large bodies of water.

4 West Africa: Actions Mean Everything

When you are expecting a baby, you need to do lots of things right. It is important to take your prenatal vitamins, eat healthy, refrain from alcohol, and so on. However, in West Africa, there is a superstition that says the mom-to-be better behave right as well, because her actions good or bad can have a serious impact on the person her baby ends up being.

If mom is a liar, baby will be too. If mom steals, baby will grow up to be a thief. If mom is a good hearted being, baby will be as sweet as pie. This West African superstition is very powerful in this region. Pregnant women are expected to behave appropriately at all times. If they do not, they are essentially ruining their child for life.

3 Malaysia: Be Extra Careful With Animals

Not only should you be careful around any kind of animal while you are pregnant, but if you follow this Malaysian superstition, you better not kill any animals if you want your baby to be born normal and healthy. This is not just for butchers and the like, but what about that squirrel you accidentally hit while driving to the doctor for your prenatal checkup?!

This superstition from Malaysian strongly believes that if a pregnant woman kills an animal - any animal big or small - her unborn baby will inherit the features of the animal, or as they like to refer it, the beast. Your baby will have beast like qualities of the dead animal if you believe in this superstition. Those in Malaysia do find this to be true, and do not wish this superstition upon any unborn baby.

2 Uganda: The Power Of Eclipses

An eclipse is when the light of the sun or moon is obscured by the passing of another celestial body. It is a sight to see, well, at least if you are not pregnant! In Uganda, there is a superstition that expecting mothers should not look at an eclipse. It is immensely dangerous for them to do so, as it will cause permanent and immediate damage to their unborn baby.

A solar or lunar eclipse is forbidden to be seen by pregnant women if they follow this superstition from Uganda. If they look at an eclipse, even for a second, their baby will have defects. This superstition is taken very seriously in Uganda, and even other parts of the world. There is no turning back from seeing an eclipse if you are pregnant.

1 Mexico: Protect Yourself With A Key

Fear no longer, because there is a way to protect yourself and your unborn baby from succumbing to any of the superstitions that may have plagued you. All a mom-to-be has to do is take a key - the older and prettier the better, loop it on a nice ribbon - usually red in color, and then wear it around your neck.

This symbolic gesture of a key around your neck is a superstition meant to protect expecting mothers and their babies from other superstitions. It holds a lot of value in Mexico, where this superstition lives on. Pregnant women can even tie the ribbon with the key around their growing belly for extra protection. Those who believe in this Mexican superstition feel safe and secure knowing the key is protecting them and their little one.

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