20 Iconic Kardashian Parenting Moments

If everyone can agree on one thing about the Kardashians, it’s got to be that this already-large family has practically doubled in size in the last few years! There always seems to be a new Kardashian-Jenner member who’s expecting. The only one left is Kendall!

Big sister Kourtney and her ex Scott Disick have three kids of their own: Mason, Penelope and Reign. Kim and hubby Kanye also have three kids: North, Saint, and Chicago. Brother Rob and his ex Blac Chyna have daughter Dream together, while Khloe and her man Tristan Thompson welcomed daughter True a few months ago. And, of course, no one can forget that Kylie and her BF Travis Scott are now young parents to daughter Stormi.

While living in the spotlight brings a lot of drama of its own, being a parent while being famous is a whole other ball park. We’ve seen the Kardashians go through a lot of ups and downs when it comes to being parents, but the family always surprises with how smoothly they can glide past the drama and still be excellent parents. Here are 20 of the most iconic Kardashian parenting moments- sound off in the comments about which one is the most iconic!

20 Kim’s Response To North Asking Why They’re Famous

Considering Kim Kardashian first gained fame for her infamous home movie, we don’t think that’s something she can easily tell her daughter North, at least not until she’s a grown up! But luckily Kim as able to come up with an iconic response for when her 5-year old asked why their family is famous.

"[She said] 'Mom, why are you famous?'" Kim explained during an interview with Big Boys Neighbourhood radio. "Oh... okay, I'm gonna have to explain this. And I'm like,

'We have a TV show. We have a TV show.' And she was like 'Oh, okay.'

And that was the first time when she was like 'Oh.'" Luckily, it sounds like that answer was satisfactory for Nori!

19 Kris Scolds Kim For Taking Selfies On Route To Jail

There was never a more iconic moment from KUWTKthan when Kris Jenner had to tell her adult daughter, Kim, to stop taking selfies as they drove younger sister Khloe to jail.

The memorable moment graced our screens back in October 2007, and showed the aftermath of Khloe violating her probation following her DUI that happened in the same year.

“Kim, would you stop taking pictures of yourself? Your sister’s going to jail.”

Kris, clearly annoyed, said to her second eldest daughter as the whole family was packed into a car. This scene has become the subject of memes and GIFs ever since.

Only in a family as wacky as this one would you consider finding your best angle when your sister is about to serve her sentence!

18 Blac Chyna & Rob Co-Parenting Post-Feud

Fans thought all hope was lost between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian after their huge Internet row, where he made a slew of horrible allegations and released her personal pics.

Despite Chyna getting a restraining order and launching her own lawsuit against the Kardashians, sources say the exes have still been able to successfully co-parent their daughter, Dream.

“No, we did not go to court over a custody dispute. That is false,” Chyna’s lawyer Lisa Bloom told Page Six in August 2017.

“Chyna and Rob are peacefully co-parenting baby Dream, as they have been since her birth.”

17 Kylie’s Social Media Silence For Stormi

Kylie Jenner very famously said goodbye to social media for several months while pregnant with her daughter, Stormi. While many fans didn’t understand her decision at the time, the celeb said she had to do what was best for her and her family- and we’ve never been prouder of her.

"I knew that it would be better for us, if me and Stormi just stayed kind of low-key,” she told Vogue Australia this past August, Mirror UK reports. "Your hormones are going crazy and your emotions are more heightened, and I just felt like I wasn't prepared to.” The makeup mogul continued, "I just felt like it was a sacred special moment and I wasn't ready to share it with everybody. I just wanted to keep that to myself."

16 How Pregnant Khloe Handled Tristan’s Mistakes

What seemed like a dream-come-true for Khloe quickly turned into a nightmare when TMZ broke the news that her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, had been fooling around with other women while she was pregnant. Not to mention, this news broke days before the reality star went into labor while in Cleveland, away from her family’s support.

Many fans thought Khloe was going to leave Tristan or the Kardashians were publicly going to bash him, but the celeb has handled the situation with 100% class. She stayed in Cleveland for a time following their daughter’s birth before returning to her native-LA.

Multiple sources have confirmed the celeb is in no rush to call things quits, and is instead focusing on her daughter and hoping to slowly but surely work things out with Tristan.

15 Kim Took The High Road For Her Niece’s Sake

Everyone knows there’s bad blood between the Kardashians and Blac Chyna, ever since her infamous split with Rob and subsequent lawsuit launched at the family. But though we’re sure they family has choice words for her, we can’t help but applaud how Kim handled being asked about Chyna in an interview.

The reality star took the high road when she refused to speak ill of her brother’s ex fiancée for the sake of her niece, Dream.

“I always said when someone was going to ask me, you know, Dream is going to see this one day,” she explained during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, People Magazine reports. “So I think it’s just super respectful to not say anything about my niece’s mom.”

Not only was Kim setting a good example for her niece, but also for her own three kiddos.

14 When Kris Let Pregnant Kim Move In

Kris has proven that she’s always there for her kids, especially when they’re expecting their own kids! Nothing proved that more than when the matriarch allowed Kim and her husband Kanye West to crash at her place multiple times when they first became parents.

The couple first moved into Kris’ place in 2013, when their own $11 million Bel Air home was undergoing renovations (a house they never actually moved into!).

Kim was pregnant at the time with daughter North, and delivered her while still staying at her mom’s place. The couple stayed at Kris’ once again in 2015 due to home renovations, People Magazine reported.

13 Kim’s Honesty About Using A Surrogate

Kim received a lot of backlash when she announced her decision to use a surrogate to carry her third child, daughter Chicago (as doctor’s advised her against being pregnant another time). Still, this didn’t prevent the mom-of-three from being open about the challenges of using a surrogate. Her words have been a huge inspiration and eye-opener to moms going through the same thing.

"Having a gestational carrier is definitely different, but anyone who says or thinks it’s the easy way out is completely wrong," Kim wrote on her website this past January.

"People assume it’s better because you don’t have to deal with the physical changes, pain or complications with delivery, but for me it was so hard to not carry my own child, especially after I carried North and Saint."

12 When They All Supported Caitlyn

It would be a challenge for any family having one parent undergo a gender transition, but the Kardashian-Jenners made it look like a piece of cake as they publicly supported Kris’ ex husband and Kylie and Kendall’s dad transition to being Caitlyn Jenner. Cait’s biological children and Kardashian stepchildren all supported her via social media and subsequent issues.

However, the good times didn’t last, as Caitlyn soon released a tell-all book where she spoke about her previous desires to transition. In it, Cait claimed that Kris knew she wanted to live as a woman, but discouraged her from doing so, something Kris has vehemently denied. Due to Caitlyn’s harsh words against Kris, she hasn’t been on good terms with the Kardashian-Jenners in some time.

11 When Khloe Got Real About Fertility Issues

Many people think that celebrities have it easy when it comes to everything, but the Kardashians have been open about their fertility struggles. Perhaps no one has been more open than Khloe, who’s admitted more than once that she was unsure if babies were in her future or not.

KUWTK has shown the numerous times Khloe has consulted fertility experts, especially when she was briefly married to NBA star, Lamar Odom. Back in 2017, she opened up about the lengths she went to try and conceive. "I was taking hormone shots to stabilize [my hormones], and you have to take those shots consistently and they have to be done by a doctor,” she told People.

However, not long after that, Khloe got pregnant with her first child, daughter True, who she shares with her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson!

10 How Kourtney Handled Scott & Sofia With Class

Despite having three children together, longtime couple Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick seemingly split for good several years ago, a year after the birth of their now-4-year old son.

However, a little over a year ago, Scott got into his first serious relationship- with a girl 15 years his junior and who happened to be a longtime family friend, Sofia Richie. Sources said that the Kardashian family was mortified the 34-year old father of three was publicly dating a teenager.

Despite how awkward the situation seemed, Kourtney never publicly criticised his ex or his love interest. Scott was pictured hanging out with kids alongside Sofia, so Kourtney clearly hasn’t kept them from meeting their dad’s new girlfriend. We think she definitely took the classy route on this one!

9 When Kris Supported Kylie’s (Unplanned) Pregnancy

The world was surprised when Kylie Jenner finally broke the news that she’d given birth- but we can only imagine how mama Kris must have felt when she learned her youngest was pregnant! Despite the shock, we love how Kris has been nothing but supportive ever since.

At one point during Kylie’s pregnancy, the tabloids were saying that the makeup mogul had temporarily moved into her mother’s house. “Kris is so supportive and she knew this was a Kylie decision,” one source said to US Weekly. “They all wanted Kylie to make the decision for herself and to understand this is what it looks like, this is how your life will change, and Kylie gets that.”

8 Kourtney Teaches Her Kids Healthy Eating

Kourtney Kardashian has gotten a reputation as the most health-conscious sister in the family. The celeb makes her three kiddos follow a strict diet to ensure they’re getting well-balanced meals. And, given her hectic schedule and little army of kids, that sounds like an impossible task.

“I have noticed a great positive change in behaviour with my children,” Kourtney wrote on her app when she revealed her family had gone gluten and dairy free in 2016, after they tested positive for sensitivities both.

“Of course, we pick our battles and I do let the kids have popcorn at the movies and a churro at Disneyland, etc.,” she revealed. “But for birthday parties, which can sometimes be every weekend, I bring extra gluten and dairy-free cupcakes … and they are happy with that.”

7 Khloe Teaching 5-Month Old True To Swim

Many experts say that teaching water safety is something that should start at a young age. And clearly Khloe took that to heart, as she showed off baby True learning to swim at the young age of 5 months. Way to go mama!

“True had her first Mommy and Daddy swim class,” the reality star wrote on her website alongside a series of photos of her baby girl enjoying the water. “It was really special and we learned a bunch of tips swimming with her. She loves the water!”

Some of the photos also included True’s father, Tristan Thompson, proving he and Khloe are still together (or at least working on things) despite allegations he was unfaithful during her pregnancy.

6 Kimye Takes Disciplining Seriously

Many fans expect the Kardashians to be relaxed parents, especially given how wild their life in the spotlight must be. But it turns out that Kim and Kanye have always been on the same page when it comes to disciplining their kiddos- and their mini-me’s aren’t getting away with anything simply because of their last name. But you’ll be happy to know they’re againstphysical discipline!

“Kim and Kanye decided before North was born there would be no spanking, ever. It’s not how they want to raise their daughter,” a source toldPerez Hilton about Kimye in 2014. “As North gets older, and when she acts up, there will be time outs, taking away a favorite toy, but absolutely no physical discipline. Kim’s older sister Kourtney doesn’t spank her kids, and they are very well behaved.”

They continued, “North will be given clear boundaries that a child needs, and there will be consequences that won’t involve any hitting or spanking. It’s all about rewarding the positive behaviour.”

5 All The Epic Kids Birthday Parties They’ve Thrown

The Kardashians have now become synonymous for throwing lavish birthday parties for their children, as was the tradition when they were kids. And we’re totally here to watch it unfold on social media.

No one can forget the Kidchella-themed kids party Kim and Kanye threw for daughter North’s first birthday. Since then, they’ve typically thrown joint parties alongside Kourtney’s daughter Penelope. This past year, the girls had a unicorn party that left most adults jealous. Cousins Reign and Saint have also held joint birthday parties together, which are just as adorable.

Maybe we’ll see Chicago, True, and Stormi celebrating ther birthdays together one day!

4 Kim’s Supportive Advice To Chrissy Teigen

Not only has Kim K proven she’s a great mama to her kids, but she’s also supportive of fellow moms. The media has documented her high-profile friendship with other famous mothers, including model Chrissy Teigen- aka. Mrs. John Legend.

Chrissy has been open about how appreciative she is of her friendship with Kim, adding that the reality star has given her great parenting advice over the years. "Kim gave me advice from the day we started," Chrissy once told Ryan Seacrest during a red carpet interview, adding that Kim gave her tops on fertility, pregnancy, and mom fashion. "She's been here the entire time, the entire process.”

When Chrissy asked Kanye what his advice was, ‘He said ‘ask Kim,’” Chrissy recalled.

3 Kylie Spoiling Stormi With Designer Baby Goods

Stormi Webster is living in the lap of luxury! Mama Kylie hasn’t been shy on social media to show off all the designer goodies she’s been buying for her baby girl (who’s not even a whole year old yet). Stormi has a closet that’s bigger and pricier than most adults out there.

According to People Magazine, the 21-year old has bought everything from a $12,500 Fendi baby stroller to matching outfits to go for strolls in. The boujee mom also owns a $820 Gucci Baby Carrier, dozens of adorable baby books, and Stormi’s very own sneaker collection. Stormi’s luxurious possessions are all stored in her entirely pink nursery, which features a walk-in closet full of more over-the-top baby supplies.

2 Every Time Kim Shuts Down nay-sayers

It seems like everything the Kardashians do is criticize somehow, especially when it comes to their parenting choices. Fans won’t hold back if they don’t agree with something, but Kim has also made it clear that she won’t quiet down just because the haters are coming at her.

The mom-of-three has shut down Internet trolls more than once when they’ve crossed a line. Back in 2013, Kim fired back at so-called fans who accused her of waxing baby North’s eyebrows, which she said is totally untrue. Also in 2013, the celeb defended her right to crop her daughter out of a pic online when Nori wasn’t looking cute but she was. And even last year, she didn’t keep quiet when fans said North’s leftover candy looked a lot like an illicit substance.

Way to go mama Kim!

1 Kim Maintains That Motherhood Comes First

It’s easy to see that Kim K loves living in the spotlight- nothing wrong with that! But, since becoming a mom, the celeb says her priorities have changed. Now motherhood is the one thing that always comes first.

"It completely changed my life. you have a different set of proprieties .nothing matters except your brand new family,” Kim said after giving birth to first child, daughter North, in 2013, E! News reports.

As for what takes up most of her time nowadays, the reality star unsurprisingly said it’s her family. "Being a mommy, and tour life with daddy, these days are the best,” she replied.

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