20 Irresistible Middle Name Trends For Girls

Naming a child is enjoyable for some, stressful for others and a huge task for anyone to take on. The middle name a mother and father chooses for their treasured child is often just as painstakingly selected as the child's first name. Why are middle names important? One reason may be the fact that many people choose to go by their middle names. In fact, Tina Fey's given first name is Elizabeth. Her middle name is Stamatina, where Tina comes from: the name by which the hilarious actress and writer is known around the globe. No pressure, parents.

The current trends for middle names given to girls range from surnames, to cherished family designations, to traditional classics. Feminine middle names are often sweet, fresh and flow beautifully with the first name parents have selected. Searching for that simply irresistible middle name that will aide in perfecting the exquisite first name you've chosen for your impending arrival? Look no further than the list below.

Still searching for a first name for your little girl? The names that follow may provide you with the inspiration you've been wishing for. While these names are currently beautiful choices for middle names, all of them make charming and timeless first names as well.

The middle names chosen most often by today's parents are some of the most darling we've every heard. It's likely you'll find the perfect moniker to compliment your daughter's gorgeous first name on the list below. The stunning names that follow are perfection. Good luck deciding on just one!

20 Ann

Ann is the English variation of the Hebrew name, Hannah and means grace. The original English version of the name is spelled Ann, while the french version is spelled Anne. Both spellings of the name were wildly popular for girls for hundreds of years. It wasn't until around 1970 that the name Ann fell out of the top 100 names chosen for little ladies.

While the name is still in the top 1,000 for girls in the United States, ranking as the 955th most popular choice so far in 2017, it's popularity as a first name has declined in the last few decades. Parents are now opting for Anna or Annabelle instead.

As a middle name, however, Ann compliments nearly any first name. It's sophisticated, soft sounding and delicate. Those who love the Anne of Green Gables series have yet another reason to adore this timeless name. Fans of the name Ann may also want to consider the names Lynn, Faith or Marie as middle names for their tiny tot.

19 Belle

Belle is a French name, often a shortening of the name Isabelle, but a designation that stands on its own as well. This name means beautiful,  and is enchanting to say the least. Phrases like "Southern belle" and "belle of the ball" only add to the charm of this choice. Plus, who can forget the brave and wise heroine in Disney's Beauty and the Beast? She's a strong character any little girl would be honored to emulate.

Belle hasn't been in the top 100 names chosen for girls since 1934, and currently ranks as the 785th most popular name for girls in the United States. In recent years, instead of using Belle, parents have opted for Isabelle. The recent success of the Twilight books and movies may have contributed to the name Bella being a more popular choice as well.

Belle has a crisp, clean sound that, when used as a middle name, only adds to the beauty of nearly any first name. Other possible middle names that may appeal to fans of Belle include Ella, Ava and Lilly.

18 Catherine

Catherine is a classic name that has been assigned to queens, saints and fair maidens throughout the ages, as well as more than one Oscar winner. It's a name of Greek origin that means pure.

Catherine has long been a favorite of parents, as both a first name and as a middle name. If used as a middle name, it fits well with short and long first names alike; it's lilting sound completes nearly any first name beautifully. Catherine is also often spelled with a K. Fun fact: when the name Catherine originated, the letter K did not exist in the current alphabet. However parents choose to begin this name, it's a tried and true choice that will never be regretted.

Catherine Middleton, better known as Kate, has helped bring this name back into the spotlight as a splendid first name in recent years. Actress Cate Blanchett is another stunner who wears this name flawlessly. It is currently the the 258th most popular choice for girls in the United States, up 56 place since 2016.

17 Claire

Claire is the French form of the name Clara and means bright or clear. The English spelling of the name is Clare, and Chiara is the whimsical and unique Italian version of this well-loved, short and sweet name choice. Claire has long been a popular choice for a middle name, and is currently a beloved first name as well. It is the 38th most popular name chosen for girls in the United States at present.

It goes well with many two or three-syllable girl's names. Some examples of popular pairings include Alice Claire, Sophia Claire and Evelyn Claire. Really, parents can't go wrong when using Claire as a middle moniker.

This name is not only a popular baby name. It is also frequently used for fictional characters, and has appeared in the television shows Modern Family, Heroes, Lost, Six Feet Under and Outlander as well as the movie The Breakfast Club, and Nella Larsen's popular novel, Passing.

16 Elizabeth

Elizabeth is another name that has proven itself by standing the test of time; it's a designation that has been bestowed upon lucky ladies for centuries. Today, it ranks as the 16th most-used first name for girls in the United States. In fact, the only year since the 1880's that this name hasn't been at least in the top 25 was 1945. Betty ranked number 11 that year, however, showing that at least some version of this name has been dear to the hearts of parents year after year.

Elizabeth is also a wildly popular middle name that blends beautifully with one-syllable or two-syllable names. Some examples include Lucy Elizabeth, Tess Elizabeth and Ava Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a name of Hebrew origin that means pledged to God.

Biblical Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist, and two of England's most reputable queens were Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II. Elizabeth Taylor is another with this name who endowed it with grace and honor.

15 Ellen

This name is the Old English version of the name Helen, and means bright, shining light. Ellen fits perfectly with first names of any length. It is currently the 691st most popular name for girls in the United States, making it one that is known, but not overused.

Two first ladies have been the bearers of this name. Ellen Arthur McElroy was actually the 21st president, Chester A. Arthur's, sister, but filled the role when he became Commander in Chief due to his single status. Ellen Axson Wilson was the wife of 28th president Woodrow Wilson.

Actress and comedian, Ellen Degeneres has brought honor and prestige to this name, recently receiving the Medal of Freedom, the greatest honor a civilian can receive, from President (or previous President of the United States) Barack Obama. Ellen Page is another notable actress with this name. Love Ellen? Similarly delightful middle name options include Ella, Stella and Haven.

14 Faye

Faye is delicate, ethereal and just becoming popular, meaning parents who choose it will be on the cusp of the current trend, but may not run into many other little girls with the same middle name.

It is a name of English origin that means fairy. The highest Faye has ever ranked was 146th in 1934. Also spelled Fay, this name slipped into the top 1,000 names chosen for girls in 2014, and has been quietly rising ever since. It is currently the 734th most popular name chosen for girls so far in 2017.

Morgan le Fay is a literary bearer of this name. She was a sorceress with great power in the Arthurian Legends. Actress Faye Dunaway is another notable woman with this name. Faye blends well with most first names, regardless of the length, but compliments longer names particularly well. Some lovely pairings include Imogen Faye, Eliza Faye and Harriet Faye.

13 Frances

This soft-sounding name of Latin origin means from France. It ranked as the 1,157th most popular name chosen for girls in the United States in 2016. This name was a popular choice in centuries past, and is making a recent revival with its vintage charm.

It was used frequently in the Tudor aristocracy, and recently chosen by celebrities Amanda Peet and Kate Spade as a first name for their treasured daughters. Frances Bean is the name of the spunky daughter of the late Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.

In the movie Dirty Dancing, the character Baby's given name is Frances. Judy Garland and Dinah Shore were both endowed with the name Frances at birth. It's been speculated that Pope Francis may have something to do with this name's sudden surge in popularity. Alluring foreign versions of this name that may also appeal to those who love this one include Franca, Fanya and Francine.

12 Grace

Grace is an attribute name of Latin origin that means goodness and generosity. It has surged in popularity in recent years, and was used for over 7,500 girls in 2014 alone. Celebrities Ed Burns, Mark Wahlberg and Christy Turlington all selected this name for their darling daughters. Gracie is another version of this name that is quite popular, currently ranking 142nd on Nameberry.com.

In the Middle Ages, Gracia was a popular name for girls. Grace became a common choice after being used along with other attribute names by Puritans in the 16th century. This designation is adored by parents around the world. It presently ranks as the 28th most popular name for girls in the United States, and is the 2nd most popular name for girls in Northern Ireland, 4th in Ireland, 11th in England, Scotland and Wales and 23rd in Canada.

Actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly and singer Grace Jones brought a star quality to this name. Whether it is used as a middle name or a first name, Grace is a title that is never going out of style.

11 Grey

Also spelled Gray, this color name has become the soft and supremely sublime choice of many parents for both a first name and a middle name. Grey is the more popular spelling of this name in England and Australia. However parents choose to spell this name, it's a somber choice that couldn't be prettier.

This gender neutral name broke into the top 500 names for boys in 2017, currently ranking 496th and up in popularity 83 places since 2016. For girls, it ranks 2,529th, giving it the advantage of being a rare beauty, not used by many, but one that is likely to become more and more popular the more it is heard.

Meredith Grey is the fictional star of the hit ABC show, Grey's Anatomy that may have helped this name get it's start. Natalie Grey, Mila Grey and Aaliyah Grey are three examples of just how lovely this middle name sounds when matched up with a beautiful first name.

10 Hope

Hope is another irresistible attribute name currently getting a lot of love from parents. It is a name of English origin that means trust and faith. Originally, this designation was used by the Puritans in the 17th century in conjunction with other attribute names such as Faith and Charity. As a matter of fact, Hope and Faith are often used together for twin girls.

This name presently ranks as the 310th most popular choice for girls in the United States. It goes well with two, three or four syllable first names. Some examples include Victoria Hope, Isabella Hope and Savannah Hope.

Raising Hope was the name of a popular television show about bringing up an adorable little one, named Hope, of course. Comedian and actor Brad Garret chose the name Hope for his daughter. Hope Solo is a soccer star who brings a strong femininity to this choice. We hope you adore it as much as we do.

9 Jean

Jean is a slightly obscure name of English and Scottish origin that comes from the French variation of the name Johanna, and means God is gracious. This name is another that just flows with nearly any first name. It's similar to the other popular names Jane and June, but somehow sounds a bit more edgy and cool than either of them.

This name first gained favor in Scotland, and was the moniker of the queen of glamour, actress Jean Harlow. It's already famous as a middle name, used in the hit Michael Jackson song, "Billie Jean", and in the Harry Potter series for the beloved character Hermoine Jean Granger. Billie Jean King is a famous tennis great who also brings clout to Jean as a middle name.

While Jean currently ranks as the 3,126th most popular name for girls in the United States, it's one to watch, and a great choice for parents looking for a middle name that is a bit rare without being totally weird.

8 Joy

Joy is a celebratory name that has long been used by parents to express the emotions they experience when welcoming a beautiful new daughter to the world. Similar names include Merry, Glory and Bliss: all designations that make splendid first or middle names. Chara is another interesting name that means pure happiness.

The highest Joy ever ranked was in 1975, when it was the 109th most popular name chosen for girls. It is currently the 310th most popular name chosen for girls in the United States. Television personality, Joy Behar and inventor Joy Mangano, the businesswoman on whom Jennifer Lawrence's recent biopic Joy was based on, are two notable and strong women with this name.

This is another name that will compliment nearly any first name. Perfect pairings include Adrianna Joy, Victoria Joy and Rebecca Joy. Love Joy? Similar names that work well as middle names include Jo and Jade.

7 Leigh

This English variation of the name Lee means pasture or meadow. The spelling of this name showers it with charm and sophistication, while also keeping its sound sweet and melodic. This name reached its height of popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, and was one of the first gender neutral name that was used for girls.

Pair this one with a soft, flowing first name for the perfect fit. Some examples include Alyssa Leigh, Hannah Leigh or Jillian Leigh. See what we mean? Leigh is a designation that was made in middle name heaven, and parents can't go wrong in choosing this one to be a part of their daughter's name.

Leigh is currently the 3,128th most popular name chosen for girls in the United States, making it uncommon and surprising. However, it did rise 1,889 places since 2016, meaning this winsome and wonderful choice may be paving its way into the hearts of many more parents in the future. Love it? Snag it! It's a keeper.

6 Lou

Lou is a beloved middle name from the past that seems to making a comeback not only as a middle moniker, but as a first name as well. It is a short form of the name Louise that means renowned warrior. While it currently ranks as the 1,226th most popular name chosen for girls in the United States, it has risen 1,902 spots since 2016. It's another name that may be red-hot in the future.

The names Louise, Lucy and Louisa are currently getting a lot of love, and Lou is the sweetest of nicknames for all three. In addition, model and television host Heidi Klum and crooner Seal chose the name Lou for their daughter, shooting this name's cool factor into outer space.

Kerri Russel and Louis C.K. both chose to use Lou as a middle name for their daughters, Willa Lou and Mary Lou, respectively. Feel free to steal either one. Both are downright adorable. Looking for a few more options? How about Zoey Lou, Camila Lou or Penelope Lou? Swoon!

5 Love

Speaking of middle names we love, Love is one we can't get enough of. Jennifer Love Hewitt is a notable celebrity with this middle name who is a shining example of just how darling this name sounds.

Combining Love with nearly any first name will only make it better. Just as jelly compliments peanut butter, cheese compliments wine and chocolate compliments pretty much everything, Love is a name that will take a gorgeous first name and transform it into something parents only dreamed could be possible.

Some examples? Layla Love, Scarlett Love, Harper Love, Aria Love, Chloe Love...we could go on, but we don't want to give you so many perfect options that you will never be able to choose just one. This middle name is only just becoming popular, but it's one of those secrets that won't stay under wraps for long. Snatch it up for your little lady and get ready for your new reputation as a naming genius.

4 May

May is a sweet and simple diminutive of Mary and Margaret. It is a name of Latin origin and means great. May is also the name of the month most people adore due to the warm weather and promise of imminent summer it is known for.

It's an old-fashioned choice that reached it's height of popularity in the late 1800's, when it was the 57th most popular choice for girls. It ranked as the 1,216th most popular name for girls in 2016. Mae is another spelling of this designation that gives it a bit of an edge. Mae Whitman is a notable actress that bears this name.

Actress Madeline Stowe used May as a first name for her daughter, and Jodi Sweetin selected it as a middle name for hers. April, June, Spring and Summer are similar and equally delightful name choices that may appeal to fans of the name May.

3 Rose

Rose is a Latin name assigned to one of the most delicate and romantic flowers ever to bloom. It just broke into the top 100 names used for girls in 2017, already up in popularity 53 places since 2016.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, Eric Clapton and Ewon McGregor all selected the title Rose as a middle name for one of their daughters. Rose Byrne is a notable actress with this sweet-smelling name, and Rose is the name of fictional characters in the blockbuster hit Titanic, the best-selling Harry Potter series and the beloved television show, The Golden Girls. Fans of any of these have a reason to use Rose for their darling daughter.

Tatum Rose, Madeline Rose and Athena Rose are three examples of the perfection that occurs when any feminine first name is put next to this marvelous floral one. Rosie, Rosalyn, Roseann, Rosemary and Rosamund are other variations of this name that may also appeal to those who have fallen in love with the name Rose.

2 True

Let's be honest, this name could not be any more exquisite. It's a word name that sounds strong, beautiful and classic. Trudy is an alternative for those who are looking for something a bit more traditional, but still love the overall vibe of this stunning choice.

True is a name that is growing in popularity for both genders. It presently ranks as 5,671st most popular name for girls in the United States, and is currently the 1,106th most popular name for boys, up 3,494 places since 2016.  While this name is currently much more popular for boys, we adore it for a girl, especially as a middle name.

True is a title that embodies a sound character and the courage to be oneself. Actor Forest Whitaker chose this name for his daughter, and we applaud his choice. Everly True, Olivia True and Sienna True are three examples of this middle name in action that any little lady would be lucky to be given.

1 Wren

Wren is an English bird name that was virtually unheard of before it broke onto the scene as one of the hot new baby names of this decade. It reached the top 1,000 names used for girls in the United States in 2012, and hasn't stopped its climb ever since. Currently, Wren is the 568th most used name for girls in the U.S.

It's a name that carries with it a magical story full of whimsy and intrigue. In Ireland, the wren is considered to be the "magician of the birds." Druids, priests and sorcerers in the ancient Celtic culture, believed the wren to be a bird of prophecy. These small birds can belt out merry tunes that carry far and wide despite the tiny beaks the songs originate from.

Notable people with the name Wren include the esteemed Sir Christopher Wren, the man responsible for designing St. Paul's Cathedral in London in the 18th century. Lark, Robin and Raven are other bird-inspired choices that may appeal to those who are singing the praises of the name Wren.

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