20 Hollywood Moms We Had No Idea Are BFFs

Every girl needs a best friend and celebrities are no different. Some of them have known each other forever and others have met through their careers or through other celebrity friends. Some of the friendships are very unlikely couplings and we would never have guessed some best friends would even say hello, never mind be BFFs!

However, some of these friendships have been tested through really difficult times. Celebrity moms are not immune from hardship and emotional pain and sometimes only a best friend will do for them. They have enjoyed the good times and shared their happiness together as well of course, and the added bonus of being a celebrity mom is the friendships that their children now share. Maybe we will see the start of a fresh generation of celebrity relationships.

Being in the public eye can bring its own challenges, so these women have that in common before they bond over other issues. Often, they have experienced difficulties related to their fame and who better to share with than a celebrity in the same position? We hear enough stories of celebrity feuds, it is nice to think that some of them can have those precious lifelong friendships that we, in the normal world, rely on so much.

20 Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts

Nicole and Naomi have known each other since they were at school together at North Sydney High School in Australia. They have maintained this friendship throughout their careers. Both actresses now live in America, with Nicole based in Nashville, while Naomi is in Los Angeles.

Busy lives and families mean that they don’t meet up as much as they once did, but they speak on the phone and meet up whenever they can. Naomi cites her friendship with Nicole as helping her overcome her low self-esteem, which threatened her acting career, and nearly stopped her from pursuing her dream, according to The Daily Mail.

19 Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner

The two actresses met in 2010 on the set of the film Valentine’s Day and have remained firm friends ever since. Jennifer has stated that Jessica has a ‘heart of gold’ and is supremely committed to their friendship. Jessica has said that she wants to be Jennifer!

Despite Jennifer being ten years older than Jessica, the two meet up often, sometimes with their children, and Jennifer has been seen taking her children to Jessica’s restaurant, Au Fudge in Hollywood. They have joined together to support charities that are close to their hearts and even appeared together on the cover of Marie Claire magazine.

18 Kate Winslet and Reese Witherspoon

The two actresses met back in 2007 and have had a deep friendship ever since. Apparently, Kate moved into the same neighborhood as Reese and knocked on her door to introduce herself. As the two actresses have children of similar ages, Kate asked if they could play together and a friendship developed between the two families.

The friendship might not have developed so sweetly, however. Reese was one of the actresses potentially lined up to play Rose in Titanic, the film that catapulted Kate to superstardom, reveals Cosmopolitan. However, both women are now Hollywood legends who command great power within the industry, and this level playing field has no doubt cemented their friendship.

17 Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini

Jennifer and Leah have been friends for a long time and Leah credits Jennifer with giving her the support and strength to leave the religious organization she was part of after thirty years. She said that Jennifer doesn’t judge and was a supportive friend through the whole process despite having a father who is also part of that religion, according to People.

The pair often share photos together on Instagram and can frequently be seen shopping together in New York. Their friendship has survived being involved in a car crash together and working on a film. Jennifer has had a ring made for Leah that is inscribed with the words ‘I love me.’

16 Liv Tyler and Kate Hudson

Liv Tyler and Kate Hudson have been friends since they were children and attended high school together, reveals Livingly. Both have famous parents and both are famous actresses in their own right, and their friendship has lasted into adulthood.

The famous families are friends as well, and Liv’s Aerosmith father was pictured hugging Kate’s baby bump on Instagram when she was expecting her first child. She calls Steven Tyler ‘Papa Tyler.’ In fact, Liv and Kate often post pictures of each other on the social media site, confirming their BFF status. Even without the shares on Instagram, the pair is often seen holding hands on the red carpet together.

15 Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani

Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani might seem like unusual best friends but having given birth within a day of each other in 2006, they remain firm friends. Angelina has been seen leaving Gwen’s London home with her brood of children after a playdate with Gwen’s family.

While they mostly keep their friendship out of the limelight, they have bonded over their children and found surprising kinship with each other. When both women were still with their husbands, the boys had a few outings together as well. In a bizarre twist of fate, the film where Angelina met Brad, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Gwen auditioned for Angelina’s role, according to Vogue.

14 Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips

These two best friends met when they both acted on the TV program Dawson’s Creek. They became good friends then and that friendship has flourished ever since. They say that they completely love each other and according to Williams, their friendship proves that the love of a girl’s life does not have to be a man!

They’ve appeared on the red carpet together, been to the Oscars together, supported each other through marriage, children and the passing of Michelle’s husband Heath Ledger, which Busy supported her through. They go on vacation together and cite each other as their inspiration. This is a true friendship that seems to endure through anything.

13 Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria

It’s not just a love for fashion that bind Victoria and Eva. According to Eva, they’ve shared ‘life lessons.’ Eva competes with Brooklyn Beckham on Instagram and the two women share a wicked sense of humor, as well as a strong friendship.

Both women have been married to footballers and have weathered rumors about their other halves. Eva asked Victoria to design her wedding dress and said that Victoria was an integral part of the joy of her day. Eva was by Victoria’s side when she launched her fashion store in London and the pair enjoy girlie grown up sleepovers at each other’s homes.

12 Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is often praised for her beauty and style, but she gives the beauty crown to her best friend, Keira Knightley. They became friends when they filmed the Edge of Love back in 2009 and have remained close ever since.

Now that both are mothers, they have even more in common and no doubt this will cement their friendship. Sienna spoke publicly about Keira becoming a mother, saying that she needed no advice on the subject because she would be ‘perfect.’ Aside from the serious business of parenting, the two friends are not beyond going out on the town and making fools of themselves to cheer themselves up!

11 Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow

These two celebrity moms met at a benefit some years ago and hit it off straight away. Now their daughters, Apple and Blue Ivy Carter, are best friends, so the moms’ friendship looks set to continue. They’ve been seen at the Oscars together and Gwyneth was in the front row at Beyonce’s wedding.

They send their friendship love to each other on social media and have praised each other in TV interviews. Beyonce has stayed with Gwyneth while she was on tour and the two have been seen hanging out at football (soccer) matches and concerts together. Touchingly, Beyonce has described Gwyneth as a ‘great friend on every level.’

10 Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz

Drew and Cameron bonded two decades ago on the set of the movie, Charlie’s Angels. They are still great friends today and it seems that they don’t need glitz and glamour to enjoy themselves. Drew has said that Cameron is a perfect partner for making dinner with and hanging out on the sofa. They also shop together, and not necessarily for anything more exciting than groceries!

The two glamorous actresses have posted selfies on Instagram of them sporting face masks and refreshingly, have shown off their makeup-free faces to the world. They have described their love for each other as being as close as sisters.

9 Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

These two comedy actresses have been best friends for over twenty years. In fact, they met in 1993 at the ImprovOlympics and hit it off straight away. They have performed together many times and their comedic styles match each other perfectly. In 2008 they appeared together on the cover of Vanity Fair, headlining an issue about women in comedy.

They evidently love each other a great deal. In fact, when Tina published her book, Bossypants, she dedicated a whole chapter to her friend entitled “A Series of Love Letters to Amy Poehler.” When they hosted the Golden Globes together in 2013 they drew in the biggest audience to date for that show.

8 Leighton Meester and Blake Lively

Leighton and Blake met when they were both cast in the TV show Gossip Girls. They had to spend a lot of time together on set for six years and this time forged a strong friendship between the two women. Since they left the show, both have had children, and this has given their friendship an extra dimension.

One area they don’t agree on is reviving Gossip Girls. Blake is open to the idea, whereas Leighton is not so keen. The program launched her career, but she isn’t willing to revisit it. Blake and Leighton played close friends on the show, and there were rumors that this friendship didn’t translate off screen, but it seems having children has cemented their friendship again.

7 Gwen Stefani and Nicole Richie

Gwen and Nicole have plenty in common and have become good friends as a result. Both moms are vegan and are passionate about animals, and both have children who get on well. The two families meet up often and celebrate their children’s birthdays together. When Gwen announced her third pregnancy, Nicole was there to help put fun into the baby shower.

Joining together with their children, they also helped raise money by dumping buckets of ice on each other’s families in the Ice Bucket Challenge in support of ALS. Gwen was dumping while Nicole got soaked! The two friends joined in a fashion extravaganza to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina as well.

6 Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby

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Holly and Fearne met when they worked on children’s television, and their subsequent presenting careers took off at around the same time. The two women have stayed astonishingly close ever since, and have both welcomed children into their lives.

They speak all the time, they go out together and they have put the effort into keeping their close bond strong over the years. They have been on vacation together and Fearne cried at Holly’s wedding. They have also filmed a show together, Fearne and Holly Go Dating. They really look as if they are having fun on nights out, just dining together or at a glitzy awards ceremony, these girls are inseparable.

5 Donatella Versace and Kate Moss

Kate has modelled for Versace and is known to be a fan of the brand. Donatella and Kate bonded over fashion, but their friendship has survived over the years and become more than fashion based. After a long week of fashion, Donatella and Kate often take time to celebrate Fashion Week by painting the town red together.

Both ladies are legends in the fashion world and both juggle careers with motherhood. It is inevitable they will attend the same events and move in the same circles, but glamorous party girls Kate and Donatella combine work with pleasure when they get together.

4 Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham

Katie found it very difficult to break away from Tom Cruise when she decided to divorce him. His rules had become hard for Katie to live with and she turned to Victoria to help her through this tricky time.

Victoria gave Katie a clear picture of how a ‘normal’ celebrity marriage and family life could work, so it was Victoria who helped Katie to make the break. While Victoria might not have taken sides between Tom and Katie, she was there to support Katie with whatever she needed, and was a loyal, staunch friend. Both women have a love of fashion, and have shared girlie shopping trips together to browse the collections.

3 Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz

These two Spanish speaking besties have been friends for a long time and continue to celebrate their friendship by posting pictures of themselves together on social media. They starred together in the 2006 movie, Bandidas. They believe in giving each other support and motivation and often send inspirational messages between them.

They have huge confidence in each other and have an enormous amount of love and they believe in being scrupulously honest with each other. 

2 Mindy Kaling and Reese Witherspoon

These two celebrity moms have formed a strong bond since their meeting on the set of A Wrinkle in Time. Social media is full of pictures of the two hanging out and they have cute nicknames for each other. They have a vivacious sense of humor and passion for feminist causes and this has led to a deep friendship.

They have huge respect for each other’s talent and Mindy has publicly announced her admiration for the way Reese has refused to be beaten by the lack of female roles in Hollywood. She simply creates them herself. She has said that Reese is an inspiration and someone she deeply admires.

1 Heidi Klum and Mel B

Heidi and Mel have known each other for years and re-bonded when they both became judges on America’s Got Talent in 2011. They have been a vital support network for each other since. When Mel checked into rehab for PTSD, it was Heidi who rallied round and allowed Mel to lean on her.

They’ve been photographed goofing around backstage on AGT, and they obviously have a great affection for each other. Heidi has said that they have been close for a long time and she hopes it stays that way. They seem to really love each other and have formed a true bond.

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