19 Kids Of Hollywood Who Clearly Got Their Dads' Genes

Hollywood is full of dads who produce offspring that are sometimes adorably cute, and sometimes, not that cute. When it comes to some of our favorite - and not so favorite - actors, their kids might get lucky they look like them, or get bad luck for looking just like them!

Getting dad’s genes can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing! Sometimes, the children of famous celebrity fathers are in that bad luck category. But, all kids are cute, right? In Hollywood, it is often all about looks, and that does not necessarily mean you have to be the hottest dad on the block.

Sure, we have our uber handsome dads, but we also have the dads who play character actors, who maybe are not meant to be the best looking man on the block.

We all know, too, that just because you are good looking, it does not mean that your children will be pretty or handsome. Sometimes, it is the total opposite! Same goes for those dads that just look like a regular-ish guy, they might get a kid who is a total cutie! It is all how the gene pool plays out. Read on and take in the sights of some kids of Hollywood who clearly got their dads’ genes.

19 Channing Tatum's Little Princess

Channing Tatum has a lookalike daughter, sweet little Everly, who is 4 years old. Everly is the only child between Channing and Jenna Dewan Tatum, who recently split up to the shock of many of their fans.

He's often spotted enjoying some daddy-daughter time and by the pics, it's easy to see that she's his mini-me!

Channing, who is best known for his roles in the movie Magic Mike, is known for his dance moves and killer good looks and body. Well, looks like his daughter inherited many of his traits as they definitely look quite a bit alike.

Channing has not let his break up with Jenna affect his parenting skills. When their split was announced and made public, Channing used that opportunity to go on a shopping trip. According to TMZ, he took his little girl to a place we'd never expect - Target!

We bet she got some goodies there courtesy of her dear ol' dad. Channing clearly enjoys quality daddy-daughter time, and even took her to the Kids Choice Awards! US Weekly reports that this was a big deal, as Channing and Jenna do not like their daughter to be photographed or seen by the public very often, but this time, they made an exception for their cutie pie.

18 Scott Disick - Hair Like Dad

You might be wondering how Scott Disick is so famous? Well, it is simple: he married and had kids with a Kardashian! Scott is Kourtney Kardashian’s ex, and together they have three children, Mason, Penelope, and Reign.

Those three kids, who are ages 8, 5, and 3, all have a look just like their dear old dad. Sure, they resemble their mama, too, but just take a good look at their faces, the expressions on all of them is just like Scott! And just look at those eyes -- totally got those from their dad.

If you follow anything about the Kardashians, you know that Scott, who just happens to be 35 years old, is dating Sofia Richie, who is only 19 years old (I know, what is she thinking?!). Apparently, Kourtney is cool with the situation.

According to People.com Kourtney trusts Sofia with her kids. She lets her kids spent time with Scott and Sofia together, including going on vacations. All we think is that Sofia must look at those children and see Scott in each and everyone one of them. They definitely got their daddy’s genes, that is for sure.

17 Matthew McConaughey - Two Peas In A Pod

Matthew McConaughey is another actor who is known for his good looks. He has quite the stellar little family, too. He has his wife, the gorgeous model Camila Alves, and together, they have three children, Levi age 9, Vida age 8, and Livingston age 5.

All the kids resemble their daddy, but Levi really looks like his old man! They just look so much alike, from the jaw bone to their skin tone, to the way their eyes and nose look, and more. They are definitely father and son, there is no denying that!

Matthew is very close to his son, Levi. They spent a lot of time together, just the two of them, and with the family as a whole.

The entire family is often seen out and about, many times on a beach!

They totally seem like beach family, don’t they?! Just Jared reports that Matthew recently revealed the inspiration behind the name he gave his first born son, Levi. “Levi’s another name for Matthew in the bible. We had talked about possibly Matthew, Jr. if he was a boy. And my favorite [verse] in the bible is Matthew 6:22, We find out he’s a boy when he’s born. You’re not thinking about the name, right? An hour later, the doctor comes up and he hands you that card to fill out: ‘Blank was born at 6:22 p.m.’ So we went, ‘It’s Levi.’”

16 The Rock's 16-Year-Old Daughter

The Rock, also known as Dwayne Johnson, is known first for his wrestling skills, and now his acting chops. Now, fans have been all wrapped up in viewing his adorable newborn baby girl, Tiana, who is only 1 month old! We all fell in love with Tiana’s older sister, Jasmine, who is stunningly beautiful at just 2 years of age. The Rock shares these cutie pie daughters with his partner, the gorgeous Lauren Hashian.

What many people are unaware of, is that The Rock was previously married to Dany Garcia, and together they had a daughter, Simone, who is now 16 years old.

Simone is beautiful in her own right, but there is no denying that The Rock is her dear old dad! As Simone goes through the dreaded teenagehood, she looks in the mirror at a young lady who really does resemble her father.

It is actually quite amazing just how similar the dad and daughter duo look! Who knows, maybe we will see Simone starring as The Rock’s daughter in his next flick. According to IMDB.com, it appears Simone may have caught her dad’s acting bug, as it lists Simone as “director and actress, known for Where I'm From (2013).”

15 Tom Hanks - Looking Like Triplets

Everyone knows Tom Hanks! He is easily one of the most recognizable and famous actors of our time, and people just love him because he seems like an ordinary, everyday nice kind of guy. Did you know that Tom Hanks has three sons and a daughter that look just like him? Colin is 40, Elizabeth is 36, Chet is 27, and Truman is 22. The first two are with his then-wife Samantha Lewes, and the younger boys are with his current wife, Rita Wilson.

Out of the four kids, there are two that stick out like sore thumbs definitely getting their father’s genes! That would be Colin and Chet.

Colin is well known in his own right. He stars on the hit CBS sitcom, Life In Pieces. If you didn’t know it, you could be watching the show and thinking you are looking at a young Tom Hanks!

Colin and Tom look almost identical. Chet has made a name for himself, but not in the best way. He is known for being the rebel of the family. Although he got into illicit substances, recently celebrated two years of sobriety, according to Radar Online. Despite his bad history, Chet will always and forever look just like his dad!

14 Chris Pratt - Like Father, Like Son

Chris Pratt is a well-known actor for his roles in the cult favorite television show Parks and Recreation, and most recently, the new Jurassic Park movies- Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. He really does a stellar job of making those dinos seem up close and personal! Chris a devoted father, too. He has one son named Jack, who is five years old. Jack’s mom is also an actress, Anna Faris.

There is no denying that Jack looks just like his old man! Jack is a cutie in his own rights, but you can definitely see the resemblance he shares with his dad. Chris seems to truly enjoy being a dad and being a family type of guy, aside from the fact that he and Anna are divorcing.

He enjoys sharing the funny antics that come from kids, and he clearly thinks and knows, that his look-alike son, Jack, is someone very special. Chris likes to spend quality time with his son by taking him fishing.

He even has a special rule when it comes to fishing too: his kids are allowed to swear. This includes 5-year-old Jack!

Recently, Chris shared an incident that may have him rethinking his fishing rule, according to simplemost.com, “Pratt and his son were posing for a picture with the fish they had just caught when the hard spine of the fish hurt Jack’s hand. Jack started to cry and declared the fish “stupid.” Pratt was surprised that Jack did not take advantage of the rule to be able to use a curse word."

When asked if he had anything to say, Pratt was shocked when his son let loose with some majorly profane words.

The video is worth looking up as it is quite shocking. He definitely didn't hold anything back.

13 Gordon Ramsay - #Twinning

We all know Gordan as the potty-mouthed chef who makes contestants lives a living hell in shows such as Hell’s Kitchen. What you may not know is that Gordan is quite the devoted dad to the four children he shares with wife Tana Ramsay. Together, they have Megan age 20, twins Holly and Jack age 18, and Matilda age 16. All four of them look like their dad, especially Gordon's only son, Jack.

In fact, Jack really resembles his celebrity chef father the most. From the face to the hair, and even his choice of attire, Jack and Gordon are certainly son and father, there is no doubting that fact!

According to Daily Mail UK, the father and son duo recently went shopping for suits and Jack posted on Instagram, where people went crazy seeing Gordon and Jack looking so similar. “Addressing their similar appearances, Gordon captioned the snap: 'Twins...... getting kitted out for somebody’s big 18th party @hugoboss @jackramsay1999'.

Fans immediately took to the comments to acknowledge their striking resemblance, writing in their droves: 'Mini me!', 'Twinning' and 'Looking good guys!'” Seems like the world gets a kick out of Jack looking so much like his dad, Gordon! Jack definitely got his father’s genes. Wonder if he always got the gene to be an amazing chef...

12 Carson Daly's Mini-Me Son

Many of us know Carson Daly not just for his current talk show, Last Call With Carson Daly and as host of The Voice, but, perhaps even more so, for his hosting gig on MTV with Total Request Live (you know you remember it!). Well, Carson is all grown up with kids of his own now. His kids are Jackson who is 9, Etta is 4, and London is 3.

Jackson in particular looks so much like his dad. We could easily see Jackson growing up to take over his dad’s hosting duties one day! According to Life and Style Magazine online, Carson’s wife, Siri Pinter says Carson likely wants way more kids, possibly up to five more!

Wow, that would be a lot of kids. Carson certainly has his hands full with his multiple jobs and his growing family. We wonder if he will have more kids.

Maybe he wants more sons who will look just like him since Jackson is a like a little twin of Carson! He is one lucky guy with all three of his kids. When they surprised him on-air last year with some father’s day gifts, it was easy to see just how happy he was. In fact, his kids were even more excited!

11 Brad Pitt's Daughter Turned Son

Look at baby Brad Pitt! One the one side we have the young version of the Brad Pitt we know today, who was the object of every woman’s heart. He was definitely the number one actor that every girl out there dreamed about, are we right or what?!

On the other side, we see another photo of Brad… or wait, that’s not Brad, that is actually his daughter, Shiloh! Shiloh definitely got her dad’s genes, there is no denying that. Brad Pitt was always a pretty man, and his daughter is certainly the same way.

Shiloh is now 11 years old, and she seems to see the world similar to that of her father. By that, we mean that Shiloh does not identify with being female.

"She wants to be a boy," Angelina told Vanity Fair in 2010. "So we had to cut her hair. She likes to wear boys' everything. She thinks she's one of the brothers." Brad previously told Oprah Winfrey that she preferred to go by John when she was two years old. "She only wants to be called John. John or Peter.” We applaud Shiloh’s parents for letting her be the person she wants to be.

10 David Arquette's Teen Daughter

David Arquette is an actor who is best known for his roles in the Scream movies, Never Been Kissed, and much more. He was previously married to Friends star Courtney Cox, with whom he shares one child, Coco who is 13 years old.

The pair has largely attempted to keep Coco out of the spotlight and away from the paparazzi. However, we are able to get a peek at the growing girl, who seems to have a lot of her dad’s genes!

Being the daughter of two famous parents, Coco wants to break into the acting and music biz, too. According to Huffington Post, she has starred in music videos for the artist Monogem (interestingly enough, that is how her mom got her big break: by starring in a music video for Bruce Springsteen!).

Coco might just have what it takes, and it seems her parents are supporting her, including her lookalike dad. Coco’s father is so proud of him, even referring to her as his angel, according to Huffington Post, which continued to report that David is “acknowledging that his baby girl is quickly becoming a woman.” Hopefully, the pretty Coco won’t look too much like her dad as she grows up, maybe just keeping some of his features!

9 Adam Sandler - Just Like Daddy

We all know the funny guy, actor Adam Sandler. He is well known for his array of comedies, including Water Boy, Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, and so much more. Most recently, he has starred in the Netflix Original Movie, The Week Of, where he plays a dad of a daughter who is getting married. It is likely not much of a stretch for him to play a dad of a girl since he has two little girls in real life! Adam is a dad to Sunny, who is 9 years old and Sadie who is 12 years old.

Both sweet girls look like their daddy, but Sadie seemed to get more of her dad’s genes because she and her dad basically look like twins!

Adam Sandler really does not want his girls to grow up though, which makes his new movie kind of funny since his daughters will be of marrying age before he knows it! According to Daily Mail UK, Adam has been seen pushing his girls in strollers when they get too tired! He says, “I'm a worrier. I've learned in life now that when your kid is upset you're rocked until they're not upset anymore. You're always nervous because you want your kid to be happy.”

8 Jay-Z - The Apple Of His Eye

Superstar rap artist Jay-Z and his firstborn child, Blue Ivy, are super close. They are certainly a dynamic daddy-daughter duo, even looking very similar to each other! Sweet little Blue Ivy definitely got a good deal of her dad’s genes! Who knows, she may have more than just her daddy’s looks, she may also have his rapping skills too, who knows, only time will tell.

Blue Ivy is the apple of her father’s eye. Jay-Z is always seen with Blue Ivy, laughing, playing, cuddling, and just being super sweet together. They not only share their looks but lots of time too, which is nice to see.

During an anecdote about trying to get Blue Ivy into the car to get to school, Jay Z marveled at his daughter’s emotional intelligence. “We’re driving and I hear a little voice. ‘Dad?’ I turn around and she goes, ‘I didn’t like when you told me to get in the car the way you told me.’ She’s six! ‘It hurt my feelings.’ And I was like, ‘That is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever said to me!'”

Blue Ivy clearly means the world to her dad, Jay-Z, who shared this with Time.com, “Jay talks about how grateful he is for the relationship that he has with his children in contrast to the way that he grew up. He also shared the most beautiful thing that his wise 6-year-old has shared with him.

7 Ryan Reynolds' Cool Kids

Ryan Reynolds may play superheroes on the big screen, but in real life, he is certainly a superhero kind of dad to his little ones, James who is 3 years old, and Inez, who is just one. In this photo, we see the hit star with his little girl, James (do not let the name fool you, James is a girl!). The Deadpool and Green Lantern star is a very devoted dad to both of his girls, and it is clear James shares many of his genes! The pair looks so sweet together, and definitely look alike.

Ryan likes to give it real when it comes to being a dad and raising his kids, especially in Hollywood. He shared the following to People.com about his daughter James, “I always laugh because celebrities, you know, you always cringe when you hear them talk about their kids – because they literally talk about like, ‘My child is the only one who has ever exited a womb ever!’ And you’re just like well, a lot of people have done this. So you always want to temper it with a bit of self-effacement, but I love it. I truly worship that kid.”

6 Will Smith's Rebellious Son

Speaking of princes, there is another prince the house with lookalike kids. That is none other than the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air! That is right, everyone’s favorite prince is all grown up, with kids of his own who are basically all grown up.

Kind of shocking to believe, but totally true. Otherwise known as Will Smith, who has starred in some of our favorite movies, from The Pursuit Of Happiness to I Am Legend to Suicide Squad and so much more, the actor is a devoted dad to three children, 25-year-old Trey, 19-year-old Jaden, and 17-year-old Willow. All three kids look like their dad, but Jaden is essentially the spitting image of his father.

Jaden Smith not only looks like his father, but he acts like him as well!

After the two starred in The Pursuit Of Happiness together back in 2006, things really started changing in the Smith household. Jaden ended up moving out of his parents’ home at just 15 years old. Will Smith was quoted when talking to the BBC as saying that Jaden is “100 percent fearless. As a parent it’s scary, it’s really terrifying, but he is completely willing to live and die by his artistic decisions and he doesn’t concern himself with what people think.”

5 Jason Sudeikis: Being There Matters

We all know funny guy Jason Sudeikis from Saturday Night Live, Horrible Bosses 1 and 2, We’re The Millers, and more. Well, the hilarious actor is also a dad of two cute pies with Olivia Wilde: Otis who is 4 years old and Daisy who is only 1 year old. Jason’s son, Otis, looks just like his dad! Otis definitely got his dad’s genes, there is no question about that.

Jason takes being a dad very seriously. “I think staying around is the trick. Being present is a good quality,” he told Us Weekly and other reporters. The Saturday Night Live alum then joked: “At least I’ll know how I screwed them up!”

Us Weekly also reported that Jason does not want Olivia to worry about him being one of those dads who just gets up and leaves when things start getting tough. He plans to stick around for all of it, and wants to do so, too, which may be even more important! He is one celebrity dad that some other famous fathers should start looking up to. We know that his mini-me - Otis - will be looking up to him, that is for sure!

4 Chris Martin - Apple Didn't Fall Far From The Tree

The lead singer of Coldplay is a dad and it's a role he's had for awhile! Chris Martin, best known for being the co-founder and lead singer of the hit rock band Coldplay is a dad to Apple (yep, that is her real name) who is 14 years old and Moses who is 12 years old. Their mom is actress Gwyneth Paltrow, but she and Chris are no longer together.

Chris Martin’s firstborn child, Apple, really got most of her looks from her dad. From the time she was a baby (as in the pic) to today, she looks a great deal like her dad. There's no denying that she definitely got some of her father’s genes. Moses, on the other hand, looks more like his mom.

It is Apple that is absolutely the apple that fell from Chris’s tree. Chris seems to enjoy being a dad and likes to make things fun.

According to the Mirror UK, Chris often allows his kids to attend Coldplay concerts, and for special occasions, such as birthdays, will even let them come onstage with him. We wonder if Apple or Moses got their dad’s rock star genes, maybe they will be the next Coldplay superstars.

3 Will Arnett - Clearly Identical

You know Will Arnett best from the hit show Arrested Development. He also lends his voice to hit shows for kids such as The Lego Batman Movie, The Nut Job 1 and 2, and so much more. He has two sons, Archie who is 9 years old and Abel who is 7 years old, with his ex-wife, actress Amy Poehler. There is no denying that both of his kids look just like him.

In this photo, we have Will and Abel who appear to be on some sort of ride at a theme park. Just look at their faces, they are identical! They are both giving the same expression, how hilarious is that. Abel definitely inherited many of his dad’s genes.

Will is proud of his sons and likes to include them in his work life, as much as he possibly can. “Arnett exclusively told Us Weekly that the key to making him cool in his children’s eyes is to find commonalities.“I’m dad goals because I like to do the same stuff as my kids like to do,” the proud father said. Will even let his boys voice characters in The Lego Batman Movie! How cool is that?!

2 Bruce Willis' Three Daughters

Bruce Willis may always play a tough guy in the movies, but in real life, he is a devoted dad, who may just be a bit sensitive when it comes to all his kids. And he has a whole bunch of them! With actress Demi Moore, Bruce is a dad to Rumer age 29, Scout age 26, and Tallulah age 24.

All three girls resemble their mom, but also look a lot like their dad, maybe even more so than their mom!

Bruce also has two more kids with now-wife Emma Hemming, Mabel age 6 and Evelyn age 4. Those kids look like him, but not like his older daughters do! Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah really got their dad’s genes, no doubting that fact.

According to Canadianfamily.ca, Bruce Willis has 5 Rules of Parenting: 1. Sometimes you have to resist the urge to speak. 2. Teach them to shun drama. 3. Take responsibility for when you are wrong. 4. Give them a code. 5. Make them laugh. Those seem like good rules to us, good job dad of five Bruce! If any dad has parenting advice, it is definitely him. He has experience raising 4 girls and a boy!

1 John Legend's Little Luna

Singer and songwriter John Legend and his wife, supermodel Chrissy Teigen, recently welcomed their second child, Miles, in late May. Miles has a big sister, Luna, who is 2 years old. We may not be able to tell with the baby just yet, but there is no denying that little Luna got her dad’s genes! The two look adorable and identical! With his musical talents, we wonder if Luna will also get some of those genes too. We’d love to hear her do some singing!

Recently, John Legend revealed he was dad-shamed. He claims he now knows what his wife, Chrissy, feels because he experienced dad-shaming firsthand for something so silly!

Us Weekly reported that John Legend posted a photo where he was carrying his 2-year-old daughter.

Seems harmless, right? Not to some people, who felt the need to lash out of the superstar singer for always carrying his daughter! “Legend let the comment roll off his back. 'Yeah, it was hilarious. People, you know, I think people kind of, they see one photo and they want to make judgments about how people live their life and I think the best advice for all of us is, let parents be parents and don’t criticize on what you see on social media.'”

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