20 Items New Moms Can Actually Take Home From The Hospital For Free

The vast majority of expectant moms have absolutely no idea that most hospitals give out a ton of freebies. And the best part is that these freely given out supplies aren't just for the newborn baby either! Many of the freebies given out at hospitals also cater to the recovering moms.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I remember being under the impression that I would have to purchase so many items during the pregnancy. I did not realize that I would be given freebies for the baby at numerous times during my pregnancy.

I remember attending a baby fair when I was seven months pregnant and feeling shocked at the sheer amount of cool freebies that I ended up walking out with. Fortunately, I also ended up spending a lot less than I anticipated on other baby products. On top of all the freebies you can get from the hospital and from special baby events, there are also plenty of websites where you can sign-up to get even more useful free baby things.

Remember, mom would be dealing with major bodily trauma- which is giving birth, regardless of how it is done. Mom needs to be comfortable, and hospitals provide moms with free items to help increase their physical comfort levels. Let's check out the 20 free items that moms frequently forget that the hospital provides!

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20 A Much Needed Nasal Aspirator

Via: Pinterest

After having a baby, you will be well aware of how easily your baby can catch bugs and viruses because the immune system is immature and weak. Therefore, you do everything you can to minimize the chances of your newborn getting sick. However, unfortunately, babies can catch colds but if they catch a cold under the age of one month, then they need to go to a pediatrician right away.

If they are older than three months of age and catch a cold, it is not so serious, especially if it is not accompanied by a fever. However, babies have no idea how to blow their noses and don't usually understand the concept of it until they are at least at a preschool age. Therefore, you need to have a nasal aspirator for those times when your babies are sick but can't blow their noses.

Chances are you will end up buying one from the drugstore. But, hospitals give them out as it has been noted in Babble, did you know that? Now you do, so make sure you take it if you are expecting!

19 Swaddle Blankets

Via: HuffingtonPost

One of the things that you automatically add to your baby registry is plenty of receiving blankets or just baby blankets in general. And, you do need to make sure you are well stocked because they get dirty fast since babies will spit-up on them, or other bodily fluids can easily leak! Not to mention, it is best to make sure that your baby has a fresh blanket often.

However, according to Babble, you don't have to give those hospital's receiving blankets back. They are yours to take home. It does not hurt to add a few more blankets to your pile because you need many of them for your baby.

18 A Handy Pacifier

The hospital staff frequently uses pacifiers for newborns to help them strengthen their sucking reflex, especially if the birth was complicated. And chances are that before you had your baby, or if you are expecting, you have already gotten pacifiers whether you purchased them or have gotten free samples from baby fairs if you attended.

However, as it has been noted in Babble, once your baby has been sucking on a pacifier that has been provided by the hospital, then it is your baby's pacifier for good. It can't be given back to be used for another newborn. Therefore, that is another hospital freebie that moms are meant to take home with the baby.

17 Much Needed Formula

Via: Profreebies-fan

One hospital freebie that all new moms need to take with them is baby formula, even if moms are planning to breastfeed. That is because you never know if you will need it if something were to prevent you from breastfeeding- or if your baby is having a hard time latching on, you will need to make sure your baby is fed in the meantime. This is why formula supplementation is important because things happen.

According to Babble, hospitals even encourage new parents to take the formula back with the baby due to this reason alone. And, if you have been planning to formula-feed your baby all along, then take the formula and save yourself a few bucks in the meantime! Baby formula is not cheap!

16 Diapers And Wipes

diapers and wipes
Via: Richmondmom.com

Your new baby will be going through diapers so quickly you won't comprehend how they end up with a dirty diaper considering that you changed your baby just less than an hour ago. The fact of the matter is because your baby's system is so quick, they will end up doing #1 or #2 very fast.

Therefore, you will be needing lots and lots of diapers and wipes, especially when you bring them home from the hospital for the first time. That means the hospital will also be providing plenty of diapers and wipes. According to Babble, you may even end up with one full package of diapers and wipes! And, why not take it because they are not cheap!

15 Disposable Changing Pads

baby pads
Via: Malaysianmotherhood.com

Along with those free diapers and wipes -- because your baby will like do #1 or #2 -- or even both during a diaper change, you will need to have a disposable pad to use during that time. Newborns are incredibly unpredictable, and as it was noted in an article in The Stir, on CafeMom, these hospital freebies are a must-have when you take your baby home!

That is because if you are changing your baby even on a regular change pad and your baby has an accident during the diaper change- you nor your partner will have the energy to do a big scrub-down. Take those disposable change pads from the hospital!

14 Mesh Ones For Mom

Via: LadyGrimes1 YouTube

Alright, mesh pants are far from sexy and considering that you have lost your dignity in the hospital anyway while giving birth whether it was a natural one or you had a C-section- your dignity simply does not exist, and you are not going to care about anything that is sexy. You will only care about comfort, and that is it!

According to Baby Prepping, hospitals give new moms free mesh pants for this reason. They may not be cool looking, but they are extremely comfortable, even more so than traditional panties. Additionally, they offer even more protection from uncontrollable leaks.

And if you have not given birth yet, this is a heads up for you as far as what to expect. You will need mesh pants!

13 Onesies For The Baby

Via: Pinterest

Those tiny newborn shirts that the hospital staff dresses your baby in during the stay are actually meant to go home with your baby. According to Babble, these tiny T-shirts may be generic but are incredibly functional.

And chances are, you may have already bought a bunch of clothes for your newborn anyway since you were likely told to throw some into your labor bag- which was the right thing to do since your baby would have to be changed often.

However, the hospital provides these infant tees as well, and those are meant to be brought home with you and your baby. You have extra clothing for your little one thanks to those freebies.

12 A Much Needed Baby Thermometer

Via: Cherub Baby

The first few days after the birth of your baby is absolutely chaotic. If you haven't given birth yet, then just know that nothing can really prepare you for the kind of chaos you will be facing! I am doing what I can to prepare you for reality, even though nothing can truly prepare you until you are the one to experience it first hand.

However, according to Babble, one type of hospital freebies that moms need to take are baby thermometers. The staff uses them to take your newborn's temperature quite often, and be sure to take it when it is time to be discharged. Chances are you already have an infant thermometer anyway since you were told to purchase one, or someone had bought it for you. But since it is a freebie from the hospital, grab it.

11 Bottles To Get You Started

Via: EcoViking

Even if you are breastfeeding, you will be having to pump at some point so your partner or other caregivers can feed your baby. Therefore, you will need bottles regardless of how you are feeding your baby. According to Babble, nurses will provide new moms with bottles.

However, they won't give you that many so that means you have to buy plenty before you even give birth. But, a few extra bottles from the hospital means that you have a few extra good ones around. That means you will end up having to spend less money on more baby bottles later on. Grab those free baby bottles from the hospital while they are discharging you and your baby.

10 Stock Up On The Pads!

Via: Reddit.com

After delivering your baby, regardless of whether it was natural or via a C-Section, you will be experiencing a heavy flow for weeks. That means you will need to be equipped with pads to add to your labor bag. However, the hospital will also provide you with pads as well, and they may even provide you with a lot so you can take them home.

However, according to The Bump, one thing to keep in mind is that those hospital pads may be not overly comfortable. Therefore, it may be worth it to spend the money and buy your own since you will need comfort. That is the only possibility that you would be facing.

9 Baby Wash And Lotion

baby lotion and wash
Via: Sg.carousell.com

Chances are you have already been given baby lotion as well as baby wash. Or, you may have gotten those items for free if you went to a baby fair while you were pregnant. Many times baby wash and lotion is given out to new moms or expecting moms.

However, according to The Bump, the hospital gives out plenty of baby wash and lotion as well, and moms should grab them. The only thing is the quality may not be great. But either way, it will do the job and the hospital would not use a baby lotion and baby wash that would be of poor quality either.

8 Baby Bathtub

You likely added a baby bathtub in your registry, or you purchased one before having your baby. That is because you know that a baby needs to be either bathed in the sink or needs a baby bathtub. Therefore, that is one preparation that you most definitely made before the birth of your baby.

However, according to The Bump, the hospital would be giving new moms baby bathtubs as well. I personally don't remember that as a freebie, but it has been a while since I gave birth. However, no one can assume that every parent is well prepared, and that means a baby bathtub is really a crucial thing to have. Therefore, that would explain why hospitals give these out!

7 Itty-Bitty Baby Hat

Via: Today

Chances are you had already bought a newborn hat before the birth of your baby. And, you likely purchased one that was of a neutral color like green, white or cream color instead of pink or blue just in case you end up having a baby that is the opposite sex of what you may have been told.

Most of the time these ultrasound technicians are right about the gender, especially if the baby was cooperative! But mistakes can still happen. That is why it is best to go neutral. However, according to The Bump, you would end up taking an extra baby hat home from the hospital because that is one hospital freebie that moms don't realize that they can take!

6 Diaper Rash Cream

diaper rash cream

You likely have already purchased diaper rash cream before the birth of your baby because you know it is part of the must-have list when you were making preparations. Diaper rashes are guaranteed to happen regardless of the age of your baby. And, according to The Bump, you can grab diaper rash cream from the hospital as well.

The diaper rash cream that is used in hospitals may not be of elite quality, but it is good enough to do the job. And, the cream could run out fast, so why not save yourself some money and grab this useful freebie! Your baby will need it at some point.

5 Breastfeeding Supplies

For those breastfeeding mamas, don't forget about taking advantage of this useful hospital freebie. According to The Bump, you could be getting plenty of breastfeeding supplies for free. It is unlikely that you will get a free electric pump, but you may end up with a free hand pump.

However, chances are you will be walking out with nursing pads, nipple ointments or safe nipple cream. Additionally, you will be given a few bottles as well which has already been mentioned. That is because again, even if you are breastfeeding, you may have to formula feed for supplementation, and you will want a break from having to feed your baby every now and then!

4 Donut Pillow

Whether you have given birth naturally, or had a C-section, sitting down after doing all of that hard work is going to be a big challenge. Therefore, you need to be as comfortable as you can! You will be needing to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby. You need to be in a comfortable position when you do. You need a donut pillow, and chances are you had already purchased on before the big day!

According to The Bump, hospitals give moms donut pillows. However, it is highly unlikely that the one you would snatch from the hospital would be as cute and stylish as the one you had purchased. But either way, it will do its job!

3 Sitz Bath

The one thing you will need, regardless of how you delivered, is something to help you heal. And, if you delivered naturally, you will need to have a sitz bath.

According to The Bump, hospitals give moms a piece of plastic that sits over the toilet which is the sitz bath. This device allows moms to soak the delivery area in warm water with some Epsom salt. This helps blood to flow in that area, as well as to help soothe pain and to help promote healing! This is one of those really useful freebies to take back from the hospital because your comfort will depend on it!

2 Skin Numbing Spray

skin numbing spray
Via: Blogspot.com

Whether or not you had a C-section, or if you delivered naturally and ended up with a tear or an episiotomy, you will be in pain! You can take all the pain meds that you can really take. However, you are going to be desperate to have those stitched up areas to stop causing you to have so much discomfort and pain.

Therefore, this is why, according to The Bump, hospitals give moms numbing spray. The point is to spray them on the most problematic areas so they can be numbed. All of the pain, soreness and itchiness from those areas healing are going to drive you crazy. Make sure you walk out with that numbing spray!

1 Witch Hazel Pads

witch hazel pads
Via: Wordpress.com

The one thing you will absolutely need in addition to a sitz bath is witch hazel pads. And, whether or not you have hemorrhoids, which is very common to develop after giving birth in the traditional or natural way, you will definitely need these pads. They are soothing to the very vulnerable areas.

According to The Bump, the hospital staff will also be giving mom these witch hazel pads in order to help provide the relief that she will most definitely need. That means, don't forget to walk out without taking a few. Any mom that has just delivered will be really needing these!

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