20 Kids We Grew Up Watching On TGIF As Parents Today

Friday night was must-watch TV back in the day. Before the Disney channel took over as the place for family programming, ABC's TGIF lineup was a favorite for kids in the '90s. And the primary audience back then are now parents — and so are many of the stars of the most popular shows.

The TGIF (thank goodness it's funny/Friday) block first premiered in the fall of 1989, and it dominated the ratings for the next decade. A few of the shows were so popular that they were recently brought back — Full House is now on Netflix as Fuller House, while Boy Meets World actors are now starring on Girl Meets World. From Sabrina the Teenage Witch to The Hughleys, the shows were diverse but also iconic coming-of-age stories that families loved to watch together. We watched the actors grow up, and now we're catching up with them as parents on social media.

A few of the people on this list were portraying parents, but they ended up having kids in recent years, proving their parental prowess on screen wasn't all just acting. Others grew up on the small screen, achieving fame while they were in elementary school and growing up to be great moms and dads.

Here are 20 kids we grew up watching on TGIF as parents today.

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20 Family Matters: Jaleel White


All TGIF kids think of one thing when they hear the phrase, "Did I do that?" Steve Urkel was the highlight of Family Matters and definitely had us tuning in each night. Even better, when Jaleel White had a turn as Stefan we learned just how cute he was.

Now, 20 or so years later, Jaleel is still a heartthrob — and he's a great dad. Last year, he showed off pictures of his daughter Samaya on the set of his most recent movie while he was filming in New Mexico. We'll see if she follows in her dad's footsteps and becomes a child actress.

19 Sister, Sister: Tamera Mowry Howsley


Sister, Sister was one of our favorite family shows of the 1990s. It wasn't in the TGIF lineup for very long, but it's still one of the best kid-friendly comedies of the era. The show starred twins Tia and Tamera Mowry, and both are on our list. We'll start with Tamera, who now goes by Tamera Mowry Housley.

We've learned a lot about Tamera's home life with husband Adam and children Aden and Ariah. The former child star is a hostess on the television talk show The Real, and she often talks about raising her little ones and discusses a lot of parenting issues. She also regularly posts the most adorable pictures on social media.

18 Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place: Ryan Reynolds


He wouldn't exactly have been called a kid at that point, but Ryan Reynolds was a young adult on a popular TGIF comedy from back in the day. He was a star on Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place, a funny coming-of-age show.

Ryan is still a lovable goofball, but he is one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. And he's also a family man. Ryan is married to Blake Lively, and he has two adorable daughters, James and Ines. The couple tries to keep their kids out of the spotlight, but Ryan shares some adorable stories whenever he does the talk show circuit.

17 Step By Step: Christine Lakin


Step By Step was another one of our favorites to watch on Friday nights. The show was practically a reboot of the Brady Bunch, following the kids of Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers as they form one big happy family. One of the highlights was Al, the tomboy who told it like it was.

Christine Lakin, the girl who played Al, blossomed from a little girl to a young woman during the show's run. She returned to television not too long ago in Hollywood Darlings, a farcical comedy with other child actresses loosely based on their lives. And we got a glimpse of her as a mother who is still pretty funny.

16 Full House: John Stamos


John Stamos was technically one of the adults in the family on Full House. In the beginning, he was practically a kid learning to raise kids, but he matured quite a bit over the years. In the end, we all loved Uncle Jesse and wanted him to be a part of our own family.

John just recently became a dad, welcoming his first child last year. It's been amazing to watch him talk about his heart opening up as he met his son, little Billy. He's in his 50s but relishing his new role as a dad, and we can't help but swoon just as much as we did when we watched him on TGIF.

15 Clueless: Donald Faison


Most of us remember Murray from the movie Clueless, but to jog your memory, there was a spinoff with most of the same actors that aired on TGIF for several seasons. Rachel Blanchard replaced Alicia Silverstone, but Donald Faison continued in his role of Murray several years before he became even more famous for Scrubs.

We remember him as a teenager, but now Donald has his own kids. In fact, his oldest children are now grown. Now he lives with his wife Cacee Cobb and their kids Rocco and Wilder, and Cacee loves to share the cute family on social media.

14 Hope & Faith: Megan Fox

ABC/Daily Mail

At the end of the '90s, ABC took a break from the TGIF format, but they brought it back several years later. One of the shows in the new lineup was Hope & Faith, which had a couple of amazing female leads. Many people might not have realized one of the kids on the show would later become one of the hottest Hollywood stars.

Megan Fox played a teenager on the show long before she was starring in blockbuster movies. Nowadays, Megan plans her filming schedule around her kids' schedules. She has three boys with husband Brian Austin Green, and she has faced some criticism for her parenting.

13 Clueless: Elisa Donovan


The kids on Clueless were always stylish and fun. One of the girls with the most memorable outfits was Amber. She wasn't always the most likable characters, but she definitely got the laughs on our televisions on Friday nights in the '90s.

These days, actress Elisa Donovan is still acting, and she spends a lot of time raising a daughter that shares her same red hair and quick wit. Her little redhead Scarlett is a mainstay on her social media and in her life, and it seems like they laugh together all the time. Elisa certainly isn't clueless as a mom.

12 Full House: Candace Cameron Bure


One of the most iconic shows of the TGIF era is Full House. The show featured a widower and his friends trying to figure out how to parent three kids, and we all remember the oldest daughter D.J. Candace Cameron grew up in front of our eyes. And now she's watching her own kids grow up and out of the house.

Candace now goes by Cameron-Bure, and she stayed home to be a mom to her kids, Natasha, Maksim and Lev until they were older. A few years ago she returned to acting, starring in a spin-off called Fuller House, where she's the mom raising three boys, as well as our favorite Hallmark Christmas movies.

11 8 Simple Rules: Katey Sagal


Show 8 Simple Rules was a pretty iconic comedy. Originally starring John Ritter, the show continued on after the comedian's passing, with Katey Sagal keeping the family together on and off screen. Katey played the mom then, and some might be surprised that she is the mom of a young child now.

Katey welcomed her first child when she was on Married... With Children, but when she met and married her current husband, who is the creator of a show she starred in called Sons of Anarchy, they decided they wanted another child. So Katey used a surrogate to have her daughter Esme in 2007.

10 Dinosaurs: Christopher Meloni


Anyone who grew up watching TGIF in the '90s will giggle anytime they hear the phrase "Not the mama." We cracked up every weekend to the show Dinosaurs because it felt like our own family, just in the prehistoric era. Most of the actors from the show were puppeteers and voice actors, but there is one name that stood out on the cast list: Christopher Meloni.

Chris made regular appearances as Spike, a friend of the teenage son. This was long before he became a star as Stabler on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit — and before he was a dad. He has a daughter Sophia, 18, and son Dante, 15.

9 Family Matters: Kellie Williams


As much as we loved Urkel, Family Matters wouldn't have worked without his love of Laura Winslow. We watched Laura grow from a pre-teen to a teenager with her family, always trying to dodge Steve, and the actress portraying her, Kellie Williams, was the definition of '90s cool.

Kellie doesn't act anymore, after setting up a foundation to help kids from Washington D.C. with their film passions. And she has two adorable tots at home to keep up with. Kellie gave us a glimpse of life at home with her kids during Celebrity Wife Swap in 2015, and it seems like she is really happy staying at home with her babies.

8 Sister Sister: Tia Mowry


We've already mentioned how much we loved Sister, Sister back in the day. But we've only talked about one part of the sweet and sassy Mowry twins. Just like Tamera, Tia is also a mom of two these days, and she's just as open about her life as her sister is.

Tia welcomed her second child with her husband actor Cory Hardrict last year. She's shared a lot of her story on social media, and Tia has built a successful lifestyle brand. We get lots of updates on Cree and Cairo, and Tia seems like a very relaxed and happy mom.

7 Full House: Andrea Barber


If there weren't enough funny people in the Full House abode, ABC took it up a notch with neighbor and D.J.'s best friend Kimmy Gibbler. This was a girl who brought kookie to a whole new level, and we couldn't get enough of all of the crazy antics — so much so that we were thrilled that Andrea Barber reprised the role in Fuller House.

Kimmy's a mom in the spinoff, and she is in real life too. In between the acting gigs, Andrea had a regular job and two kids, whom she is now raising as a solo mom. It's kind of a normal life, although her daughter did make a cameo on the new show.

6 The Hughleys: D.L. Hughley


The TGIF lineup was full of great dads, and D.L. Hughley definitely stood out. He was funny and a stand-up guy, raising his family and negotiating the neighborhood the best he could, making sure that his kids had all that they needed, including a good father.

D.L. might have been so great as a TV dad because he is a pretty awesome family man in real life. He's been open about life with a son on the autism spectrum and praising his proud dad moments on Twitter. And we love him even more now than we did watching him on The Hughleys.

5 George Lopez: Constance Marie


One of the funniest moms on TGIF was Constance Marie, the matriarch from George Lopez. While she was great with the kids on the show, it turns out that she wasn't a mom herself. Constance had her daughter much later in life, but she's so happy with her little Luna now.

Constance shares a lot about her new journey of motherhood. She was in her 40s when she got pregnant, and she shared the journey during various interviews and on social media. She looks like she's as great a mom as Angie Lopez, and she's loving life with her daughter.

4 Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Melissa Joan Hart


The TGIF lineup had some pretty funny out-of-this-world stuff on it. One of the most fun for us kids of the '90s was Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Melissa Joan Hart was the coolest kids, and we could relate to her weaving her way through high school, even if we never visited the other realm.

These days, Melissa is just like us now too — she's a mom doing her best to keep up with her kids. She has three boys, Mason, Braydon and Tucker, and while she does the occasional acting gig, most of her time is spent being a mom and sharing the madness with us on social media.

3 Full House: Jodie Sweetin


Cute little Stephanie Tanner is all grown up these days. Jodie Sweetin was missing her front teeth when she made her debut on Full House, and she put the funny in TGIF. We watched her grow up into a pre-teen, but we hear that things were a little rough for a while after that.

Jodie is said to have struggled with some personal issues for a time, but she got it together to become a great mom to her two daughters Zoie and Beatrix. The girls spend a lot of time on the set of Fuller House, and we hear that costars Candace and Andrea — and even John Stamos — are a great support system for the solo mom.

2 Hope and Faith: Kelly Ripa

ABC/Daily Mail

In Hope & Faith, Kelly Ripa played the fun, crazy aunt who her sister wasn't sure she could trust with her teenage kids. But in real life these days, Kelly is a mom of three who regales us with hilarious stories about her own teenagers on her show Live With Kelly & Ryan.

Kelly's oldest son Michael recently acted on Riverdale with his dad Mark Consuelos, and daughter Lola is about to graduate from high school. Kelly's youngest Joaquin recently turned 16. While things can be a little crazy in the Consuelos house, Kelly is a great mom who obviously loves her kids so much.

1 Boy Meets World: Danielle Fishel Has A Baby On The Way


We grew up right along with Cory and Topanga, watching them on one of our TFIG favorite's Boy Meets World. And we couldn't have been more excited when the pair came back for Girl Meets World, where they play parents. In real life, neither Ben Savage nor Danielle Fishel are parents — at least not yet.

Danielle announced in January that she and her husband Jensen Karp are expecting a baby boy this summer. Danielle's TV daughter tweeted that she would be the greatest mom, and we can't agree more. We can't wait to watch a little mini-Topanga grow up.

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