20 Hipster Baby Names That Are So Now

Baby naming trends used to have a sentimental approach. When every family tree had ‘Anna’ at the end of each branch and one could tell a person’s lineage just by the name they carry because a baby’s first name was as distinctive as her family crest. In those days, grandma was there to name the newborn and ensure that the new little one had a family-appropriate name.  But the days of the who's who of society having generic names such as Charles, Franklin or John are gone.

Instead of being a nod to Aunt Betty who came over on the Mayflower, baby naming choices are now instead based on search engine results.

These days, choosing a baby's name is a matter of technology and fashion trends. For others, the choice is based on the inspiration found by mom and dad from their favorite artists, movie characters, etc.

The name has to be unique, edgy and so hip that everyone who hears it is left saying ‘Why didn't I think of that?!' The name that stands out and calls to mind famous people like Tupac or a outlaw of old such as Robin Hood will be the name that holds the most attention from the labor ward to the playgroup.

The name makes the man and it is the man with the hard to pronounce the name and that flowing, hard-to-decipher signature that becomes the CEO of that startup. So what name do modern parents give their children? Here are 20 hipster baby names to consider.

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20 Birdie

Via: Pinterest

For those of us who are into comedies, we are familiar with the romantic comedy series Cougar Town where Busy Phillips gave such a stellar performance as an assistant. Her hipster looks and attitude illuminates what the fans expect her own life to be like, fun-filled with a ‘devil may care' attitude.

The hipster lady herself chose the name Birdie for her lovely daughter.

The name that means ‘like a bird or bird-like' is quite a unique name and only the really hip parent would choose this name for her girl, but it is the best name if one wants her girl to soar.

19 Clementine

via: askideas.com

Remember the old moneyed lady on your block named Clementine? Maybe not, but we do.

The name comes with some sophistication and class and the picture that comes to mind is that of a straight-backed old lady with pearls on her neck and a white fur coat.

The name Clementine comes with aged sophistication but it has made a comeback into the baby world in a big way. It has some nice nicknames like ‘Clem’ and ‘Lemmy.’

Even the meaning of the word Clementine is lovely as it means ‘merciful or mild.’ Give that girl this name and she could wind up being Dr. Clementine or Nurse Clementine.

18 Ryder

via: wallpaperbrowse.com

This name Ryder sounds like someone who is into super deadly stunts like the guys in Fast and Furious diving from a plane in a sports car or that guy who loves to ride his Harley on the open road.

Boys with this name have zero chills and can take on anything without batting an eyelid.

Celebrities love the name as well and Kate Hudson named her little boy “Ryder.” The name Ryder means ‘Warrior or Knight’ and is the kind of name a race car driver or jockey would bestow on his son. The hipster name is quite cool and sounds refined and is a sure win.

17 Bowie

via: 7-themes.com

One of the greatest rockers in all of history went by the name David Bowie and moms and dads who rocked to his tunes will want to keep his memory alive by giving their babies this hip name. The best thing about this name is that it is gender-neutral and will serve a boy as well as a girl and so either way, dad has a rock star in the house.

The name Bowie originated in Ireland meaning "Yellow-Haired." If the baby comes out with blond locks and you decide to name her Bowie just get her a guitar and you are good to go.

16 Scout

via: theadorablebaby.com

I always wanted to find out why anyone would want to Kill a Mockingbird and when I finally got to read the book, I fell in love with Scout Finch, the tomboy with a heart of gold who gives us hope that there are some lovely souls out there.

Like me, most moms would go for the name “Scout” purely in honor of this favorite character with the hopes that like her, our girl would be the light in a world filled with evil and what an adorable name for a cute little girl!

The name is of American origin and means ‘the first explorer,” which suits a girl whose mother loves the outdoors.

15 Gibson

via: publicdomainpictures.net

The name is quite familiar to those in the music world with some of the best musical instruments manufactured by the Gibson Manufacturers. If you own a Gibson instrument or aspire to own one, this would be a great name to name your child.

The name suits a musical family or a mom or dad who is a member of a garage band or has dreams of starting one. What better way to wait for your dream than with a symbol of it?.

The name Gibson is of English origin meaning ‘Son of Gilbert.’ That gives us an idea of another cool way of naming your baby boy if your name is Gilbert.

14 Luna

via: neetashankar.com

This beautiful name reminds us of a lunar eclipse, a rare phenomenon that doesn’t happen often in a lifetime. This is a befitting name for a little girl and it’s quite an honor to her as she will be a rare gem with a dreamy name.

Luna is the girl who turns heads and inspires romantic poetry and music. She is bound to be a romantic who is also a dreamer.

Luna is an Italian inspired name meaning ‘the moon.’ If mom is a dreamer and a romantic then she will be the mom who gives her baby this lovely name

13 Jett

via: hdwallpapers.in

Those who love action movies are quite familiar with John Travolta and his lovely wife Kelly Preston. These two lovebirds were blessed with a son who they named Jett as a nod to John Travolta’s unwavering love for flying.

The name did hit the mark as it sounds like a Jett and would be quite a snappy name for a kid who loves everything fast. Next to Flash, Jett is quite a hip name for a boy.

The name Jett is of English origin meaning ‘jet black.’ Whether literal or implied, the meaning of this name is perfect for adventure-loving parents who love to fly.

12 Hazel

via: pexels.com

We have a Hazel in our family and we have always felt it is one of those names meant to be in a fairy tale or one that depicts the old lady who lived in the old rusty house at the end of the street.

If the baby girl acts like a Hazel and looks quite mature for her age, it may be her way of being true to the name.

The name Hazel is of English origin and according to the Present Tree, “The name Hazel is associated with wisdom and inspiration. This sacred tree is said to be cloaked in a powerful magic which can imbue those who eat its fruit.”

11 Chester

Via: Pinterest

This hip name is quite popular with the affluent with a Chester in almost every family. The name sounds quite distinguished and is the kind of name that one would expect to come from royalty or the son of a CEO.

This hip name suits that boy who rides a motorbike to school and who knows all the escape routes from play school.

The name Chester means camp or fortress and is of English origin. We Have Kids even has this name in the list of its ‘retro cool boys names.’ The name is truly hip and inspires royalty and is great for a kid who promises to be a leader and is perfect for that kid that gives you hope.

10 Poppy

via: pinterest.com

Poppy sounds like pop and truly suits a bubbly little girl who is cheery and hip and carefree. The rare name may not be well known and is only familiar to young kids who are into cartoons, but it promises to be a noteworthy name - especially for hip parents who are looking for something unique that has not been overdone.

The name Poppy is of Latin origin and means from the flower. It would be a great name for a mom who loves the outdoors and gardening and it would be even more befitting for a girl who views life as one big adventure.

9 Lennon

Via: Pinterest

John Lennon was the lead singer of The Beatles and this would be a great name for a boy whose parents are old souls and who want to pay homage to that great legend. The name is not that common but it is the kind of name that would impress anyone and suits a boy who is cool and laid-back.

The name Lennon is of Irish origin meaning dear one. That is a sweet and great way to name a baby and a great way to pass the message that your bundle of joy is indeed dear to you.

8 Astrid

A baby girl named Astrid sounds like quite an old school and refined. This name is making a comeback and promises to be the name grandma will approve of. The name sounds like a name meant for the fairy tales and is full of magic and poise.

This is the girl who will be the lead cheerleader and will be ruling the playgroup before she is out of her diaper.

The name, which is of Scandinavian origin comes with divinity and means God's Strength. This is a great name for the spiritual mother who wants to keep her child grounded in divinity.

7 Miles

Via: Pinterest

Popular people bear this name, from jazz musicians like Miles Davis to preachers like Miles Monroe. The name is clearly hip enough for parents and people from all walks of life.

This boy can become anything in life and he is clearly set for success no matter what he chooses to be.

If you are a fan of either of the above then this is a great way to keep their memory alive.

The name Miles is of Latin origin meaning soldier, and people like Miles Monroe epitomized the name by turning out to be soldiers of Christ, while Miles Davis was truly a jazz soldier.

6 Wren

via: wallpaperbrowse.com

Her name is Wren and she is quite a delicate flower with a free spirit who fits in with all the popular girls. She will be the girl who leads all the popular girls but will not be as mean as the in-crowd. Wren is tender and she will be the girl who comes home with that stray cat and before you know it, your backyard will become an animal shelter.

The name Wren is of English origin meaning small bird. This is the perfect name for the little girl whose mother wants her to be as free as she is.

5 Memphis

via: newhdwallpaper.in

Those who came from Memphis and are homesick and nostalgic can name their boy after the city and this would be quite a rocking name. Memphis is quite cool and hip and did you know that legends like B.B. King, Elvis Presley, and even Johnny Cash came from this town? The name should be a lot more appealing after that fun fact.

The name Memphis is of Greek origin meaning "established" and "beautiful". And true to its meaning, the name has great things going for it and would be quite a traffic stopper if given to a little boy.

4 Beatrix

via: wallpaperbrowse.com

Lady Beatrix sounds like a royal name and has appeared in many romance novels, but closer to home, Beatrix Potter is an author who quite understands children and is a staple in every home, having written children’s stories notably the Peter Rabbit series. This name is great and quite classic and sounds rather refined and fitting for that woman who carries herself with poise.

According to Café Mom, the name Beatrix means "she who brings happiness" and is of English origin. The name is quite popular as it has that classy French feel to it, making it sound like the name of a world traveler.

3 Elon

This name is quite unique and hip and is gaining some popularity in certain circles. The name was popularized by the inventor of Space X and Tesla, Elon Musk. This is the kind of mojo you want to rub off on your little guy. This guy will be the one who makes people pay attention, if not for his name then it will be for his poise and charisma.

The name that originated in Africa means "God loves me". It's a great name for the young man whose parents are staunch Christians and it is also a great name for a child as it is full of blessings.

2 Otis

Via: Pinterest

This name is unforgettable and is the kind of name that truly makes an impact in any forum. For those who love Otis Redding, the iconic musician who was a force to reckon with in the world of rhythm and blues, then this is the best name for your little boy. This kid would follow the owner of the name and would be crooning ballads before you know it.

The name Otis is of English Origin and means "wealth".

For those who want their kids to be in the money then what better way to start him off than by naming him after wealth and affluence? The BabyCenter says the name Otis means ‘one who hears well.’ Whichever meaning you go with, there is no doubt your little boy will be a treasure.

1 Piper

via: jonvilma.com

For those who watched the TV show Charmed, then we all know the beloved witch Piper and what better way to pay allegiance to her than to name your little girl after her. Piper is the sassy know-it-all with a wealth of knowledge under her fingertips and she will keep a room in awe of her skills as she spews fact after fact to the delight of many.

Piper is bold and courageous and nothing will put this little girl down and true to her name, she will be strumming on a musical instrument before she can walk.

According to The Bump, the name Piper is of English origin meaning "pipe player". A great name for a cute little musical girl.

References: Thebump, Thepresenttree, Babycenter, Wehavekids, and Cafemom.

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