20 Interesting (And Sometimes Unusual) Parenting Tips Celine Dion Has Shared

Céline Dion has sold millions of records, and she's sung some of the most well-known songs in the world that are guaranteed to make people start singing along. But despite the immense success she has achieved in her professional life, there is something she loves more than singing, and that’s her children.

Dion is the proud mother of three children; her eldest son, René-Charles, was born in 2001, and she waited ten years before she and her husband, René Angélil, welcomed their twins, Nelson and Eddy (named after her heroes). When it comes to raising her kids, Dion has some very interesting approaches. For example, the way she explained Angélil’s passing to her sons with the help of a Disney movie, or the bedtime ritual they have every night. But she also wants to keep her children grounded and encourages them to break gender norms with their hair, or high heels.

In many ways, Dion is no different from every other mother and cherishes every second of motherhood, even telling The Globe and Mail how motherhood was the “most extraordinary gift that life can give us.” She is a doting mom, and below are 20 things her fans would be interested in knowing about her parenting.

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20 Disneyland Is More Than A Happy Place: It's A Ritual For This Family

There are many parents who take their children to Disneyland as a special treat, and it is considered to be one of the happiest places on Earth, for both parent and child. But Céline Dion and her three children visit Disneyland more often than the average family, and according to The Richest, their visits have become almost like a “ritual” for them.

The first visit was when Dion’s eldest son, René-Charles, was just six years old. Later, when she and her husband René Angélil had their twins, they went back to Disneyland to celebrate her twins’ first birthday. They also celebrated the twins’ fifth and sixth birthdays here.

19 Naming Children Is Tough, But Céline Dion Named Her Twins After Her Heroes (And It's A Bit Odd)

Finding the perfect name for your child can be hard. Do you want to name them something unique? Or will they be named after a relative or someone who inspired you? These are questions many parents ponder over ahead of their new arrival, and Céline Dion was no different. Except, when it came time to choose a name for her twins she figured who better to name them after than her idols?

In an interview with Daily Mail, she spoke about this decision, saying, “We named Nelson after Nelson Mandela and Eddy after my other hero, Eddy Marnay, who wrote all my French songs for me...”

18 She Used A Disney Movie To Explain Her Husband's Passing To Her Kids

The family experienced great loss in 2016, when René Angélil passed after a lengthy health battle. Céline Dion’s twins were only five years old at the time, and to explain what had happened to their father, she decided to use one of their favorite Disney movies, Up.

She explained the process to ABC News (via Huffington Post), saying, “Before I told them that their dad was not there, I talked about when we, everybody, gets sick. Then I said, ‘Do you remember the movie Up?’"

“It’s one of our favorites,” Dion continued. “‘Oh,’ they said. ‘Yes, Ellie went up. You know, she, with the balloons.’ And I said, ‘Well, yeah ... You know, today Papa went up.’”

17 She Encourages Her Kids To Kiss A Photo Of Their Departed Father Every Night

Perhaps the most unusual thing that Céline Dion has shared about her parenting, is her decision to allow her twins to “kiss” their deceased father goodnight.

"We kiss him every night. We have a little ritual where we say goodnight to him with a little picture," she said, according to Redbook. "Then the kids talk to him. And they write words, put them in balloons and we send the balloons to the sky." For some, this may seem weird, but everyone deals with grief in different ways, and this may have worked for Dion and her sons as a way to keep their father’s memory alive.

16 She Shared A Bed With Her Twins Every Night

Céline Dion has a very close bond with her children, and after her husband passed, she wanted to be there for them. She also wanted them to be there for her, and so, they shared a bed for a time. And it sounds as though it became a bit of routine for the mom and her kids.

"I organize myself to not feel lonely," she told The Sun (via Redbook mag). "So I got myself a huge, huge, huge bed and I sleep with my twins." She did explain that this sleeping situation would not be forever, but also noted that she needed them close and having them near her provided comfort.

15 Her Family Is Close, But They Also Have Designated 'Cuddle Sessions'

Giving children affection and letting them know (and feel) that they are loved is important. Céline Dion wants to show her children just how much she cares, except, she chooses to do this in a different way to most parents and instead of cuddles happening organically, she schedules a “cuddle session.”

She is raising her three children solo after the passing of her husband, and according to The Talko, since the loss of René Angélil, she wants to make sure that the family stick together. And apparently, they do this with “a strict rule that her family gets together for cuddle sessions.”

14 She Conceived Via IFV And Really Wanted More Kids Because It Took Multiple Tries...

Céline Dion was not a young mother, giving birth to her first child when she was 33, and then waiting ten years before her twins were born. Daily Mail notes that all of her children were born through IVF, and after René-Charles was born she still had embryos frozen for future children. But she had difficulty conceiving, and it took a lot of trying before the procedure was a success for the second time.

“For the twins, I did IVF six times one after the other,” she told Daily Mail. And, interestingly, she wasn’t even an emotional mess thanks to all those hormones. “I was not over-emotional, not even tired,” she confessed.

13 ...But She Also Told Her Eldest Son Every Time It Failed

As mentioned above, Céline Dion already had her eldest son when the twins were conceived (and she was 42 years old at the time). It wasn’t an easy journey, and for a long time, she thought that maybe she was destined to only be a mom to René-Charles. But she also explained the whole IVF process to him, or at least, she told him every time it failed, which may have been hard for a young child.

In an interview with Daily Mail, she spoke about this process: “I would say to René-Charles, ‘I hope you are going to have a brother or sister,’ and each time when it didn’t work I’d tell him, 'It didn’t work, we’ll try again.’”

12 Her Sons Can Grow Their Hair As Long As They Want Without Issue

Céline Dion has shown that she is a mom who is not concerned with what her sons want to wear, she also doesn’t mind if they grow their hair. All of her sons have grown out their hair, but her twins, Nelson and Eddy, even made headlines when they got a haircut, and Huffington Post penned an article about how her twins had “cut their long locks.”

Dion was also completely fine with her son trying on her heels and told Katie Couric on Katie (via SheKnows) that when Nelson was a toddler, he tried on her black pumps. He’s “2½ and he looks better in heels than me,” she said, adding, “I don’t know how he does it, but I’m not the only one in this family who loves shoes, believe me.”

11 She Doesn't Put Pressure On Her Eldest Son To Be The New Man Of The House

Céline Dion has achieved great success, but she is also a mother, and a very doting one at that. She has three children, and her eldest son René-Charles (named after his late father, René) is now a teenager. But she has been very careful not to make him feel too much pressure since their father passed, and she doesn’t want René-Charles to feel as though he has to step up and become the man of the house.

According to Redbook magazine, she explained that since René Angélil’s passing, her eldest son feels like he's "chief of the house," but she does her best to remove some of that pressure from him.

10 She Is A Super Star, But Don't Expect Her Kids To Follow In Her Path

Céline Dion has proven herself as a serious and talented performer, who is in demand and even has a Las Vegas residency show in Caesars Palace. But she has had to find a balance between work life and being a mom, especially because she doesn’t want her children to grow up being show business kids.

“I’m very fortunate because I can have (my children) with me all the time,” Dion told ET Canada. “The thing is, I don’t want them to become show business kids. It’s like I don’t want them to hang in a hotel room or run in the corridor all day while I’m working here.”

9 She's Determined To Keep Her Kids Grounded (Unless They're Flying In Private Planes)

Via Celine Dion Instagram

Céline Dion’s net worth is $800 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. This means she definitely has a lot of money to spend on the finer things in life. If she wanted to, she could spoil her children, but she wants to keep them grounded and has managed to find the perfect balance. She also wants them to remember it’s not what they have in life, it’s who they are as people.

"When you have nothing, it's difficult to raise a child. When you have everything, it's hard to raise a child," she told The Globe and Mail. "But it's not what you give them that's important. It's what you teach them — that is the line I remember when I make all decisions."

8 There’s A Big Age Gap Between Her First Born And Her Twins (And There's A Reason For That)

Céline Dion is a mama to three boys, and there is a big age gap between her firstborn, and her twins. Dion and René Angélil had their first child, René-Charles, in 2001, and then only welcomed their twins into the world in 2010.

Dion waited to have children, and in an interview with Daily Mail, she shared on how she knew the time was right to become a mom again. “I’d done five years at Caesars Palace and went half a year around the world on tour and it was finally time to get pregnant again,” she said.

7 She Gives Her Son A Lot Of Responsibility (And He's Only 18)

Céline Dion loves being a mother, and she is proud of her sons. In an interview with Us Weekly, she spoke about her eldest son René-Charles, who she affectionately refers to as RC, and credited him for being a “wonderful young man."

"He's entered his teenage years and sometimes we can go really crazy, for some teenagers, but so far so good,” she said. Raising teenagers can be complicated, and they often think they know best, but Dion allowed her son to make many important decisions for himself and has given him huge responsibilities, like reading his father’s eulogy.

6 She Wants Her Children To Be Team Players And Promotes Sports

Having hobbies and doing extra-curricular activities is important, and this is something that Céline Dion wants for her sons — and you better believe she’s going to be there to encourage them along the way.

Her eldest son is a keen hockey player (and his social media accounts are evidence of this) but the great thing about Dion is she's her son’s biggest supporter. According to Nicki Swift, in 2017, she was filmed dancing and cheering on her son during one of his matches near Montreal. She also didn’t care who saw her, and when fans did approach her she happily snapped photos with them. What a mom!

5 Céline Dion Is An UpBeat Person, And Her Kids Are Not Allowed To Complain About Their Lives

If you’re having a bad day, sometimes all you need to do is to be able to vent to someone and then it’s all better. There are other times when a situation is too difficult and we are unable to control our responses to it. Céline Dion has experienced sadness in her life, but she is very careful not to let it affect her children in a negative way, and according to The Richest, she has continued to keep a positive attitude despite her hardships, because she wants to be a good role model for her children. It’s for this reason that the publication claims her children are not allowed to “complain about anything in their lives.”

4 She Breaks Gender Norms With Their Clothing — And Has A Gender-Neutral Clothing Line

As a parent, Céline Dion doesn’t like gender norms. It is for this reason that she partnered with the clothing brand, Nununu, to create a gender-neutral clothing line. According to the press release, the inspiration behind this collection, which is named Célinununu, was to “inspire your children to be free and find their own individuality through clothes.”

Her twins were photographed wearing the collection, and Dion spoke to Refinery29 about why she wanted to take on this project. "It's not that we're hoping to shift gender norms with Célinununu. It's more about offering [a] choice and giving children a chance to feel free to find their own individuality, their own true essence without being tied to stereotypes,” she explained.

3 She Opened Up Her Home (And Her Children's Lives) In A TV Special

Céline Dion is quite private when it comes to her personal life, but she did open her life up to fans with a 90-minute TV special. According to The Globe and Mail, Dion described this TV appearance as an opportunity for fans to get a “VIP pass to my life.”

She continued, “I wanted them to see what it's like to travel with us. To understand a little bit more what it is to prepare a show, and to have two new babies. So many things have happened since I was last in Vegas." It was also a chance for her fans to see how she does normal things and how her family is not all that different from everyone else.

2 She Is Open To Giving Her Sons Freedom And Is Very Trusting

Céline Dion is proud of the man that her eldest son, RC, has become, and when he was a teenager she allowed him his freedom. Teenagers can be difficult to raise, but Dion trusted her son to make the right decisions and treated him with enough respect to let him prove to her that he was capable of doing just this, which is a testament to how she parents.

"As any teenager, they have to try things because if you say no to so many things — they will turn around and still do them," she told Dan Wootton on Lorraine (via ABC News). "So I am giving him more space. I trust him. He does stuff sometimes that I have to say, not necessarily agree with what he chooses to try, but as long as he's using his intelligence and his mind and brain, I trust him."

1 She Places A Lot Of Importance On Her Offspring Embracing Two Languages

Via Evoke

Célion Dion is from Canada, and in addition to being able to speak French, she can also speak English, so when it came time to raise her children, she placed great importance on their ability to speak both languages — which should be expected from parents who are bilingual.

Nicki Swift notes that straight after her twins were born, Dion started speaking French and English to them, and this was seen on Oprah in 2011. But she also believed that her boys could understand both languages as young as four months old — although she must have been exaggerating their abilities. According to Perez Hilton, at the time she said, “They wave, they speak French. They’ve got it all.”

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